Imlie's social message on consent

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Posted: 2 days ago

Yesterday's promo aside, this week the makers have been giving us good episodes that seem to be taking the story in the right direction. I am still going to suggest that we continue to watch the episodes without tainting it with the knowledge of what will happen next. Today the makers look to have taken a step in the right direction and I am all for it, because it reassured me that they seem to have a purpose to this madness, despite what we think or feel. 

Today's episode started with Malini trying to play bechari again and asking Adi and Aparna to think about what will happen to her.smiley29 Nani correctly identifies Kalini as chudail and resolves to make sur she pays. Adi tries to show that he has always supported the truth, and if he gives himself up, then no one can point fingers at Malini. Imlie is just done with everything and says that it is best right now that you support Malini and I leave. She gives Adi a reality check that their relationship right now is extremely tangled and it is best for them to break it off now. Loved how she reminds him that this relationship had joined because of their "vishwaas ki dor" and now when that itself is not there, then there is no point in continuing the relationship. Adi is flummoxed, he is not able to understand what to do to convince her, because while he feels that he has no standing to say anything, he still cannot fathom his life without her.

Imlie starts to leave the house when Adi tries to stop her. Aparna as usual plays the mom card threatening him that she will kill herself if he goes behind her, putting Adi on the spot and making him watch as Imlie leaves with her mom and NN. Imlie crosses the threshold and just breaks down, trying to deal with the emotions she had tamped down all this while. The girl finally realizes the enormity of her decision she has just taken and that she will not be able to be with Adi anymore. Mitthi tries to convince her that SM will take care, when Imlie sees a procession of SM going in front of the house, reminding her that she still needs to fight, but she is confused with how to start. As the trio is walking towards their unknown destination, Imlie spots the burnt piece of a saree hanging out of the trunk of AC's car. She uses her bobpinsmiley29 to open the trunk and take out the saree to realize that Malini indeed did try to make herself out to be like Imlie to seduce Adi without his will.

Adi meanwhile is devastated in the T house. All he keeps doing is his Imlie jaap, so much so that Malini seemed downright bugged. She tries to convince him that they will learn to live with each other happily, which prompts Adi to remind her that forget happily, he does not know how to live without Imliesmiley36. Malini ki phir se chop - Aur karo Imlie ke pyaar main pagal insaan ke saath rehne ki ziddsmiley37. The hear police sirens and assume Adi called the police. Adi bechara seemed as confused as the others as to what is going on. The police arrive and before they can say anything, the Sr T's defend Adi saying he did not do anything. The inspector comes to Adi and asks for Malini, confusing everyone even moresmiley36. He goes to Malini and directly tells her that she is under arrest - matlab FIR ke basis par seedha arrest, even when the police themselves are not convinced they dont have a casesmiley37. Anyway, everyone is flummoxed as to what charges and who has filed an FIR, and that gives the cue for our hero to maaro her entry to pulsating BG music. Imlie says that she is the one who filed and FIR against Malini for molesting Adi against his will. Everyone else just cannot wrap their head around this piece of information, and Malini quips that how can she molest a 6ft hatta katta admi - it sounds preposterous. Even the police is confused, but they have to follow procedure as an FIR has been lodged, but suggest they solve this among themselves. Imlie refuses to take that bait and insists that Malini be arrested for her crime.

Adi finally wakes up from his stupor and goes to Imlie to ask that she has made this mistake before, so he warns her that doing the same mistake again will have horrible consequences. Imlie reassures him that she has proof and shows the burnt saree to all of them that she found in AC's trunk. That leeches all color from Malini & AC's face, but AC tries to cover it saying she bought the saree for Malini and tried to burn it seeing that Imlie has a similar one - point to be noted that this time Malini apparently bought a similar saree and did not steal Imlie's, which was a surprise knowing Malini's kleptomaniac tendencies. ANyway, Imlie does not buy into AC's lies and just asks the police to take Malini away. Another point to be noted was that while she was being taken away, Malini tries to call for Adi to save her, and the guy still chose to stand like a statue and just watch her being taken awaysmiley37.

