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A taxi pulls up outside a large and old building. A group of girls dressed extremely smart in designer wear step out and the driver begins offloading their heavy luggage while cursing them under his breath for carrying such heavy luggage. They ignore him purposely and begin chit chatting.

Sima: I am super excited! I've been waiting for this day since forever! I think this excitement of finally making it to the camp will make me crazy!

Driver: (As he slams down the final piece of luggage besides the girls, they jerk and look towards him) If you are done with your chit chat, can you pay me my fare so I can get going?

Sima: (Pulling out money from her purse and handing it over to him) Jeez, ever heard of the word "patience", can't you see how excited we are to be here. Forgive us for not paying you instantly! (she says sarcastically whilst paying him) 

Driver: Excited? to be here? (he rolls his eyes and glances at the building before turning his attention back to the girls who are now looking at him questioningly) I gave the last batch 2 days, I give you girls one night. (saying so he returns to his taxi while the girls look at one another before one of them call out to him)

Shibani: You give us one night for what?

Driver: (sitting in the driver's seat, he pulls down the window of the passenger's side and addresses the girls) one night to survive in this Hell. 

Before they could ask him anything further, he drove off leaving the girls to ponder over what he meant. The girls' thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice.

Parm: Ignore him. You'll be fine. (the girls turn to see her) I'm Parm. Remember me? We met during the task stage. 

Aaliya: of course we did. Nice to see you again. 

Parm: Likewise, oh and this is Hinna. (She says glancing back at her friend as she caught up with their bags. The girls smile at Hinna who looks exhausted). Shall we go inside and complete the registration. (The girls nod in agreement - picking up their luggage they all enter the building).


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Parm looked at her watch impatiently, they'd been waiting for more than 30 minutes while the warden, an old lady with thick glasses, was flicking through pages and pages of paper on her desk while muttering under her breath. 

Parm: Come on Ma'am. You know me and you know Hinna - take our word for it, these girls are the new cadets. (The warden looks up from the papers and glances at the girls who nod in agreement with Parm)Can you please let us go to our rooms now? (she pleaded while folding her hands together)

Warden: (adjusts her glasses as she returns to her papers) You know the drill Parm, I need that register before I can let you all in. (Parm lets out a deep frustrated sigh) Found it! (she exclaimed while flashing a paper in the air before grabbing a pen to mark the register) Now who do we have here: Oye_nakhrewaali?

Shibani: Yes, that's me

Warden: GuardianDevil

Nidhi: Present Ma'am

Warden: Quantum-Dot

Sima: Yep!

Warden: sxursaep

Aaliya: (in attention) Yes sir! (Warden looks up at her slightly annoyed) sorry Yes Ma'am (she says with a nervous laugh)

The warden completes the register and stands up from her chair and walks around her desk with a set of keys and a form to handover to the girls. 

Warden: Welcome to the CC Army camp, your home for the next few hours, months or years depending on your survival instinct (she says whilst handing out the keys and forms to the girls) these are keys to your dorms and the medical form needs completing and returning to me within the next 10 minutes. (She looks at them sternly in silence for what seemed like an hour but was merely 10 seconds) Please read the instruction manual in your rooms and ensure to follow the rules and regulations of this place at all times. Any questions you may have (Nidhi is about to ask a question when the warden continues to speak) don't bother asking them as you'll never find the answers. Dinner will be served in 15 minutes. 

Aaliya: oh how kind of you but we aren't hungry, we had a big lunch today.

Warden: Have it dear, it may be your last supper (she says with an evil smirk; the girls look stunned while Parm and Hinna roll their eyes)

Shibani: What? What do you mean last supper? 

Warden: What did I just say? Don't ask questions, you'll never find the answers. (The warden walks away leaving the girls a little scared and unsure of what to make of their experience so far)


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The girls are sat at the dinner table discussing the strange claims they've encountered so far and pondering over their decision to join the CC Army. 

Nidhi: Ok, this place is spooky and weird at the same time.

Shibani: I know right? first the taxi driver and now the warden. I just don't get it. 

Aaliya: I think we need to leave! Like right now. I'm really scared!

Parm: There's nothing to be scared about Aaliya. The taxi driver and the warden... all bluff. Ignore them. They don't know what they are talking about. This isn't so bad.

Hinna: You sure about that Parm?

Parm: Hinna!! (she exclaims as the rest of the girls look scared out of their wits) 

Hinna: (sighs) Ok I'm sorry, I don't mean to scare you all. But I don't want to hide the truth either. This place is crazy... full of complete nutters. ek se bar kar ek hai. And you girls... well you girls are new and innocent but very strong so I want you all to be prepared for what is to come. (she said whilst trying to reassure the now frightened group) 

Parm and Hinna glance at one another, then the girls and then one another again. 


Some time later...

Sima: what do you mean killed her? 

Parm: killed her means maar dia

Sima: what do you mean maar dia?

Parm: maar dia means killed her

Sima: are you serious? (She asks frustrated and scared at the same time)

Hinna: Ok Parm..I've got this. Look girls..  Pooja? Well she's creative I mean very creative but when it comes to actually doing work, she's the biggest kaam chor there can ever be. Jot pulled her up on it one fine day, they had words and she end up killing her. 

Aaliya: and you guys knew this all along and still came back to join the CC Army? (She questioned Parm and Hinna) 

Parm: yeah I mean Pooja is safe as long as you stay out of her way. Shreya is the one you should be worried about. 

