Pyar Mein Confusion - Episode 2

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Posted: 2007-01-23T18:53:09Z

Link to Epi One:

Pyar Mein Confusion - Episode 2

Ria and Arun see Radhika studying.

Ria: Hey old book ki boring chapter
Radhika: Hey Ria. Did u have to say that?
Ria: Ohh, my bad. …I said it wrong. I mean boring book ki old chapter
Arun: Stop bugging Radhi
Ria: Gosh, ok ok, sorry.
Arun: So Radhi, how was your weekend??
Radhi: It was good
Ria: Sorry to disturb your sweet 'weekend conversation', but doesn't anyone wanna go catch up with Aditya?
Radhi: OoOo Yes! I do
Arun: Ok I will come too, but lets go say hi to him and then we can all go to the cafeteria to grab something to eat.
Ria: Alright, cool with me.

They go to see Adi.

Adi: Hey guys
Radhika: Hey Adi.. How's you?
Adi: Hey Ria!
Ria: Want to go to the cafeteria with us, to get something to eat??
Adi: I'm in..

They all go to the cafeteria.

Radhika: So Adi, sorry for hanging up on you last night. Mom came in my room and I had to go make dinner.
Aditya: Oh, no problemo.
Radhika: Ohhh… damn! I totally forgot about my biology lab that's due next week! Think you could gimme a hand?
Aditya: Sure, come over tomorrow afternoon after lunch.
Radhika: Ok.
Ria: *ahem* *ahem* We're getting late for class. Are you guyz coming or should we carry on?
Radhika: *blushes* Coming, yaar. No patience, I tell you…
Ria: Whatever..
Arun: Lets go already

After class. They meet up again.

Ria: That was boring.
Radhika: Totally agree. Did you see that cute guy sitting in front of us? He was soooo funny
Arun: Is that all you talk about?

Radhi senses that something is bothering Arun

Radhika: Kya hua Arun? Did I say anything wrong?
Arun: Nothing, god.. I gotta run, later.
Ria: What's up with him?
Radhika: Don't know..
Ria: Anyway, I'm gonna go find Adi. I wonder where he ran of to.

Radhika thinks of what she said that made Arun so mad all of a sudden. She gets a little sad but makes a mark in her mind to call him in the evening to make sure everything's fine.

Ria searches all the hallways of her college but fails to find Aditya. She decides to call him, but no one picks up. She leaves a message.

Radhika calls Arun in the evening but he didn't pick up the phone.

Radhika: (thinks) Damn, now when do I tell him?! Maybe, it's just not the right time…


Okiee guyzz, if yu have any suggestions or comments feel free to make themm =) thankk yu all :D

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Posted: 2007-06-05T12:33:03Z
Great start Anjali! Very interesting so far, but I don't know much about the characters so I'm waiting for more character development. Can't wait to read more.
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