After everything, as usual Aparna berates Imlie for what she has done and how she has harmed the family izzatsmiley44, along with the rest of the senior T's joining in, bar PT of course. Somehow the funniest for me was seeing Nishant in a sadma face throughout this entire procedure, almost as if he found out that all this has happened with him insteadsmiley37. In all this, Adi just seems to be processing what just happened, while everyone chadoes on Imlie for what she has done. But before Imlie can defend herself, Nani makes sure to remind the padhe likhe T's that zabardasti with anyone, be it a man or woman, is wrong and needs to be punished. Loved how NN made sure to cut the T's to size, so that they also knew how stupid they were being in all of this. The precap shows Adi taking Imlie forcefully with him to make her take back her complaint against Malini. While this seems irritating to us, seeing it from his side, Adi would most likely not want to believe that Malini could have done something like this with him. I would say, let's see just how they take this track towards it's conclusion, as now the story seems to have taken full speed to reach the end of whatever conclusion they have planned at the end of this track.

Posted: 2 days ago

Tent 😂


fantastic episode again! Overall story is moving in right direction… I know promo n the precap has everyone mad but if we look at this from characters perspective this is all aligned to their core traits.. 

Imlies breakdown was sooooo beautifully displayed by ST.. she held out strong till she was out of T house uske baad sab sahas choot gaya.. rishta khatam.. baat khatam.. kehene waali aaj apne aapko tootne se rok nahi paayi .. I have said it before and will say again she is a born actor she will go places 

Aditya’s hum imlie ke bina nahi reh sakate.. broke my heart.. jab pyaar nahi tha tab bhi Aditya imlie ko chod nahi paaya.. aaj jab pyaar hai toh kaise?!.. his life force seemed to have been taken away from him.. he is pleading to let him go.. Gashmeer made me cry today.. loved the miserable Aditya.. 😍

baki police leke gayi madam ko mujhe achcha laga.. lekin hona jaana kuch nahi hai.. we know that.. but this 10 sec ka sukoon enough tha 😂

overall I am happy with the way things moving… I m not gonna speculate too much with precap n even the promo cos then we loose sight of what we got 🥰

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Posted: 2 days ago

Thanks aps smiley31

Dil ko tandak mila to see police waale dragging didiya outsmiley36. The track seems to be fast paced and headed towards its end. Hope aur koi ghatiya track nahi leke aaye smiley19. I am hopeful again despite still being mad about the pregnancy promo. 

Episode begins with didi doing her farebi drama on how much badnami she will endure if news of her kaand gets out. For added effect she weeps hugging her wonderful apu maasmiley7. Nn promises to bajao kalinismiley36. Adi wants to surrender to the police in order to give insaaf to didi. Imlie  decides to walk out of the house poore parivaar ke baare me sochke. She walks out breaking the vishwaas ki dor. Apu blackmails a distraught adi who tries to stop imlu that woh uska mara huwa mooh dekhega agar imlu ko rok lismiley7.

Imlus breakdown outside the tripathi home was superbly done by stsmiley32.  Poor st kitne swollen the uske eyes doing these rondhu type scenes. Khatam karo be makerssmiley35. Motivation milath hoon imlu ko ram siya ki procession se and tada mil gayi hoon jurm ki evidence in the form of saadi hidden in english madam ki car ki boot. Imlu puts 2 and 2 together to realize didiya fooled an intoxicated bs by wearing imlus saadi and now maa beti chaturvedi ne ki hai sabooth jalane ki koshish. Promises to bajao didiya ki band kyunki wo kees hain apradhsmiley32. Aur ho gaya under 5 mins ka adilie separationsmiley36.

