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Posted: 5 months ago

Ohh yes he is definitely the biggest karmi shipper.🤩🤩🤩

Man his entry for me is eternal.😎😎😎

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Aur fir is ladke ko pyaar hogya 😩

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Posted: 5 months ago

Tune maari entry yaar dil me baji ghanti yaar .. Tung Tung Tung smiley40


Most epic!!

Posted: 5 months ago

SiMi bond in ITV and Chandler, Joey, Ross, Phoebe, Monika and Rachel bond in ETV will forever be irreplaceable bonds for me. smiley42smiley27

Posted: 5 months ago
Originally posted by DelusionsOfNeha

Tune maari entry yaar dil me baji ghanti yaar .. Tung Tung Tung smiley40


Most epic!!

smiley44kya dekha aur kaha dekha??? smiley44

Posted: 5 months ago
Originally posted by Chir-Cute

smiley44kya dekha aur kaha dekha??? smiley44

Bahot kuch.. 🤫🤫

Posted: 5 months ago
Originally posted by NoeticLife


The best friend: 'I care for Sid! Sid mera best friend hai!'

The one where she would fight the world to stand by the side of the one person who has never left her either. The one relation which she labels as 'best friend' but the words are too small to even scratch the depth of their love. All the words in every language of the world aren't enough to describe their complex-to-name but effortlessly simple relation. It's pure, it's unconditional, and it's simply beautiful.

Bin kahe sab sun leta hai mera yaar
Dard se khushiyan chun leta hai mera yaar
Duniya se lad jaata hai mere liye
Lekin mujhse haar jata hai mera yaar

The Judge: 'Tumhaari hamesha koi alag hi story chal rahi hoti hai, na?'

The one where she is the quickest in the room to judge, often leading to the most wrong conclusions. The worst part? She doesn't pause to verify. She is stupidly confident at times, and jumps head first, often resulting in some owed apologies which she stutters out with a wilted gaze.

Sorry Sorry Sorry
Pakde hum dono kaan kya
Sorry Sorry Sorry!
Bache ki loge jaan kya

The Fumbling, Tumbling and Confused: 'Tum kya keh rahi ho?' 'Main... Main...'

She isn't the hardest to confuse. It's easy to spin her around, and it doesn't take more than a few sentences for her to be lost in her head, wondering where she started from and what exactly she wanted to say. It often leads to some exasperated people around and a too-lost-to-be-embarrassed Monami. She may be a good enough dancer, but her feet don't always obey to her, resulting in some painful tumbles but all's not that bad with this one, because it had resulted in some romantic moments too.

Idhar Chala Main Udhar Chala,
Jane Kahan Main Kidhar Chala
Arre Phisal Gaya, Yeh Tu Ne Kya Kiya

The Quirky: 'Excuse me? Yeh kya stupid technique hai?'

Be it hugging trees to expel her sadness, be it treating a potted plant as one of her closest friends and be it having unusual tricks for unusual situations, she is undoubtedly a quirky one. She accepts her quirks in open, happily explaining her reasoning and encouraging others to join in, and it often results in getting the weirdest looks, before it grows on people.

Hum paagal nahi hai, bhaiya
Humaara dimaag kharaab hai

The Insecure: 'Tum bhi sochte hoge na, kaisi jhalli si, fumbling tumbling ladki hoon main.'

Not every thing is chin up, shoulders squared, and like anyone else, she isn't free from the random, unexpected bouts of doubts that hit, leaving an unsure and insecure person behind. But it doesn't take much more than a few words to instill her confidence back in her and she's bouncing back with all her silly antics, endearing and annoying people alike.

Main aisa kyun hoon
Main aisa kyun hoon
Main jaisa hoon,
Main vaisa kyon hoon

The Stubbornly Determined: 'Har situation se deal karne ke liye main ready hoon.'

A strong willed girl, hidden the layers of her father's controlling nature, she finally spreads her wings in the academy, fighting against odds to reach there. Setting her feet in a rocky, wavering boat, she doesn't give up despite the problems, facing them head-on and fighting for her dream.

