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Posted: 5 months ago

Part 31 FF: Unexpected tragedy in Shomik Rimjhim lives

Friends, wish you all a very happy new year πŸŽ†πŸŽ†. May God fulfill all your desires and your dreams come true. 

This part of FF and next part also will be dealing with abusing women ( which is a major threat in our society),  illiteracy,  dictatorship of money lenders on poor people and how our barrister couple are going to deal with it. 

Next day of phool sojja rasam  Bondita.woke up and Anirudh is in deep sleep. She came from bath and her wet hair has waked him up. He came and wrapped her arms around her and wished "Good morning meri Gulab Roshogulla"

Bondita huffed and asked " Did you keep nickname for me?"

Anirudh: why not? When you can keep rakshas Babu,  loud speaker babu names to me can't I keep a single name to you?

He pouted his cheeks and she blew it and told that "ok, I thought to wish you good morning by calling your name. If you are angry on me ...then ...I will call you Patibabu."

Infact Anirudh felt his name so sweet and melodious after Bondita called him by name on haldi ritual day. He felt so overwhelmed by listening his name through her voice and yes Bondita caught his happiness. 

She is about to go but he caught her shoulders and requested " please .. Bondita..wish me good morning by my name. Please gulab roshogulla."

Even he is no lesser than her , he know how to change her mood with his voice she wrapped her arms around him and wished " Good morning my sweet heart Anirudh."

They shared romantic moment for a while and later Anirudh got ready and came down. Bondita and Tapur served and sat with them for breakfast with all family members.

On that day entire rc family has started journey except Binoy Catherine.  Trilochan, Somnath couple with their children have left to Tulsipur as Somnath got stuck in Calcutta for many days and kept 2-3 substitute doctors instead of him, but still his presence is needed , whereas new couples left to Krishnanagar for oushtmangla rasam. 



 In krishnanagar, Shomik and Rimjhim are making arrangements for new couples arrival. Both husband and wife are severely injured, recollecting traumatic incident happened previous day especially Rimjhim has external and internal injuries and deep scratches on her body. She is weeping but still continuing her work of arranging for oushtmangla rasam, giving instructions to maid and cook to arrange rooms for new couples with special flowers and perfumes as well as make special dishes and roshogullas are compulsory for my elder daughter Bondita.

 She in thoughts " please forgive me Bondita. You always treated me and your kaka as your parents and made Tapur educated. Because of you Tapur has got success and able to marry a person who loves her. But I was always cruel to you and my jethani sumati after your father's demise. When bad incident striked in my life, when I decided to give up my life now I am understanding the value of relationships and humanity. Before I leave this world I will take care of you as my own daughter to clear my guilt upto some extent.  In this love also may be I am selfish motives for seeking forgiveness from God." She smiled bitterly. 

 They are also looking at Rimjhim with grief but latter strictly told them that not to reveal infront of their children and this news should not reach Tulsipur, else their daughters will be insulted in their sasural.  She also offered extra money and told them that after their children left you need to look for other place to work.

Village head Devnath and some other villagers have come there to console the couple. Rimjhim went inside unable to face them,  Shomik is requesting them ( who came to console them) that not to inform about the tragedy they faced previous day else their daughters will be shattered and especially their Anirudh jamayi babu will not spare the culprit. No doubt he will kill that psycho and land in big trouble. We will tell them that burglars have robbed  our house.  

They too expressed their displeasure that when Krishnanagar will get rid of the psycho Bhano, till then no woman irrespective of age will be spared by him . They left.

 Rimjhim is shattered completely and crying vigorously after they left. She is hitting herself and Shomik is trying to stop her. She bursted that "In this 40 years of my age, . Till now I have never gone out without having pallu on my head. Never I have spoken with stranger man, if spoken also I used to call them dada, kaka, jethu. We only thought to help the poor farmer Bansilal and his daughters from the clutches of that demon Bhano and sent them away from this village by offering money. But he seeked revenge on us. The insult, I faced.... yesterday...... 😭😭😭😭..I don't want to leave...😭😭😭...I want to die....."

Shomik also bursted into tears and tried to console her by placing his hand on her shoulder, but she immediately jerked his hand away and pleaded " No Tapur ke baba, no... Don't touch me.. I became impure body became im..pu...resmiley19

I don't deserve your love... I will leave this world."

She immediately took knife and tried to strangle her but Shomik stopped her and told that we both together leave the world, just spare upto evening. Our daughters and son in laws are coming today we shall do all rituals and will send them to puja in temple in evening. We shall see them for last time in our life, Then we both will take poison and leave the world. Please Rimjhim, just spare for few hours. "

She agreed and prayed goddess: hey Durga maa, please send someone to kill that demon of Krishnanagar. 

