Mineil FF"Shades of love" part -32 date 18-11-2022 page:51 - Page 45

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Posted: 2 months ago
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smiley43Yes. I love whenever she purposely challenges,trigger him and she wants to lose the challenge.

smiley42and She did says this also during pizza scene . She wanted to lose the challenge for the first time . Later on she kept challenging himsmiley37 and Banda use to run way being scared what if he wins and he can't control it smiley37 tharki mini wanted it smiley37

Posted: 2 months ago
Originally posted by N_sharmaa

smiley42and She did says this also during pizza scene . She wanted to lose the challenge for the first time . Later on she kept challenging himsmiley37 and Banda use to run way being scared what if he wins and he can't control it smiley37 tharki mini wanted it smiley37

Yes . Mini for first time wanted to lose .smiley2 That's said everything. She loves to challenge him smiley37 Knowing well neil will be out of control then. She wanted to see that madness of neil coz she herself had that quality hidden and wanted to clash that quality of his with herssmiley43smiley37

Posted: 2 months ago
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Mineilsmiley37 Only they can be like this and do like this in any situation smiley37


Posted: 2 months ago

Nice update

Love it

Cont soon 

Posted: 2 months ago
Originally posted by plmzaq

Nice update

Love it

Cont soon 

Thankyou ❤️

Posted: 1 months ago

So they finally did the deedsmiley43smiley27smiley37

Super hot update.

From Mini's show me...show me to neil's passion for cooking..this part had so many similarities with show and original mineilsmiley42smiley27...those good old days of show...ah!smiley42

Loved it.

Posted: 1 months ago
Originally posted by Bechain_Bulbul

So they finally did the deedsmiley43smiley27smiley37

Super hot update.

From Mini's show me...show me to neil's passion for cooking..this part had so many similarities with show and original mineilsmiley42smiley27...those good old days of show...ah!smiley42

Loved it.

Thankyou ❤🥰

Posted: 1 months ago


"I can't believe.. I have never eaten such tasty food in my life. How about we start a hotel?" Mini asked Neil eagerly."It's easy to say but starting a hotel is not an easy task. I still have a lot to learn about cooking," said Neil."I know it Neil.. and trust me we can make your dream come true. First you have to clear the backlogs in B-tech and after that you can do some course in hotel management" Mini said.

"Hmm..let's try"Neil said with a smile.Suddenly someone pressed the calling bell. "It will be pappa. I will go and open the door," Mini said and opened the door. It was Ashok."Come inside pappa.. Why didn't you go to the office today pappa?" Mini asked. "buddu. Today is Sunday" said Ashok patting her head.

"Where is Neil?"Ashok asked."He is having breakfast.. Did pappa have breakfast?" Mini asked. "No" ashok replied.Saying "Come let's have the breakfast" she went to the dining room with Ashok."Good morning uncle" Neil said when he saw Ashok. "Good morning... Will you be going to the hospital today?" Ashok asked.

"I will go in the afternoon. Did you want to come with me?"Neil asked."Actually I want to see Neena but if I saw Abhinav and his mom I might get angry with them" Ashok said.

"Pappa, you don't go. In case pappa gets angry with them, it will affect Neena didi's marriage life" Mini served breakfast to Ashok. "Omg... I am eating such tasty food for the first time after Babita's death. Did you prepare this,Mini?" Ashok asked.

"yah main nahi hoon.. yah aapke daamaad dvaara taiyaar kiya gaya hai"Mini said with a smile.  "Is it? Neil you have a bright future in cooking."Ashok said."yeh.. I also told him. Pappa,Did muma also like cooking?" Mini asked with a smile.Mini loves to know every single thing about her mother. But Ashok doesn't talk much about her mother. Because if both of them start talking about Babita, both of them will end up being overemotional.

"Yeah.. She liked it. Mini Betta, When your internship will start?" Ashok asked..to deviate the topic."Probably in  next week. It's fifteen days internship. Will you miss me?" Mini asked to Ashok and Neil."No.. we will have peace for so many days. I don't want to listen to your blah blah" Ashok said to Mini to tease her.Mini realized that Ashok was teasing her so she said dramatically." Achha.. My daughter is the biggest asset in my life, I can't live without her even for a second, wasn't it a lie?"

