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Posted: 2 years ago

As we all are aware that the show is going off air💔I would like all our forum members to share their journey of how they discovered the show❤️what led them to watch it❤️and how far have they come in this journey from just a mere show to being an integral part of our lives!I think that we have all had our share of good memories with this show,this forum❤️and reminiscing all those for one last time,I think there can be no better way to bid adieu to this memorable show!❤️

A/N- I know some of you still have hopes left and trust me I would be the happiest if the fans really manage to save the show😭,but I'm penning this down because I believe that show off air jaa raha hai,so pls no bashing on this post!! Even if you all believe that it will continue,you can still ho ahead and share your journey!❤️😳


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Posted: 2 years ago

Originally posted by: ItsmeAzra

As we all are aware that the show is going off air💔I would like all our forum members to share their journey of how they discovered the show❤️what led them to watch it❤️and how far have they come in this journey from just a mere show to being an integral part of our lives!I think that we have all had our share of good memories with this show,this forum❤️and reminiscing all those for one last time,I think there can be no better way to bid adieu to this memorable show!❤️

A/N- I know some of you still have hopes left and trust me I would be the happiest if the fans really manage to save the show😭,but I'm penning this down because I believe that show off air jaa raha hai,so pls no bashing on this post!! Even if you all believe that it will continue,you can still ho ahead and share your journey!❤️😳

Ok! Then I will tell you mine,

During COVID I had to live with my aunt for some weeks as my parents were busy somewhere. In the afternoon, I was playing with my brother like friends and my aunt was watching Colors, suddenly I saw a promo of BB where Bondita was running wearing a sack, Saudamini was laughing, Anirudh's face was dull maybe and Bondita declared herself to be his wife. My First reaction was - How can a child be a man's wife? Child marriage is wrong, why did that man marry her, I was feeling wierd. My aunt actually loved this show due to Bondita and I also watched a night scene where Bondita was giving something to Anirudh and Anirudh coughed, I felt they were like friends. Then another promo where Bondita steals clothes and Anirudh strictly asks about it, my aunt was saying Bondita is a good and smart girl but after this promo my brother said stealing clothes is a good thing? And I was laughing there...After that promo I thought of watching it at my home too so on the day I reached home I changed the channel to Colors, I also searched on Google for timings and finally I watched it! I, my grandmother and parents were also loving it and slowly slowly as the story moved forward I got emotionally attached to Anidita. I was dancing on their first victory during Bed wetting track, I also became childish like them, I also became a part of their journey and I also feel like them and the songs are love!!❤️ My other relatives too watched this show 🤭 and they also loved it!❤️

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Posted: 2 years ago

BB was the first show that I saw from the start, and never stopped watching. When I saw the very first promo on Youtube, with Rudhi taking pheras and baby Bon starting to take the turn in a bridal dress and emerging from behind the fire in a barrister's robe. The extended promo where it was mentioned that Ani will be the one educating her, reminded me of Anandi-Gopal and Uncha Maza Jhoka, a film and TV series that I had loved watching. So I had decided to watch the show...

But what truly truly got me hooked to the show was Anirudh's character. Most importantly, how real he was. This was seen in Epi 10, the episode immediately after Rudhi's marriage. In Ani that day, I could not see a 'hero', I could see a boy who had turned his life upside-down, just to do a good deed, and the way the implications hit him... That was also the day I wrote my first Ani analysis, because I was so pleased to see BB show the mental dark side of being a hero. And uss din se aaj tak, it has always been Ani who has been the highlight of BB for me. Itna, ke with time became Nazuk Kali ki humdard, and uske actions itne accurately predict karne lagi that mujhe Set ki Makkhi bana diya gaya! 🤣🤣

What I always loved about BB was that the show never went for the usual ITV cliches and in fact, they used to subtly poke fun at all of those cliches. Ani wasn't perfect, but he wasn't an ego centric jerk either, woh hot tempered tha, but it was shown as a flaw to be corrected. And most importantly, he took responsibility for all his actions. Bon was bubbly and chirpy, but she had her own trauma, and she was stronger and less majboor than the average ITV FL. And Rudhitaa were the most realistic couple ever. 

