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tere mere darmiyaan hain baatein ankahi
tu wahaan hai main yahaan
kyun saath hum nahin

there are things unsaid between you are me,
you are there and I'm here.
Why aren't we together?

faisley jo kiye
faasley hi mile
raahein judaa kyun ho gayi
na tu Galat, na main sahi

the decisions we took,
gave us distances only.
why did our paths get separated?
neither you are wrong, nor am I right.

le ja mujhe saath tere
mujhko na rehna saath mere

take me with you,
I don't have to live with myself.

le ja mujhe...

thoRi si dooriyaan hain
thoRi majbooriyaan hain
lekin hai jaanta mera dil

there are some distances,
some compulsions,
but my heart knows...

ho.. ik din to aayega
jab tu lauT aayega
tab phir muskuraayega mera dil

a day will come,
when you'd be back,
then my heart will smile again.

sochta hoon yahee
baiThe baiThe yoon hi
raahein judaa kyun ho gayi
na tu Galat, na main sahi

sitting just like that
I think,
why our paths got separated.
neither you are wrong, nor am I right.

yaadon se laR raha hoon
khud se jhaghaR raha hoon
aankhon mein neend hi nahi hai

I'm fighting memories,
battling with myself,
there is no sleep in my eyes.

ho.. tujhse juda hue to
lagta aisa hai mujhko
duniya meri bikhar gayi hai

when I got separated from you,
It felt like
my world is shattered.

dono ka tha safar
manzilon pe aakar
raahein judaa kyun ho gayi
na tu ghalat, na main sahi

this journey belonged to both of us,
and now on reaching the destination,
why have the paths become separated?
neither you are wrong, nor am I right.

sun mere khuda bas itni si meri duaa
lauTa de humsafar mera
jaayega kuch nahi tera
tere hi dar pe hoon khaRa
jaaun to jaaun main kahaan
taqdeer ko badal meri
mujhpe hoga karam tera...

listen O my God, it's my only wish,
return me my companion.
You'll lose nothing,
I stand at your door,
I have nowhere to go,
change my fate,
It'll be your mercy on me.






I am not writing anything about today's post meher will do that along with lots of old connects and old episodes. 

Today episode made me to cry non stop. This is totally the akshu who lots of them wanted to see but in reality we don't have that much strength to see such moments and scenes. PR aced the day we might as well cry over this one scene for the next coming month. 

Her abhi and oye are still echoing in my ears. Ak monologue totally killed us. 

On haldi time in jaipur swimming pool ak said abhi to wear dress as evil eyes might be on him. Abhi teased her and told if she wishes he will wear an iron suit for her. 

And then comes our Dr. Abhimanyu Birla 2.0 with the avatar of iron man. Be it doc man or iron man he is akshu's. πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

So iron man and magical voice are going to meet in jaipur city soon where their wedding happened. What all hangama these two will create for the mental brother and karab voice sister needs to be seen. πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

I am sitting with both tissues and popcorns for it. 😍😍😍

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It's an emotional episode. Today we saw Ak crying helplessly standing near cliffhanger calling abhi, oye and her love for him. Ak is totally Abhis akshu sacrificing herself for abhi. Mein pyar mein barbad hojavungi is shown this way she destroyed her everything for him to make him as a surgeon back which he loves.  Next is his turn to return her back what she lost her everything. The moment he knows what ak has done to him his insecurities will be cleared and how wrong he is he will understand. We will cry with abhi that day .But he needs a proper explanation from ak for leaving him. Let's wait for abhira Milan soon clearing the Bhai behn kachra. 



Ak is shown in Abhis hoodie  after an yr recording her voice for song calling abhi to take her away along with him. It's clear that Ak has made career in singing with name MAYA. Voice is hers and name is Kunal sister. Ak comes out from there told she is in Mauritius. She has written letters to abhi twice a week. She is thinking herself that she is breathing him daily. She is bound to a promise and for a condition for abhi. I am far from you.  Ak takes BROCCOLI remembered abhi. Ak says you need to research on me as I am miracle. After an year i am living without heart as I left my heart with you. I am waiting for a new sunrise in our life. She says we are far just because of me but my intentions are clear. She says happy good bye anniversary and throws all letters from top shouting OYE OYE and cries badly missing him shouting abhi. 