Nidhi: I know Shreya. She can't be worse than a killer.

Hinna: You sure about that? Shreya is the mastermind behind those deadly games on IF. I once heard some member wanted to launch their own game in competition with her. As soon as she found out, she tracked down the member and chopped his fingers off. 

Nidhi: she what?

Hinna: yeah no fingers, no ability to type up a game thread on IF. 

Parm: Yeah. Shreya isn't the type that likes competition. She has the annoying habit of being the best at whatever she does. I'm surprised she's not thrown Yuvika off the cliff yet.. you know to take her place as the reigning monarch.

Hinna: Haha that is something Kadyn will do with her voodoo dolls and black magic. But then again Yuvika is another Queen Elizabeth II. That grandma ain't going no where.

Aaliya: She's 96 years old? 

Hinna: No! Are you seriously this naive or are you just playing plain stupid for the day?

Aaliya: (feeling quite insulted) well you are the one that said she was Queen Elizabeth II. Forgive me for thinking she's old.

Parm: haha no we just mean she's been around CC for a very long time. She is like ancient like QEII was. But I can see her passing soon infact my bets are this year. It's only a matter of time before Kadyn's voodoo dolls work (Parm laughs and looks at Aaliya who looks pale) Relax I don't mean Yuvika will die I mean she might give up the throne and maybe Kadyn will take over. She's been trying to get that throne since like forever but her black magic keeps failing. 

Hinna: I think it'll work now since she's joined forces with Shiri

Parm: Oh gosh yes Shiri, how can I forget her. She scares me with her evil powers - remember the story about her being expelled from medical school.

Sima: Shiri is a doctor?

Parm: No, she was expelled. Rumour has it that she has the ability to brainwash people and at the medical school, she went as far as brainwashing the exams officer so he would leak the paper. 

Aaliya: then what happened?

Hinna: She was caught and expelled. But she's vowed to return and seek her revenge from each and every one of them. She's designing this system which should be able to read the activity of their brain and then send some dangerous signals which will corrupt and roast them. 

Parm: she's already designed it and even tested it out on Maria.

Hinna: No way? Are you serious. 

Nidhi: Maria? who is Maria?

Parm: she's a por favor

Nidhi: a what?

Parm: a por favor.

Hinna: Parm por favor is not French.. it's Spanish and means please. 

Parm: No it doesn't. (Hinna gives her a stern look before showing her the word in the Spanish dictionary) oh fish it is Spanish. I can't believe that. No wonder that French divorce lawyer was giving me the dirty looks. I was speaking to him the whole time in Spanish. 

Shibani: what were you doing visiting a divorce lawyer? 

Parm: Just checking Hrithik is still divorced. (She muttered under her breath) 

Nidhi: eww you have a thing for Hrithik. He's so (thinks of a word)

Parm: he's so what? You better think before you complete that sentence. 

Nidhi taken aback remains quiet while Parm gives her the evil eyes. 

Aaliya: Ok girls. Let's get back to CC. Who is Maria and what happened to her?

Parm: Maria was a sweet girl once upon a time but is now a crazy nutter thanks to Shiri. Shiri needed someone to trial out her invention and Maria was the scapegoat.  Now Shiri totally controls Maria's mind and makes her do such crazy stuff. Like I am 100% sure I once saw her put fairy liquid in her glass of water, mix it and drink it as though it was lemonade. 

Nidhi: What? Oh man...Is there anyone in that team that's not a nutter?

Hinna: hmm yeah I'd say Subha and Varsha seem to be the only ones that haven't been bit by the evil spell of CC. 

Parm: Yeah, but Subha got away as she's been in and out of the army camp like us so she's never been in it long enough to be corrupted. Varsha hasn't been around much but I don't believe in her Gopi bahu image. I think she's a Komolica from the inside and gopi bahu from the outside. 

Shibani: I'm beginning to regret applying to join the CC team now. 

Nidhi: me too

Hinna: don't be silly. It's fun you know... just relax, stick by us and you'll be fine. (Looking at Nidhi) oh and stay away from bashing Hrithik too otherwise Parm will kill you before those evil people do. 

The girls laugh nervously and continue to discuss the CC camp meanwhile unknown to the cadets, standing above on the balcony looking down at them with evil smiles are the CC Army.

Will the cadets survive the brutal CC army camp or will they fall victims of their evil antics... smiley15smiley35Only time will tell. Until then enjoy what could be their last ever party smiley3smiley15 BRING IT ON!!! 


Credit for graphics 


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Welcome to the new members and welcome back to parm and hinna  

Apologies for the delay in this thread cadets. 

Credit for the write up goes to everyone in the team but me. I had no take on this whatsoever. 

So throw your hate at Kadyn, Maria, Pooja, Shreya, Subha, Varsha and Shiri. 

I'm the only innocent one in that team. 


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The coaches don't play but you should know where the skills and tricks are coming fromsmiley37

Welcome to he...the team newbies smiley31 hope you'll have terri.... good experiences only smiley40

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Originally posted by Leprechaun

The coaches don't play but you should know where the skills and tricks are coming fromsmiley37

Welcome to he...the team newbies smiley31 hope you'll have terri.... good experiences only smiley40

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Last time i checked you were coach of events.. haha.  Sab Tera kasoor bachu

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New mean welcome you sweet new cadets. Welcome to the CC Army. 

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congrats to the new additions to the team

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