"yeah.. everything was lie. what will you do? Ashok asked in same tone."I won't do anything..if pappa doesn't miss me then I don't have any problem..my Neil will miss me..right Neil? "She asked dramatically to Neil.He felt an indescribable joy when he heard her say "my Neil" and a smile appeared on his lips as a result."Why are you smiling ? Is there any comedy show going on here?Mini asked with attitude.

"Voh actually..."when Neil start to talk Mini interrupted.Ashok said with a laugh, "Bolo Neil, you won't miss her. You will get some relief from her blah blah.""Will you miss me?" Mini asked again,Neil also joins Ashok's team to tease Mini."No.. I won't," Neil said with attitude."Really?" Mini asked.

"Yes.."Neil replied.

"I never thought you would join pappa's team.I won't help you to clear the backlogs and start the hotel.. just ask your father in law for the help" Mini pretended to be angry and left from there.

"bechari"Ashok said with a smile.

"Bechari nahi, jab vah gussa kartee hai to vah shaitaan hotee hai.If she starts an argument, she will win it anyway. She is better at being a lawyer than an engineer."Neil said in one breath."Neil.. Aren't you happy with her? Isn't yours an adjustment life to show others?"Ashok asked Neil now a doubt that he felt in the past."Why are you asking like this? I'm happy with her and she is happy with me"Neil replied.

"Before your marriage, I felt from your behavior that you were not interested in a marriage with her.But that doubt changed when I saw your behavior towards her when I was in the hospital. But there is still little bit of doubt inside me."Ashok said to Neil.

"Uncle your doubts were right. I agreed to the marriage because everyone here forced me.No need for that doubt anymore.. Today I love her as much as Uncle does or even more"without any hesitation Neil said.

Ashok was very happy to hear that. "But there will be fights like this between us from time to time. Because we are both short tempered persons, And I hate her over thinking nature and her violence.But I promise you that fight will not last more than a day" said Neil ."Violent?"Ashok asked skeptically.

"Yeah.. your daughter is really violent. If there is any doubt, I can show you my body. She has bitten my whole body. There is not an inch of space left where she will not bite" Neil finished and looked at Ashok's face.Neil remembered what he had said when he saw Ashok's embarrassed face.

"Omg. Neil,tumane kya kaha."Neil asked himself. Neil felt embarrassment to look at Ashok's face. They ate breakfast silently.After breakfast Ashok returned to his house.When Neil entered the room, Mini was looking out of the window and thinking about something.He hugged her from behind and resting his chin on her shoulder.

"What is my devil kid thinking so deeply?Neil asked."Won't say it..what will you do?" asked Mini, pretending to be angry and leaning more closer to him."dekho.."He said with a wink and start to ticklish her.She start to giggle and said"Stop it Neil.. I'm out of breath"But Neil doesn't listened her.. She also start to ticklish him and they both fell on the bed.

But Priya's phone call came to Neil's phone interrupting their beautiful moment. "It's Mom. Is there any problem at the hospital?" Neil said looking at the display."How can I know it Neil?Please attend the phone call"Mini said with fear. Neil attended the call."Hello mom, is everything ok?"Neil asked.

"yeah.. received the scan report of the gynec. There is no problem with the baby's position" Priya said." Thank god.. where is neena and pappa?" Neil asked.

"Amar ji has gone to the canteen. Neena is here. when will you come?" Priya asked."Afternoon.. Can I talk to Neena?" Neil asked.Priya said "yeah.. sure" and gave the phone to Neena's hand."Hello.. Nena how are you now?"Nena asked with concern.

"thoda pain hai.when will you come" She asked in a low voice.Neil talked to Neena for atmost five minutes. Neena asks about Mini, Neil hands her the phone.Mini hung up after speaking only one or two words.Mini's behavior seemed strange to Neil. Because once she start talking to Neena on the phone, they will talk for at least an hour.

"Why did you suddenly disconnect the phone?" Neil asked to her. "voh.. the doctor said not to talk to Didi too much, that's why" Mini said and left from the room.Neil found her behavior strange at that time.