I will enjoy the show for as long as it airs, and will definitely keep rewatching my favourite moments on Vootiya. ❤️❤️

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Posted: 2 years ago

I used to watch KHKT, there I saw a boy playing the character of Pulkit. I was so much in awe of the boy playing that character, so I went ahead and searched him. I got to know that he is Pravisht Mishra (and instantly Mishra-Mishrain connection establish kar liya).

Then one day while watching the show I realised that something (or someone to be more precise) was missing and what's missing was my newly found crush Pravisht Mishra himself. I was a little heart broken, but me being me, I moved on and kind of let it go.

One day on Colors,there was a new promo featuring a little girl raising questions in the pre-independent era. I was intrigued by the concept. Then suddenly the montage appeared and I saw him ( my crush whom I might have forgotten if not for the promo). I was beyond happy to see my Mishra Ji in a lead role. After that I saw the promo where he was telling his child bride - "tark se fark laogi tum!" and I was sold.

Bas firr kya... I was hooked... Then the show gave me two of my all time favourite characters- my Bondita and Aniruddh...  And some of the most iconic dialogues... And it dealt with the topics considered taboo in such a beautiful way...

For this show I started interacting with people here on IF and made some awesome friends. I literally went on and actually became a fangirl. I wrote stories, made VMs and edits, created an insta and a twitter fan pages. (Kabhi life mein nahi socha tha ki yeh sab bhi kar sakti hoon mai...wo sab maine kiya for this show...)

And my love for my Mishra Ji became famous as my ek tarfa pyaar...😆

I could go and write a numerous other things about the show; about how I bear up with some of the most frustrating tracks in the show; about how I used to force my friends and family to watch this show; about how I used to fight with everyone who made fun of the show and my Mishra Ji; about how I became a point of trolling in my family because of watching a historical show which had no connection with history whatsoever. But I will stop here.

With a heavy heart and millions of happy memories, I will say goodbye to my Barrister Babu. Thank you all my fellow Forumwasi for making my BB journey such an memorable one.




PS. Sorry I got a little carried away.

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Posted: 2 years ago

I stumbled accidentally upon BB like most of my other addictions. And BB is going to be the first itv show I ever watched and loved till the end. 

The first promo caught my attention. I liked the promo mainly because of the impressive voice over. But thinking that it is another Balika Vadhu type show on child marriage, I let it go and never watched the episodes. 

Then during lockdown out of boredom I accidentally stumbled on BB again. Because I literally didn't have any thing else to do, I started watching BB. After just two or three episodes, I completely fell in love with BB and became a regular viewer after lockdown. 

When my BB journey started I was a Bon fan alone. I absolutely loved the smart and bubbly Bon from the first episode itself. I felt bad for Ani on his outburst after the marriage but I never really cared for him till bedwetting track. I started liking Ani during the bedwetting track. I was amazed by the kindness and goodness displayed by this character. The humane nature of Ani was something extremely rare to find even in fiction.

Menstruation track is still my favorite in BB. I was wonderstruck by the courage shown by the BB makers to show such a taboo topic openly in a prime time itv show, that too explained by a young man without even a trace of cringe. A commendable feat by BB team. I love the way BB team handled difficult topics like HM, menstruation, SR, molestation etc., gracefully with a child FL. They deserve praise for their perfect execution of these issues in the show.👏👏👏

After menstruation track, if I borrow Bella's words, I fell irrevocably in love with Ani. I was swept away by the understanding, patience, care and love he showed to Bon making episode 198 my favorite episode in BB.❤️

Then came the biggest blow for me, the nightmarish Mano track. With my extremely thin patience level I used to quit shows when a track I dislike comes. I was extremely angry and was about to quit BB. 

During the heated arguments over the mano track, I met Ashley (our dear Makkhi) for the first time here. She showed me the track from a completely different point of view through her wonderful Nazuk Kali analyses. It is just because of Ash, I had decided to give BB another chance and with her extreme positivity, I was able to survive Mano nightmare. I will always be grateful to Ash for not making me quit BB, otherwise I would have missed the wonderful journey of Anirudh and Bondita. Thank you so much and love you Ash 🤗❤️

The rest of the BB journey was beautiful with many memorable episodes which defied the usual itv cliches. BB gave me one of my all time favorite couples Anirudh and Bondita. The bond they share is extremely beautiful and difficult to explain through words. It is more like we have to feel their relationship to know it's true beauty. 

