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Part 32 FF: Anirudh and co motivated Krishnanagar people to fight against injustice

Anirudh reached late night to Shomik home. Bondita asked him about the meeting with Devnath. Bhatuk Tapur also joined their conversation, whereas Shomik Rimjhim are completely tired of crying and quickly fell asleep as they lack energy...

Anirudh explained everything about his meeting with Devnath....


Anirudh met Devnath who is Krishnanagar village head. Few years ago, he alongwith Indrani, some social reformers and Anirudh too had convinced sumati to send Bondita for higher studies by telling that if girls get educated they will be able to survive in a better way in life irrespective of all circumstances and can run house efficiently. 

He recognised Anirudh and greeted him. Anirudh sarcastically taunted 'We had met long back ago and still you remembered me and wishing me affectionately. But the person who treats entire Krishnanagar was abandoned by your entire village when he needs all of you in critical situation. How could you all let it happen? Don't you atleast have humanity and is it not your responsibility to stop the mishap?'

Devnath tried to pacify him : " Anirudh babu, shant ho jayiye. Yes, I agree that we all are guilty for the mishap happened yesterday. But what can any person do? I treat Rimjhim ji as my sister. This should not have happened with her. "

Anirudh bursted in dj voice: Sister!? Don't use that word Devnath ji.  If you really consider as her sister you could have atleast attempted to rescue her. Entire village had stood outside the house looking at commotion.  If you all joined hands together will that Bhano and his henchmen stand infront of you? 

Devnath also bursted out of his helplessness with tears in his eyes: Then we all separately will be arrested on the charges of false cases. As you know that Britishers policy is divide and rule, we all will be tormented individually. Especially he will target our house ladies, Little kids and attack at night time and get arrested. Already 3 youngsters got arrested, we even don't know if they are alive or not  . 

Do you really think that we all are happy for being desparate? No,..not at all. We all are equally shattered Anirudh babu. But try to understand that though we all want to help shomikji , we cannot keep our lives and families in risk. He not only targets  girls and women, but also target young boys and made few youngsters as his henchmen by showing their unpaid debts as reason and they too are reluctantly serving him and following him at his back carrying weapons.  May be my words are selfish but I am telling the facts.

Anirudh eyes are widened as if he got a source of small light to resolve the issue. Still he have some doubts

Anirudh: That means atleast few of his henchmen have ethics but it is only because of their desparation and poverty they are working as his slaves . Am I correct?

Devnath: yes Anirudh babu, may be you are thinking that you can counsel them to bring change and come out of the clutches of Bhano, right!?

Anirudh nodded as yes but Devnath shooked his head as no telling it's impossible.

Anirudh asked why.

Devnath replied " Even though if they reform,they will be arrested on false charges Because Krishnanagar sub inspector,  circle inspector and superintendent of police are his puppets who are addicted to his bribes. They themselves picturised as the best officers in the perspective of higher officers and this village as a peaceful village with no riots, no injustice here."

Anirudh smirked and explained him : "Devnath ji, let me tell you one thing. Those who survive on people's fear are themselves most scared persons in this world. Bhano will blackmail you because a common man will easily get blackmailed, want to protect his family.Your fear is his only strength, your fear is satisfying his ego, making him secured, superior and powerful. Nothing more than that. When coming to the point of police officers, assume that they are living in a building made of glass. They will glow until no one throws stone towards their building. Once thrown everything will be spoiled. They will shatter and easily put complete blame on Bhano when they are Trapped in any problem. 

  Till now he played his game. If your entire village including near by villages didn't pay respect, didn't gives him provisions for his money, cut water facility, rejecting to work under him ,   he will definitely surrender and unable to survive with your wrath. 

 If you keep on scaring  it is obvious that he will do more atrocities. One day no one will survive here. If you come into his terms or leave the village and go, you will face these kind of demons everywhere in the world. How long will you run? Do you think our freedom fighters are fools to fight against Britishers or don't they have families, don't they have women or daughters in their house? Yes they have. But still fighting for our freedom. Then why can't you struggle for your Village freedom? Even though you keep quiet now he will not spare anyone, when death is inevitable why can't you atleast put your efforts to attain freedom? When you can't have security in your birth place where in the world can you get security?. Is this all you wanted ? Tell me will you agree with this?"

