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Posted: 2 months ago

This is a thread meant for the discussion of various shows however by no means are you to bash any shows. You can like a show, you can dislike a show but, we hope that you keep your discussions civil. There is a thin line between criticism and bashing and according to IF COC you can criticize a show but, you can't bash the show.

By no means are you to mock a fellow member directly/indirectly. You all should understand that not everyone here has the same opinions on every matter and you should respect others opinions and not attack them with regards to that. If anyone is found attacking a fellow member, they can face serious consequences. 

Finally, this is a public forum thus, everyone is free to express their views as long as they are following the rules. You can not ask a member not a reply to you or talk to you. Since, this discussion is open to all, everyone here has a right to quote anyone they want to and share their opinions regarding your views. 

I hope members keep these points in mind. If you find anyone not following or abiding the above points or forum rules, you are to report them. Do not indulge arguing with them as in the situation, you will be held as responsible as the member at fault. Anybody who wouldn't follow the rules will face other consequences.

Use of profanity is not allowed. This applies to both English as well as Hindi profanities. Members are not use swear words in the thread. If you ever have a confusion on whether your post is breaching this rule or what is allowed or what not please contact me or other DT of the respective forum. We will be happy to clear it out for you all.

Furthermore it has come to my notice that members are seen discussing a lot about a particular forum and fandom in this thread. This is not allowed. In order to avoid such discussions in the future, members are not to discuss any other forum issue/thread or members in this thread and the TV hindi forum. If you have any issue in another forum contact the DT of that particular forum, if you have issue in TV hindi forum contact me. 

You are not in anyway to discuss/bash/criticize/mock fellow forum members. If anybody is found doing so in the future, they shall face consequences. 

If anyone is found to be breaching any of the above mentioned rules, then they shall face other consequences.

The TM is requested to add these with the rules on the first page along with the others.

Any questions/doubts about the same are to be PMed to me and not posted in the forum.

The TM is asked to post the above rules in the front/main page of every discussion thread so that no one misses it. 

This is third note I have given to this discussion thread. If members are found breaching forum rules again, I would have to close this thread down for 24 hours. Thus, I hope you all shall be more careful in the future. 


TV Hindi DT 

Viewbie @MsChanadlerBong

Posted: 2 months ago

Today's YHC episode

Rusha smiley27smiley27

Dono ne plan kiya tha with inspectorsmiley36

Saniya and Armansmiley7


Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by Nope08

Today's YHC episode

Rusha smiley27smiley27

Dono ne plan kiya tha with inspectorsmiley36

Saniya and Armansmiley7


I started watching it again after break it going good will c tonight 

Posted: 2 months ago

Le, Preesha pregnant nahi hai😂😂 Pregnancy bhi fake

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