O dekhe hai aankhon mein
Kismat ki aankhein daale hey
Hawa ke kaanon mein jaake kahe
Kismat piddi hai
Dil yeh ziddi hai, dil yeh ziddi hai

The Crazy In Love: 'Yeh hospital ke baad se yeh Monami thoda ajeeb sa behave nahi kar rahi?'

If there was one word for her love phase, it would be 'crazy'. From seeing daydreams, to hugging a picture of his heartbeat, to getting lost as she stared at him, she was positively crazy in love. Call it her quirk, call it an embarrassing, cute and annoying side effect of being in love, there is no denying that a few screws might have fallen in the process of running after him.

Main chhod aayi ghar-baar mera
Oh makhna ve makhna
Ab tu hi hai sansar mera
Oh makhna ve makhna
Ye pagal sa hai pyar mera
Oh makhna ve makhna

The Emotional: 'Har baar emotions mein behkar dil ki sunti ho. Dimaag ki kyun nahi sunti ho!?'

Perhaps her biggest flaw is the flow of emotions she allows herself to flow with. If there's one word to describe Monami Mahajan, it's empathetic or emotional. It's a coin toss, which sometimes leads to a beautiful, understanding relationship yet things sometimes go the worst possible route with a few hastily taken, emotional decisions.

The Understanding: 'Jab tumhaari koi galti hai hi nahi, toh maafi kis baat ki?'

Going hand and hand with her emotional and empathetic behavior, she is often one that catches on to the people's pure intentions and reasonings, despite how messed up or mysterious their actions be. Be it considerate of Karan's trauma, or Koel's fear, she is accepting and understanding of the people around her and the situations life have dealt them.

The Fearless: 'Gun hata. You will regret it!'

Be it facing off a bunch of insolent boys with a gun to her head, or fighting a surgeon with no ethics, or a crazy sadistic criminal, she is a dauntless girl with a lioness' heart.

Choo ke dekho dil mera
Tumhe dil mein apne bhar lungi
Par chhed ke dekho tum mujhko
Main tumko nahi chhodungi

The Right Do-er: 'No, Karan. This is wrong. Yeh galat hai!'

Whether her right is wrong for others, whether doing the right is hard, she firmly believes in doing the right thing. From risking her life for strangers in a hospital, to forgiving boys after a sincere apology, she is vocal and opiniated about rights and wrongs, and doesn't waver from doing what's right according to her.

The One-Sided Lover: 'Wo mujhse keh raha tha... woh keh raha tha ki mujhse kabhi pyaar nahi kar paayega.'

The pain of having an unrequited love, but yet accepting the other person's feelings, respecting their decision, and letting them go is a proof of strength in itself. Yet, the want to be closer, the hope that one day the other person might feel the same is something that didn't fade away for Monami either.

'Khairiyat poocho, kabhi toh kaifiyat poocho,
Tumhaare bin deewaane ka kya haal hai.
Dil mera dekho, na meri haisiyat poocho,
Tumhaare bin ek din jaise, sau saal hai.'

The Heartbroken: 'Jab aapka pyaar poora nahi hota, toh bahut dard hota hai, Sid. Duniya ki saari strength fail ho jaati hai, Sid. It hurts a lot, Sid. It hurts a lot.'

When a heart breaks, its pieces sting and bleed, and it's no different for her. She is broken, and being a highly emotional person, it's almost a physical pain as she cries and yearns for the incomplete love that slipped through her fingers, leaving behind painful memories that were supposed to be beautiful.

Rang thhe, noor tha
Jab kareeb tu tha
Ek jannat sa tha, yeh jahaan
Waqt ki ret pe kuch mere naam sa
Likh ke chhod gaya tu kahaan
Humaari adhuri kahaani

smiley32wonderful writeup dear!!

Posted: 5 months ago
Originally posted by DelusionsOfNeha

Bahot kuch.. 🤫🤫

ab aage bhi toh batato,,, smiley36

Posted: 5 months ago
Originally posted by Chir-Cute

ab aage bhi toh batato,,, smiley36

Bata deti .. lekin thoda explicit ho jayega.. smiley37

smiley43parde mein rehne do parda na uthao smiley43

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