Devnath is inspired by his talkative skills, understood his mistake and came forward to help him, 

Wiping his tears Devnath told "I agree with you Anirudh babu, yes we entire village should fight against him. If we get scared of him he will play more dirty games with us. Anyhow our lives are in stake , then we too should revolt. we will also fight against evil till our last breath ."

Anirudh delighted and told that we will use unity is strength as a strongest weapon against Divide and rule policy. If entire village participate in this war, it is possible to make him surrender to law. 

 I just want one help from you. Tell me is there any person in henchmen of Bhano who is very close to you, who can obey your words, and reluctantly working with him, want to get rid of it"

Devnath immediately told " yes there is a person Jogi, a young boy of 16 years who is ambitious to become a police officer. He is a disciplined boy I ever met , always do exercises and body building  from his 10 years of age to have a great body to join in police department. His father took debts for his studies from Bhano few years ago, unexpectedly he passed away due to health issues. His studies are stopped in middle. To earn bread for his family who have his mother and  sister to get married, he killed his soul and joined Bhano.  By seeing his stout physique Bhano decided to keep him as his henchman  in his control . I and your Shomik kaka offered to pay his debt to encourage Jogi but as usual Bhano threatened him using his sister Nirmala name that he will.. spoil her life, make sure no alliances come to her. Dejected Jogi refused our help and joined him.'

Anirudh thought that Jogi can be of his help and asked Devnath to let him meet his family once. Latter took him to Jogi house  which is in next lane and introduced his mother and elder sister. 

He counseled them offered money but they plainly rejected his offer scared of Bhano. At that moment, Jogi also came to his home. 

Devnath introduced him to Anirudh, latter counseled them including Jogi and not to give up education and dreams in Middle. He will support in all ways. Make his sister get married in a good family. 

His mother convinced and asked Jogi to persuade about it, because she felt that one day or other she may loose her daughter life or her reputation, it is for sure. Atleast why can't they take risk, by seeing Anirudh he seems like a decent and well mannered person. Who knows he is the person God might have sent him to solve their problem. She motivated in the same way to her son and insisted to take Anirudh's help. 

He clearly observed their gestures whether they are really interested or may drop in middle. To his satisfaction Jogi agreed saw a ray of hope to come out of this crisis agreed but still seems like they have their fears in mind, they insisted that none of their families especially women should be in risk.  

He promised that he will use his contacts, influence completely without keeping them ( Jogi, his family and Devnath) or any women in risk. 

He gathered some information about Bhano activities, his personal life, etc and plotting in his mind. He requested Jogi to help him whenever required to which latter required.

Devnath and Anirudh came out of Jogi house and he asked Devnath to give temple keys for a noble cause. Latter agreed and Anirudh asked not to discuss about it until everything is sorted. Latter agreed. 


Bondita listened everything and told that it means we have to make people gain courage and make them against Bhano. But how is it possible. Many of them are highly restrained to their helplessness, especially women coming out gaining courage and raising voice infront of men and that too  dealing with a psycho like Bhano is highly impossible.  Moreover you told that we are going to pretend that our family has left Krishnanagar. Then how can we roam in village and counsel them? If we do any such things neither of the people will pay attention and Bhano will come to know about it. 

Anirudh: I know Bondita, I have already thought about it. I will involve Gagan, baba ( Binoy), kaka, Bangal khabar journalists. ( She looked worried as everyone will come to know about Rimjhim and Anirudh understood her) Don't worry Bondita, I will make sure that they will not come to know anything about Rimjhim kaki. She felt relieved, but raised another doubt.

Bondita: Patibabu, any police officer or court can only help until witness come out of their fears and confess in station and court. What if none of the villager confess about Bhano. How to remove their fears and superstitious beliefs which are part of their lives?

Anirudh: yes Bondita, but Krishnanagar villagers will confess. You See, some people will take bold and adventurous steps in their life if some emergency situation arises or someone are back at their life. Then everyone will be eager about their life, survival. I have already planned for it. 

