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Posted: 6 months ago
Originally posted by maanarsh

@bold - completely agree...they just wasted their potential and also could have shown a better track...but these hopeless makers kya kare inkasmiley44

And yes even I am liking Fateh more than Tejo nowadays...jai ho uski mahaanta ki🙏

I am not in favor of fatejo coz lost interest in tejo.

But on team ankit only.

I only like kvg and ankit.

He will be leaving so only Ankit left 

They should have thrown both sisters out and paired the men instead.

Fatang friendship journey. 

Bkg song will be from sholay.

Yeh dosti hum nehin todengey. 

Todengey dum magar tera sath na chodenge.

Kvg as Amitabh as he is taller and Ankit as darminder. Ankit has darminder young time look of the 60s . Check it out. My husband first noticed. Then i realized it was true. 

Those days watch UD on tv during dinner. It airs at 9. 30 at my place. During EMA track he stopped watching. When KVG entered he rewatch then when they turned him psycho, he stopped. He also liked fatang. He always says heroines picture kherab kar deti hain. 

Damaal movie part one all males and it rocked. No females at all 

I also noticed. These women spoils the show. Either too mahaan too dumb or too evil. 

Men handle shows better.

Mere pas agar paisa hota na toh sholay remake itv benati aur inko cast karti 

Kvg Ankit good jodi. 

Females only come in as cameo not leads. 

Story focus on both men only.

Kvg as amitabh and ankit as darminder.

Costume retro style . Bellbottom, long hair and side burn with bare chest and sun glasses. Clean shaven as well.  Seventy wala look 

James bond and mission impossible bkg music for suspense scenes 

Both will look🔥🔥🔥

Aunties will be like😚😚😚😚

Trp will rock coz i will be the writer as well. Itv key writers ko tauba karo 🙏

The other one i thought was aek chor aek sipahi. Ankit chor kvg sipahi. 

Creativity toh bahut hain lekin paisa nehin hain unless koi sponsor karna chahta ho. 🙂

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Mano Udaariyaan 

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