Akshus cry of pain versus family dance

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Posted: 8 months ago

It’s been hours since the we all started discussing todays episode. Since then this new segment has also come to show the family dancing to cheer up Manish.

Just got me thinking. I don’t know what the episode tomorrow will bring us. But it seems like it will include lots of taunts form a horrible Arohi who has not only stolen credit but is also belittling the fact that Akshu will not be able to keep Abhi love
From Arohis perspective this is a good day. She did not have to put her life at risk but still got credit for something she did not do, So making her dance for her grandfather is a good thing. In the end he will be hugging and praising her for her courage! 

Akshu on the other hand is in pain. She has given up the man she loves, she has put her life at risk, is probably hurt and burnt form rescuing him and has found out that she sister has taken all the credit. Abs is still trying to be brave for her family and make a sacrifice of her love and is getting shouted at and ridiculed by her younger sister. 
All of this explains her cry of pain, anger and upset when she said BAS KAR AROHI GOENKA

But then to see her having to dance to make her grandfather happy. How cruel are these Goenkas. How I feeling toward Akshu!  

Posted: 8 months ago

such a dysfunctional family my good 

happy dance only possible because AKSHU hides her pain and pretends to be happy 

Posted: 8 months ago

Goenkas aren't doing anything to akshara she herself is making her life miserable akshara is an enemy of her own happiness...nobody will love you if you can't love yourself nobody will fight for you if you can't fight for yourself..akshara's life is the perfect example of that..

Posted: 8 months ago

I mean some of it, she is only responsible for. Nobody is looking out for her. She should at least take care of herself, no? This girl might have so much mental health issues. Did the writers forget about her panic attacks?smiley3

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Posted: 8 months ago

Agar bech mein segment wala scene aa gaya ki mein kya karu tujhe mujh par trust ho jayeah...toh...

Posted: 8 months ago

its high time they shuld atleast create emotional scenes of mimi,swarna nd akshu ,kairav 

Posted: 8 months ago

Some of it, completely in blind love for her family and arohi

She needs to get out of that mode

didnt writer once confirmed that akshu will slowly get her spine back and will stand up for her

Kab aayega wo din🤔🤔🤔

Posted: 8 months ago

Akshara needs to focus on her life...she has done enough for Arohi...

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 

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