I'm sad that this wonderful journey is coming to an end and I feel extremely difficult to let BB go too. But I know that all good things will come to an end and it is inevitable. I'm happy that BB remained as a unique show till the end and never compromised with quality for trp, which is extremely rare in itv.

I want to end this journey with an optimistic hope of getting the BB team back with something equally good in future ❤️❤️

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Posted: 2 years ago

On one day while changing channels in order to find something interesting to watch I came across its promo of Anirudh and Bondita sitting in a hand rickshaw and Bondita questioning and Anirudh saying "farak laogi barrister Babu " , tbh I ignored it for the first time , after some days again  same promo , and after that a news article about its story line that I read in a really funny condition and that article drew my attention towards it . So I was like ok something new is going to start but I will not watch this reasons :1. It is going to air on Colors tv with which I really had an bad experience in past , 2. TMKOC telecast on same time , so big no! . 

But still I had that curiosity regarding this show , one day I saw repeat telecast of the show in morning of that episode in which Anirudh shouts at Bondita and destroys the decoration he had done for mini , still can't get to watch the whole episode but a glimpse was enough. Then after months I watched a clip of this show on yt (actually recommended by yt ) in which again Anirudh was shouting Bondita for helping out brijwasi and this clip was followed by few more clips and then I watched previous episodes on voot .

After that whenever I used to get free time I just go on voot and watch it and slowly slowly started falling in love with both the characters and its concept .( TBH anirudh is little more closer to my heart as compared to Bondita ) . 

I left that show after menstruation track and used to read written updates only (and skipped many written during Mano as well) and came back during Thakuma track (that episode next to Thakuma slaps Anirudh one) and I am still here and will be here till the last episode of this show . 

And regarding actors Aura as young Bondita acted far better than tha kids of her age , Anchal  she just killed it ,when I first saw her in KUDCA my reaction was like that she should play Bondita's role in BB and it happened and I laughed like " Maine mazak main bol tha yaar" and Pravisht ,... I don't have words to praise him , from his Performance , his behavior , his Bond with both the girls and other cast members , he is just ... Amazing . I saw him Peshwa B. , Yar.. , Mangal Dangal , and may have saw him in some other series as well but didn't remember . When I saw him in this I was like i have seen him before and then I realised I have seen him not only in one but in many and even had crush on him during Peshwa but forgot it with time as his screen presence as a negative character , stubborn and naive Prince always irritated me (patahai crush tha tab ,tabhi bhi thanks to his acting) . And there are two more actors I had seen before , Rishi sir (RK ke pehle nimki.. me daily darshan hote the ) , Sadiya in BV(1) . And also came across many talented actors such as Chandan sir , Dev , Pranali , Bhavya etc. May God bless all of them with best in their lives .

Never ever I thought that such a serial can complete even 200 episodes on itv , but it completed 400 episodes . In order to witness such a strong and ambitious female I had to watch the serials which were used to telecast in 90s on DD network because after that when private channels come into play they made the itv what is known to us today . ( In my opinion a disappointment) . 

And see a girl who was extremely shy and was always used to keep her opinions ,stories and thoughts to her only even after having much freedom Is here , writing Down this and had written a book on wattpad as well for this show as well .

Only one thing I can say about this show after watching many national and international series , this show is really deserve this line :

 न भूतो न भविष्यति

( No one was like this  and no one will be )

(I changed in it a little bit )😛

This serial is a beautiful memory for me and will always be remain one .

Doesn't my story to find this serial out and hooking up to it sound like an old love story ? "Saari kayenaat Milana chahhati thi mujhe isse"😆 . But this is reality .