Adi is pleading with apu to allow him to go get imlu back. Didiya bull dozes him into compromise bolke ki phir se saath me jeena seekh lengesmiley7.  Bs tells a frustrated didiya for the one millionth time that wo imlu ke bagair khush nahi reh sakthe additionally saying wo imlu ke bagair reh hi nahi sakthesmiley36

Phir hothi hai didiya ki epic beizatti now by police who arrest her for the jurm of molesting an intoxicated adi without his consentsmiley32. Bakwaas dialogue from mrs.c ek ladki ek ladke he saath kaise jabardasthi kar sakhthi hai and hatte khatte 6 foot ke aadmi ke saath kaisi jabardasti to the senior tssmiley11. Hope ye molestation track ko sensitively handle kare. Jiske saath bhi hotha hai ye galath hai. Didi also gets a comment from imlu that sadak chalthe lafange aur didiya me farak nahi hai smiley37 and jurm is jurm regardless of whether it happens to marad or aurat. Upar se provides her burnt saadee taken mrs.c ka car as proof of didis kaand to a disbelieving bs. Co conspirator Mrs.c tries to spin a yarn about burning the sadee cos both sisters had identical ones and it would mean equating her daughter to the naukranismiley11

When imlu catches her lying english madam threatens to ruin imlu , adi and udhar ki t familysmiley36. Please aap senior ts ki tho bajaa hi do naalayak log jisko apne bete ki bhi nahi padismiley36. A panicked didi is ghasitoed by police with adi watching calmly onsmiley36. Apu yells at imlu and counters saying tumne jo hamare saath kiya uska insaaf mila kabhi hame. Bk piles on about parivaar ki ijjat over bete ke saath jo haadsa huwa. Is aurath ka aur bk ka kuch nahi ho saktha hai sach mesmiley7. Better when the truth is out and everything is settled adilie do their basera somewhere else rather than living with apu, radha and bk jaise evil people. Nn bajoes all of them saying apradh galath hai chahe wo marad ho ya lugaayismiley32.

Precap me adi drags imlu put of the house so she can withdraw the fir filed against malini. 

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Posted: 2 days ago

I didn’t see this thread so I posted on the other one but it’s the sammeee

Thanks for the review. Hope you don’t mind but  Just going on the above I have three things to say for now

1) yay to imlie leaving eventhough for 5 mins 

2) 🤦‍♀️To adi and his blantant blindness to facts and asking her to withdraw the case 

3) 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️To me for maybe reading too much into the promo and thinking this was a calculated reaction to handling Didi 

rest I might have a different opinion after watching the episode 😂😂😂 but aps your review makes me think I judge too fast on WU only 

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Posted: 2 days ago

🏕 back soon smiley1 Updated smiley1

Thanks for the wonderful thread once again Aps and so there has been some development within the story slow but it seems to me that the missing piece of the puzzle are slowly being shown by the makers. Today imlie finally showed her resolve and let go of her faith and trust that binds her with Aditya. She finally showed him that there are consequences of his actions even if the walk out was for a few minutes she had not only shown him and the family when push come to shove she can leave it all behind. He love her faith is enough for her to carve her own path once again but it doesn’t mean that’s she cannot measure her own feelings or take control of her emotions. 

Today was a mirror of what we have been saying for so long. Aditya seems to have been totally cornered from all angles may that be the pressure of his famiy or due to his own demons. It seems that this particular juncture has him fatally taken aback and today for once I do not feel his is hiding from Maline but actually is struggling to gain clarity. His heart inner fears have finally made a crack within his relationship with Imlie. His soul always longed for her to be with him but he always knew that she could deny his feelings. I today feel that although he says he is secure in his relationship with her his faith has been shaken. Today the family witnessed firsthand what these two have come to mean to each other. The episode has made it pretty clear that without imlie there is no Aditya. All throughout one could feel his longing and angst. The need to seek her out and hold her back. He will never be able to become the man Maline wants or needs for he has become another’s. 

