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Posted: 1 months ago
Originally posted by ShipIsSailing

Same here, girl. I had enough with it all. Now, I just watch some scenes online and that's it.

Let me give you an adivice, imagine a completely different ghum in your head with actual nice and consistent characters and live with it. Much better.

naaa! i stopped watching the minute i was being harassed for their wedding... daily being tagged and all the rubbish nope i choose my mental sanity even over sairat! 

Posted: 1 months ago
Originally posted by ShipIsSailing

Same here, girl. I had enough with it all. Now, I just watch some scenes online and that's it.

Let me give you an adivice, imagine a completely different ghum in your head with actual nice and consistent characters and live with it. Much better.

Mufat mein advertising.... but I am about to write a story with normalcysmiley37

Posted: 1 months ago
Originally posted by Svt611

babe thats the point you cannot control people and their crass mouths.. its better to accept it and move on. people will do these things and there are worse comments, just have to build a thick skin against all of it! as for aish the less said the better, i know what shes trying to pull very honestly 

I know...but I am so bad at moving on (Ask my crush).

But, on a serious note, yeah, I get it. But just remember this, this topic will always hold a dear place in my heart, because as controversial as it might be, I did spoke out my mind (which is a success when it comes to me), and most importantly






Posted: 1 months ago
Originally posted by Svt611

sorry to jump in but as someone who has monitored their activity and has spoken to sooo many individuals from the  FD i want to add a few points-

1. As a public figure not everyone will like you, actually that goes for all humans, so either one accepts it and moves on or laments on it. 

Aish wanted sympathy and well she just succeeded!!! All of you are sympathizing with her, she has no ounce of shame and I know what i am saying because I am aware of a few things that make me write what I am writing. 

You know she could have been the bigger person and ignored those few hate comments, wasn't she the one who said god knows what will happen when i marry Neil? that is what she wants to show people that see I told you I am getting hate, exactly what she wants! There was no need for that story to come.

2. where were these stories when her own fiance was called a two timer and her co star a home breaker, sl*t, wh**e and what not, those were her fans right!!!! why the double standards only with SAIRAT fans, what do you want to show? 

3. SHE IS NOT THE FIRST ACTOR TO RECIEVE HATE, and honey if she cannot handle the hate she better sit at home and get another job cause she isnt made for this... People like Virat kholi, SRK, Deepika Padukone, MS DHONI don't react to this hate but AISHWARYA SHARMA does and gets innumerable articles... 

Well do you know IF wrote the article within a MINUTE of the story being uploaded, now tell me it was not all planned! 

AS for sympathizing with AISHWARYA and saying she wasn't wrong here, NO WAY!!! SHe has asked for this hate.....

wasn't she the one who said I am scared to post with NEIL and the very next day posts with him IN COSTUME.... 

Don't forget the FANS she mocks are 13-14 year old kids as she says and a lot of them are, what have they ever asked, are they mature to understand that they will not get any content?  

What about the blatant disregard of fans feelings and the way she insults fans, JUST cause we don't cry victim we don't get hurt *slow claps*

She was not getting attention for her wedding and hence THIS IS what she came up with... You can call me a hater or whatever but I am stating facts and nothing else.

Instead of sitting on insta and reading those comments, she should be prepping for her wedding but she chooses to lament over the hate over the numerous good wishes and asks for sympathy and THIS FD falls for it time and again. think about it, this is her cycle and she just wants attention and sympathy, she has lied and I don't want to say it out loud and she will continue to do this again and again.

I might get a warning for this but I will always give you the facts and the truth. simple. 

You just summed it up; dear!!

I have seen few caricatures over my life; but aishwarya sharma takes the cake for being attention seeking .

Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by Shaome

Her problem is no one hyping the marriage.. She didn't born yesterday.. In one interview she mentioned about these staff..Then she should spend her time on enjoying the precious moments not by picking fights.. 

 Trolling has no face.. But one need to understand what we share with loved ones is bigger than getting approval of some people that we don't even know.. 

It takes two hands to clap.. As simple as that.. 

If she is so bothered those handful hateful comments could have been ignored by setting her comment section private.. I was checking Neil's FB page amongst 1000 comments there only few hate comments.. So is in Insta..fans were ignoring her that's too was her problem.. 

I didn't see even biggest celebraties story details gets to publish that fast.. And to make it worse there is an article against ayesha and sairat fans within no times.. 

Anyways they are beginning a new journey They need blessing from all not curse.. 

yaar I seriously never liked her antics but this time sorry to say I find fans more at fault.... Some people commenting very nasty comments which is wrong

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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