Praticahial mindset to be blamed: Manjari and Neil

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Posted: 3 months ago

Although i felt manjari had some agenda to hide neils birth truth but now manjari looks like victim

Isnt manjari a reflection of the patriachial society we live in where men can do anything but are respected. Harsh Birla respect will not reduce much even if he id EMA with avni rathore. Wonder what happened to that poor woman avni how she died what she faced for getting pregnant by harsh without marraige? They never showed her side of story. This Harsh destroyed two women manjari and avni life still is owner of hospitals great. This is similar to these big rich people or actors who have wife at home but few affairs outside but never divorce wife to keep that family image going. Harsh is like that vanraj shah in anupama, hes dominating his wife at home and having affairs outside marraige with girls young enough to be his sons age even in 50s. Harsh is a similar man may be has he done any other affair Abhianyu please do some past analysis of your daddy dearest. You may have few more step moms or dads girl friends history coming up if only you do research.  


Wife get blamed even if their husband do extra marital affair saying may be shes not good or doing wife duties properly etc. Divorced woman, widows and single woman are treated like outcast actually. In biggest of cities in asia its tough for single girl to rent a house especially if shes 30 and above.  Same for women who are divorced or widowed or unmarried the society looks at them in a different way than married women. Unlike a USA or europe where single women or divorced woman are not looked as second class citizens by society asia its tough for women to live alone or without a husband or later with grown up son as society will target them. 

May be manjari had same doubts and issues hence no matter how worst Harsh Birla nature is she tolerated him than leaving him and that home and taken abhimanyu or neil away and leaving a separate life. 

Also in asia women are not financially secure, hardly 25% women above 10th std have jobs. First preference for jobs go to men and woman are not thought as primary bread winners. Due to this way of thinking many positions are not available for women. That is one more issue if a woman wants to leave a lousy husband and go away she will not get a good job easily forget good getting a job itself is tough. 

Further many men think single woman means they are available to do anything nbe it office or society. A woman is unsafe in in laws home only if husband not there. How will she be safe outside at workplace or in a seperate home without a husband to protect her is mindset of society. When big cities like Mumbai and Chennai only target single woman how manhjari stay in rajasthan where thinking is still medieval mindset.  How will manjari get divorced take two small kids and live alone in such a society? 

Next issue for women whose husband are bad is no support from family from parents or siblings. Once married woman is no lpnger belonging to her mayka thats what all women are taught. If daughter comes home for holidays without hubby parents get tensed. Brothers think if sister is divorced or unmarried than they have give property share so brothers and sister in laws target single sisters whether divorced or single. 

May be manjari was taught all these things by her parents in childhood. Hence she bear with Harsh Birla than divorce him. 

I do not understand how both abhimanyu and neil are making light of their dads affair. Neil is so funny by now he should have raised hell at harsh for doing with avni whatever harsh did having EMA abandoning her etc and neil in orphanage

I want abhimanyu to take neil and manjari and walk away from house. But hes not done for 30 years will he do now? Just put pressure on manjari to walk out shes too scared of society and harsh. That will give some reality check to harsh. Or will he grab another avni rathore at this age lets see. 

Like in serial anupama, till vanraj brings girl friend home anupam anot readyto give divorce to cheating womanizer vanraj for 26 years. Even after divorce shes staying in ex hubby house calling as mayka instead of walking away with her 3 kids. Even after marrying anuj kapadia anupama making mayka jaap of womanizer narcissit vanraj shah home and family.  Anupama has become a joke in name of women empowerment? Atleast let manjari show world whats real women empowerment (although i doubt)

Only use of this harsh ema kaand is finally neil got some guts to speak in front of harsh. He should take all the vases and files start throwing left right center at harsh honestly. Instead of this daddy drama hes doing. i am not orphan drama. He should say i was better an orpha than being so of harsh birla i am so ashamed such cheapo guy is my father in front of press and all. That would serve harsh some truths.  And he should walk out of home saying hes not ready o live in same house with person who abused both his mothers that will be scene worth watching.  

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Posted: 3 months ago

No doubt..all these issues are prevelant in the society that we live in.  But we must encourage women like manjari to take a step against their husband and not tolerate the shows  , they must show women handling these kind of issues with Stern attitude. Manjari can't do it bec it goes against her basic nature but akshu can. It's imp to teach a lesson to these men. 

The reason I still like abhimanyu inspite of him being a wobbly man is that he treats harsh the way it should be  ..abhimanyu is like a wall to akshu and manjari , that's how a son and a husband should be . Whatever is the issues between them, they can be sorted out . These 3 people, akshu manjari and abhimanyu,  have genuine care and concern for each other and ideally they should always be together fighting harsh.  

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 

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