He discussed with them secretly and she is shocked about it, raised her doubt if their plan is against their belief towards God or taking advantage of their beliefs 

 Anirudh interrupted "Bondita,  I don't want to hurt their intentions or beliefs. I am doing this for a noble cause. Not standing for truthfulness, righteousness and silently enduring injustice are not accepted in any holy scriptures and I am making them recollect it . Once our plan gets successful then we will confess our plan, ask their forgiveness and make them understand everything. ( Rest 3 of them nodded as acceptance) 

Right now we need to lock our house from all sides. Servants should also believe that no one are here. They nodded and locked from all sides.  They met in dark room and made some letters almost to every house under candle lights. Bondita written something in shudh hindi language and in Bengali Language on a cloth and palm leaves ( Shomik is vaid so they planted all kinds of trees used for Ayurvedic treatment) in ancient methods where kings used to write messages and send to people".

Anirudh explained his plan to rest of 3 people. They asked Tapur to stay with kaka, kaki and 3 of them climbed the wall  from backyard to village temple and  entered village secretly, met Jogi on the way. Anirudh took keys from Devnath earlier in their meeting and he kept palm leaves message near her feet. 

They all prayed that "Durga maa, we need your blessings in this war.  We are using your name as a primitive step. Please forgive me for this and  help us in this war. "

Flower fallen from her garland which is a good omen and they felt happy.

They roamed entire village on that night attached letter in every house and as it is going to sunrise they returned back and locked in their house.


Next morning, they explained Shomik and Rimjhim about their plan and necessity to make Bhano surrender to law, Rimjhim still scared to fight as 4 of their lives are in risk, but Anirudh pacified and encouraged her not to give up and fight against injustice done to her. She agreed. 

At the same time,  Bhano and his henchmen reached Shomik home and found the house is locked. Their servants also came at the same time and discussed among themselves that may be they have left the village as Rimjhim already paid final settlement of money previous day. His henchmen heard it and confirmed that Shomik and Rimjhim left village.

Bhano smiled wickedly and left. 

Anirudh immediately made  phone calls to Gagan, his father and gave the police officers names to make them transferred to other places immediately. He only enclosed few  details of Bhano to his father who is a troublesome to Krishnanagar women but he discussed clearly with Gagan ( didn't disclose about Rimjhim to both of them), who is presently in higher position as he became successful in solving case of late Surender Chatterjee and purana basti case. Now he became powerful in entire police department and training some more officers efficiently. He promised Anirudh that he will send honest and liable officers who won't accept bribes, who have passion towards their profession to get transferred to Krishnanagar immediately once the previous officers deeds are exposed. 

He imposed habeous corpus petition on police officers, submitted in court on that day only as they  trapped innocent youngsters of Krishnanagar in  false cases and they received summons from court that police officers should attend court with the ye accused else their jobs will be in danger. They are hell worried with the situation.

Taking this as advantage, Devnath from outside  pretended as passing by and enquired about the worry. Constables told the fact and he provoked them,  made them believe that Bhano is the person who have given information against police officers and made the constables pass the information to their superiors. Else no one in this village can dare to go against them. They passed this to SI, CI and  This created a hatred in their minds against Bhano.

They went to Bhano bungalow and confronted him about it, to which latter told that he was unaware of any such thing and why would he do as he himself will be in trouble. 

They asked him to help in any way and he too agreed to move for help by making a phone call. Jogi listened it and indirectly gave hint that not to help friends when their friendship is based on bribes, business deal, mutual partnership in crime ( he is telling a correlated story of similar situation to another worker and indirectly giving hint to Bhano of not to poke his nose in their cases else he too will be in trouble) because they will easily drag him in all cases and Bhano also quickly believed him and told that he will try to help and sent them away. He promised that he will do some help or Bring any fake witness to court and sent them back. 


Early that morning temple priests have read the palm leaves message that entire Krishnanagar village is in danger and going to face the aftermath affects of Maa Durga's wrath. 

Goddess is really angry that women are not respected here, which is not pleased by her ( Goddess), because it is never mentioned in any holy scriptures, any epics that women should be disrespected, dominate them, silently endure injustice done by any cruel hearted person. One who silently enduring injustice without protesting is also equal to the one who do injustice. People who have done the above mentioned sins will die very shortly.


If the people want to get rid of their sins, they should give up their fears,  come near village  outskirts to a hill tomorrow night. I possessed in it. Confess all the atrocities happened in Krishnanagar, write in a chit who are doing crimes here and get rid of your sins. Don't discuss among yourselves or with others unless time comes and Dont roam on roads . 