After noon, Neil went to the hospital. Neena was in a trance. Abhinav and his mother were not in the room.

"Where is Mini" Priya asked when seeing Neil.

"She didn't come because she was afraid that Abhinav jiju and his mother would say something like yesterday," Neil said."There was a fight between Abhinav's mother and Priya in the morning. So Abhinav's mother went back to their house," Amar said."Hmm.. Did you tell Neena what happened yesterday?" Neil asked."No.. I don't know how she will react. If she thinks like Abhinav, it will hurt not only Mini but us too. If she thinks like us, she will have problem with Abhinav and his family. " Priya replied.

Neil went home after spending some time with them. When Neena woke up she asked about Mini.Neil lied to her that Ashok's sister and family had come and that's why she didn't come.

It was six o'clock in the evening when Neil reached home. "How is Neena didi now?" Mini asked to him."Fine.. maybe she will be discharged from the hospital in this week"He said.

"Neil, I went to Kali Mandir a while ago"said Mini.

"Oh..if you had waited for a while, we could have gone together"Neil said."Neil, tie this raksha daga on your hand. It was from the temple,it will protect you from harm, evil spirits, bad habits, and to keep your minds focus." said Mini, handing a raksha sutra to him.

Neil looked at her in surprise and said "Mini, if you are giving this out of faith in God and out of love for me, then I can tie it. If it is out of fear of superstitions like others say, I don't want it," Neil said seriously.

"yeah.. this is because of God's faith and care for you and not because of anything else.. please tie it" Mini said in a pleading tone.Neil felt strange about Mini's behavior towards Neena and now giving raksha dhaga. After glancing at her suspiciously, Neil tied the raksha dhaga on his hand.

Mini went to the college because there was a formality that the details of the company to go for the internship had to be submitted to the college. The old age home is located on Mini's way back home from college. When she reached in front of the old age home, Mini remembered about Poonam.

Mini felt that she should talk to Poonam and spend some time with her.So she went to old age home.

After a lot of pleading to security, he let her inside. There is a beautiful garden in the grounds of the old age home. There Poonam was sitting there with an old woman, talking to her about something. She went to them.

"Hai maam" She said. "Hai Mini, what a surprise.. Why did you come here, food sponsoring or something?" Poonam asked with a smile."No maam.. I came to see you. To spend some time with you" Mini said with a smile.Poonam has been leading a life like an orphan from last few months, so Poonam felt an indescribable joy when she heard Mini's words. She felt that there was someone to love her..Mini spent some time with her. She introduced Mini to the workers and inmates there.Mini listened to the stories of many inmates with tear full eyes.A week passed. Neena was discharged from the hospital. Neena went to Abhinav's house. Priya and Amar come back from the hospital. Mini has to go for internship tomorrow. Neil also helped her for packing.

Internship for Mini is in an Electronic Industry in Chandigarh.

"Okay.. Can you WhatsApp me the number of any of your friends. If I don't get you, I will call their number." Neil said before going to bed. "Yeah sure" Mini said while lying down."Your friend's relative's house is safe or not?" Neil asked a little scared. They have decided to stay at a relative's house of her friend.

"Yeah.. completely... by the way Neil, what will you do if you want to see me" Mini asked suspiciously."I will do video call"Neil said with a smile."If you want to kiss me, what will you do?" Mini asked. "I will kiss you over the phone," Neil said with a smile.

"What will you do if you feel like hugging me?" Mini asked."I will hold your dress and sleep," he said and cuddle hugged Mini."What will you do, if you want to do sex?"Mini asked."I will control my desires"Neil replied."Neil, there's no need to control your desires tonight," Mini said with a blush.Hearing that, a naughty smile appeared on Neil's lips.

"Neil, your smile is so beautiful. I like it"Mini said and pinch his cheek.

"You know what?I have a special fan base just for my smile. Many junior girls like my smile and have become my fan girls."Neil said."Lie.. you don't have any fangirls" Mini said jealously. "If you don't believe me I can show you proof" Neil took his phone and opened Instagram and showed her the comment section of one of his photos.