( Readers can imagine Anirudh and co entering in their street, indicating that this problem will be dealt by them)

Just then Anirudh and co reached their house with car horn.  Shomik couple heard car sound and both wiped their tears and went into premises to welcome them. 

Shomik welcomed them with garlands and adorned Anirudh, Bhatuk. They are hardly pretending to smile and barrister couple are experts in detecting truth by  the gestures of people, felt something is not correct. 

Anirudh by observing Shomik face immediately asked "Kakaji, what is the matter. You look very dull. ( By seeing Rimjhim face) even kaki face also turned pale. Is everything ok?"

Bondita and Tapur went near Rimjhim and tried to hold her, but they covered it telling that everything is fine. They insisted the new couples to come for rasam. 

The ritual is to wash the feet of son in Laws but as usual Anirudh didn't let them do that and both insisted to Shomik Rimjhim to sit and washed their feet.  Anirudh and Bhatuk are washing their feet whereas their wives stood beside Rimjhim.  

Tapur observed some scratch on her mother's neck and chuckled. Bondita asked what's the matter. Tapur whispered "Didi, seems like maa baba had done romance last night. Maa is having scratch on her back and one more near her waist. "

Bondita also observed it but suspected something fishy because if kaka kaki are really intimate previous day  then their faces will have glow , but here their faces turned pale. Moreover kaka was never harsh on his wife. She is in thoughts and told Tapur to keep quiet.

Anirudh observed that their side door bolt Is spoiled and is in deep thoughts. Others passing nearby their houses are gossiping and showering pity, wiping their tears by showing Rimjhim and Shomik, which is also observed by him.

Shomik told the new couples that evening there is a special puja done by newly weds of Krishnanagar, you need to go there and they agreed. 

Tapur asked about a necklace of her mother, she stumbled. Anirudh Bondita are observing her, Rimjhim told that it got broken and she gave it to repair. 

Rimjhim personally served food and fed her daughters. Bondita is surprised to see Rimjhim love towards her. It is not fake but there is a deep pain and guilty in her eyes. She exchanged her glance with  Anirudh. 

Later they went into their alloted bedrooms to take rest. Bondita told Anirudh that something has gone wrong here and informed about Rimjhim kaki having deep scratches


Anirudh is shocked and asked 'what if she had fallen anywhere or any other mishap?'

Bondita: Nahi,..nahi..(she hesitated a bit but told) Patibabu! Those are bites ..of..a person when someone are intimate.

Anirudh: How can you firmly say?

Bondita: Do you remember my X class friend Ambika, she was infatuated by a boy and he tried to molest her in a dilapidated building. On that day I found  scratches on her body. Today I have seen on kaki back with similar scratches..

Anirudh is horrified and asked by stumbling: Please don't get offended... Do you mean to say.. Shomik kakaji  is harsh ..I..mean during their..intimate....

Bondita: I don't think so, Shomik kaka will always speak softly to kaki.. even though she hates me and  my mother when she became widow, kaka will shout openly and  leave the topic he always convinces her that not to be harsh on own people and unfortunate incidents can happen with anyone and everyone at one particular stage.but this kind of harrasment ..kaka will not do this to his wife.

Anirudh: Then who could do this to kaki. May be you just had a glimpse and assuming. you need to thoroughly observe her and find the truth. But I am sure something wrong is definitely happened. I also observed the side room door bolt is spoiled and villagers are murmuring about kaka kaki(He thought for a while) may be any robbers have come here 

Bondita recollected that Rimjhim is not wearing any ornaments and agreed with him doubtfully. She told that she will find it out. 

When they came outside their room, they saw maid and cook silently weeping tears and whispering that 'This Krishnanagar is no more a safe place for women. We should leave this village and go for other place to find work. Else that πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώ demon .😭'

They listened it and Bondita immediately rushed to them and insisted to reveal the truth. They are stumbling ,..Shomik is passing near by and approached near them. He asked them to leave and he told that he will reveal everything.

Anirudh Bondita are looking at him. He took a deep breathe and told that burglars are kept on robbing most of the houses in Krishnanagar  they  had robbed us previous day and this is the reason for our cold behaviour.

Anirudh asked by placing hand on his shoulder, checking him 'Did they harm you and kaki?'

Shomik : jamayi babu, burglars beat with sticks for 2-3 times they have threatened us with knives and tied us with rope and robbed valuable ornaments and cash.

Rimjhim also came and stood there weeping. Bondita came near her and asked softly " Kaki, did they misbehave with you."

Rimjhim is tensed but shook her head as no. Anirudh gestured Bondita,  she  took her kaki aside and asked 'Then what are these scratches kaki?'

Rimjhim is perplexed, stammered for a while, but later told that they have tied us with many ropes and scratch is formed. Nothing... nothing..more than that Bondita. 


Bondita: Kaki,  I agree that you don't consider me as your daughter. But..please..for a while..forget all the differences between us and tell the fact...I won't ask anything from you. Consider me also as your daughter.