Bhatuk played terrible sounds with  music instrument in loud speaker  in every lane due to that everyone are scared that it is definitely an indication that some danger is around us and believed the letter pasted on wall. 


Meanwhile,  Bondita and Tapur in British women disguise, covered their head with hat, met family members  ( who are not much aware that she is shomik niece) of henchmen who are reluctantly working as slaves to Bhano. They ( spoke with them in English mixed hindi language to make them believe that they are Britain women) introduced themselves as belonging to Britain government working with police officers and came to know that their family men are doing illegal activities with Bhano.

 Bondita asked their mothers, wives and sisters to insist their house men to come out of clutches of Bhano, she asked the house women to go to any extent to make them leave the work else one day they ( henchmen) may land in jail or leave the world mercilessly and society will not recognise them as honorable persons even after their death.

They are scared and recollected the threatening message found near Durga maa feet in temple and warning message in their home thought that it is going to be true. They also Believed that Bondita works under police department. 

 Both the girls offered them that they police officers will help them without making themselves land in jail or in any trouble.  They have also mentioned about purana basti in Calcutta, how they came out of poverty, chose to self employment and honestly working and leading a respectable life in society without any fear. 

In their counseling process they learnt one of them are distant relative of Purana basti area woman. Bondita had shown the news Paper clipping of Bangal khabar who published the successful story of Purana basti getting rid of poverty. 

After lot of explanation, some house women came into her words and decided to deal with their house men to persuade them to leave the disrespectful job. 

At a time, Anirudh made Gagan involved in it, collected evidences against corrupted police officers by bringing the constables ( of Krishnanagar ps) confess their deeds, and they secretly handed over some files which had been kept secret from many years . The files had different cases with lack of information in FIR and original files of fake cases, improper reports, which can easily prove SI, CI, SP inefficiency and involvement in crimes.  

They are extra cautious while roaming out. Anirudh and Bhatuk are roaming as British officers whereas Bondita and Tapur are roaming as British ladies . Rimjhim is taken care by her husband in home praying that their children should succeed in their mission.  

Anirudh also informed Bangal khabar about the mishaps in Krishnanagar and urged  loyal journalists to secretly visit on that day itself and latter agreed.


2nd day : 

Anirudh managed to get bail of  innocent people of Krishnanagar get released based on health grounds( who got arrested on false charges earlier) as their health got deteriorated in jail.Anirudh made judge to keep an enquiry commission on SI, CI and SP. The trio  are  fuming with anger that Bhano had broken his promise and none of the fake witness had come to give their confession. 

 In court sessions he manipulated SI, CI and SP, told that he (Anirudh) himself is one of the puppet of Bhano who want to get rid of these police officers as Bhano is suspecting that they have evidences and proofs against his atrocities in many cases, he ( Anirudh) also received huge amount of fee to make them arrested in all cases. This irritated the officers to the core and felt that they are betrayed to the worst. 


Their wives and family members came to know about this, rushed to head office and expressed their disgust on Bhano for backstabbing them. They also lashed on their men that they are getting punished  for their misdeeds towards innocent people and greediness for taking bribes and costly items from a disloyal person.  This increased fuel to their ( SI, CI and SP) ego. Their wives and parents also told about Durga maa wrath in Krishnanagar, and expressed their fear that they will be punished to the worst and asked their men to reveal all the truths about Bhano to higher officials and get rid of the case.

Anirudh managed to make them sit for interrogation in head office till late evening so that villagers will give confession in city outskirts as they have already planned. 

Anirudh made the innocent guys released, introduced himself ,he took them with him, took care of their treatment and when they are ok he motivated them . They almost lost their scope to be alive and get released. But when it turned true their happiness has no limits. Anirudh promised that he will make Bhano get arrested. They all are delighted and offered their help  on hearing this. 

Every villager came to city outskirts, amazed to found a big diya near hill, kept on tumeric and sindur to hill to make them believe that Goddess is there .  and they confessed secretly about the misdeeds of Bhano and their desparate condition to keep quiet.

Gagan had sent a video camera with his officers which is a recent invention that got successful in foreign countries and( he used it to record video in a case for proof) Everything is recorded ( both video and audio) from back side and journalist, higher police officers sent by Gagan also noted everything, took photographs. 