Her double reflection is shown on mirror to show her self and her disguise to world.

Ak has Abhis heart bracelet on her hand. 

Ak is waiting for abhi to come take her. She is without any heart there living a life only holding breaths for abhi. She has sacrificed everything for abhi. Her identity, her life and holding her love for abhi.  Abhis hand injury is due to ak as she felt so she went to any extent to heal him. 

Ak said goodbye to their anniversary of separation.So very soon Abhira will meet each other.  It's like Abhis words she can come out of hoodie whenever she wants. 

Ak words of you need to reasearch on me as I am miracle indicates Abhi has to reach ak on his own slowly by connecting dots . 



Abhi is shown doing dare devil stunts like he wanted near saplings. Reporter asked how did you reach final. He says i am a surgeon but depends on will power . The one who has others heart in him will power will be there as tik tik boom . Abhi remembered ak leaving him for surgery going away. He closes his ears  with speakers. He cuts a πŸͺ΅πŸͺ“. His hand has become super strong and he wins in it. It's his anger on ak that she left him chosing kv against him made him divert this way with his stunts. He is unable to digest the fact that ak chose kv and ran he was shown a video by parth of kv in cab and ak near him. His old Insecurities that she chose her family against him and his is kicking him badly. He has his shivji pendant on his hand. 

Abhi is pulling zeep with his hands. His speaker falls down and it's only noise. This is exactly same as initial abhi who had nothing in life. He is empty without ak  He remembers Neil,  parth asking him to find ak. Abhi says when ak has left him without any clue where she went and she tied cloth to my eyes and legs. Ak might not have intentions of me searching her so she has not informed me. Abhi remembered Harsh asking him to do surgery but he is not ready.  He asks why he stopped coming to hospital. Abhi is roaming around as he has no heart to do anything. Harsh asked why party and he says to live life he has to do something. So he is dragging his life by engaging him someway. He is disinterested in anything as Ak memories haunt him badly. 

When a patient is in need he runs to OT. But he thinks Ak words that he needs to  perform surgery. But he can't listen her voice so stops himself with white speakers. So his integrity on his profession is back but he closed his heart with white speakers. He has no dark intentions in ak leaving him away. Abhi is back to his surgeries and making himself busy with these stunts. He wins the competition. 

He washed his face with water which is like mask festival time when he is confused of ak love. Now he is confused why ak is gone. 



Maya is shown singing ak song but she can't sing properly. Her vocal chords can't support her. Ak asks her why she is dull. Maya is scared to face crowd. Ak says those who are scared are dead or lying. Ak says there is no fark. Maya says she is helping her a lot. Kunal comes there hugging his sister giving icecream . Ak is cold to kunal thinking of his condition. Maya says my songs are recorded and i am happy. She tells ak to have coffee. Kunal cant see ak face to face. Maya gets a message that her show is in India. Ak thinks let whole world listen to Mayas voice but not him. She knows Abhi will catch her voice. 

Ak loves to eat ice-cream. In Udaipur Ar asked why are you eating ice-cream when your voice gets kharab. Ak said i am not a professional singer so I can eat anything. Today she made a career in singing but she can't eat anything which she likes nor say out she is a singer to world. 

Maya seems not knowing intentions of kunal making ak sing for her nor Abhira story. As she is in illusions that her songs are recorded and she is making name. She is kept in dark by Kunal that way. 

Seeing Bhai behn scene it sucks from inside what ak has in her life nothing .she lost everything . She is like burning candle giving light to all and melting herself. 

Maya connects to IRON MAN competition online when she wanted a romantic song. Ak is scared seeing all that on screen . Maya asks ak to take a selfie and near screen they stand.  Kunal is in back and Maya infront with abhi in screen lil away on Maya head and in between Ak and Maya and Abhis full pic is near Ak side clicked. Abhi is wiping his face and a white  towel . 

This pic is symbolic that Kunal is in backend to make ak separate with abhi and  abhi will be in Maya head for small time till Abhi totally reached Ak on her side. Abhi keeping a towel can be his disguise to reach Ak using Maya if any. 

