Why it's said BJP restored Hindu pride?

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Posted: 4 days ago

I have often heard people say Modi and BJP have restored pride of Hindus or Hindus were in bad conditions earlier.

May I know how was condition of Hindus bad earlier and why Hindus kept electing same INC, UPA if it was so bad and why was BJP hardly elected earlier except for ABV term?

I would genuinely like to know why is it said BJP has restored Hindu pride? Was it down earlier? 

I remember Indira Gandhi had won 1971 war and was hailed for being strong leader. Some loved her for sending army and IAF at Punjab and Mizoram also. She was also religious and wore rudraksha malas openly, prompted yoga. She wore her faith on sleeve. 

Atal Behari Vajpayee was also a BJP leader. Why is only Modi and current govt credited for restoring pride of Hindus? 

Asking genuinely. Please avoid personal attacks or fights. I would genuinely like to be educated on why Modi govt alone is seen as restoring Hindu pride. 

Posted: 3 days ago

Indira Gandhi may have wore her faith on her sleeves 

But all of INC’s policies and laws have been in favor of minorities. 

1991 - Places of Worship Act

Where Hindus places of worship is controlled by State and state can grab any of it anytime. 
Minorities places of worship are not state controlled and state can’t do anything. 

1995 - Waqf act (Waqf board is India’s 3rd largest land owner.) 

Recently they declared many Tamilnadu Villages as their property and the villagers has to get NOc from Waqf to send their land or property. 
Even Church owns great deal of lands and properties. 

Secularism in India is a joke. In name of minority appeasement, Hindus have been stripped off basic equality and rights. Laws are so biased. 

Well if you ask me, BJP hasn’t done anything great for Hindus. It is seen as Hindu party but so far all their schemes and policies have been for uplifting poor class. Even minorities have benefited greatly under Modi. I am a BJP supporter not for their Hindu ideology, I support them coz their ground level work has been amazing. 

Ayodhya Mandir doesn’t count. For many like me who are not religious, it is not some great thing for Hindus. 

What I would like is constitutional equality provided to each and every religion including Hindus! 

I will give bjp credit when they implement Uniform Civil Code. When they dissolve Places of Worship Act and Waqf act. 

Right now Hindu daughter can claim property share in her father’s property but not Muslims and Christian daughters. That’s not fair to these ladies. I would like them to have same rights. 

So yeah, you know why Hindu resistance has increased is becoz laws and constitution has been unfair to Hindus. That’s not what democracy stands for. And anyone who raises their voice for equality is called sanghi, bhakt and Hindutva extremists. 🤷‍♀️

Posted: 3 days ago

Thank you for detailed response. May I know why majority kept electing INC all these decades if they felt policies were biased against them and were in favour of minorities? Why were these Nehru, Indira, Rajiv blindly getting support and sympathy of masses and votes? 

Why was INC hardly punished at ballot in 60 years until 2014?

Were Hindus not aware of these laws earlier? 

Why no backlash earlier when even textbooks were written to glorify invaders and Indian rulers were reduced to chieftains and 2 paragraphs? Why no backlash when Indian saints were reduced to bhakti movement babas and myths? 

Posted: 3 days ago

I'd give a slightly more technical answer with respect to vote share - in India, we follow "first past the post" system, that means one with majority vote share wins. Now that majority can even be one vote or 100 votes. 

Say candidate A gets 1001 votes and Candidate B gets 990 votes, A will win. Did the other almost half the population want them? No, but they still won. 

Back then, booth capturing and paying money or giving gifts was a much common practice, it continues even today but is limited due to more educated populace.

Until the first 20-30 years of national governments, people were still into the freedom struggle hangover and voted for them. Then there wasn't enough seats so coalition governments were formed. 

BJP - RSS has been doing homework and groundwork for years now and it finally paid off.

You may look into the vote shares and numbers on election commission website. 

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Posted: 3 days ago

Hinduism and Hindutva are two different aspect

Hindu is a religion

Hinduism is the Hindu Philosophy towards culture, tradition and way of life.

Hindutva is more towards providing a geographical boundary and asserting India as a Hindu Nation.  This just uses Hinduism as a reference point.

No one has ever seen God.. No one actually knows what God wished too. Many preachers came in and advocated some principles as way of life and it got termed as Religion. 

No one can restore any nation's religion as to begin with the religion as such never got lost. It was and is the major religion in India. 

Any country globally have or even compelled at times to provide opportunities to minorities so multiple minority schemes emerge.  In same logic Hindu as religion becomes minority religion globally. Now the issue comes if with politics we try to promote a particular religion in big way and somewhere in globe, the other religion individual do not like a hate wave or religious sentiments are hurt, then unrest begins for no reason simply because Respect towards Religion takes backseat and what emerges is Dominance power. 

