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Hola everyone! 

This thread is open to all who wants to write comic os/ss/drabbles, parodies, or  spoof of PKYEK. So bring out your inner comedian and write something. smiley41

Disclaimer: This is only meant for fun and its not an attempt in hurting anyone’s feelings and if they are hurt … well then dont read it smiley17smiley37

Just kidding ofcourse. Its only light hearted comedy so please do not take anything to heart and enjoy!smiley2smiley4

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Authors: Meghana @simply.meghana and Nikita @abhaythevampire

All That Glitters Is Not Gold: A PKYEK Spoof

Disclaimer: The following story contains scenes with excessive comedy and sarcasm with occasional trolling or roasting. Reader discretion is advised.smiley36

Piya: Oh Abhay, I have missed this so much!

Abhay: Hang on! Let me find my tape recorder. *pulls out tape recorder from his pocket* Ah! Here it is! I love you Piya! 

Piya: Oh Abhay, I promise to always doubt you the first chance I get!

Abhay: And I promise to always keep you in the dark.

Piya: Oh Abhay, I hate you! I hate you so much!

Abhay: Good, stay away then!

Piya: How could you do that Abhay? Pehle pass bulate ho fir jaane ke liye bolte ho! I'm not going away. 

Abhay: You never listen to me anyways. Do what you wish. It’s not like I won’t save you regardless. 

Piya: Fine then! Bye. *goes to the nearest cliff and jumps from there*

Abhay: *runs to the bottom of the hill and catches her*   Are you stupid?! Why are you so self destructive? 

Piya: O_o …. Says the guy who has been pining for a dead girlfriend for 200 years. And no I’m not stupid, I’m just a detective.

Abhay: I don’t throw myself off cliffs for her at least. And I’ve met some stupid detectives in my lifetime.They are at least smarter than you.


Piya: Yeah well I have met better vampires out there, those who dont behave like an Ekta style sacrificial bahu *folds her hands and sticks her tongue out*

Abhay: Did you just call me a tyaag ki murat?? *makes a face* And who are these better vampires? Sid???? *starts laughing in her face*

Piya: I did. You are such a tyaag ki murat. Bade aye the mera aur jeh ka setting karnevale. Look how that turned out! 

Abhay: Look how you swiftly ignored the Sid topic. 

Piya:  At least Sid is not a confused soul like you. He knows he wants to kill me for sure.

Abhay: Confused soul?? Look who’s talking. One day you say you love me, the next you don’t even want to see my face. 

Piya:  Haan to! Tum konsa kam ho! Abhi two mins pehle bola stay away from me aur ab mere piche piche aa re ho!

Abhay: Again forgetting your own words…first you said you love me, then later you said you hate me.

Piya: I said I hate you. I didn’t say let's break up.  Manane ana chahiye tha na.

Abhay: Ooh little Miss Diva. *rolls his eyes and shakes his head*

Piya: You you!!! Arghhh! *snatches the tape recorder from his hands and lights it on fire 🔥*

Abhay: What is it with you and lighting things on fire? O-o

Piya: Apparently only then you will confess your love. Ab bolkar dikhao kuch romantic. 

Abhay: Pehle jaao jakar pasta banana sikho. Esa jala hua pasta khilaya tha ke kabhi dobara khane ka man nahi kiya. 

Piya: My cooking is great, thank you very much! I learned lots of things in college and that was one of them!

Abhay: Are you sure vo cooking class insaano ke liye hi tha?

Piya: Nai vampires! 

Abhay: Who am I even asking? You took a one year break from college, didn’t even make it up. Waise degree kis subject ka hai?

Piya: Not in getting beaten up by brother and ex, that's for sure. 

Abhay: It’s unfortunate that such a prestigious scholarship went to a dunce like yourself. Such a waste of money. 

Piya: Yeah well you see, I have money now unlike you, who is always wearing that fugly black jacket, so I don’t need to worry about scholarships. 

Abhay: Oh haan! You are a rich girl now! All it took was forgetting you had a mother and living with a cheater!

Piya: For your information, that is my hard earned money, from modelling! 

Abhay: How did you suddenly become a model??

Piya: Ummm….the director asked me too. Shut up, and dont break character now. 

Abhay: Is trying to find logic a crime now? *keeps breaking the 4th wall*

Piya: Seriously you're talking about logic when you, the vampire, couldn’t even smell or read my thoughts during your own birthday party?! 😑

Abhay: I was blinded by emotions. You know how I felt about Maithili. So insensitive of you to do that, on my birthday no less. 

Piya: Talking about insensitivity, how about when you ran me over with your car? 

Abhay: I…..I wasn’t in my senses. If only you listened to me and stayed away from Sid, then I wouldn’t need to do that. 

Piya: Abhay, come on. Like seriously, when have I actually listened to what you say? It's in my character to not listen to you, blame you, and then cry. Just like it's in your nature to first attract me, then push me away, and then pull me back. 

Abhay: Are you calling me a confused magnet??? 

Piya: You know what, that's a nice name. Hi, my confused magnet! 😚

Abhay: And a gracious hello to you, my lovely hypocrite. 

Piya: Wait, what just happened? How did we make up again?

Abhay: That's the catch. We never make up, only have some romantic moments to throw off the viewers, and then we go back to our fighting routine.

Piya: Awwww…that's sooo romantic! I love you Abhay.

Abhay: *brings out the brand new tape recorder again and plays I love you piya*  Until the next misunderstanding do us apart! 

LYRICAL : I love You (Song) | Bodyguard | feat. Salman khan, Kareena Kapoor 

In the end its all a big LOL  smiley37

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Come people laugh and have fun. Bas tamatar ghar par chodkar ana smiley37

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Wow smiley42 what a beautiful “relationship” smiley44smiley37

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Originally posted by Abhaythevampire

Come people laugh and have fun. Bas tamatar ghar par chodkar ana smiley37

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Originally posted by simply.meghana

Wow smiley42 what a beautiful “relationship” smiley44smiley37

and so strong too. Like so strong that nobody can break except pretty much all other characters smiley37

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Originally posted by Abhaythevampire

Come people laugh and have fun. Bas tamatar ghar par chodkar ana smiley37

I wonder whysmiley39

Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani 

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