Kunal and ak is done with that deal and ak fulfilling Abhis wishes and Mayas. 

Now it's Abhis turn to reach ak through maya and make his wishes of Ak being India's magical winner . More than Ak, abhi dreamt of her career so need to see how abhi unveils Ak as rising star ⭐ in her career. 

Maya opened the iron man statue in screen. Abhi is the iron man with closing his heart after ak went away. 

Precap... abhi is hitting reporter when he disrespected ak. His love is there for ever in him. And Maya gets message of her Jaipur performance.



Ak in white is having pure intentions to sacrifice for abhi. With her white vascoat full of hearts shows her love to him. Black pant for her darkness to abhi. 

Abhi is in white shirt his intentions are clear . His love for ak is within him but overpowered by his anger on ak as she kept him in dark for her going away (black pant)

Kunal in total  black and grey shows he has not shared anything to his sister regarding ak or abhira. We don't know what he told maya regarding ak and kept her there. 

Maya in pink and white as loving sister to kunal. 

Kunal is scared of Ak now and is in guilt . He is scared of abhi next. Imagine his condition if abhi gets to know real reason of Ak chosing Abhi.  It's his selfish purpose to win his sisters love and make her dreams true that he snatched Ak totally from everything. She has only breaths for abhi rest all broken soul. 

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As we were busy we are compiling the old episodes . Please bear the long post. 



Ak has seen back image of Ani on their engagement.  

She saw Ani going talk to a boy near their gate from backside. Ak told i am not spying you and if you are in trouble i am worried. 

In hospital ak saw a man talking to Anisha and asking her to come there as he is in wounds. 

Ak saw ani talking to a man in phone saying she has affair with him and she continues after shadi.

Front image of  Ani has to be known later by family . But till then all nonsense is done and destroyed family peace.

When abhira bought rings took kv Ani, there is clear image of abhi in mirror and A bride photo is there near his image. Ak has seen through glass Ani speaking to someone outside the shop. Abhi has not seen bride anytime as he was in call. So he can't catch intentions of Ani. 

Abhis mirror image is shown in his bedroom dressing table and Ak is sleeping that time. He gave voice message to Kunal. It's clear abhi is clear on his pov for himself as he wanted surgery and his wife audition too successful. 

Ak image is clear in glass when ani is shown in hospital after her suicide. Ak is very clear that Ani had done wrong. That's the reason why she stood for kv when abhi is going to beat him. She has no guilt that Ani is right or she misunderstood her  and dead. She has only sadness for ani demise. 

All Birlas know that Ani is suicidal. She cut her wrist when abhi is not reaching her first  when she was shown in show .Next she jumped in water when kv rejected her love. This sudden flip from building is her suicidal tactics in her emotionally Blackmailing kv . And it backfired on her.  Till Birlas get a solid proof on ani as wrong they never accept kv as right and ak siding her brother. As per birlas they all praised kv being matured and Ani being the mad one. When their daughter is gone they threw dung on Kv and Goenkas.  When Mahima knew kv ran from jail she ran to GV and all other men followed her. When they all had nagin dance there,  mimi told them to leave. Mahima family when leaving GV all turned back full and looked at Goenkas in anger but Harsh, Neil looked slightly. Mahis family said bye to Goenkas in that way before leap. Let's wait who all come next .

After Fire accident , Tauji Harsh are sitting on two sofas aside and Harsh has his sons after him with manju Ak sitting in sofas showing them as complete family. Though abhi has not accepted Harsh now , with kids and family he is maintaining his relationship when they are in need.  Whereas Tauji and his family on another showed there will be differences in brother's families. With Ani, kv issue and Ak illness differences come. Mahimas diaLogues during Ani shadi fixing time teen mahine ke baad kaun kaha rahega kisko pata hi suits her family best by chopping them😜. 

Mata closed the doors of Birla house is for abhira by keeping a lamp. This seems a  temporary closure to Birlas till abhira unite or cost cutting on them for leap.

Matas words when we come back from surgery all musibat should go away. Only when they reunite and come back everyone will be happy.    



