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Posted: 1 months ago
Originally posted by Khushi_Albeli

ohh from manmarziya iss movie ke songs bahut serials use krte hain.

I am not from India so I don't listen to Hindi songssmiley24

Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by SnowWhite_97

I still feel bad for Ranveer😥 he risked his own life to save Sirat but sirat ny Ranveer ko cheated kiya tha 😫 No one deserves a wife like her😡

I feel shamed to call her akshu and kairav mother she is getting position of naira which I hate 

Posted: 1 months ago
Originally posted by Waidehi

I feel shamed to call her akshu and kairav mother she is getting position of naira which I hate 

She is the stepmother of Kairav and Akshara. Naira is the real mother of Kairav and Akshu and no one else. We love Kairav and Akshara just because woh Naira ky kids Hain 

Posted: 1 months ago

This generation story of yrkkh is so disconnected to the previous gen so its better for viewers to see it as a completely different story and not try to connect to previous gen characters because then it will seem weird and samjh ke bahar. HC also said the same thing in iv.. that he was given to understand this show as a new one and not as already running show. We all know that it is remake of ichee nodee and it has to portray love triangle with one sister as evil and the other good. So please stop trying to take the wickedness of the bad sister and connect it to previous gen. For those who are bad-mouthing sirat I want to say, it's ok if you don't like a character's role or their story but please don't paint your hatred on that character by saying lies about her. She was not shown to be characterless and a cheat. She was a very honorable person who tried her best to fulfill her relationships.. with her husband and her friend. FYI, there was a leap of six-seven months after ranveer's death so the child is not his. And also she meets ranveer again after two years, not one, after separation from him.She never cheated on him, they had very good understanding between them. Sirat's discovering that she has feelings for kartik after her marriage to ranveer was just one of those twists of fate and she confesses to him and they clear up between themselves and sirat decides to work on her marriage and she is also shown as being happy and satisfied with ranveer. His illness comes afterwards and then he dies. 

If you are so interested in that story you can watch the episodes instead of relying on false info from ppl who hate the character and the story. But if it is to just dig out some validation for aarohi's behavior then don't bother bcz there's no connection between the two, like I said before.. As for those who say aarohi is bad bcz her blood is bad, I pity that they have such regressive mentality.. 

Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by Waidehi

Sirat Karthik story is so fake ek se engagement ek se shadi for bacche bhi ek se he fir dusro ko bokdiua sayad ok never liked sirat anyway for me naira is only for iarthak kairav akshu arohi sirat DNT exist to me 

The fact he ended up with her due to Kairav who was ready to replace his own mother 🤦‍♀️

Posted: 1 months ago

Because Goenka's ne script pada hai and they know Akshu isnt going..why waste money booking tickets smiley10

Posted: 1 months ago

I don't know why you have referred this topic to me? Sorry but it hasn't helped me to see things from a different perspective. I read all those posts and I feel they are just filled with the same distortions and lies and venom. Sirat and kartik's engagement initially was an arrangement between the two for the sake of his kids and her maudi, not something for love or lust as has been implied in that thread. They agree to help each other but give a conventional name to their relationship because otherwise it was giving society people wrong ideas. But when ranveer comes on the scene again, kartik backs off because he doesn't want to come between two lovers although sirat still wanted to go with her commitment to kartik. Both of them were genuinely thinking of the others trouble. Kartik does convince sirat to marry ranveer but she wanted some time for this which she didn't get because ranveer rushes her into the marriage and she agrees for his sake thinking of all that he has done for her. Afterwards when she discovers that she feels more for kartik than just friendship, she doesn't encourage those feelings or pursue them. Rather she is very shocked herself and tries to overcome it. It doesn't mean she is characterless.. she doesn't cheat on her husband, does she? In fact she completely tries to avoid kartik after that. How is that cheating? Waise bhi these kinds of tropes are very popular everywhere in books and movies and tv. What about the current track of this same show. But here they have conveniently made one of the characters in the triangle a villain and the other a heroine so it's easy for people to take sides. But many times it also happens that in these love matters nobody is at fault, its just destiny's play...which is the case in sirat's story. And when ranveer dies and later after a lot of issues and drama kartik does marry her, even then how is that cheating? On kartik's side or on sirat's? People may have a problem with the fact that they both move on from their previous relationships, but that does not mean they can label them as cheaters and frauds. 

I am relatively new to this forum and initially I felt it has very sensible and balanced criticisms and discussions, but I see that there is as much of biased and offensive name-calling and blind support of fictional characters here as everywhere else. 

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 

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