Banni Chow Home Delivery: 26 June Snapshot

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Posted: 3 months ago

Since Suta seems to be busy today, some snapshots of today's episode:

  • Manini blames Banni for hiding Yuvaan in front of everyone with her crocodile tears. Tells Hemant that Banni is brainwashing Yuvaan. 
  • Banni calls out the chemical locha in Manini's brain smiley36 and the hypocrisy of Yuvaan's own family smiley16 then says that she does not have the time to hide Yuvaan 
  • Asks Baagadbilla (Viraj) where Yuvaan is, epic scene tha, Viraj jumped smiley15
  • Hemant is distressed that Yuvaan cannot be found, Banni tells him to ask his mother or fiance where he is 
  • Dadusa asks what Banni was talking on the phone with Yuvaan last night. 
  • Flashback: She advises him to get up and get ready early for his engagement and promises she will come to give him his favourite food too. He tells her about playing hide-and-seek with Chanda Mama and asks her where she used to hide during hide-and-seek. She says she used to hide in the water tanker when playing with her mother as a kid. 
  • Banni realises where Yuvaan could be and instructs Myra accordingly
  • Myra and her bhabhi checks the water tanker and Banni and the family check Yuvaan's room and bathroom. They find Yuvaan hiding in the bathtub and having orange juice saying he will finally be able to escape marrying Gandi Pari smiley37
  • Yuvaan says Banni gave him the idea, she is in an awkward situation. She explains in front of the family she had only told him a childhood incident which he turned into a trick. Manini confronts her over it. 
  • Dadusa covers Yuvaan up and asks everyone to listen to Yuvaan's opinion. Manini tells him they have already discussed it, and he has agreed to the engagement. Calls Yuvaan and his bank balance khoobsurat (so random!) smiley36 and tries to make pointed statements to Banni that she may be behind Yuvaan for it, Banni turns the tables around and asks the same to Niyati in front of everyone smiley16
  • Chakachak Baingan, zara sa cheelo jo keda nikle smiley37
  • Niyati says her mother had a mental illness and passed away early on in her childhood. She grew up in an orphanage and educated herself. When Manini offered Yuvan's rishta, she wanted to marry and do what she could for him because she could not do anything to save her mother. (What phenomenal acting while lying, this one is dangerous smiley3)
  • Yuvaan, Banni and the family get emotional and feel bad for her. Yuvaan offers her a tissue for her tears. 
  • Niyati tells Banni that till she takes care of Yuvaan, Niyati cannot make a place in his life and reminds her she should maintain distance as she is just a friend, while Niyati is her fiance. That hurts Banni a little. 

Precap: Manini does the nazar utaarna of Yuvaan and Niyati and gives the money to Banni. Big sis and little sis buas are trying to find the ring in the room and panicking when they cannot find it.

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Banni Chow Home Delivery 

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