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Posted: 2 days ago
Originally posted by Apsvenky

Yesterday's promo aside, this week the makers have been giving us good episodes that seem to be taking the story in the right direction. I am still going to suggest that we continue to watch the episodes without tainting it with the knowledge of what will happen next. Today the makers look to have taken a step in the right direction and I am all for it, because it reassured me that they seem to have a purpose to this madness, despite what we think or feel. 

Today's episode started with Malini trying to play bechari again and asking Adi and Aparna to think about what will happen to her.smiley29 Nani correctly identifies Kalini as chudail and resolves to make sur she pays. Adi tries to show that he has always supported the truth, and if he gives himself up, then no one can point fingers at Malini. Imlie is just done with everything and says that it is best right now that you support Malini and I leave. She gives Adi a reality check that their relationship right now is extremely tangled and it is best for them to break it off now. Loved how she reminds him that this relationship had joined because of their "vishwaas ki dor" and now when that itself is not there, then there is no point in continuing the relationship. Adi is flummoxed, he is not able to understand what to do to convince her, because while he feels that he has no standing to say anything, he still cannot fathom his life without her.

Imlie starts to leave the house when Adi tries to stop her. Aparna as usual plays the mom card threatening him that she will kill herself if he goes behind her, putting Adi on the spot and making him watch as Imlie leaves with her mom and NN. Imlie crosses the threshold and just breaks down, trying to deal with the emotions she had tamped down all this while. The girl finally realizes the enormity of her decision she has just taken and that she will not be able to be with Adi anymore. Mitthi tries to convince her that SM will take care, when Imlie sees a procession of SM going in front of the house, reminding her that she still needs to fight, but she is confused with how to start. As the trio is walking towards their unknown destination, Imlie spots the burnt piece of a saree hanging out of the trunk of AC's car. She uses her bobpinsmiley29 to open the trunk and take out the saree to realize that Malini indeed did try to make herself out to be like Imlie to seduce Adi without his will.

Adi meanwhile is devastated in the T house. All he keeps doing is his Imlie jaap, so much so that Malini seemed downright bugged. She tries to convince him that they will learn to live with each other happily, which prompts Adi to remind her that forget happily, he does not know how to live without Imliesmiley36. Malini ki phir se chop - Aur karo Imlie ke pyaar main pagal insaan ke saath rehne ki ziddsmiley37. The hear police sirens and assume Adi called the police. Adi bechara seemed as confused as the others as to what is going on. The police arrive and before they can say anything, the Sr T's defend Adi saying he did not do anything. The inspector comes to Adi and asks for Malini, confusing everyone even moresmiley36. He goes to Malini and directly tells her that she is under arrest - matlab FIR ke basis par seedha arrest, even when the police themselves are not convinced they dont have a casesmiley37. Anyway, everyone is flummoxed as to what charges and who has filed an FIR, and that gives the cue for our hero to maaro her entry to pulsating BG music. Imlie says that she is the one who filed and FIR against Malini for molesting Adi against his will. Everyone else just cannot wrap their head around this piece of information, and Malini quips that how can she molest a 6ft hatta katta admi - it sounds preposterous. Even the police is confused, but they have to follow procedure as an FIR has been lodged, but suggest they solve this among themselves. Imlie refuses to take that bait and insists that Malini be arrested for her crime.

Adi finally wakes up from his stupor and goes to Imlie to ask that she has made this mistake before, so he warns her that doing the same mistake again will have horrible consequences. Imlie reassures him that she has proof and shows the burnt saree to all of them that she found in AC's trunk. That leeches all color from Malini & AC's face, but AC tries to cover it saying she bought the saree for Malini and tried to burn it seeing that Imlie has a similar one - point to be noted that this time Malini apparently bought a similar saree and did not steal Imlie's, which was a surprise knowing Malini's kleptomaniac tendencies. ANyway, Imlie does not buy into AC's lies and just asks the police to take Malini away. Another point to be noted was that while she was being taken away, Malini tries to call for Adi to save her, and the guy still chose to stand like a statue and just watch her being taken awaysmiley37.

After everything, as usual Aparna berates Imlie for what she has done and how she has harmed the family izzatsmiley44, along with the rest of the senior T's joining in, bar PT of course. Somehow the funniest for me was seeing Nishant in a sadma face throughout this entire procedure, almost as if he found out that all this has happened with him insteadsmiley37. In all this, Adi just seems to be processing what just happened, while everyone chadoes on Imlie for what she has done. But before Imlie can defend herself, Nani makes sure to remind the padhe likhe T's that zabardasti with anyone, be it a man or woman, is wrong and needs to be punished. Loved how NN made sure to cut the T's to size, so that they also knew how stupid they were being in all of this. The precap shows Adi taking Imlie forcefully with him to make her take back her complaint against Malini. While this seems irritating to us, seeing it from his side, Adi would most likely not want to believe that Malini could have done something like this with him. I would say, let's see just how they take this track towards it's conclusion, as now the story seems to have taken full speed to reach the end of whatever conclusion they have planned at the end of this track.

