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Posted: 2 days ago

Can't the makers turn this in paison ka ghamand todoongi and kaaton ki bediyaan 

So Pallu will do 9-5 job haq halal ki kamai 

Entry some good boss or bad boss

Girl ignore our boy 

I wanted them to stay together but alag alag during paison ka ghamand and kaaton ki bediyaan

Wait for it till girl falls into trouble and yehi Don to the rescue hoga 

In the real world nobody is satyavaadi harishchandra 

Pallu to expect satyavaadi harishchandra husband then she should even know what happened in that story  

Kya re insted of RaghVi SunKi ka kya lets hain we get this

Sickand torturing us during Ganeshotsav paap lagega

Posted: 2 days ago

itne log RR ko sambhal rahe hain maane paisa don ke paas barkarrar hain.....thank godsmiley37(i have gone mad after watching the promo) 

but seriously mentally unstable (which i am assuming is symbolic) and bina paison ka RR is unimaginable for me......fiction mein i love when the ML is rolling in moneysmiley39

Posted: 2 days ago
Originally posted by MHRW99

Agree … bang on .. on the whole we get old Pallavi and Raghav Tom and Jerry 

Both not wanting to change smiley37 Chalo teek hai 

This track has potential to create the same impression just like pre marriage Days when raghav insulted pallu business sense and she was determined to prove him wrong. 

Here also she will be doing job and Raghav will use his own tactics to persuade her after recovering from his guilt after some days. The only difference will be there will be loved involved which was missing in pre marriage days

Posted: 2 days ago

Khoon mai doobi daulat mtlb abhishek mar gya 😱ye kya ghoom ghoom ghoomar promo h

Posted: 2 days ago

Originally posted by SruthySudeep

Exactly.. I am shocked ..how he can even think like that.. means pallu after his money smiley19.. Dil thod Diya raghav ne sachii.. 

Stupid track...why would pallavi be behind his money for God sake has he forgotten he married her forcefully....mandaar track had a lot of potential to it...but they screwed it up...abhi this new thg viewers are taken for granted it seems....sikku👿

Posted: 2 days ago

Pallu konsi new job pehle ek baar khana pakayi thi ashram me dene ab sayad dabba service kholi h

Posted: 2 days ago

Pallavi hafte (installments) baandhe kya? 

5 lakh which he gave her to leave Hyderabad was used for Sanki ilaaj

25 lakh for Sharada ilaaj

All that was blood money

When are you returning all that or bhool bhool 

I am against haraam ki kamai for sure don't kidnap someone else's child to buy toys for your child 

Doosron ke ghar mein aag lagakar apne ghar mein Diwali nahi manate 

But Raghav isn't doing so yes his business is risky business 

When Abhishekh and Nikhil signed up for this job they knew the risks that's why it was a high paying job

Of course I think Raghav will lose his sanity id blamed for a death by Pallavi 

Let's see how she faces another financial difficulty D farm kahan trouble we door rehta hai

Pallavi also needs to learn There is a grey area it's not only black or white and Raghav is grey whereas the real world gets dark real dark in a second 

Posted: 2 days ago

We want Raghvi together, smart and strong, not weak and drifted. I'm surprised Raghav actually telling Pallavi that she is with him because of money. I'm actually not liking it, but let's see how it unfolds. And Pallavi, where does blood comes from in diamond smuggling. 

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 

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