Posted: 5 months ago

Wow the entire world really agrees Aish is an evil monster! 

Posted: 5 months ago

Typical of people to blame the actions of a grown-ass adult on someone else. 

Posted: 5 months ago
Originally posted by Alia-Nutt

don’t know if ur being sarcastic but looking at those comments it really doesn’t seem Aish’s public image is that good. Been stalking her Instagram lately and always see a mention of her betraying salman in the comments. It’s all v interesting to read honestly. 


Posted: 5 months ago

It is typical desi society for you. Jealous of a self made, successful, independent woman who is also beautiful and world famous.

Gold digger is a joke given how she was richer and more famous than Vivek or his dad from day one.

It is nothing but misogyny of this patriarchal society to excuse grown ass men and blame their own outbursts and failures or immature behaviour on women. These scum either blame mother or a wife or GF or a sister or even daughter just as we saw threats to Vamika and losers blaming her for Virat's bad form.

Vivek is only himself to blame. Ash has never ever spoken on anything herself. Why will she incite Vivek to do that presser? Vivek embarassed himself and whole industry with that conf by naming others. His dad Suresh had to apologise to Khans and Chopras for his blabbering behaviour.

Vivek showed attitude to Aditya Chopra also.

Will that too be blamed on Ash?

Vivek was always full of attitude and began to think of self as next superstar and got carried away with success of Saathiya and Company and awards he got and could not handle having biggest star and most desired woman of that time as his date. He was giddy at Filmfare awards itself when he got 2 awards for Company.

He began to think of self as next Hrithik or SRK.

His interviews are full of cockiness, arrogance or blaming others.

How is Ash to blame for it? Rather he was immature and Ash is foolish to have dated him. He embarassed her, himself and everyone he named in that presser.

Whole industry was bashing him then. Amused how he gets sympathy from incels, MGTOWs, MRAs and disgruntled fans of other men now or rivals of Ash or even women with internalised misogyny. 

He was an opportunist and dumped own fiancee Gurpreet after getting success in BW. 

Stop blaming Ash for his own behaviour. It is not like Ash stopped filmmakers from giving him work or asked him to do presser against Salman.

Posted: 5 months ago

Joke of the century. How did Ash betray Salman when it is he who abused her and insulted her dad too? 

Salman fans bash everyone except their bhai who is a serial woman batterer and abuser. 

I guess they hate Somy and Katrina too.

Salman is no innocent chap. Why should Ash get hate for dissociating from an abuser? 

Posted: 5 months ago

Did she ditch him when he went against Salman? yEs dropped him like a hot potato no wonder she got called Tupperware. She totally deserved to suffer with Bachans. 

Posted: 5 months ago

Ash's image in general masses in India and abroad is amazing and she is respected and loved. Especially elders like her a lot for her dignified ways.

Online trolls and chindi fans of her exes and rivals do not represent world at large.

Everyone growing up in last 2 decades has admired Ash and men still find her most beautiful and she is still desired and Abhishek is called lucky for getting her. She is admired for having it all be it beauty, self made success, wealth, good relations with family and being with her kid or mom or in laws. No one really believes in real life that Ash has bad relations with family or collegaues. She is seen as a dignified, soft spoken, classy, beautiful woman and a thorough professional with grace, discipline and poise.

People see how she respects her seniors and touches feet of Rajinikanth when she meets him for eg. She was voted as Most Admired Woman of India along with Kiran Bedi in early 2000s itself. She needs no validation from online trolls. Rather she is loved for being not in your face all the time and not doing vulgar scenes or having public spats with people. In real life masses also like her for mandir visits and upay totke she did with Bachchans. They see her as ideal daughter and DIL. She is seen to have it all in real life and is respected for not marrying a married man or doing cheap scenes or item numbers or crass web series or cheap ads. Ash is associated with dignity in real life. As unlike Hema, Rekha and Sri, she did not go after married men. Nor did Choli ke peeche type suggestive songs or sex scenes like Parinda and Dayavan like Madhuri. 

In 2000s Ash used to be the only film woman in most admired Indians list and only woman in Filmfare power list top 10 or top 5. Due to her trust factor she was chosen for GOI's Polio campaign with AB Sr and Sachin Tendulkar too. And her eye donation campaign single handedly inspired people to donate eyes. 

I am not even her fan but I cannot deny the sheer love people of all ages had for her or still have. Men in real life like her a lot and see Abhishek as a lucky guy. Women too like her. And in 90s and 2000s her craze was unmatched. Her posters were everywhere. Even notebooks of kids had Ash on cover and she was like most searched online and most downloaded pics of hers. 

Her not washing dirty linen in public has really made others admire her more in a traditional sense. She is liked more for appearing with mom, husband or in laws or dad or kid everywhere and mostly well covered, well dressed.

It is inaccurate to say Ash has no good image in real life. Internet does not reflect reality. 

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Posted: 5 months ago

What Vivek did in the presser against Salman was bad : He could have been more tactful with the matter.

What Bollywood did to Oberois post the presser was also bad : shouldn’t have ruin his career

Aish is not responsible for all the mess created. She had already opened up against the abuse she had from Salman in interview and Salman backed up after that thanks to His father.

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