God never told it is Unknown.  The unknown never told it is God. What will always remain undiscovered are universe secrets of how calamity comes in, how disaster comes, why someone gets born as horse or even reptile and why many also get a human life.  Why aliens too may exist?

So any individual or any party claiming they are God's messiah is because many others around them make all believe this is how God wished the earth to exist.

Rather then this if simple Humanity is taught mandatorily to all in this earth and even be considerate to animals and plants who luckily are sans any religion tag at this point of time, world would be a peaceful place.

Many say 'we love the unknown'

Question 'why see someone's photo and get married?'..  is it that anyone can marry anyone without even seeing a face in this era... will any sect/ religion tolerate it... 

The answer will be 'silence' as there used to some way where folks needed to believe the unknown. Some made an idol, some thought of stone and some even thought of flowers, animals or any object as God.

No one can claim they are right as every right has no evidence at all.  

India got invaded not because of religion invasion, it was because of our greed to get more. Some folks would have got bribed then for an entry.. So we had other countries conquer India or other powerful individuals came in. Trespassing is always due to a security weakness and biggest weakness is the greed for money.

Today if our country does not value data privacy, it is because these days we allow ourselves to slave other countries, Allow everything MNC but talk Nationalism and entire projects gets foreign funds only. So after few decades if some foreign country will rule us, no one should sit and crib about Gandhiji doing mistake etc as China maybe followed Gandhiji's footstep.. Were fully Swadesi's and hence their manufacturing world is 10 x times better then ours. Google also cannot get into that domain and they use Baidu.

Do we really have integrity in place? This question each person needs to ask for self and then if so, all need to stay put in India, work in India, not run off to foreign countries after learning in premier institutes and contribute to nation.  No one should send their kids to foreign schools and have rural kids compulsary learn regional or national language and let them struggle to get jobs in our own country.

Truth is bitter, however Truth remains where it is.. 

No person can advocate God exists the way they perceive it as in reality God is inside us and we need to show that light through compassion, care and support to fellow people.  Let any person in world believe any form. It is their liberty. But fighting to having dominance over something unknown or fighting over some historical basis, is just sort of creating hampers to progress.  Respect of sentiments alone will help everyone. Our Baba Saheb Ambedkar is the most worshipped indiidual leader in India.  Our Lord Buddha is one of most followed individual leader in many parts of South Asia, same are the other leads from different religion who are worshipped or followed. Respect needs to exist but not bordering to a point of creating dominance. The belief is on trust which gets built over period of time

We should not kill secularism at cost of Nationalism That damages a countries progress.  Reasons folks rush to developed countries earlier was ot live in secular environment. Unfortunately Nationalism has just become a tool to build dominance. Each Party is doing exrtremely well if they can translate what they talk, what they do to bring in prosperity in people.

*I respect all religion, culture, tradition and even learnt various religious books to understand best practices and logic around those verses presented and the truth is no one advocated Hate.. Punishments yes... but not by Labeling individuals to give punishments. Nature will answer to all undoings, we cannot become God for sure. as God is unknown. 

Posted: 3 days ago

Just thought you would be interested in this debate...

Posted: 3 days ago

who said BJP restored pride of Hindus ? In fact TBH, its been the reverse. Hindus were considered one of the most liberal, secular people - who could mingle with anyone = I am referring to the general class & not the brainwashed extremists or superstitious people, this is before 2014.

Earlier Hindus were generally never known to cause chaos in any country abroad, whatever nonsense we did - it was with in India. Now turn into 2022, you have all sort of crazy Hindutva mobs even in foreign nations bringing a shame to the country's & religion's reputation.

Hindutva mobs lynch muslims in the name of protecting cows from being eaten as beef, I know some of the muslims - who were infact running dairy farms & were transporting to or fro from their farm, after medical treatment & stuff. Many dairy farmers take care of their animals like their kids.

For instance, why should we have any issues when a girl wears Hijab to school ? Its her choice of clothes, rite ? During winters in many parts of India, girls wear scarf to protect from cold - when that's allowed, how is hijab a hurdle ? If someone is covering their face from being visible - that's a different issue. BJP mobs have made mockery of every single religious issue either directly or through their cronies.

I don't have any issues with people following whatever religion they wish to or principles they wish to follow, as long as it doesn't harm the others. People must learn to respect each other's beliefs irrespective of whether they believe in it or not. 

If at all there is anything I have to praise BJP for, it would be mainly 2 things:

1. Kicking the minority politics out of the window = it was literally tiring to see Congress & its cronies offering whatnot favors to the minority with every single election, making it an uneven option for the majority class - be it education, jobs.

2. Better power availability (current/bijli)

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Posted: 2 days ago

Originally posted by TheMinion

Just thought you would be interested in this debate...


Nahi yr apna quota Pura hogya if debates kasmiley36

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