Mineil SS Forget me not updt last part pg 46 dt 06/09/22

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Posted: 10 months ago

Hii, I am back. This is mostly inspired from a movie based on memory loss of main lead. I will not tell the name as you can lose the interest in the story then. Hope you all will like it.

MiNeil TS    Forget Me Not

Part 1

How important is it for someone to breathe? We all know the answer but we never felt the urgency. Has someone imagined the situation if suddenly in middle of nowhere one cant seem to breathe even if there is enough oxygen? How helpless one would have felt? Right now exactly the same thing was happening with Neil Oberoi as he was standing in the hospital room between doctors and nurses but still felt that he couldn’t breathe and to add to his problem he was unable to utter any single word for help also. He felt like he was going to die any moment. The reason for this condition of an otherwise healthy and fit Neil Oberoi was his wife Mini, who was lying in the hospital bed in front of him, with whom he got married just few months ago, whom he loved more than his life, without whom he cant even imagine his life, with whom he wanted to make family,  who got injured in an accident due to his mistake, about whom doctor just announced that she had got selective amnesia as a result of accident and she has forgotten what had happened in her life in last few years including meeting him, their love, marriage....everything just went blank.

“Mr. Oberoi....Mr. Oberoi...what are you doing? Please breathe, you are holding your breath...nurse, help me out.” Dr. Vikram called for help and immediately the nurses rush towards him. They all somehow made Neil sit on the sofa and made him take deep breaths to calm down then gave him some water to drink.

“What....what d....do you...u.. mean doctor she doesnt remember anything about me doctor? Its not possible. How can she just forget about our relationship?” Neil stuttered to somehow form sentence all the while looking at Mini who seemed unfazed by his condition right now, proving his fear right that she has indeed forgotten him.

“Mr. Oberoi please calm down. Come to my cabin, we will tell you the details, here you are disturbing the patient.” Dr. Vikram instructed and Neil took another deep breath before following the doctor out of the room.

“Now tell me doctor. What has happened to my wife?” Neil asked as soon as they entered doctor’s cabin.

“Mr. Oberoi, first you need to relax.” Doctor handed over yet another glass of water to Neil and asked him to sit then started explaining in details what has happened to Mini. “Mr. Oberoi, she didn’t had any major physical injury just minor cuts and bruises. We thought she had become unconscious because of shock but when she opened her eyes and we run routine inquiry and check up with her like asking her the name, address, age, date etc. I was shocked. She told us the date of 5 years ago and the other details accordingly. Thats when we asked you to come in front of her and like we expected, she didn’t recognize you. According to her current state of mind this is year 2016. She is living with her parents, Ashok and Babita Khurana in Delhi. She is 22 years old and is a MBA student. She doesnt remember meeting you or even seeing you anywhere. According to her she is unmarried. She doesnt know how come she is in Manali right now. She is just telling us her Delhi address and asking to contact her parents. All this only indicates to selective amnesia. She might not have gotten any external injury but due the impact on head she might have suffered internal injuries and got selective amnesia.”

“But doctor when will she regain her memories?” Neil asked getting worried.

“We cant say anything right now. We have run some tests. Let the reports come. But nothing can be said with surety in such cases. Sometimes patient remembers everything within few hours or sometimes they make take months, even years or they may never remember anything again.” Dr. Vikram answered and called a staff member to inform Mini’s parents about her accident.

“No doctor, you cant call her parents.” Neil objected.

“Why Mr. Oberoi? In fact why you yourself haven’t called them yet?” Dr. Vikram asked in confusion.

“I dont know much about them. I have never met them. In fact I dont think they even know that their daughter is married to me.” Neil answered.

“What? But how...I mean why?” Dr. Vikram couldn’t help but ask getting curious.

“Well, you see doctor... Mini was not on good terms with her parents. She was living separately since 5 years  and was not even in contact with them. When we decided to get married she didn’t even invite them in spite of my insistence.” Neil explained.

“But Mr. Oberoi, we dont have any option now. She is not recognizing you and repeatedly asking to inform her parents. She had only given us the phone number of her father. She is already suffering from amnesia and if we dont support her and do as she asks, she might get more confused and it may ultimately give her stress.” Dr. Vikram argued and Neil finally agreed.


“Mini...where is Mini? Where is our daughter? What has happened to her?”  A very worried Ashok and Babita came running in the hospital. Dr. Vikram greeted them and told them about Mini.

