Pyar Mein Confusion Episode 3

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Posted: 2007-01-23T18:54:41Z

Episode 2 ..

Pyar Mein Confusion Episode 3

Radhi calls Arun again
Arun: hello
Radhi: he arun…how r u??
Arun: good…
Radhi: r u mad?
Arun…umm…uh… not at all
Radhi: k thank god..I totally thought u were…
Arun.: .nopes..I am ok
Radhi: k great I wanna tell u something..
Arun:yea..go ahead
Radhi: well I cant right now..I want to meet u
Arun: k..well whats is it about
Radhi: well I like someone and..yea..
Arun: (smiling) ohh really??
Radhi: yes..lolzz..I will come over to my house at about 7 tonight..
Arun: k for sure..will be there

Arun drops the phone on his bed and start dancing…he imagines what it will be like when Radhi tells him who she likes..he is about 101% sure she likes him.

Radhi takes a shower..after her shower she goes downstaires…grabs a drink and goes back to her room…she starts reading her book..and her book mark is a pic of "him"..she stars at the pic..and says I love u!!! she smiles and calls Ria on her cell

Ria: he Radhi jee…how r u? r ur options r
A. good
B. mad
C. sad
D. HAPPY!!!!

Radhi: actually I will go with D. Happy!!! Big B jee
Ria: kya baat hain..u seem a lil too happy
Radhi: well I am telling Arun tonight..
Ria: Omg yay..I am sure things will go good after
Radhi: thanks yaar…I hope so…I hope me and u know who end up to be like Jia Bachan and big b jee…
Ria: yea but I thought u likes Rekha..
Radhi: I do man…but I do want to marry him right…I don't want a love story with a unhappy ending…
Ria: yea..ur right..what if I become a rehka in urrelationship??? Lolzz
Radhi: shut up yaar…don't say that
Ria: relax girl…I was j/k..kk..see u know I like could I leave him and go for big b..
Radhi: ohh yea forgot about ur John..meaning ur real "john" who is ur best friend..and who u like..
Ria: lolz yaar..when should I tell him??
Radhi: I dunno…lolzz whenever u want…should I tell him
Ria: no I will tell him tomorrow..Radhi: k as u wish..I g2g now..kk
Rashi: kkz…bye bye… and good luck

Radhi looks around the room..she cant wait till 7...shje decides to go downstaires

Ria's house
Iqbal walks in Ria's room
Ria: Iqoo..were u listening to my conv with Radhi
Iqoo: no way..well sorta..just confused a lil..who is Mr. real life John??
Ria: no one…just John the actor…
Iqoo: no I mean the real one..ur friend..thet u will tell ur "feelings" to tomorrow
Ria: u know..just shut up before I kill u…kk…

Iqbal runs away…

End of epi…

Read more to find out who John and big b r….


so how was this part guys?? do post ur veiws

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Posted: 2007-08-08T09:09:24Z

love the story so far


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Posted: 2008-01-10T09:48:26Z
Love The Story So Far
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