Blue  big spl  rakhi of ani represents Abhis shani on his hand.  Anis rakhi took front place against ak bracelet of healing his hand.  And it overpowered his sisters Demise against his hand surgery.  When Kunal called abhi and ak for surgery he preferred no surgery. Slowly ak made him understand but again she asked family to manavo . when Harsh went and made him understand his rakhi knot was kept down. Abhi thanked ak for making him understand for surgery through Harsh.  When ak is in his room the rakhi moved back seat.  It's in corner of his hand. 

Harshs diaLogues to abhi, if your hand is healed and if a surgery is needed for Akshu or Manjari, you won't repent  is foreshadowing. Abhis hand will be healed and either manju or Ak will be on operation table. They added manjari so that we ignore it as Normal hint.

We always thought Ar is shani in abhira life. But Ani is shani in this track who rippled all relations through her kachra. 

Ak entered three rounds of big plastic tubes  when she spoke to kv on rakhi day.  And she came out on her own. This is the web where Ak gets involved with Anis death issue and Ak is blamed with kv . First round of web is false witness who has seen Ani falling down from building and kv didn't listen to that girl. Second round of web is Ani Italian painting for kv as gift. Third is Kv ran away from jail as Birlas are after Kv that he ran away purposely to escape punishment. 

Ak removed rakhi before surgery freeing abhi from his bond with sister. 

She removed her rudraksh bracelet which was given for giving mental strength. 

KV & Abhira


When Ak is broken with truth if Ani cheating kv she got panic attack and sang o kanha and none listened to it. Her o kanha is always for abhi to reach her but it didn't reach him in kv issue. 

The time Ani is taken to hospital, kv called abhi. Abhi asked ak to tell is something there. She kept quiet and in hospital when ani is dead , abhi went to kv and shouted on him. Kv is scared and can't get on his head the tragedy and situation he is in. Abhi wanted to beat him.but ak stopped him saying you don't know what happened. Without knowing don't be angry . 

Abhi shouted on ak for siding kv and his family and always hiding their deeds. He was angry on her for that. 

He has shown a proof of Italian painting which ani got for kv as wedding gift and told it as Anis love for kv and his rejection might have made her commit suicide. 

When kv came in for prayer meet of Anisha , he was as birla and Ani brother. He can't support Kv as ak brother as truth is not out. When mahima slapped kv or Tauji slapped Manish abhi didn't interfere.  When Mahima pushed Ak away he held her not falling down. He didn't blame ak but can't support Kv in that situation. When the families went to police station , Abhi asked sorry to manish and protected kv from police lathi. 

When ak is crying outside police station he supported her as hubby. Ak told they  can't  hold each other as the families are fighting.  

When ak went to see Goenkas and messaged Abhi he was not happy as ak chose them against Birlas. Parth words are on his head though he supported kv with 1 percent as innocent. 

When ak is humiliated by mahima for going to GV he and manjari supported Ak. Ak asked abhi that  he too trusts that she chose only her family. He said no. 

When ak was happy abhi chose surgery and spoke about Goenkas he himself asked her to go meet them. He told his family can't keep kv at home after running away from jail. When ak said thanks for supporting her family he said i am just in flow with right or wrong. 

Abhi has no anger on ak as kv is involved in anis issue. So he is keeping themselves together apart from two families though both are on diff pov. 

Ak promised abhi that if she knows any news abt kv she will inform him. When she went home she found kv is hidden by vansh. She wanted to share it with abhi but vansh stopped her. Abhis trust on ak is there totally that her family won't hide kv. When ak crossed the line and abt to tell truth to abhi police told he is not found so she stopped. 

When she got phone call from kv to meet her ak told him not to run and take law in his hand. But surrender to police. When he forced her to meet alone she said yes. Abhi listened to convo but was quiet observing her. Later he found ak in a place searching for kv and asked her why she didnt share. Ak said she is not saving kv instead she is making him understand that he should be proven innocent. Abhi told her he will trust kv if he can convince him and he will go against his family save him. 

Kv saw abhi and ran aside. He thought ak told abhi and he misunderstood ak. Same way if ak leaves abhi he may think ak chose kv and ran to save him. He prefers her choice and makes himself detached with all . without her his relations are nothing. Same way kv too feels she chose abhi and family against him. Till abhi , kv meet again and talk they may not know the reason why ak left. 