Today the episode once again highlighted the issue of consent and mutually acceptance for viewers whom are in denial of imlie and Aditya marriage. The parallel are being drawn and it has become so clear that throughout this journey imlie has always given him the space and choice of how he decide to walk this path with her or without. She has never forced her views on him whereas with Maline even to this day she she been the one taken the ship in the direction she sees best. She has not once sat with him and asked what went wrong and why. Why did his heart part ways with hers or why was there togetherness not enough. 

She has become so focused on seeking revenge that she is ignoring all the signs in front of her. Even when the police was brought in today Aditya could not care less about what was happening with her he was focused on the one that mattered. The truth hurts but it seems her family is in denial too. Today this family has fallen further in a pit of no return. At no point have they shown there son support. They have forgotten that he is equally a victim as is imlie but there pride over there social status is blinding them to the fact that there son could be a victim too.

Such actions and false claims can be both physically and mentally harmful for Aditya but all everyone seems to see is that imlie needs leave. Why doesn’t someone walk up to him and say it will be okay. Give him some reassurance that we shall find a path. Not so sure why we all are focused on the pregnancy that has not even been shown as of yet. Just like imlie had joint the dots today she’s will show Aditya the errors of his thoughts. He needs to take a leap and talk with Maline. Sorry he has to take a stand no matter what even if it one that he doesn’t wish to address. His actions have consequences and today these are being used against him. He longed he leaves it the deeper the misunderstanding between him and imlie will grow. Yes she’s is strong but she is human and she can feel hurt too. I wish to see the man whom when he brought Maline home was focused on imlie comforts but today that has taken a back window. He has never acknowledged any of her concerns for the fear that Maline may cry wolf. Wow we’re is his stand on seeking the truth there. Well let’s se of the makers ever give him the chance I am glad imlie is at least showing Maline that she can fight back too.

For if not address today he could lose something far more precious, he has had glimpses of it today but in the future there could be no return. Maline not only has destroyed his reputation. She has also taken away is respect with the relationship he held sacred. The demons shown in his dreams shows what his thoughts are within his soul. Yes imlie can fix the problem but that doesn’t mean this issue shall go away. If not address what shall he do if someone else throws a rock at his and imlie marriage. I was so proud of nani pointing out that a partnership both mentally and physically has to be accepted mutually at least she showed her imlie and Aditya the support they needed. Everyone in the past has been so focused on the legalities of the Martians and social standing and traditions that wen it came to questions these today everyone has simply hidden or gone quite saying it his fault for not listing. Sorry he is a victim and sometimes we cannot see what we have never accepted. He only knows of Maline and her saath for the morals he values but he has never seen her dark side or may have and let it go to the broken how she is from. Imie is at least is willing to follow the evidence whereas everyone else is just focused on what Maline wants. 

It is becoming clear that Aditya will not be taking a stand and will let imlie fight the battle. He will  try to reason with her but he won’t be able or knock her faith for Sita Maya has show her the way. Imlie has passed all test at all fronts she has answered the questions of society. She has given him the space he longed for and honoured the family wishes whilst letting her wishes take a back seat. This shows once again that she is emotionally stronger then Aditya is at present and Maline ever wishes to be. 

The thread may have become tangles but that doesn’t mean that one cannot untangle it of wanting. Imlie faith will let her seek out the anwers and the video that Aditya made told her that he is confused about what she is feeling and today he is a crossroads where he cannot see or understand what she is thinking. That’s his way of showing he needs help. His way of asking help me and slow me the way. His openness in the video has made it clear that he is sacred. He knows how to walk the path that is easy but he has always struggled in this matter. Him asking her to let go of all relationships and seek the truth is what imie did today when she submitted the case. She didn’t care for anyone of the family. She focused on him as the victim and tried to get him the justice. 

