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Posted: 3 days ago


Yes we sent her there because it’s a tasking job making a birthday thread…but if your friend doesn’t exist or better, goes to space, you get to live stress free. 

*While the world was singing aisa kya gunah kiya, one person was oopar and aasmaan was neeche. Mani, being the wonderful person she is, got bestowed with an amazing opportunity.*

Mani: And guess what it is😃

Nidhi: pay without work?

Mani: 🙄…something MUCH more respectable.😃

Nabz: You work and I get paid?

Mani: 🙄

Appy: Unless you are part timing as nurse and everyone will call you sister, I don’t see-

Mani: 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️….I’ve been picked as one of the 5 civilians going to Mars!😎🥳

Parm: Is one of them Nabz? She’ll be reunited with her biradari 🤣

Nabz: I’m not counted in “civilians”👽😏

Mani: Well, even Antarctica isn’t this cold as your reactions are! I’ll be gone for almost a year and you people don’t even seem to care!😖

EVERYONE: 🙈😬🙈😬🙈😬🙈!!!!!!!!!!!

*while mani had her glacial meltdown,  we all collectively thought the same; no mani on earth means no desperate last minute preparations for her birthday*

Lexi: THIS is brilliant Mani! 👏👏👏



Parm: we are so proud of you!!!!!😘😘😘

Nabz: Yeh din dekhne ke liye meri aankhein taras gayi thi😭😭😭

Appy: when will you leave ? We need to send you off with a celebration!!!!!🥳🥳🥳

Leena: 🤦‍♀️

*everyone glares at for putting our rest to test*

Appy: planned by Nabz!😆

*everyone smiles at appy for painting that idea*

Mani: erm, let’s skip that. Just wish me luck.



*Mani packs, wraps and takes the screenshotted memes which are the only useful gift one can present to a friend, getting on board a very bogus looking spacecraft*

Nabz: Why is this ship named “Kaake Da Dhaaba”?

Appy: Coz it’s out of this world🤣

Lexi: And they serve great food🤣

Mani: 🙄

Appy: So what is it again that you people gonna do on Mars?

Mani: We are going to check the progress of the plants that the previous expedition sowed.

Lexi: Matlab sabar ka phal check karne jaa rahi ho👍

Mani: Thank god there won’t be any of you on Mars.

Nidhi: Well mani this is it. There’s no going back from here. 

Parm: yes coz hum aage se jaayegein😬

Leena: MISS US MANI!!!

Mani: 😳 people on Mars can hear you. And I will😘

Nabz: jaa mani jaa jeele apni zindagi👍🤓

*we wave her goodbye, feeling happy for her and happier for ourselves*

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Quite literally! Although it’s not going to be flabbergasting, given she already has us as friends.

Mani: My friends were so excited to sent me off, they expect us to find aliens here😃

Civilian1: Are they curious about space?

Mani: no they just wanna compare who’s more extra terrestrial, them or the martians 🤣

Civilians 1 to 4: 😐😐😐😐

Captain of the ship while chewing on paan masala: Just don’t bring one with you to earth, warna humko dhoop nahi milegi 🤣

*The 4 remaining civilians start chanting all mantras they can*

COTS: While we are at the topic of exploring , our most important job on Mars is to look for the dhaniya plant growth we sowed the last time our ship was here. 🥸

Mani, looking unfazed coz she’s used to more bizarre statements: Can we atleast take some with us ?!!!!! My friends cook 😬

COTS: ah! Only if you don’t mind having some unusual amount of iron 🤣🤣🤣

Mani: Great👍👍👍

COTS: Also keep a few of these paan masala for if you wanna speak zabaan kesari 🤣🤣🤣

*Everyone exits the ship to roam around the permitted area*

COTS: And remember to not go beyond the limit  coz the space is dark and full of terrors🤣🤣🤣

*Civilians 1 to 4 start praying to anyone and everyone they can remember*


While rolling around the rocky terrain of Mars, Mani, counting what day it will be on earth ,without realising wanders off in the wrong direction. 

Mani: This doesn’t seem right. 🧐 The permitted area had signs of “yahan paan thukna mana hai” but this seems entirely different. 

AM I LOST?! ON AN ALIEN PLANET?😦😮😯😲😧😱what am I gonna do? oh god! What if some alien finds me and eats me!!!! Or worse, BEFRIENDS ME😱

 And it’s supposed to be my birthday in some months 😭😭😭😭😭😭




Mani: maybe I can show them the memes, they’ll probably think I’m weirder? 🤔 And leave me alone. 

*Mani kept thinking of ways to ward off the unseen aliens and continued to look for the spaceship , in hopes that she’ll make it safely back…only to come face to face with a wide eyed and haggard looking-*

Mani: NIDHI?????? 😱What are YOU doing on Mars?!!!! And HOW😮

E.T: oh you speak the language of the worthless.