Rimjhim unable to take Bondita's words embraced her and told that ' It's not like that Bondita. May be I may have not loved you as my daughter,..but the fact is I have stopped hating you long back. You took care of Tapur and you are the reason behind her success. Trust me,..I don't have any hatred on you. Whatever I am telling is truth...Those burglars are merciless. They have tied with many ropes so these scratches have formed.'

Bondita felt that something is missing or incomplete facts and left the topic. They came near Shomik and Anirudh is asking "Kakaji, have you given police complaint?"

Shomik nodded and lied  ' yes,...yes..jamayi babu, we all villagers went and gave police complaint. They also assured that they will catch the burglars soon.  So you don't worry. '

His stammering words made clear indication that Shomik is lying and Anirudh simply nodded as he agreed. 

Anirudh asked if they are running shortage of money, please don't hesitate to tell me. Consider me as your son. But Shomik told that it is not like that, we have money and asked them to take rest.


In evening,..

 Both the couples have got ready to go to temple. Anirudh asked kaka kaki to accompany them but they told that they got order to make medicines by next day, so they can't come. Tapur saw medicinal leaves and went near to touch it. 

Rimjhim is worried and shouted not to touch it. They are calotropis leaves highly poisonous even by touching. We got it from jaundice patient's house to prepare medicine who stays  nearby. We will prepare it with utmost care, later we  will throw remaining leaves out  and hurried them to leave for puja. 

Rimjhim felt but emotional and asked Tapur to leave her childish behaviour and obey husband and in laws orders. She asked Bondita to take care of Tapur and also herself. 

Anirudh asked 'kaki, we are leaving tomorrow. Then why do you want to bid us farewell today only?'

Shomik covered it by telling 'jamayibabu, sometimes your kaki  is becoming too emotional. Before getting our daughters marriage she always got worried about their delay in marriage. But after they got married, now she is worried about their welfare. She is too insane.'

They felt convinced and left to temple by walk which is few minutes away. Shomik Rimjhim looked at them emotionally and waved their hands and closed door.

Bhatuk Tapur always playful kept competing in brisk walk about who will reach temple first. Anirudh Bondita are looking eachother that something is not good, but when they are passing they have listened to villagers gossiping that ' Ghor kalyug, whatever had happened yesterday to Shomik family, should not have happened... .such a drastic incident happened to Rimjhim boudi.. Don't know if she will be alive or not..'

They are horrified listening this, Anirudh asked Bondita to trick them and find the truth. She agreed.

Bondita went near to them with tears in her eyes and kept on weeping. They are shocked as if she learnt the truth. She bursted into tears infront of them holding her forehead: " hey Durga maa, what kind of day had come in my kaki life. What will happen to her now. What to do now?"

Anirudh is hiding nearby and listening everything. Ladies came near and tried to console her " What to do Bondita! This is destiny. Poor Rimjhim boudi, nobody could have imagined in their dream that in this age a man will molest her and that too she is dragged into room  infront of her husband mercilessly. That Bhano is really a demon. He is Krishnanagar Raavan. Your kaka kaki have managed to save the farmer Bansilal family but they were trapped in his clutches."

Bondita and Anirudh are astonished to listen this and shattered, but controlling her tears she asked 'What exactly had happened maasi. Who is that Bhano? I mean kaka kaki are not in a position to tell in detail "

They told that "There is a rich money lender named Bhano who came Krishnanagar 6 years ago. Earlier he used to be very nice with all of us. He used to owe money to poor farmers, took stamp of their thumb prints on empty papers but later he started showing true colours. He used to snatch crops from us, took valuable things, ornaments,...and later he started abusing women irrespective of their age..from a little girl to an old woman...every woman is a prey to that eagle. Village head also unable to go and complain against him as he had partnership with Britishers in illegal business and police officers. If anyone revolt on him, They impose false cases and will be sent to jail . 

 Having deep frustration in mind, woman's daughter a teenager who is married , standing with them blurted : "How much should we women hide ourselves, Bondita didi? How much? We always carry pallu on our forehead and be traditional in our dressing completely. Never spoke with outside men. If we speak also we call them dada, kaka and jethu. Still we don't have any security. Is our life really a curse?"

Suddenly Anirudh (who came from back) and Bondita at a time told "No, being a woman is not a curse"

Anirudh in his dj voice: maasiji, you are daughter, sister, wife and mother. How can you consider yourself as worthless? Why do you offend yourself for the mistake of a monster? It is that Bhano who deserve a severe punishment for his henious crimes. He will pay for all his misdeeds and I promise that I will see his end. You all will punish him and every man will remember the punishment who thinks women as a commodity. 

Just then a servant of the woman (who is speaking with Anirudh) came running towards her and informed that Shomik has bought calotropis leaves from our backyard and gave money. 

