May 26 spoiler : mastani mein kuch 2 baat hai

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Posted: 2 years ago

Baji is ready to attack Mughals.

Mastani - aapko apna maan liya isiliye apke liya tofa laaye hai, she kisses d bracelet & says tofa kabool kare

( A beaded bracelet with peacock feather I guess)

Kashi decided to mark bundelkhand territory with maratha saffron small flag on india map but when place d flag on bundelkhand area she get pricked by d flag & her finger start bleeding

Bajirao picks up d bracelet from mastani's palm &  she leaves 

Bajirao - kuch to baat hai is mastani mein

Is mastani doing black magic on bajirao😕 in montage they had started playing aayat instrumental background.

Ye kuch samajh nhi aa raha hai mujhe ki ho kya raha hai.

Pakka kal phir baji ko galliyan padengi 🤣🤣

Acc to new episode synopsis Bajirao restrict mastani to participate in war I m damn kuch problem hogi mastani will jump in to save Bajirao which will impress him & then some mohe rang de laal kind of performance as mastani is dancer . Hope I proven wrong.

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