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Posted: 6 months ago
Originally posted by BettyA1

... AdrakKombucha :)  Is that your fav. beverage? 

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Posted: 5 months ago

I legit went ahead and posted about my obsession for Bridget Jones in a Korean drama thread and didn’t even realize it until 20 minutes passed? See…this is why we need a three day weekend. I hate capitalism. Ship me off to Finland, will ya

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Posted: 5 months ago

I beg to differ on a few points (my personal opinion). Kpop is anything but original- they literally copied/pasted the old boy group concepts that fell off, and just created a crazy fan girl culture. All their earlier groups (and even now) were inspired by the likes of Backstreet boys, Nsync, etc. Their producers plagiarise western music, their choreographers study in the US, their stylists literally plagiarise whole concepts. So I would say that they tapped into Asian youth’s obsession with Western culture to be successful. BW remains to this day very traditional and much much less Westernised. And their cancel culture is just a façade (now China is a different story, they don’t joke about it)…half of their male idols have somehow been involved in scandals but most are still working. BW is more original but too traditional and stuck in the past hence no appeal to youngsters, which are the target group of Kpop.

Originally posted by Three.Broomstic

I have my theory just stating the same below. Feel free to lay down your theory below. 

Ps. This is not specifically for any bollywood or k-artist. It's just a general observation

1. Koreans are promoting their culture, their language, their style/ lifestyle in the right way. They bring something that intrigues the world to the table. They have something for us to look forward to, to learn. 

Whereas bollywood/tv is busy following Western culture/lifestyle/music/language. We don't offer them or ourselves anything new to be curious about. It's one of the most basic - intrigue the mind, capture attention - simple.

2. Artist represent society and vice versa

 I ain't no fan of Korean Cancel culture, it's too harsh. However most artists as long as they are in business enjoy immense goodwill. The prerequisites they want their representatives to have is a clean image. They pride on clean images, people who survive on talent. It basically implies if you aren't a good person you will be "dethroned" till you mend ways or are proven not guilty. The society almost thrives in being called a society that doesn't take bullshit from their representatives in the name of freedom of expression just because they're artists. You cannot deny that this promotes a positive image about actors and inturn about Korean society that idolizes them. They don't put up with wrong behaviours. Period.

The celebs we worship do they represent us well? I don't think so. As a society we don't tolerate wrong,however if a celeb does it it's termed as okay. But is it really okay?

So, I do believe the major reason even western audiences acknowledged Korean dramas and music atleast initially is because it had that feel good factor. A welcome change after the negativity in the Western artistic formats too.

I love bollywood too but I can in no way turn a blind eye to it's shortcomings. Especially the current trend of negativity, lack of talent and originality is simply a turn off. The only way to revolutionize bollywood/dramas again is through talent, original scripts, lyrics and melodies. 

In my case I craved for some talented people working on a simple romantic comedy, an intense drama, clean comedy, historical depicting history with some authenticity, a fantasy that makes me forget reality. But alas I grew tired of waiting expecting something like this from Bollywood so i shifted to Korean & chinese dramas/ music

All that said I do think we have immense talent in india we just aren't putting our best foot forward I.e. We aren't giving opportunity and scope/choosing the right people to showcase thier talent, to represent us correctly globally

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