Just so glad that the last two episodes have focused on the message of love being a mirror of trust your soul can see what your eyes are willing to deny. Sometimes one just needs a leap of faith to understand that the darkness is simply a test for with it shall being forth what one deserved all along. This is what imlie did as she’d stepped back for them, herself and the others. I  actually excited to see how the court room drama plays out and what kc will bring to the table. For once I do not believe it will be a easy escape for Maline even when the pregnancy card is played. She can hide but she cannot run away from the truth. I just hope on the end he issue of the divorce is address otherwise the makers must muster the courage for imlie and Aditya to have an open conversation about where this is heading even if it one we will not like. 

I feel in the end Maline will cause imlie harm because although she may leave she won’t have left Aditya spiritually and that will eat away at her soul. Wonder how Aditya will take that hand when dealt by faith will he sit and wallow in pity of her will he finally wake up and smell the coffee.

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Posted: 2 days ago


Another dhassu episode. 

key players today were of course the standard as always.

Imlie deciding to leave and telling Adi that sab ulaj gaya hain and todna is better rather than suljhane ki koshish karna was good explanation.  Adi's reaction to this statement proves why we love Gashmeer so much. that conflict of guilt, stubbornness to keep her with him,  pleading with his eyes.... beautifully shown. 

The procession bit, that Imlie took as a sign from Sita mother was cliched for me..  not sure if others felt it too... just that this set the base for Imlie finding the saree.  Imlie's statement that her saree was in potli so whose was this , is how Anu is going to respond.  it is not necessary that only one piece exists of that saree.

Ms true face was exposed multiple times today.  her eye rolling when Imlie is leaving, her statements that let's do samjhauta... aage khush bhi reh lenge... Adi's reaction to each of the statements was so telling.  after a point woh bhi seh nahi paya and iska mooh band karne ke liye bol diya,  hum khush rehna kya,  uske bagair to reh hi nahi sakte.  

Adi again being voice of reason,  asks Imlie.  pichle baar bina evidence accuse kar diya tha.  ab kya ? when sarees shown looks like hes made an association,  but when Anu tells ki I burnt saree coz it looked like one Imlie had and how can daughter dearest have anything naukrani like, Adi ki nazar poori ki poori Anu par thi.  yahan pe mujhe hansi bhi aayi. naukrani ka pati chahiye,  par uske jaisi saree nahi. 

Adi is shown to sit down and digest all that has happened with M being taken away by police and then comes the precap.  In my opinion, Anus statements have made him ponder on what counter can come basis Imlie evidence.  without strengthening this side I doubt he wants to take action.  maybe taking complaint back was due to this... 

Aparna and everyone got a reality check by nani today... ki they can only make gobar out of gud. 

izzat is izzat. chanhe admi ki ho, ya lugai ki. 


let's hope makers stay on this track.  

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Posted: 2 days ago

Thank you

Imagine how absolutely sick this woman was, not only did she think she’ll get away with sexual abuse but had not an ounce of guilt about it either .. I am sickened by her character

Posted: 2 days ago
Originally posted by Rollingdeep

I didn’t see this thread so I posted on the other one but it’s the sammeee

Thanks for the review. Hope you don’t mind but  Just going on the above I have three things to say for now

1) yay to imlie leaving eventhough for 5 mins 

2) 🤦‍♀️To adi and his blantant blindness to facts and asking her to withdraw the case 

3) 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️To me for maybe reading too much into the promo and thinking this was a calculated reaction to handling Didi 

rest I might have a different opinion after watching the episode 😂😂😂 but aps your review makes me think I judge too fast on WU only 

RD, I realized that Imlie is a show that always has many emotional undercurrents that are not captured in words. While I know that even my review is my version of what I felt about the episode, I still feel that we tend to focus on what went wrong, rather than give credence to what they got right. I am still holding on to not judging the promo or today's precap on face value, as the makers of this show have given us good content against shitty promos and precaps.
Which is why I even started my review with the very disclaimer that the I am going to ignore the promo and judge each episode as it comes. Today I felt the episode was good as atleast we got a few mins of both - Adile's separation and Malini being dragged to jail, even though we know that both were temporarysmiley36 


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