That smile of yours drives me crazy, I adore your smile, You've got a smile that can light up this whole town... She read many such comments.

Mini felt the anger to kill the girls who made that comment, but when she think about something , a devilish smile appeared on her lips.

"yah devil kya soch raha hai?"Neil murmured seeing Mini's devilish smile.

After turning on the light in the room, she fixed her hair in front of the mirror and came to sat in Neil's lap."Are you did make-up to sit in my lap?" he asked, looking into her eyes in a husky voice, tightening his arm around her waist.She kissed him on the lips without answering and clicked a lip lock selfie."Hey.. why did you take this selfie?" Neil asked suspiciously. "To post on your Instagram.To break the hearts of your fan girls"Mini said."What?" Neil asked in shock."Why are you over reacting this..couples would post romantic photos on Instagram" Mini said casually.

"yeah..but not this photo, we can post another photo" Neil said."No.."said Mini,opened his Instagram and uploaded the photo with a romantic caption.

"Mini..Neena and my cousins following me on Instagram and they will tease me," Neil said in a pleading tone."I post it, if they tease you.. you should tease them back. Don't you remember that time I teased Neena didi?"Mini asked with a wink.

"besharm ladki"Neil whispered and forcefully bought the phone from her hand."If you delete that post.. I will divorce you" Mini said to Neil with attitude.

"Kya..Mini some times you are very childish "Neil said irritatingly."Very sexy and hot at some times" Minnie said in a low voice as she took the phone from his hand and placed it on the table.

"But this face is not suit you" Neil said with a smile seeing the seductive look on Mini's face."Omg.. again this smile.. Neil I can't control my desires"He said and cupped his face."No need to control your desire tonight, you told me a while ago," Neil said in his sexy voice and captured her lips.They engaged in sexual relationship with a heart full of love and lust.

She is going to Chandigarh by train at nine o'clock in the morning. Neil and Ashok accompanied Mini to the railway station."Mini beta, you haven't forgotten what papa said.. Don't talk to strangers, don't buy and eat unhealthy food" Ashok said.

"Pappa, I am not an LKG student. I don't need such advice. I know how to take care myself" Mini said with a smile.Along with Mini there are four students to go on internship. Hearing the announcement that the train has reached the platform, Mini hugs Ashok and says goodbye.Neil and Mini feel awkwardness to hug each other in Ashok's presence.

"Bye Neil.. I will call you when I reach there," Mini said.

"Okay.. bye..  take care" Neil said with care.While walking forward with friends aiming for the ladies compartment, Mini looked back and said "How can I go without a hug and kiss?There have been moments like this in pappa's life too, so there is no need to be embarrassed" Mini said to herself and walked towards Neil.

"Why is she coming back? Did she forget to take something?"Ashok asked to Neil suspiciously."Everything was packed yesterday. Maybe coming to say something important," Neil replied."kya hua... "When Neil started to talk Mini hugged him tightly and kissed his cheek.

When Neil started to talk Mini hugged him tightly and kissed his cheek.His eyes widened in wonder by her action."I'll miss you" she said looking his eyes, and walked towards the train.Neil looked around embarrassingly and saw that many people were staring at him. Ashok's face also has an embarrassment."Can.. Can we go." He said without looking at Ashok's face."yeah...lipstick..lipstick is on your face" Ashok said awkwardly and walked out of the railway station.Neil quickly looked at his face on his phone's selfie camera..when he saw the lipstick on his cheek a smile spread across his lips.

"besharm vaali ladki"After blushing, he wiped his cheek with tissue.At that time, Abhinav's call came on his phone. Neil now has no love or respect for Abhinav, so he did not feel like answering his call.

He attended the call as he had a feeling that Neena was unwell.

"Hello Neil, where are you?"Abhinav asked."I'm in railway station. Anything important "Neil asked formally."I want to meet you"Abhinav said."For what?" Neil asked. "I want to say something important to you. I will be at the restaurant near the call center where you work."Said Abhinav and disconnected the call.

To be continued.....

Please forgive me for my grammar mistakes and give ur comments ❤️

Patiala Babes 

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