I love you Abhi!!! - OS (let me know for continuation)

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Posted: 7 days ago

Hey Guys!!! Finding YRKKH quite interesting with this new generation cast esp my favorite HC being cast. Honestly, started watching it for him but I am liking Pranali too now. Letting my thoughts to freely flow after the heart break of today's episode, may be giving us a little bit of a breather. It is a one shot but still would be posting it in parts.

Here it is.....

Part 1 

3 months later:

Months have passed by, but the wound is still afresh in Abhimanyu's heart. Being a heart surgeon, could not understand a girl's heart thinking which he cursed himself. On the other hand, Kairav has been all cold towards Arohi and the rest of the family. He felt helpless and the only way he thought to get his baby sister some peace was to send her off from Udaipur.

Akshara has now enrolled herself in a Delhi university pursuing her music studies also doing a part time job with a NGO. Abhimanyu, has once again, muted the entire world with his noise cancelling headphones getting back into his zombie mode. The only person probably happy to see him like this is his father Dr.Harsh vardhan Birla. However, his mother and Neil know what a turmoil of a state his mind is in. 

It was a routine day for Dr. Abhimanyu who was in his cabin relaxing listening to music with his eyes tightly shut. A sudden flash of Akshara's face and he immediately opened his eyes, switched off the music. Eyes turning red, he questioned, "why, why did you do this to me? I was not wrong in reading your eyes. I was not wrong in sensing your feelings. Still you had to lie about it breaking me. I did not believe in love, I did not want to fall in love but you made it all happen only to break my heart." 

(Knock at the door..) Taking a deep breath and wiping away that tear drop, in his husky tone, "Come in"

It was Neil. Abhi was surprised to see him at the hospital.

During the last three months, Neil had been collecting all the information regarding the incidents that had happened at the Goenka's. Everytime when Neil wanted to share the same with his bro, Abhi had stopped him from doing so as he did not want to listen to something that was not important for him anymore. Neil did all this because he did not want his Bro to give up on his love. Neil, "Bro, I need to talk"

Abhi did not allow him to knowing what he had come there for so he straight away cut him,"kaam hai mujhe". Neil was not gonna budge this time. He locked the cabin from inside and blocked his way saying, "Enough is enough. This time you will listen and I will talk" his face was stern, eyes were red.

Abhi was stunned to see his kiddo brother raising his voice to him but he could understand the concern and pain behind his anguish and anger,"teek hai. bol". Neil asked him to cancel all his appointments and hand over his cases to Taiji (Dr.Mahima Birla). Both of them getting out of the hospital bumped into Arohi, Neil (gritting his teeth),"Chipkali, dekh ke nahi chal sakthi". Arohi was irritated but did not speak a word as Abhi was standing next to him. She simply said sorry and walked away while smelling something fishy with the brothers. Her notorious mind worked and she simply walked into Dr. Harsh's cabin and informed that Dr. Abhimanyu is taking a half day's off probably as he is going out with his brother irking Harsh. Smirking, she walked out and Harsh immediately called Abhi to check.

Abhi picked his call and in an irritated tone informed, "Sir, all have been taken care of. I have no cases today and my appointments have been taken" saying so he cut the call. 

At the park, Neil comforting Abhi by placing his hand on his shoulders, "I know you are trying to forget everything and move on but that is not easy. I dont want that to happen. Akshara and you are made for each other. You wont find a soul as beautiful as hers" he started saying. Abhi tried to pay attention without getting angry as he did not want his wounds to be pinched again but for the sake of his Neil he kept calm. Neil narrated the entire story to Abhi as to how Akshara and Arohi are step-sisters and how Arohi does not like Akshara from the beginning, from blaming her for their mother's death to sending her away from the family, from the reason behind Akshara's panic attack to having her emotionally black mailed of cutting all her ties of from Akshara if she confessed her love. Hearing to each story unfold, tears rolled Abhi's cheeks thinking how much his Akshu had undergone and all the while he was just thinking only about his pain. 

to be continued.....

