Mineil FF"Shades of love" part -28 date 26-9-2022 page:44

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Posted: 4 months ago

Part -1

"Amar Uncle, priya Aunty, Neena Didi, neil ..." Minni  called their name when she entered the oberoi house.

"oh god .. why is this devil here now" neil said to himself when he heard minni's voice.with a fake smile neil went to living room.

When neil went to the living room he saw minni talking to Neena and Priya about something.

"neil .... minni's 10th result is published.She has A + in every subject. She is the school topper" Priya said happily.

"Oh.. Congratulations "Neil was jealous but he did not show it on his face.

With a smile  mini gave him the laddu she had brought.

"No thanks ... I don't like laddu"neil said

"But you ate the laddu that Amar Uncle brought last night" Mini asked skeptically.

"That .. From this morning I'm starting to get tired of sweets."neil replied.

"oh my god ... neil this is a disease and this disease is called jealous " Neena said jokingly to him.

neil looked at Nina angrily and went to his room.

"Neil, study like minni.Do you remember your 10th grade mark?"priya asked him.

"How much supplies will there be in this sem, Neil?" Neena asked to Neil teasingly.

Neil walked to his room, controlling his anger.

"Neena Didi, priya aunty don't make fun of him like this... poor soul" Minnie looked at them and said.

"leave it mini.. hey did you called ashok uncle?"

"Ha Didi ... pappa said he would come early from the office today" Minnie said with a smile.

When neil reached his room he checked his phone. he saw 10 missed calls from his friend bobby so he dialed bobby's number.

"Hello buddy there is a sad news" Bobby said as soon as he answered the phone.

"what happened Buddy? neil asked

"Our result was published ... you failed in all  subjects," Bobby said.

"God, such a bad day today is..," Neil said, slapping his own forehead.

"don't be sad Buddy, i also failed in all subjects "bobby replied.

"bobby .. my pappa will kill me if he knows this an that littile devil mini's 10 th result is published. she got full A+"neil said anasked

"The reason of you sadness is your failure or  she got a full A +?" Bobby asked.

"Both.."neil replied angrily and disconnected the phone call.

Neil and mini are neighbors. mini and Ashok came to live next door to neil when neil was in 3rd standard .Neil's father Amar and Ashok soon became friends. Neil's mother Priya felt a special affection with Minnie when they found out mini's mom died when she gave birth to mini.Neil's sister Neena also liked Minnie a lot.mini is four years younger than neil.neil initially liked mini.But neil began to have a suspicion that his family members loved Mini more than him.neil was an average student but Mini was brilliant at studying. When his family started comparing him to her, he started to feel jealous of her.Over time, that jealousy began to grow and turned into hatred.But Neil's family and mini does not know he hates Mini.only his friends know it.

to be continued....

I wrote this when i got an idea.I hope everyone will support. please forgive me for my grammar mistakes and give your valuable comments

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Posted: 4 months ago

Nice start

Love it

Cont soon

Posted: 4 months ago

New story πŸ‘  congrats....

Posted: 4 months ago
Originally posted by Krithzz

New story πŸ‘  congrats....

Thankyou ❀

Posted: 4 months ago

So is this going to be their teen story to adulthood story ? 

Posted: 4 months ago
Originally posted by Krithzz

So is this going to be their teen story to adulthood story ? 


Posted: 4 months ago

Awesome start....continue soonsmiley42

Patiala Babes 

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