Bondita hid behind hill and spoke with loud voice as a goddess and told that "I have blessed you everyone. Now I have entered in every person especially all women . You all should have to fight against that demon Bhano. Soon the persons who got arrested on false charges will be released.  It is my command that you all should forget all your weakness, fears and come forward and participate in the war, else I won't accept your prayers in future.

 You should stop working under the demon, don't cooperate with him in any way. No one should provide their crops, take money from him and provide daily provisions. Atleast none of you should even carry water cans to his house. 

If any one of you are in trouble, remaining all persons should come forward to help each other and prove that humanity is divine thing in earth. Every one should raise their voice against injustice. Don't worry about weapons used by him. Realise your inner strength, everyone of you are capable of fighting against injustice. Don't stay back. Come forward. Always don't expect God should come  down to earth and destroy the evil. Just awake the God in you.  You human beings can also deal with it. I  have given extra ordinary power of thinking capabilities to human beings without any descrimination. Men and women both are equal for me. With your unity strength you can stop any illegal weapons entering Krishnanagar. The Persons whom you are thinking that they are not alive or cannot get released,  have returned back. You can see right now."

At a time, the innocent people got released and entered city outskirts, by seeing them villagers got more delighted as they already lost hope that they can see them alive and out of jail. 

They all agreed in chorus voice that they will fightvtill last breath  and folded hands infront of hill and left. At that time, Jogi managed that none of Bhano henchmen will come to city outskirts while confession is getting recorded.


On that night, SI, CI , SP came out of head office after heavy interrogation session and immediately stormed towards Bhano bungalow. 

They are lashing out on eachother. Every one are exposing other's deeds and journalists are recording it with a tape recorder and taking photographs ( as his bungalow has lot of trees and bushes in his frontyard and backyard & they had took by hiding secretly,  also Bhano and co didn't pay much attention to surroundings as they didn't expect this kind of plotting against them).  They stormed off threatening that they won't keep quiet and will expose him for sure. 

Bhano is in thoughts of how to get rid of this, he decided to bribe some higher officer or kill his puppets and get rid of any case. 

Meanwhile Jogi has managed to remove all the weapons of guns, swords and spears from store, wrapped it and hid it in another place. 

Suddenly he heard a sound of mob near gate. Those are the family members of his henchmen who are shouting them for their men to come back leaving the unethical and illegal job. They all shouted that they won't leave the place unless you (gundas) come back. Now the real confrontation starts.....





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Anirudh is right. Bhano is using the fears of people against them to control them.

Posted: 4 months ago

Will the villagers believe and out their faith in the letters left for them?

Posted: 4 months ago

Bondita and Tapur played their roles well too by asking the women for information.

Posted: 4 months ago

They have managed to convince the villagers to take action. First step has been put into place.

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Part 33: Fierce Avatar of Mr. & Mrs. Barrister babu.

Henchmen family members have gathered at the gate of Bhano building demanding their men to come out.  Jogi mother and sister also included in them. Anirudh and Bondita are standing beside them with papers and special officers at their back. 

At first they provoked the mob to show their power, not to give up at any cost. Some other villagers are also standing near by lane waiting for their chance. 

Bhano came out and roared like a lion, he shouted on his henchmen to throw back their family members else he will kill all of them. 

His men came out and started convincing and some are commanding their families to go away, but they rebuked on their men to leave this gundagiri and come back. His power is only you guys. If you leave him, he cant threaten us or anyone any more. If you keep on continuing to work under him, one day he will either harm you or us. Do you know that our temple Durga maa is also angry on him and as well as you. (Bhano and his henchmen are shocked to learn this). 

A pregnant woman is literally shouting on top of her lungs as she is scared of her and her unborn child future. Her husband is requesting ( because she is pregnant), trying to control her in low voice (which is irritating Bhano to the core that why his Gunda is requesting instead of dragging her away)on her to keep quiet, but to everyone surprise, his mother defended her bahu for the first time in life. Because they are famous for street fights among themselves and didn't give peace of mind to him till that day. Their arguments are reaching peak and mother slapped her son and ordered him to listen to her bahu ,else she won't spare him, will give up her life. 

Anirudh had a proud smile in his face for his dear wife and Tapur that they have counseled all the women more than he expected by solving their personal difference of opinions in this short span. 