Posted: 7 days ago

I soooo much wanted to read a OS on this idea and it's here ❀

Thankyou for writing thissmiley31

Amazing update and please update soon 😍😍

Posted: 7 days ago

Beautiful!! Please continue soooooonishhhsmiley27

Posted: 7 days ago

Part 2

He could no more wait to meet her. He quickly jumped on his bike but before he could start, he heard Neil saying, 'Akshara ab Udaipur mein nahi hai" crashing down his hopes of meeting her. He got off his bike and looked at him with a question. "Kairav ne usse Delhi bhej diya to maintain harmony at home. Heard from Vansh that she has been pursuing her music course in Delhi university." Abhi's happiness knew no bounds. He felt that the pain in his heart has suddenly vanished and he felt lighter than ever before. Its been three months since he saw her, heard her voice but not anymore. He told himself, "distance will be wiped off Akshu and you will no more be away. You were and are mine." He reached home and immediately packed his bags dropping mail that he would be away from work for the next three days. Being a doctor, he could not afford more than that. Picking his bags, he walked straight to the door leaving the entire clan of Birlas surprised and shocked. Abhi's father signalled his brother to ask him this time for a change. Sensing the commotion and the hundreds of question in each one of their eyes, he said, "I want to have a break, time for myself. I am going to Delhi to attend a global music festival." Harsh stepped towards him, hugging him,"jaa beta. We will manage." He winked at Neil with a smile and left. However, the smile did not go unnoticed by his mother. She felt something brewing between the brothers.

Reaching Delhi, he directly went to Delhi university (renting out a bike) as he had no clue about her residence. He was waiting outside for the classes to get over. Sipping his coffee in a nearby roadside stall, he saw students coming out. His heart was beating faster than usual, butterflies tickling his stomach, he felt like a teenager fallen in love," teen mahine baad dekhne wala hoon usse." He made up his mind to not immediately go in front of her as he wanted to know if she has been thinking about him all this while and also want her to first confess this time. He saw her coming out with a guitar wearing a beautiful pink leheriya sleeveless kurta with a long front slit and a jean. She was looking beautiful as before but that chirpiness was gone, there was no smile, no liveliness in her. She walked to the exit like a zombie, got into an auto and went away. Akshara reached her apartment but felt strange as if someone was following her. She turned around to look but there was no one. Entering her house, she was still feeling the same,"aisa kyun lag raha hai ki koi mere peeche hai. Why do I feel like Abhi is here, why do I feel like his eyes have been following me." She immediately wiped away her tears and ignored all the thoughts. However, she did not realise that the front had been left open by her and Abhi had been quietly watching her from there. He saw his smiling photo on her bedside table next to her family pic. Tears rolled down, "She loves me so much, but still she lied. How difficult would it have been for her? I did not understand her." Thinking all this, he slowly walked inside the house closing it from behind. With a bottle of water in hand, she came out where he was standing right in front of her. She waded her hand at him shooing him off saying, "tum phir aa gaye" (leaving him confused), she kept talking thinking that she was hallucinating him,"kya bana diya hai tumne mujhe. You dont let me live, let me die. Your thoughts make me crazy that I imagine you being everywhere. Why did I see you? why did I fall in love with you? Why can I not be with you? (she broke down) "why did Kanha ji do this to me? agar main tumse shaadi karti toh mera parivaar mujhse nafrat karne lage ga. (sobbing). He understood that she has been hallucinating him and controlled himself to not go near her as he wanted her to blurt out her hear today. She continued,"pehli baar jab tumhe dekha tabhi se mujhe ek sukoon mehsoos hua. aisa laga ki tum sirf mere liye bane ho. I felt so safe in your arms. I want you to hold me everytime I fall, I want you to laugh at my foolishness, I want you to care for me, pamper me. I want you to see you go crazy for me, I want you to hug me tight and kiss all my tears, I want you love me. I love you Abhi. Sau baar bol diya uss din ke baad lekin tumhe pata nahi chalne diya." It was enough Abhi could not control himself anymore. He ran to her and pulled her into a tight hug. She pulled him back and touched his cheeks to realise that he was real and not her imagination. She hugged him back tightly and kissed him all over his face. She did not want to be away from him anymore. "It took you so long to find me. (hitting on his chest) I am sorry.... I am sorry..." (she cried again hiding herself in his chiseled chest). He wiped her tears, pecked on her cheeks, moving aside her hair and comforting her, he said, "I love you Akshu." 

Hope you guys liked it!!! Please let me know your valuable comments.

Posted: 7 days ago

This is so so good, both parts are so cute. Very nicely articulated. Loved how she hallucinates him, love how he finds out that the reason behind her silence 😍😍

Too cute, I was smiling the whole time πŸ₯°

Keep writing more ❀️❀️

Posted: 7 days ago

Awwww next part is lovely ❀❀

She thought she was hallucinating and confessed her feeling to Him smiley42

Posted: 7 days ago


Loved both the parts.... Too too good yaar....

Hallucination of Akshu was too good.... smiley42

Keep writing more.... 

Posted: 7 days ago

Loved it πŸ‘Œpls continue soon πŸ’•looking forward to reading the next chapter πŸ€—

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 

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