They conveniently kept Kv issue on Abhis head through mahima and it's ringing in his ears. So that he won't think in kunal angle or ak chose him.

Abhi saw ak  made  kv  go in a cab and didn't return. So his forever insecurities are ak chosing family. 



On back side of abhi there are 4 frames shown. Pl watch it in zoom version and HD print. 

1. One bright golden plant and dark plant in between lotus 🌺 flower.  This shows Ak  in hidden phase and abhi is bright in career. Dark phase is Ak career and hiding state to abhi.  Lotus is ak. 

2. There is a saplings photo which is in light colour faded.  It's not totally bright lil faded and lil light colour .  This is their faded love story. Their love is in their hearts as strength to live but it's faded out  due to this forced separation .

3. One blank mirror is on back of abhi which shows some darkness and doom with Ak going away  from his life. 

4. It's blur can't be seen clear but it looked like a boy proposing girl and in dark mode. (As per my pov).This can be Abhi proposal to ak after her dark stage. Rings given on  kaisha time in shop is not exchanged by abhira till now. Ak has knocked twice on Abhis chest where his heart is there ,that day and third time abhi gave her rings.  Ak was looking like a baby that time reminding Holi time drunk ak. Abhi will propose her again once he knows real intentions of ak but ak has to knock him twice with her song. Third attempt they might meet. 

Montage , Ak is looking straight with her choice of sacrifice but in faded form. Abhi is broken with ak going away but he is looking back to her in side. So he will keep his eyes on her. 

Second part of promo Abhi going on bike in high speed and is in tiger dress in one pose, brown dress showing his deserted life.

Ak diaLogues during abhira on high chairs and coke , after you get back your hand go speed on bike to reach hospital run through wards and reach OT pichak pichuk heart arteries. 

This is done to a patient who is on bed today and abhi chose his surgery keeping ak words closed to him. Actually ak is the one who motivated him to do surgery. Finally ak wishes of Abhi being successful in surgery healing patients is done.

In promo Abhi listening to Ak voice listening  runs and comes saya Akshu, he sees another girl there. Later ak comes asks her did anyone come here she says koi deewana. Ak sees backside without seeing Abhi and abhi turns back not seeing ak there. Ak is the singer who is lending voice to maya. Maya is in between Abhira as she is the deal. Abhi being abhi will recognise his ak voice as it's his sath janm connect always. He will never  forget ak and  her voice any time. And for ak love is like her  music  which connects heart. So they will be back to their initial phase of meeting. 

Ak diaLogues to abhi when he is repairing a big speaker , i will be always with you whenever you want call me Akshuu. He says akshuu lovingly. Big speaker is maya whose vocal chords are at repair with kunals mistake. So abhi may restore her voice back after getting his ak. The moment abhi learns ak has sacrificed for him he will call her akshuuu again and unite. 

On ak birthday ak is in room and abhi stayed out with a curtain in between them. He was impatient that ak is coming late. The moment ak came out he closed his eyes but searched her with his hands and told she is looking good. This is the hidden phase of ak and when she comes out open his blind trust on ak,  will show his unconditional love on her. There is no character questioning. Even if family does he will not accept it. 

Ak birthday time abhi gave her a black hoodie on his own he wore it on her. He said  it's a special power from him. you go away from families and make name for yourself but don't hide from me i will do tandav. As she is in hidden form without informing him he is in tandav mode doing all useless stuff but he did not leave his surgery which is ak main wish.  When parth asked how will ak come back to us abhi told it's her wish to come back.  Its ak who has to come out to show to abhi that she is the person he is searching for in maya voice . He removed hoodie on his own. Ak removed her shirt then.

  Abhi will unveil ak to the world and Ak will come out of that loose bond easily. 

When abhi is unable to save a boy on road ak helped him. Abhi said don't leave me i need you more after surgery. Ak told why will i leave my abhi and go. There was a white loose thread entangled on her leg when Ak is with abhi that time. The moment abhi told chalo she moved hand in hand. This loose thread is mayas wishes on her leg as compulsion for Abhis surgery. Abhi will free her from that loose bond by exposing maya to outer world. 

