Anupamaa Live Update and Daily Discussion Thread 10 Nov 2022

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Posted: 3 months ago

Anupama wants Pakhi to have her wedding within their means but Pakhi wants lavishness in every field by using Anuj’s money . Anu is totally against such wasteful expenditure . Anupama and Pakhi clash .and it gets nasty . Adhik too tries to intervene but fails .

Barkha fans the fire by instigating Pakhi .

At Shah house Van wants to keep himself away from Pakhi n her wedding , Kavya tries to convince him. 
Toshu declines a job offer n tells everyone how he was disinclined to work and wanted tk sit at home just like his papa.

Van makes him realise how he had worked for the last 26 yrs n had enough savings to see him through while he needed tk support his wife n child . Kinjal informs she was no  burden needing support n was independent n would work for her mother at Dave coaching institute.


Devika arrives and gives it back to Barkha in the same coin, much to the happiness of Anupam and Anuj but shocking disappointment of Pakhi and Barkha 

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Posted: 3 months ago

Yippee  meri sabse favourite  Devika is back  I.know Devika is recurring  character  but please  stay at least for  2 month 

Devika  is best character  in the show

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Posted: 3 months ago

Anu asks Anuj to throw out PaAdhik. She asks him to deposit the money that he is willing to spend in their wedding to their savings account. She said that Sweetudi needed to learn a lesson. She said that if Mr Shah had organized the wedding, he would not have spend so much but still he would have organized a memorable wedding. She just needs an opportunity to praise her man. smiley42Itni Badi Bhashan sunke Pallu Pati daar gaya. He said that he would cut off the wedding cost, and deposit the money to PaAdhik's savings account. Shatir Dimmag Deviji Ka. MAHAN Banne ke liye shaadi mein befizool kharcha karne nahin diya, par Pakhi ke liye fixed deposit ensure kar liya. Why would Anuj even deposit money in Pakhi's account? Pakhi accuses MAA to be jealous of her. She said that her mother did not want to share K wealth with her. Pakhi throws away the shaadi ka joda bought by MAA. She requests Anuj to at least gift her a branded wedding lehanga. MAA gives lecture on sankskruti, middle clash, paarivaar... MAA has got Pallu Damaad. Aadhik is mini Anuj. He is obeying every word of MAA. MAA is a miracle. Apne Bacche ko apne kabze mein nahin kar paye, par bahu aur damaad ko kabze mein kar liya. I am sure in PaAdhik SR, Aadhik will say that he can not sleep without holding MAA ke pallu.smiley13

Precap: Devika is back.

How long are they going to stretch PaAdhik wedding? I can't believe I am saying this that I would have preferred Ravaanraj's third wedding over this child marriage anyday. smiley14

Posted: 3 months ago

I dont understand this approach of showing Barkha Bhabhi as a trigger to gaslight Pakhi. As if Shahs are not ghatiya enough on their own, as if they need any outsider to bring their true colors out. 

Barkha bhabhi’s provocation or not, Pakhi would remain the worthless piece of shiz ITV has probably ever seen. smiley11 Can we just focus on that, and not beat around the bush. This Barkha Bhabhi vs. Devika is going to take the main issue away, that Pakhi deserves to be thrown out of both houses. smiley35smiley34smiley30

Posted: 3 months ago

Any idea when TRPs are out? Hopefully audience is rejecting this irritating track

Posted: 3 months ago
Originally posted by Harish111

Any idea when TRPs are out? Hopefully audience is rejecting this irritating track

Today at 12 IST.

Posted: 3 months ago

I feel bad for Adhik. I wish the families had just agreed for  the marriage from the start and Paakhi Adhik hadn’t actually gotten married yet. This way Adhik could have seen Paakhi’s true colors and called off the marriage. 

It is Adhik and Paakhi’s wedding but let alone her family, Paakhi won’t even let Adhik have a say in the matter. Poor guy doesn’t have a say in his own wedding. 

I hope Anuj/Anupama take action soon and stop allowing PaDhik to live in their house. 

How entitled Paakhi is.  

Side note: was even Anuj/Anupama wedding this long smiley37

Posted: 3 months ago

Why did Anupama ask Anuj to throw Pakhi out ? It is her house, her daughter. Anyone would know Anuj is not in a position to follow her words. 

This is passive aggressive and backhanded manipulation. smiley34 Anupama is pissing me off to no extent now by tolerating Pakhi’s bakwas and not throwing her out immediately. 

Makers - Please show Anupama or Anuj throw Pakhi out (and may be keep Adhik home) that’s the only way left by doing which audience won’t throw this show out. Sorry I am really angry today. smiley7 I belong to a very middle class segment who got married early but tried to payback my parents’ by taking them to North America tour post marriage once settled down with my finances/savings. And I did that due to my spouse’s constant poking that it’s not right my parents had to pay for such lavish wedding when I was also earning back then, and when my spouse sponsored his own wedding. Pakhi is cripping me off. smiley35smiley26

I hope Devika takes the shiz out of Pakhi. However, the hippo-skinned Pakhi is hardly going to get it though. As if Samar wasn’t clear enough last 2 times. It didn’t affect her did it ? smiley35


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