👸Chronicles of the Ancient Queen; Happy Birthday Leenaa👸

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Posted: 8 months ago

#luciferedit from I still would make the same choice.

Mani: Hi there, why are we back to Lucifer now?

Nidz: Ummmmm... Cuz I love it. I LOVE HIM.

Mani: Well. But this thread is not about you and your LOVE for Lucifer. Right?

Nidz: MANIIIII. Don't be a spoilsport.

Mani: Why are we here again?

Nidz: Celebration ke liye?

Mani: At least you remember that 🙁

Nidz: How can I forget meri Katzu ka birthday XD

Mani: You and your weird nicknames.

Parm: HEYYYY! It's GERMAN language. Respect that 😂


Nidz: Now who's diverting from the topic?

Parm: MANI 😂

Mani: sigh I really need patience when it comes to you guys.

Nidz: Well love can do that you Mani Jaan.

Mani: Where is she anyways?

Parm: Who?

Nidz: Meri Katzu.

Parm: IDK honestly, if there ever is an award for Eid ka chand, Katzu will be the winner.

Nidz: True that. Matlab pura joke khatam hojata hai then she appears and laughs. 

Mani: Weirdest description Nidhi 😆

Nidz: She's an ancient soul. Born 579yrs ago. What other joke you want Mani 😂

Mani: 😂😂😂

Parm: She doesn't feel hungry when she sees our food photos. Such a weirdo. 

Mani: But she'll add to our craving by sharing her food photos. Little devil she is.

Nidz: 😂😂 Seriously. Oldest little devil she is.

Mani: She loves Corgi butts. IDK what so good about that?

Nidz: It reminds her of APPY. She is obsessed with Appy.


Nidz: ONCE UPON A TIME PARM. But in the end she's sweet little devil you can't be mad at.

Mani: WOW. This is a revelation.

Nidz: The less you know the better it will be for you 😂

Parm: You remember the thing she is most obsessed with?

Mani: UMMMMM???

Nidz: OHHHHHH! PIGEONS. How can one forget that. Everyone who hates pigeons can send them to her. 

Mani: 😂 Too expensive but I'll do it so that they don't dirty my CAR.

Nidz: Je Baat 😂

Katzu: Did I just read something about PIGEONS?

Mani: See you mentioned pigeons and she is here 🥲

Nidz: I wish she loved Lucifer the same way she loves pigeons 🥺

Katzu: but what was it about pigeons behen 😒

Nidz: Don't call me that FGS 🙄

Mani: Nidz wanted me to send you pigeons 😬

Katzu: Jaldi bhejo na I want them so that I can have pigeons for real. For now I'm managing only with pigeons filter 😢

Nidz: Aren't you worried about your hair ? What if they sit on your head and.... you know what I mean 😄😄

Katzu: Why are you girls making me crave for them. I'll rather go back to being the Ancient bahurani rather than staying here😒😒

Nidz: bahuraniiiiiiii???? 🤔

Katzu was about to leave when Mani came back with a pair of white pigeons. Katzu rushed to her and took them in her hands and her happiness knew no bounds.

Katzu: Thank you beheno you girls are the best 😘😘

Nidz: See for you Mani brought them in her hands. You know na how much she loves pigeons 😉😉Mani: Don't even get me started on thissmiley24

Parm : Why are you girls wasting time? Just look at the clock it's already 00:00 hrs so let's do what we're here for ?

Everyone wished her togethersmiley40smiley40

Write up: Nidhi and Mani

Tags: Koeli

Color coding: Mani

Edited by braveheartdoc - 8 months ago
Posted: 8 months ago

Happy birthday Leenaaaaaaaaa smiley31smiley27

I love you for the person you are smiley27

Stay happy and blessed forever smiley27

Wishing you and Deena a very happy birthday Sweetiessmiley27smiley31

Posted: 8 months ago

Happy birthday Katzuuuuuuuuu 😂 

Stay as you’re. Baby of the group. Blissfully unaware about things 😂🙈

Your love for corgi butts and pigeons has always fascinated me (& amused too) 😂

Love ya. Take care ❤️

Posted: 8 months ago

Happppppppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Birthdaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Leenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

You got the context love?

Posted: 8 months ago

Happy Birthday MeeMeee smiley31smiley31

You are a contradiction… ancient for IF and baby for the groupsmiley37

Jokes apart, have loads of fun and stay blessed girl!smiley27😘

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