Bhano is losing patience to see this unity among themselves and revolt against him, he had got scared if his dictatorship comes to an end soon but immediately his ego has overtaken his fear. Anirudh is observing his gestures and started coming forward with a stick in his hand because his intuition is warning him that he may do something to harm the pregnant woman or anyone. 

Wife also threatened that she will not leave the place, do satyagrah and don't take food and water unless he leaves gundagiri. She want her child to be proud of her father but not ashamed of him .

 Though her husband raised voice Bhano screamed on top of his lungs using abusive language and rushed with an axe in near by bushes towards her. Anirudh immediately came to her rescue and when Bhano is raising his axe, Anirudh punched him in his stomach with a great force and he had fallen on heap of coconuts. 

He roared like a lion : How dare you to hit a pregnant woman who is no less than a goddess. Are you not born from a mother's womb and started hitting him badly with stick. 

When 2-3 gundas are about to revert,& raised sticks he hardly controlled but when one person is about to attack from back, Bondita came in his rescue and hit him hardly. Everyone are astonished to see a woman courageously attacking a vastad. She too shouted  "Now did you all realise your masculinity and coming in his rescue. Were you sleeping when he is harming a woman? Shame on you. Is this the way you disdain your mother, sister, wife and daughter. Chi.."

Anirudh didn't stop held the collar of her husband and shouted " Are you a man? Even a dog will rebuke on his fellow dog who comes near to their dear one 

 And you idiot, despite of having muscles can't you rescue your wife and mother. Why the bloody hell do you have muscles, to show your attitude and male ego to woman and insult womanhood and motherhood. "

One villager recognised him if he is from Tulsipur Roy Chowdhary family. Before he answers,  The youngsters whom he got released from jail made an entry and told that : Yes, he is Barrister babu Anirudh Roy Chowdhary, who got us released from jail. He is no less than a god to us.

Everyone are amazed and happy to see them and their parents came and folded hands infront of them.  Bhano who is bleeding stood hardly and shocked to know his identity and felt that he is getting trapped. 

Anirudh shouted : It is not needed. All I need is you should stay united and come out of the clutches of this demon. Fight against him.  Are you not brave enough to make your living and defend yourself. If you have taken debts that doesn't mean that you will work as slaves towards him. I will fight against him and get rid of your debts. Will you support me? If so come and stay at my back. 

Bhano is roaring in villagers, his henchmen that will you all go against me and stand beside him. I will see your end. .who knows tomorrow he too will be a monster like me and catch every woman pallu 

This raised fear in them but Bondita immediately came forward and kept her hand on her husband's shoulder and shouted :  you all need not be scared of my husband. My husband Anirudh Roy Chowdhary will respect every woman as Goddess and never abused any woman in his life. I am proud of my husband. He worships every woman. I can proudly say it . He will have love and passion one and only woman,  that is me, remaining all the women are no less than godesses and mothers to him 

Shomik and Rimjhim too reached there and gave their voice in favour of Anirudh, urged everyone to believe him that he is here only to solve all our problems, he is fighting for us. 

Rimjhim with a little bit of hesitation in her voice but gathered courage when Bondita on one side and Shomik on other side kept their hands on her shoulders to give her support. She announced firmly that 'my son in law knows what happened to me but still he respects me equal to his mother. Today he stood as my son to fight against his mother's convict. 

He will make sky and earth equal and fight for us. Believe him and leave this devil's shadow. '  (pregnant woman husband started melting after what Rimjhim told and tears started flowing in his eyes)

 Jogi, his mother and sister stood besides Anirudh. Pregnant lady and her saas came beside him and demanded their man to come towards them.  His mother forcedly asked ' Will you still not react  even after he tried to harm your wife? Now I am ashamed of you my son, no doubt one day he will even hold my saree and pull me into be..d.. even then you stand at his back.' She turned her face away.

Her son closed his eyes with guilt, shouted to stop and he who stood beside Bhano till then started moving towards Anirudh. Bhano immediately stopped and asked 'Are you going to backstab me? I always gave you liquor, good food . Now you are going back to catch your wife pallu. Don't you have courage to keep 2 women mouths shut?'  to which his man replied 'Yes I don't have courage Malik, ( now he raised his voice & shouted) else I should have taken the life of person who raised hand on my wife.'

With all the strength he slapped Bhano and stood beside Anirudh. This gave encouragement to other henchmen and most of them stood beside him except 4-5 persons. 

