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And the way Virat is compared with Jagtap in that much circulated and admired vedio on twitter is really unwelcome. 

Nazmin Akthar lawyer and analyst tweeted after seeing that hopeless vedio and asked people not to compare a sexual abuser to Virat.

I could not post all that she said but this is the main part.

Being locked in a room by an idiotic man who wants you to attend a family event & being locked in a room by a man who wants to forcefully marry & rape you are very different. The fear is different. This false equivalence is disrespectful. Please stop it. #GhumHaiKisikeyPyaarMeiin

I totally agree with her. How insensitive it is to make a vedio and compare them both!

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Originally posted by ltelidevara

And people on twitter these days became so hopeless. When they get exhausted after bashing Virat for everything under the sun,they will turn to Neil who never takes his craft lightly and always does his role with dedication. All the controversial tracks of the show ,he is pulling out with great conviction and dignity. Such a hard working actor looks bored to these people that they just callously comment..Neil is bored to do the part. From which angle he looked so I wonder, Even today’s most frustrating dialogues to his family,he managed to say with the right kind of expression and modulation. I swear no one,no one else could have done Virat’s role like Neil did with great sincerity and understanding.

Nothing new. I read on twitter people saying that Neil is promoting Bhabhi Devaar because he was in a reel with Aish both wearing Virat and Pakhi's outfits. Matlab kuch bhi. Other show actors do the same but their fans never make the difference. Only Ghum fandom will react so OTT. But well who cares. Neil is doing great and many people are liking him as an actor. 

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So Sai saying Virat deseves to live alone entire life cus she was caged by him in context of cuz in her head she thinks Virat's in love with pakhi, so not getting her is what she meant he deserves loneliness. Also, it's bigger offence than outright domestic violence & abuse? Woah. Saying that statement is equivalent or he can lock her up but in return Sai said something mean is a crime? Deliberate equating just for a ship to put them into same bracket & show both are "flawed" when Sai does human mistakes and what Virat does is plain abuse & toxicity yet both get equated on which parameter? Also, Sai faking death to bring CN members was shown in comedy it was wrong but nowhere it's wrong or harmful to anyone unlike of Virat's deeds. Also, Sai was instantly regretful of her action & publicly apologized whereas here raja babu instead of any remorse proudly flaunts infront of entire family as some feat by locking her up then saying "jab uski zaroorat hogi pooja mein tab main lekar aaunga use" shows the kind of filthy loser he's & sees Sai as an object only, lastly he was silently listening to the insults hurled at the man who gave up his life for this vile person. 

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Originally posted by nethraa_99

Are you kidding? smiley36

IPKKND seems like Emmy award winning material compared to what we have been served throughout in ghum....and especially now smiley37

That’s in retrospect when you watch the show daily there was a lot of crap that was shown, now we focus on the good arshi moments 

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Hang in there... it will get better.

We (audiences/fans) get too invested in the characters, its okay to step back a little bit when the track dips like it currently is. I watched the episode very late since i knew there wasnt much chances of seeing sairat together. I skipped the samrat and pakhi scene except for when Samrat told Pakhi off from bringing up Virat in her argument which was such a silly request from her. 

I must have missed Sai's dialogue about Virat being alone in life smiley13i didnt like it when Pakhi said the same to him, i hope she didnt say that

Even after all the KD references i am not sure where the show is going with this current track. Virat locked Sai so then he could bring her when she was needed in the pooja.... has he met Sai? He thinks that after being locked in the room Sai will then come and attend pooja like a good girl.smiley36

It was nice to see Sai take the initiative to leave the room, we dont expect anything else from her. But i dont get her precap statement smiley29

Lets bring down our expectations from the story and enjoy the actors performance. I am not looking forward to the 300th episode smiley13

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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