She raised her doubt that those are poisonous if they are using for any medicine to treat jaundice disease , vomittings ( thought for a while) right now no one have any disease in Krishnanagar that requires these calotropis leaves,  how come Shomik want it .

 Both Anirudh and Bondita are astonished and understood what they have planned in their absence and rushed towards home.

Shomik has grinded leaves, made juice and brought it in bowl. Rimjhim requested him to write farewell letter to son in laws to take care of their daughters and forgive them for this unfortunate incident. He agreed and started writing.

At the same time, Bhatuk and Tapur also learnt about the mishap by others gossiping ( as people always can't control themselves by chatting about these kind of incidents) and they too started running back. Tapur is literally shattered and Bhatuk consoling her.

Anirudh Bondita reached at first and found that main door is locked from inside and banged the door. Shomik doesn't want to leave the opportunity of taking poison and didn't pay attention to banging of door. 

Bhatuk Tapur also came and Bondita asked Tapur to scream for help. Tapur screamed loudly "Maa, baba,.some vehicle has hit me. I am bleeding. Help me..maa..baba..."

Rimjhim Shomik melted for their daughter's scream, hid the bowl and opened the door and asked about the pain. Both the girls have emotionally bursted and cuddled Rimjhim whereas son in laws hold their father in law. 

They understood that children got to know everything, felt too embarrassed to face them and wanted to run away but Bondita caught hold of her kaki,  sternly and asked ' why do you want to leave us kaki? Why are you making us orphans? How can we live without our parents? We came to know everything..'

Rimjhim felt ashamed of herself to face them and closed her eyes due to embarrassment. Anirudh gestured Bondita to comfort kaki. 

They made kaka kaki to be seated, gave water and embraced her for long time. Rimjhim also leaned her head on Bondita's shoulder and shedded tears. Tapur placed her head in her mother's lap.  Anirudh carefully had thrown the leaves and poison bowl outside and washed his hands. 

Both the son in laws made Shomik to seat in sofa and they sat under his feet to comfort him. He felt embarrassed to see them like that but Anirudh insisted not to move. 

After few.minutes silence, Bondita asked : we came to know about Bhano, his atrocities but I didn't understand why he want to seek revenge on you. What exactly does he  have enemity with you.? Kaka, only you can explain please tell us.

Shomik explained that after we villagers came to know his true colours and his influence in Britishers, I helped poor farmers who lack Money for buying seeds and in other expenses. I tried to motivate Krishnanagar people to help among ourselves so that we need not take any help from Bhano. We almost avoided him. This irked him and I cleared few farmers debts and got back the papers.  Among those farmers whom I saved Bansilal is the one. I also Decided to bring this matter upto you ( Anirudh) he came to know about my influence that I am the relative of Tulsipur RC family, father in law of you ( Barrister Anirudh Roy Chowdhary). To keep my mouth shut he stooped to this level. He attacked yesterday evening and beat me badly and later attacked..your kaki. Unfortunate thing is his henchmen surrounded our house holding swords and spears. So none of the villagers got courage to go against them and rescue us. 

Anirudh got highly annoyed by the fact that if entire villagers have gathered courage and attacked the henchmen this mishap could not have been happened. But due to fear and lack of courage, they slept quiet. He felt that villagers also should be responsible for this situation. 

Anirudh assured them that they will get justice and later he counseled both of them to give up suicide attempt as this is not the solution for any problem , moreover they are not fault, not impure and treat us as your sons. Don’t feel ashamed infront of your sons. Else we will be guilty throughout our life that a mother doesn’t have trust on her sons. Rimjhim is moved away by this and later both promised that they will not commit suicide but will fight for justice. 

Bondita made them take food and asked them to rest. Meanwhile Anirudh met village head Devnath and gathered complete information about Bhano, who is behind him, who are the henchmen. 

He came late in the night and discussed with Bondita, how to tackle the situation and decided to teach a great lesson not only to Bhano and his henchmen but also to entire villagers. 

Posted: 5 months ago

Rimjhim has turned a new leaf after suffering in her life.

Posted: 5 months ago

What did that evil man do to Rimjhim? Looks like he attacked her.

Posted: 5 months ago

Why are they hiding the truth so much? The whole village knows already. The culprit needs to be punished.

Posted: 5 months ago

Someone needs to take down Bhano. How will they do it?

Posted: 5 months ago

Why should Shomik and Rimjhim kill themselves? They should poison that Bhano instead.

Posted: 5 months ago

Bhano has power behind him. What will they do to bring him down?

Posted: 5 months ago
Originally posted by coderlady

Why are they hiding the truth so much? The whole village knows already. The culprit needs to be punished.

they felt ashamed of themselves to express it infront of son in laws, scared of their esteem. However Anirudh figured it out. They all will teach a lesson

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