Bhano shouted that ' you all have given stamp of your thumbs on empty white papers. Did u all forget it? I have written on stamp papers that you all will be my slaves till your last breathe.'

Anirudh: You scoundrel, your promissory note doesn't stand in favour of you because slavery is prohibited long back ago in 1843. You can't make anyone as your slaves. In fact I can make you get arrested on this slavery act. 

Still few of them are scared to leave him as they are addicted to the cheap alcohol supplied by Bhano. Anirudh knew that some of them still remain stubborn or too hesitant for a change or revolution, he  sternly told remaining persons:" Listen you might be addicted to cheap alcohol. But let me tell you that I got  arrested the person who is selling cheap alcohol today only. So I have also made sure that no one prepares cheap alcohol which is unhygienic and harmful for health. 

If you keep on continuing your gundagiri, let me make you clear that no one in surrounding villages and from distant places  will sell provisions to Bhano no one will come and work for him as maid, cook, butler, barber and give any kind of services. No one will even supply water for him. No one will offer a single morsel even if he beg.  He is not even allowed to go near any trees for sanitation purpose. I have made his posters in this entire Bangal with the help of higher officials that no one will provide any kind of service or support. He is prohibited to even work as labour. His rupee notes are almost equal to waste papers.  Even if he is struggling for life on center of road nobody will come to his rescue. If he dies he will be dragged by garbage collection van and his corpse will be ignited with trash. So are you ready to die with him as an orphan?"

This scared remaining to the worst and everyone left Bhano and stood beside Anirudh.  They all scared and told that 'when we don't get basic needs what is the point of doing gundagiri. We don't want it zamindar babu. We will obey your commands.'

Anirudh ordered youngsters to bring back the crops sacks outside, village head Devnath ji will come and distribute the sacks under his supervision to villagers as per their share.  Bhano is literally shouting, but nobody are least bothering him. 

He immediately ran and grabbed pallu of Nirmala, Jogi sister and kept an axe on her throat and threatened them. He ordered everyone to move away else he will spoil her life. Bondita gestured her, she gathered strength and took one small packet near her waist and thrown pepper powder and chilli powder on his face. 

Bondita came to her rescue, hitting him with another stick and encouraging her that don't let him touch you Nirmala. You are not a weak person, remember Durga maa and gain strength. You can do it.  Nirmala had thrown him on the floor and kicked him in his stomach. He got hurt and trying to catch both of the women.  Anirudh also shouted while running for her rescue on all that why are you standing like statues go and rescue her. 

Finally everyone have hit him with sticks and the husband of pregnant woman took the axe and tried to stab him, but Anirudh stopped him immediately and told that he should be surrendered to law .

Henchmen raised doubt that we don't believe in law police officers will leave him, he will be released and back in our lives. 

Anirudh assured that nothing of that will be going to happen. I have already filed a case against his puppets. Loyal police officers are going to take charge here from tomorrow onwards. Remember that law and order is to be maintained to have a disciplined life and disciplined society. You need to stand against injustice but don't take law and order into your hands, surrender them to law. 

He shouted police officers and journalists who had witnessed everything till now and got him arrested. Bhano is shouting to leave him, but it's of no use. 

Meanwhile Bhatuk Tapur and Village head Devnath with special officers had attacked some of his illegal activities of cheap liquor shops, godowns, food adulteration godowns and arrested his workers. They too gave their confessions. 

Finally they all reached Bhano bungalow. 

Special officer came and slapped Bhano and informed Anirudh that "we gathered all the illegal guns, weapons and different kinds of harmful cheap liquor, illegal goods from his store room and all godowns . We also recorded his truth and villagers confession in video camera. So he will not escape now. He is finished."

Jogi and other henchmen has given applause to Anirudh and Bondita that they are like Shiv Parvati who had equally killed the demon of Krishnanagar. They all bent on their knees and folded hands. 

Anirudh told that 'I don't want you to bend infront of me or not infront of anyone. If you are really feeling gratitude towards my favour I want 3 major promises from you all. Will you do it?'

Mob: yes barrister babu, we are ready to do anything.

Anirudh : First, I want you all to get educated irrespective of age and gender. I spoke with govt officials to open a school in Krishnanagar and there will be evening school for elders after their day work. Will you all get educated?

