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Posted: 2 days ago

No….I want Sai to exit the show…Ayesha needs to escape this PH and her extremely professional co-stars…

Posted: 2 days ago

I am NOT rooting for SaiRat anymore neither am I watching the show on regular basis... All my views are  bit and pieces from here and there.. 

First of all this show doesn't worth our time.. I think we should be getting the hints by makers that they give two hoots to our opinions.. Because unfortunately  ITV local audience romanticise such abusive male lead. Much discussion were done about  off screen dynamics ..Hope Neil gets to do all his future projects  only with his partner.. 

At this point I wouldn't want any new ML for Sai.. She doesn't need any man to empower her.. All She needs just little bit peace.. She needs to gather herself to fight the tough journey ahead.. 

Honestly speaking both haven't reached to that point to call it love yet.. One year has passed still no respect for each other on top of that they spew venom on each other in every given opportunity.. Why one should stick to a toxic relationship.. Either both move in together or get divorced for once and all.. 

If they move in together may be there will be NO obligation to please any third party.. No one would be there to point out anything about their dynamics be it positive  or negative.. Both will start accepting each other the way they are.. 

If they get separated both may star valuing each other.. Both will learn to respect each other.. Especially Virat would learn to accept Sai the way she is....

I am however don't want to see Sai falling for such douchebag ..I would be so happy Sai files FIR against him.. This is such a sensitive issue.. Many girls out there going through such domestic violence without having to voice out the issue.. I know a show can't change the society.. But people will know there are proper law to protect such victims .. 

Posted: 2 days ago

Oh yes..a 100 times.

Our sai bai deserves better..and ideally she should be granted a divorce and restriction orders should be given against virat *toxic* chavan and his selfish family.

Please vankar..unite virakhi and let sai go..she will find love eventually..a great guy who will cherish and value the gem she is💖 .

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Posted: 2 days ago

Sai doesn't need another guy right now. She has such strong personality plus she's messed up mentally with all the toxic behavior she's faced that she won't be able be to cope. 

I started watching only cuz of Sai, her role was definitely something we've never seen before. Even number one show lead speaks up at injustice but she falls silent in front of her in laws and their stupid traditions. I was watching clips of today's epi on IG and read comments where most were girls saying that Sai is too much for refusing to sit for a pooja, she's acting pricy/stubborn and that she should just accept Virat's love and go back to him. In these comments there were no mention of Virat's borderline criminal behavior or his attitude towards her, it's sad really that girls watching another girl literally escaping from abuse can sympathize with the abuser. 

Sai does need an attitude adjustment but not in the way how she reacts to toxic people. She needs to grow up more, become independent, achieve her dreams and then take a step back to understand what else she needs in life. So she needs to go away. Virat also needs time away from Sai, even though he fell in love with the same brattish Sai he met back in GC he refuses to accept her for who she is. He wishes for someone with Pakhi's qualities and patience level. Even after time apart he should be willing to accept Sai who won't keep mum if his crazy family abuses her. He needs to realize he's living in a criminal family with a obsessive psychopath ie his bestie. 

So if after some time both think they can live with each other without adjusting then why not cuz I don't think Vankar is crazy enough to have an alternative ending anyway. I was never invested in Sairat cuz never saw their chemistry as something amazing. I'm anyway back to my other shows which at least keeps me happy for few months before it all goes crazy, unlike Ghum which was always a torture to watch. 

Posted: 2 days ago

I actually want virakhi to end up together and I will definitely accept new male lead. But the thing was that when I go through my ig, youtube, twitter, I understood that major people doesn't understand what is domestic violence, what is love and what is male chauvinistic ego! And on top of that the serial is shown abuses as normal in every relationship and never shown wrong as wrong. The funniest thing people even blamed sai for escaping from the room and even sympathised with virat for that. So the entry of new male lead may not be successful.

And also I felt now she doesn't need a man. I want to see her journey towards her dream to become a successful neurosurgeon.

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Posted: 2 days ago
Originally posted by soesila

I Agree with you a leap of 5 years with new story Virakhi married after Sai Virat divorce and then they meet Sai the Doctor Sai Joshi and with her new partner who is also a police officer and loves Sai and support 's her with everything .. after 5 years Virat will be not happy with his marriage and the family will see the true colors of didi and virat will lose his job because of Pakhi.. 

Oh I am already in for this story smiley4

Makers please please listen to us. Endgame has to be VIRAKHI. They deserve the Chavans and the Chavans deserve them only . smiley42

Please spare Sai. Get someone like the number one show 'a new entry. Who will respect Sai and accept her the way she is. 🙏

Posted: 2 days ago

I want to have a new FL for Virat who will follow all the traditions, culture and rules of CN. The FL can be new or Pakhi herself whom Virat respects and protects the most smiley42.

Sai should divorce Virat and move out or even better Ayesha can quit the show. 

Posted: 2 days ago
Originally posted by laksh

I want to have a new FL for Virat who will follow all the traditions, culture and rules of CN. The FL can be new or Pakhi herself whom Virat respects and protects the most smiley42.

Sai should divorce Virat and move out or even better Ayesha can quit the show. 

finally our VIRAKHI dreams will come true smiley20smiley10

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