“What! She got married, how? When? To whom?” Ashok put many questions at a time when Dr. Vikram told him about the accident.

“Mr. And Mrs. Khurana, please come to my cabin.” Dr. Vikram could only reply this.

In his cabin Dr. Vikram introduced Neil to Ashok and Babita. “Its time for my round in the hospital. Please excuse me for sometime.Till then you guys can talk here and make decision about Mini.”

“Decision about what?” Babita asked.

Dr. Vikram briefed them about Mini’s case. Ashok was shocked and Babita had already started sobbing. “She dosent recognizing Mr.Oberoi now. So you people have to decided with whom she will go after discharge from here.”

“What is there to decide? She will come with us. We are not going to leave her with a stranger. We are just seeing this man for the first time. How can we trust him?” Ashok threw a side glance at Neil as if he had already made his judgement about him.

“Excuse me sir! I am not any man. I am her husband.And if you have forgotten, she was living with me all happily. Never had she ever complaint about anything or remembered you guys.” Neil snapped back losing his patience.

For few moments Ashok and Babita stayed quiet. They were reminded of their strained relationship with their daughter and it touch their raw nerve. Neil saw the sad look on their faces and sighed. They are Mini’s parents, he didn’t want to be disrespectful towards them. He decided to start again.

“I can understand your concerns. But the situation is like this...I was so stressed due to Mini’s condition. Lets start over, this time with my proper introduction. Hello sir and ma’m. I am Neil Oberoi. I am a chef by profession. I run my own restaurant here. I met your daughter here when she came to click some pictures for her magazine. We fell in love and got married. I know things were not going smooth between you and your daughter and I tried a lot to persuade her to atleast inform you about us and invite you over but she didn’t listen...you know how she is...so stubborn. I wanted your blessings for the marriage, I know family’s importance as I am an orphan so...its awkward to...you know...So thats me and you can trust me when it comes to Mini because she is my only family and I love her more than my life. I can hurt myself but never even think about hurting her.” Neil said with utmost honesty and sincerity.

But right now his honest words made no impact on Ashok as his shrewd mind and selfish heart  had already spotted an opportunity to have back his daughter once again in their life. Shape her life the way he always wanted if Mini hadnt left them. So he scoffed at Neil, “Oh I see, one of those cliché romance novels story playing here in our daughter’s life. She was angry with her parents. She comes to take her mind off from family problems and finds her Mr. Right waiting for her. They fell in love and live happily ever after.”

“What do you mean?” Neil asked in confusion. He got that Ashok had taunted him but why?

“I mean that all this looks good only in movies and books. My daughter is so innocent that she cant see how mean and selfish this real world is. The man standing before me is not her Mr. Right, he is some random restaurant owner who saw an opportunity to hit the jackpot when millionaire Ashok Khurana’s  daughter came in his life and taking advantage of her emotional state after family feud, he just fooled her, made her believe that he was madly in love with her and trapped her in marriage. But you see, God is with us. He made her forget you and your deceit.” Ashok elaborated.

“What nonsense? Are you out of your mind sir?” Neil yelled unable to take any bullshit about his true love.

“I hope you all have decided where Mini will go.” Dr.Vikram asked as he came back in his cabin.

“She will come with us to Delhi.” Ashok replied without any delay.

“She will come to our house in Manali.” Neil said almost at the same time.

Both glared each other and no one was willing to step back. Dr. Vikram saw their faces and understood that they have failed to reach any conclusion with mutual consent.


to be continued.....

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Originally posted by Mineil_Fan

Interesting.update soon 

Ater anniversary someone was gayab smiley37 

Posted: 10 months ago
Originally posted by Krithzz

Ater anniversary someone was gayab smiley37 

Someone is very busy now a days.....i wonder whysmiley43smiley43smiley42smiley37smiley37

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Originally posted by Bechain_Bulbul

Someone is very busy now a days.....i wonder whysmiley43smiley43smiley42smiley37smiley37

Khichadi innovationsssss going onsmiley43smiley37smiley37

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Something I wantedsmiley40 memory loss of mini smiley40how Neil is going to deal with this and their MiNeil equationsmiley42 how she will fall for her hubby ?smiley42

Posted: 10 months ago

Ashoksmiley40 millionairesmiley42smiley40 with touch of kamina smiley40 ashok suits for all kinds of daddy roles . Be it goody or grey smiley42

Patiala Babes 

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