Mani: WHAT🤷‍♀️

E.T: The ones who are lovingly called dharti ke boj. You are from earth right?

Mani: Nidhi stop! 🤯

*But looking closer Mani could see a few rearrangements; this Nidhi looked like a stretched version of earth Nidhi, with a noodle dangling here, a teacup hanging there…*

Mani: Who are you?

E.T: my name is Whanana but you can call me Alien. Coz you people don’t have much vocabulary.

Mani: Okay……. 😐

E.T: What are YOU doing here ?

Mani: Oh! I’m Dr. Mani and I kind of am lost. Can you please please help me?

E.T: Nope 💃

Mani: What? Why?!

E.T: Na can’t do. I already have SO much work. But just coz you seem a bit “normal” , try going left and ask for help. 

*With that ET Nidhi left mani like seengh left gadhe ka sarr*

Mani: Planets can change but people can’t.🤷‍♀️

*Mani wasn’t entirely sure if she should follow the advice but having no other choice, she moved towards the pointed way*

It didn’t feel much different from the rest of the planet but there was something in the air that was making mani feel sleepy. She kept moving towards what looked like a HUGE BED with a single occupant.

Mani: What is this?

E.T: This my friend is what one can call LIFE.

*Mani tried to look pass the oodles of hair covering the person’s face*




Mani: NABZ!!!!!!! 😤

E.T: I don’t answer to my slave name.👀

Mani: Oh my god. Is Mars full of versions of YOU ALL? 

E.T Nabz: Who all? 🤔

Mani: Forget it coz I’ll go mad if I continue to hold this conversation. Just please can you help me reach the dhaniya stretch? It’s a green area made by people from Earth.

E.T: Ah! Lost are you? I’m sleepy now, But because you know someone who is like me, I feel burdened to help you. Take the next right and follow the smell of Nutella and don’t worry if you encounter mummies,  we use them as preservatives. Ask for the  baker and cook ,it’s them who have stolen all your green plants. 
Bribe them with your knowledge of growing more. 😜

Mani: Well thank you I guess👍🙄

*Mani couldn’t believe her luck or lack of it.*

Mani: “Mars par bhi sukoon nahi”

*After travelling through hell and high waters of Mars , Mani found the next right which looked absolutely wrong*

Mani: If I see one more alien looking like my friends, I swear Shani par Shani bhaari kardu gi.

*Infront of her stood what looked like a guzri zamane ki item ka maqbara…with equally turbulent looking aliens*

E.T: Oh hello 🤗



E.T: Are you looking for something?

*Mani looked from alien Parm to alien Appy and wished she was on Pluto…or not*

Mani: Not for you BUT I needed some help and PLEASE  just get me out of here. 

E.T: oh are you the lost earthling?😏

*Mani turned around to look for the new entrant in the scene of her rising desperation only to find E.T Leena with three pigeons lolling on her head.*

Mani: Well tumhari hi kami thi.😒

E.T: I heard it’s Kami-na.🤨

Mani: Ah! Of course.

*With E.T Lexi joining them , Mani was ready to jump of the planet…being lost in space seemed a better prospect*


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Mani: If I can JUST GET SOME HELP.😤😤😤😤

All the E.Ts:


Mani: I am relaxed. I need to go to the DHANIYA STRETCH, i know you guys know about it.

E.T: And what do we get in return?😏

*Mani thought hard and fast. She didn’t had any seeds of dhaniya on her to offer….but-*

Ah! Well I will give you … this


E.T: What is this sorcery?!😱

Mani: Its the staple of every Indian, its  our ambrosia.🤩

E.T: No one ever gave us this! 🥺 And you are parting with such a precious thing. ☹️We'll help you get back to your ship.👍



*She couldn’t believe the events that transpired. And as much as they made her want to kill them, the Aliens did help her out….and thats when it dawned upon her*

Mani: I have been roaming around with ALIENS!!!!!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

E.T: Not too late to notice.

Mani: Wait here! Let me get the rest of crewww!!!

*But when she came back with the others, the aliens were long gone.*

COTS: Seems like you ate all the paan masala in one go🤣🤣🤣


 They finally landed on earth...Mani was still dazed by her adventure to notice what day it was. When she reached home, all she wanted was to lay down and probbaly rise next year.

Expecting some peace , Mani stepped into her home only to find it shining bright with lights , people and noise. 



Mani didn’t know what was more shocking. Her friends actually arranging a descent looking party for her, or them dressed as aliens…and not any aliens…

Nidhi: How do I look?😌

Mani: This is a dream. 😮

Nabz: If you’ll cut the cake now we can all go to sleep and dream.

Mani looked at the 2 in front of her, the third one next to them and all the others walking towards her, looking EXACTLY like the E.Ts she met on Mars.

Leena: Wonderful isn’t it? We threw you a fancy dress party!!!