Mob were whispering among themselves and one old man  raised voice 'Barrister babu, in this age study means....' he is gulping hard.

Anirudh: So what kaka, education is a divine thing. Why are you all feeling that getting educated is a bad custom ( kupratha). Doing child marriage, making child widow perform sati rituals are bad customs (kuprathas). Don't you know that the Goddess of education is Saraswati maata.  Have you read in any holy scriptures that being educated is a sinful act. Tell me 

Mob nodded as no. 

Anirudh: then why are you hesitating to get educated. Till 6 years Bhano had taken advantage. If you remain as illiterates tomorrow anyone will take advantage of your illiteracy.  If you get educated you will get to know what is happening in society, you can understand who are cheaters and what exactly is law and order, how to utilise your rights as citizens. Do you know how I brought your guys outside from jail?

They shook their head as no. He explained that he used habeous corpus petition in court stating that SI, CI and SP are corrupted, I have consulted journalists to come to this village. All my attempts can also be done by you if you are educated. You will not give thumb prints on any empty  white papers. Don't you want to now your privileges and responsibilities as a citizen? 

Now I am commanding you that you all will promise me that everyone of you will get educated and make sure that you all will respect women and never I'll treat or abuse any woman in your life. I hope you all remember that what Durga maa had sent a message to entire village. 

He gestured Devnath and Jogi not to reveal that they are behind the message of Durga maa. They too silently nodded and kept quiet obeying him.  

They all promised that they and their children will get educated.

He also asked them as second promise to stop getting child marriages and get married to their children especially daughters once they are more than 16 years. They agreed and made promise. 

He also asked final promise that stop conducting sati ritual because there are laws against sati sahagamanam. Also the police officers who are going to take charge from tomorrow will follow law and order strictly, they will not allow any kind of superstitious beliefs practised here. If possible they will go out of law to stop these blind customs. So before that you all should promise me that you won't harm any girl or woman to become sati and also don't make her life hell as widow. This is the final promise I want.  Will you give me? 

Many of them have promised but some elders still   hesitant and accused that you are making us to break customs. Anirudh replied that these are not customs but superstitious beliefs. No one have right to take a woman's life on the name of superstitious beliefs. Women have the right to live their life till their last breath. If you forcefully keep any alive person on the pyre it is equal to murder. 

The village head and youngsters gave promise that they will make sure that no superstitious beliefs are followed in Krishnanagar and ensure that we all get educated and gain knowledge irrespective of age and gender.  Devnath especially told 'I as a village head promise you that I will make sure that girls get married after 16 years of age with respect to their interest.'

Anirudh and Bondita felt highly satisfied and left to Shomik home. Next day Bhano and all the criminals involved are presented in court and  Anirudh shown his excellent barristry skills and made them arrested for life sentence. Rimjhim also gave her confession in court privately to judge. 

They spent 2 days with Shomik Rimjhim to make them cherish with happiness . Anirudh asked them to travel for any distant places to forget the painful incident. Rimjhim felt embarrassed to go for outside places along with her husband in this age. But Anirudh counseled them that it is not to feel shameful you both are husband and wife and that relationship will grow stronger with increasing age. There is no need to be embarrassed infront of their children. Shomik assured that we shall consider about it as soon as possible. 

After 2 days, Anirudh Bondita, Bhatuk Tapur are placing their bags in jeep. All the women came and adorned Bondita and Tapur with sarees and suhagan items showing their gratitude for their favour. They apologized Bondita for ill treating her many years ago for using ladies bathing pool in her menses time. They told that they are proud of her and they all will get educated and lead their life courageously realising their worth which is the best way to  pay back her gratitude. Bondita and Anirudh are happy listening to this. 


Anirudh assigned a secret task to Krishnanagar youngsters and village head to write telegram or make a phone call to Bangal Khabar office or his personal number Whenever there is a problem arises in Krishnanagar as well as in surrounding villages so that he shall try his level best to solve the problem or guide them in solving the problem. They all thanked him.

Shomik Rimjhim happily bid farewell to their daughters and son in laws. They reached Calcutta happily. 




Posted: 3 months ago

A mother supported her daughter in law over her son. The women did accomplish a lot.

Posted: 3 months ago

Bhano attacked a pregnant woman. That should show these people what he is.

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