This is me with lots of love ,

Kriti (Kri18)


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Posted: 2 years ago

Mein barrister Babu journey begins when around manorma track or something but I stopped watching it after trial begins but I again start watching baby after 1 July after after post leap after that I was completely hooked up

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Posted: 2 years ago

Well the first time I saw Pravisht on show was in Mahabharata and then Siya ke ram....his acting was too good that my attention was drawn towards him and again I saw him on KHKT ....his role of pulkit was like a sweet boy and then when he got BB he left the show and was wondering why he left the show.....One day while watching CC on colors with my mom I came accross BB first promo and also pravi....I really did not know about the concept of the show and ended up laughing at it 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️but today Iam a huge and a proud fan of BB....well during the lockdown I came across the show again specifically bed wetting track and was curious about it and ended watching from the starting and from then there has been no turn back and I said bye bye to all the crappy shows that I used to watch only for entertainment purpose....This show has taught me sooo many good and positive things and also made me fall in love with the Bengali culture 🥰🥰🥰 and also roshogullas🤭🤭🤭  

And ya again I will tell that this show will survive the storm and will surely run for long


Arvi (Aditi)

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Posted: 2 years ago

I saw the BB promos from the starting and it appeared like a Tagore Sharatchandra novel and a period drama of that age with a man and a child wife and a widow mother so started watching since the starting and never missed any episode since then❤️ loved all the good tracks and sat through the bad tracks when all were cribbing and leaving the show but I did not miss any episode

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Posted: 2 years ago

Well, thank you Azra for bringing up this beautiful thread to share the journeys of all members with BB.

Discovering this gem of a show Barrister babu was a happy accident for me.

I was watching another crappy show on Colors and was searching for one of its episodes on YouTube since I missed watching it.

While clicking the episode, I accidentally clicked on BB episode in which Bondita takes all the books of Anirudh from his study and gets stuck in between them while arranging them at the door.

I cracked up immediately when Bondita said " meri toh inn kitabon ko rakhne mei hi dum nikal gayi.... itni sari kitabein kaise padh lete ho aap? Aapka dum nahin nikalta? "

Her innocence and voice had me intrigued and I was eagerly watching how this scene would turn out. As expected, I saw Anirudh laughing instead of getting angry at Bondita for that.

They both looked so cute and my smile was so wide that my cheeks were hurting. I was even more intrigued when Anirudh started crying seeing Bondita's sindoor and was wondering what happened suddenly to him?

I didn't know they were married till that time. Then, I immediately searched Google about this series but still the storyline did not impact me so much as I thought it was just another Balika Vadhu ( I just knew the outline of Balika Vadhu. Not a die hard fan of it either)

But I couldn't get over Bondita's cuteness and ended up binge watching all the episodes from the 1st till the books episode. 

And as fate would have it,  I was bound to fall in love with the series. I did. And this is a forever love.

Although I started watching it for Bondita, Anirudh is my biggest takeover from this series.

I could so relate with Anirudh for most part because I wasn't blinded by prejudices or stereotypes in the name of tradition and questioned every partiality people do between men and women in the name of tradition. Just like how Anirudh does. But my questioning doesn't involve DJ sessions🤣

I would feel alone like Anirudh since there was no one to understand my perspective and just like TRC and Binoy, I had parents and relatives trying to make me confirm to the traditions.

Even Mano track, though very annoying, was relatable to me because there were also instances in my life where I took a wrong route of executing my right intentions like Anirudh. But I didn't do anything extremely wrong.😆

And post leap, especially during Vyjayanti track, my love for Anirudh increased manifolds that I had never even imagined.

Each time Vyjayanti did something to make him remember Bondita, his expressions while remembering her were priceless. Even diamonds' shine is nothing in front of it.

My most favourite scenes were his expressions when he ate rashogulla after 8 years, his small smile in between his tears when he played piano after 8 years.

And man, I was crying the whole night in my bed after watching the episode where he laughs after 8 years remembering Bondita's bed wetting seeing Vyjayanti's ur**ne.

Maybe people usually would have been happy seeing him laugh after 8 years. But I could only cry for the pain he carried in that laughter and his face was drenched in tears by the time he stops laughing.

I could imagine how much he would have suppressed his longing and the happiness which only Bondita could give him for the sake of dushmani.

I was truly shaken by that episode.

I hope I have poured out enough to express what this series means to me. And I had already decided that I will imbibe everything BB has taught me and if I were to get married and have kids in future, I will make sure they turn out to be Anirudh or Bondita.

That will be the greatest achievement of my life and the world needs more Anirudhs and Bonditas.