There is a scene where Abhi gives a Mike to ak to sing on kaisha engagement. Ak is about to fall and abhi holds her in hand but mike falls down before Kunal.  He takes Mike in his hand and ak went in rush to thank him for coming there. Kunal drops it from his hand. This is dropping of ak from her auditions and her life making her name. Later a servant takes it. Next when abhi wants Mike it's kharab as told. So ak can't use her name for her voice in this process of her sacrifice for abhi. Abhi asks ak to sing and she sang live. Kunal appreciated her and went away.  This scene will be recreated for abhi to expose Maya in stage and ak will be the winner with maya as imposter. Let abhi cut all wires and power when the competition is going on and a zoom flash light on ak that she sings live with maya standing in stage bebememe πŸ€ͺ. She has stage fear too let her go to hell later from top of same building .total peeda poye (musibat gone).

Ak is back in empathy stage holding her emotions and giving others happiness. She is such a strong soul that she can give anything to her loved ones. 

Abhi told Ak on her birthday he will fulfil all her wishes .let's wait how he restores her career and life back. 

Ak prayed kanhaji, shivji , in dargah to make abhi hand healed and kunal agree for surgery.

Ak prayed kanhaji for abhi to agree for surgery, kv to be innocent , abhi should trust kv. Abhi agreed for surgery next day. 

Domions affect with Ani shadi and ani death impacted Abhis surgery and ak career too. Ak good affect is started slowly . When ak asked God in dargah to help kunal came in black total with small white cloth on head. 

To get abhi healed , Ak asked God to take whatever is there with her , anything of hers, choti si chees. When ak asked this to God , ani entered in full black. Her darker version is unknown to her family. Ak loves her abhi the most  and  she sacrificed her love for his hand recovery. 

In a way abhira made their career. Abhi is successful in his profession. But ak is suffering there as hidden soul. Kunal snatched her identity being a singer, a behn, beti,bahu,wife lover and her families from her for his selfish reason. Ak made her career in hidden state unknown to world but her voice reaches everyone as maya the illusions. She is in a way imposter of ak voice. Abhi will know it's ak voice but he will check imposter and expose her to world. 

Domino's affect is ani dead and kv ran away abhis illusions that Ak ran with kv.

Abhis surgery done and he is successful getting his first love but lost ak.

Ak career is hidden in maya and made career but left abhi.

Ak goodness affect should come out next. This is regarding her sacrifice her love and life and identity which abhi should know. 

Anis truth should be out and kv is shown as innocent or left as loophole need to see. 

Abhi career is good but ak truth has to be out.Ak lost everything and abhi has to restore it.  Waiting for end game Abhira πŸ₯°. 

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Does sapling hints make any sense? That abhira will grow their love out of the family. Did it hint that abhira will live together outside before this birla house mess due to ani gets sorted out.  And blue and pink represented kids..so they will have a kid before entering birla house and reuniting 

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Welcome back Hari and Meher smiley31

Today's epi broke us emotionally feeling for Akshu..

 She is empty zero and nothing now..even she is alone or not no one (loved ones ) knows as of now..

Thank god they made Abhi thinking Akshu  separated from him becoz of kv and some blah blah proof...not any worst...

His insecurities is totally blinded him now..as his heart is locked and not reaching him anytime.. 

As Akshusaid she left her heart to Abhi so he is living..

Its totally utkarsh oats we are seeing now..not G madam"s Maggie shaggie play now smiley36 here Akshu sacrificed herself to Abhi..and abhi lost only her...his career and family is same..(sorry am not blaming him) for now am writing...

The day he knows the truth he ll make us break badly along with him.. as now he is totally in dark doing all to forget and move on..but he is still in his Akshu's world.. he is JUST LOST .

Mu heart is so heavy for Akshu...the girl who loved to eat icecream is not able to have it too... she is physically here and mentally on Abhi"s world..

Hope this maya dont eat us more as she is the main key for Abhi  to open the lock of secrecy and gets his Akshu and fixes him..

My mind is totally filled with Akshu and her selflessness... Abhi  along with Akshu am also waiting for u...

Dr.K count ur days...

U both are awesome... Meher ur old epi reference is brilliant and makes me to understand  the plot..smiley20 Pics smiley27

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 

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