3 Evictions & 3 Wild Cards ??? Bye-Bye BB.

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Posted: 5 days ago

Hello people,

I just finished watching the episode in which they have evicted 3 peeps and in the preview, they showed that Rashmi, Devoleena and Rakhi are coming. 

My thoughts on -


Jay: He deserved to go. I really have a good opinion about Jay as a celeb. But, he failed to deliver in the house. He made stupid decisions and wasn't entertaining to watch. I feel it's good that he is out as I don't want to see his image deteriorating further. 

Neha: I hated her when she entered the house. She came off as rude and extremely irritating. Over the last week I saw that there is another side to her. I felt that I saw the mask (the act) wearing off. I felt that she had lost the plot and was becoming really sad knowing that she had little control over what was happening in the house. I didn't see a lot of strategies from her as well. It's fine that she had to go. 

Vishal: I think he could have stayed a bit longer. But, can't really say whether he could have proved useful or not. Because his game was completely exposed. 

About the WCs - 

I am genuinely not interested to see Rashmi, Devoleena and Rakhi. 

I stopped watching last season (regularly) when Rakhi came. 

According to me, she is fine once in a while for WKW entertainment. It might also be because I have seen her a lot over the years in BB. 

I might stop watching the show regularly now as I am not entirely happy with whatever is happening. 

I like KK and Teja individually but I don't like when only their romance is highlighted. 

I want to see some nice tasks where there will be mind games and strategies. 

I hope KK, Teja and Umar become the finalists still. Might be biased. But it is what it is at the moment. 

I might try watching the show on a regular basis again if Vidhi and Donal come ( I want to see if

they have something else to offer or not) But, I don't expect a lot. 

Because I won't be watching the show regularly, I might be less active on the forum as well. 

In any case, 

Thanks a lot to all the forum members who are active. I really had fun reading the posts and putting forward my views. Yes Yes. Even reading posts from people who support Pratik and Shamita lol. 

Have fun watching the show guys,

See you again,


Posted: 5 days ago

Looks like 3 evictions and 4 entry. People have posted LF pics. Apparently rakhi came with her hubby. 😂😂😂. So 4 people entered 

Posted: 5 days ago

No one wants to come to BB or what ? Why do they bring old contestants in every season since two three seasons. smiley29 Fed up of seeing Devo and Rashmi. Rakhi is fun the first ten days then she is boring. smiley44

Vishal is eliminated ? smiley3 I would have rather preferred Shamita out than Vishal. smiley24

Posted: 5 days ago

Originally posted by KJasoosChulbulP

Looks like 3 evictions and 4 entry. People have posted LF pics. Apparently rakhi came with her hubby. 😂😂😂. So 4 people entered 

BB k kaise dinsmiley24…even dragged the invisible, non- existing, mystery pati Ritesh to BB ghar in 3 plus one offer muft  muft  muft WC🤯

Posted: 5 days ago


Tussi na jaav smiley13chahe toh epis skip Karlo like I do…Forum is much better..not sulking like this season….members r wise enough to bash all smiley36..so not much bitter posts too. smiley4

Posted: 5 days ago

4 eviction including Simba and 4 WC including Rakhi husband.

Posted: 4 days ago

The makers/creatives have lost the plot. I don’t think the issue was ever the contestants. I think the lineup of contestants was good this year 

It’s the lame tasks and lack of creativity that has ruined the season. How many times will they bring Rakhi Sawant? Maybe they should make her the winner this time so that she can stop coming 

Edited by Shaitan-Haiwan - 4 days ago
Posted: 4 days ago

Only 3 Jungelwasis left now  UmTeJran smiley37

Bigg Boss 15 

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