Ur observations abt Nishant was bang on … how long was Adilie separation … less than 5 mins right ..😂

Posted: 2 days ago

7 weeks or 7 months?

sorry hit enter too quick.

that does not matter.

If dev truth to sk marriage is only 20 days and the torture track since then is about a month...then she could technically be claiming something happened pre pagdandia and she is just finding out??

Edited by PPak - 2 days ago
Posted: 2 days ago
Originally posted by PPak

A teeny part of me still wonders if the pregnancy Didi is claiming is not regarding the assault but some kind of throw back reference to convince Imli that Adi was not fully faithful to her prior as well. Of course this comes with some Adi blackmail as well. I cannot believe Imlie CVS will pull a assault pregnancy in a week - unless they show a leap or something. If she is trying to convince Imlie that Adi was unfaithful will Imlie even buy it? 

Does anyone know the timeline since PD3 when Adi realized his love for /imlie? How long as it been?

I think that door is shut because remember, Imlie had been insecure over this early on (right after coming back to Delhi following PD3) and Adi had clarified during the chai stop in the car that no such intimacy exists between him and Malini anymore? Even later, there were several instances where Adi subtly reinforced the point for Imlie to feel reassured of his commitment towards her.

Another reason I don’t see it going this way is that the shutters are completely off Imlie’s eyes now. All the misplaced faith that she had in Malini has faded away, so she will never take anything that Malini says from this point on in its face value. I agree, Adi is definitely susceptible to blackmail, but I think it’s only when something as integral to him as Imlie’s life is threatened that he wouldn’t fight back. My hope is whatever happens, he’s forced to see Malini’s real face soon.

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Posted: 2 days ago
Originally posted by PPak

7 weeks or 7 months?

sorry hit enter too quick.

that does not matter.

If dev truth to sk marriage is only 20 days and the torture track since then is about a month...then she could technically be claiming something happened pre pagdandia and she is just finding out??

I’m sure she got tht mantra from kunti to get surya putra Karan …😂

Posted: 2 days ago
Originally posted by Chintapandu

naa naa.. kc khud ke peeche smiley37

KC BTS ke peeche…

Posted: 2 days ago
Originally posted by Midnight_moon

Since imlie birthday it was only 7th week of marriage.

Then next day bridge collapse 

Bunty bhaiyya incident 

Imlie leaving 

Pd3 trip started next day 

Once Atif also stated some body complaining about didi “try to understand a girls situation who invested 7 yrs in relationship and marriage fall apart in7 week” then I get clue from birthdays episode.., 

Pd2 was in makar Sankranthi pd3 adilie return in holy … 

After pd3 till divorce I think lost timeline 

Like on award function Adhi said since you stopped saying truth this much time have elapsed.. there they may lost some time exam results college admission etc 

Then we get a time line from SK mithi marriage to Dev truth revelation is 20days gap …

Yeah timeline is messed up. Why do they keep saying 7 months? 7 months seem too long. And pd2 is like 3rd day of adini wedding.. and makar sankranti is in Jan. Adini wedding happened on Jan 15th or something? Feb 15 is Imlie's birthday. Bridge collapse + bunty bhayya + imlie leaving happened in less than 3 days. So pd3 must be in Feb only.. or max to the beginning of March. But after 4 days they returned, next day is holi. But holi is March 29. Even then, it's only 2.5 months between adini wedding and pd3 return.

Exams during pd3 and on holi day adi said college keliye bohot wakt hai.. Exams and college can have 2-3 months of gap. College 1st day Malini leaves t house, suicide in the next 2-3 days, 2 days in hospital. Imlie spends 3-4 days, or even a week in C house. All this can count for 2 weeks. Malini knows the truth now. Next mud spa, 4 more days in gulmohar lodge. We can liberally count it as 4 months from pd3 return to meethi n sk wedding. So no chance of her referring to earlier instances. After this, it was a longer timeline, exams in college and all.. but she didn't finish her first year yet. We can ignore timeline after college has started.

What a joke!!smiley37

Edited by Chintapandu - 2 days ago
Posted: 2 days ago
Originally posted by PPak

7 weeks or 7 months?

sorry hit enter too quick.

that does not matter.

If dev truth to sk marriage is only 20 days and the torture track since then is about a month...then she could technically be claiming something happened pre pagdandia and she is just finding out??

Pls watch imlie birthday celebration track didi dadi conversation 

Posted: 2 days ago
Originally posted by jperalta

Sabse fortunate hai KC smiley37

Na koi uske peeche, na woh kisike peeche smiley37

Main ek aur bolun

Juvvi9, JP, Whatever- Gash ke zulfon ke cutne ke peeche 🙈 *runs away*

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