Lexi: Oh! We know she loves it👍🤩👍🤩

Appy: We’ve rendered her speechless🤣🥳

Meanwhile Mani can only think of:



Concept&Write up: the one and only Nabz 🔥

Tags: Koeli 

Divider Nabz

Color Coding: in-house baker

PM & wish collect: Lexi Behen

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Mani!!! Wishing you the happiest birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful day! 

Lots of love and bestest wishes,




💐ℌ𝔞𝔭𝔭𝔶 𝔅𝔦𝔯𝔱𝔥𝔡𝔞𝔶 𝔐𝔞𝔫𝔦𝔰𝔥𝔞🎉🎂

HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY MANISHA|~| - Page 3 | Ye Un Dino Ki Baat HaiHappy Birthday Manisha GIFs - Download original images on Funimada.comHAPPIEST BIRTHDAY MANISHA|~| - Page 3 | Ye Un Dino Ki Baat Hai

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, and another amazing year around the sun by your side! You are so loved today and every day. Happy Birthday!

Wishing you all the happiness, joy, and blessings the world can offer on your birthday.smiley27

Birthday Wishes for Doctors: Quotes and Messages – WishesMessages.com

Manisha Happy Birthday, Birthday Wishes For Manisha

Happy Birthday braveheartdoc may this day give you love, health, wealth and happiness today and every day. With love--Madhuri

50 Roses of Thrice Colour Hand Tied Bouquet Delivery in KL, Malaysia, #1  Florist in KL | WengHoa



Wish you the bestest day Mani 🥳🎉🎂

 Happy Born day 🌸  

May god bless you with whatever you wish for and adding with a prosperous and healthy year ahead ☺️ 



Happy Birthday Cat GIFs. 40 Animated Greeting Cards

Happy birthday Mani❤ Have a great one😍I wish and pray that you may get all the love and happiness in the world🥰 





Hey Dear Doc,

Today on this special day

I prescribe happiness and joy for you,..

Take it with smile in the morning , a hug in the evening 

with lots of chocolates and cakes that's what the prescription say..

Lots of love and happiness your way..

Wish you a very happy birthday..




Happy Birthday Mani, many many happy returns of the daysmiley40smiley31. You are sweet, kind, helpful and very hard working smiley10 I met you in the MahiLexiMani game and that game was so fun and creative, it was nice to interact with you in that game. Then we interacted in the games, where we were grouped togethet and their also we had nice time interacting. Keep rockingsmiley32 

From Soni



Happy birthday money 💙💙 hope you always stay happy and blessed. Thank you for always checking on me when I’m sick or not doing good. I hope we get to be in same timezone again 😂😂 I don’t think I’ll be moving to our timezone anytime so I think you should come to my vampire timezone 😂😂have an amazing day and year ahead 💙


Lexi Behen

Happy Birthday Aloo Chaat!! You are one the best things that happened to me last year. Seriously. Agar tu aur Chai nahi hote toh shayad I wouldve been in a worse position right now. Behen tere baare main ek achhi baat kaise kahun when you're amazing from every single angle! Always there to guide me with anything I have an issue with or to maybe gossip about how annoying the world can be or for the matter of fact how annoying ITV is. You never get annoyed with me eventhough I am sure you could with all that nonsense I do...but yaar tu aisa kuch nahi karti...I love you behen...you are special to me...<3




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Dearest Manisha,

Wishing you a very very

As you greet the dawn of your birthday 
With hope and faith in your heart
There's a world of wishes enclosed right here
That will be a grand new start 
Of everything that holds a happy touch..
and   endeavours that lead to happiness...
The soothing breeze
The warm sunshine
And the happiness in the air 
are just some of the pleasures 
That are wished for you today..
May the joy never end..

Dear Mani,

Wish you a many many happy returns of the dayParty



Posted: 2 days ago

Firstly Happpppppppppppyyyyyyy Birthday Aloo Chaat!!smiley31

Dher saara Aloo Chaat khana behen

You are one of the best persons on IF I have met. 

Always there to help when needed and woh doubt kitna bhi stupid ho you dont laugh at me

Be it to gossip about random stuff or to just release the frustrations wala talk

You listen to all the bakwas I do...GHKPM se leke Imlie 

ITV defo needs better showssmiley24

And at times you dont get my mazaak...but woh theek hai kyunki woh toh mujhe khud nahi samajhtesmiley37

Have a great day and a great year...

Our friendship was unexpected because hum dono abhi bhi alag shows hi dekhte hai

But thanks to DT that we met and became such good friends

Happy Birthday Behenasmiley31

Animated GIF

Humne tumhare liye...sirf tumhare liye Prerna ko phirse dekha... {Anurag's okay...}

Laal dupattasmiley24

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Posted: 2 days ago

Happy Borthday Manisha 

💚 💚 💚 💚 


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