Posted: 2 days ago

The hug was very nice! I loved that neither hesitated to hug in front of all. I wish he had said not only - mujhe miss karna but also I'll miss you Sai beforr he left....

My heart broke for Sai as she recalled her father's injury in line of duty and her hands shook as she did aarti. And afterwards she recalled Virat being in hospital too. 

I also loved that Sai literally was there until he left from the gate. She went out to wave and see him off until he left. 

The tiffin she handed him was sweet too. 

I loved the little notes -handwritten ones for each other. That was definitely my favorite part. Theres a special thing about getting a hand written note/card from someone. It shows someone took to the time to actually write out their feelings. It has an old world charm which an email, text or a video call also dont have. Its just very romantic to leave a note in the lunch box. Was ♥️♥️♥️

I am not sure why Virat hesitated to say "wife"when  handing dubba to colleagues. I wish he had hesitated or given his expression after he said wife in full flow. 

I also liked the scene of Sai making virat wear the cap and holding his hand. The way she asked him for a promise to come back to her n the way she says I'll wait for you. Has many undertones. 

The perfume is a thoughtful gift too. Everytime she wears the fragrance she will remember virat. 

I thought Ayesha was fantastic n stood apart in terms of acting today. In these kinda scenes its easy to get too melodramatic or slightly cringy. But she makes it so natural. So beautiful. You literally feel her worry radiate from her and also her concern, her goodwill n its so genuine. She has already lost her father to duty and her fear comes through. So does her  inexperience/youthful innocence just shines in her gestures. 

I also like the part where she is itching to call him but holds back not wanting to distract him. 

The problematic thing is the whole pakki zabaan crap. Gives a premonition of another zabaan he may give for which he will put his relationship with Sai at stake. 

Pp as usual is SO grating. Her presence is such a nuisance. It'll definitely be good to have a break from her. Permanently chutkara milein toh accha hota. 

Posted: 2 days ago

Virat, my sweet boy, write 

farz is not equal to biwi 10 times... 

You need not be close to every woman and call it farz...

This is your assignment for the next 6 months 😊

Posted: 2 days ago

Thank you Neerja smiley27

For the next few months, your review can contain just one sentence :-

"Vanku is a sadist" smiley15

I just hope they show us long petitioned scenes of Sai in college rather than an overdose of Zillat.....but then Vanku is a sadist smiley36

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Posted: 2 days ago

Also Virat said "chalta hu" not the "laut ke aata hu" line that Patralekha taught him smiley36

Posted: 2 days ago

Beautiful post Neeraja. It was a mix of emotional and happy episode smiley19. Like you said too much talk about pakki zabaan which didn't give me good vibes smiley21 and then they added the witch saying he always breaks his Vaadas smiley21. Just wished Sai hadn't realized her love for Virat, it's going to be pure torture for Sai from the looks of it smiley18

Posted: 2 days ago

I really hope he will not make this track as unbearable as pre accident track. I hope that they tweak the track and dont make ot too terrible. But vanku is definitely shown that he is not trustworthy. Hum joh dekhna chahte hain uska opposite hi dikhate hai.

Posted: 2 days ago
Originally posted by nutmeg7

Also Virat said "chalta hu" not the "laut ke aata hu" line that Patralekha taught him smiley36

You thought of that too...I was also wondering if he'll say thatsmiley36. If  he had said lautke aata hoon....Pakhi would have lost her senses....

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Posted: 2 days ago

I'm glad he didn't. It would have made it seem like he cares so much about pp's words🙄 in this track  its not going to be about danger to virat but to Sairat relationship. Ya there'll probably be a close call in shootout or whatever but from promo ots obvious virat is hale n hearty. Its Sai that will be tortured 😢

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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