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Posted: 2 days ago

Originally posted by Midnight_moon

She may withdrawn … that’s why as per bts she asking to Mahila morcha that why M is still in T house ?? If molestation happen….

Malini directly come again to T house without realising that Anu played another game …

Phir court room drama jiske do din se BTS daalke dimaag kharab kar rakha hai.. Why that??? 

Posted: 2 days ago

Yar is Tripathi's ka kya problem hai.. rapist hai toh kya izzat rahega... Victim hoke baitha hai toh bhi kehte hai kya izzat rahega. Gosh I can't with these people

Posted: 2 days ago
Originally posted by

I think I am the only one who along with aditya’s actions, am not very happy with Imlie’s actions too.. ek toh saree ka poora thing hai hi illogical, how would a saree prove anything and doosra how did imlie so easily connect the dots with the burnt saree poori story samajh agayi lol.. 

But keeping that aside, no matter how much I wanna see Malini dragged to jail, imlie needed to talk to Aditya about it first too. She called the police on Malini on a very serious matter not a joke, and speaking about it infront of everyone about molestation without having consulted the person who was molested whether they want this or not how.. that is so wrong.. Calling the police with weak evidence about a supposed accused without having talk to the victim about it .. without their consent.. god they have made a joke out of abuse cases.. 

And aditya.. why sending malini to jail without proof would be too much for him with AC’s dhamki too.. but he needs imlie but cannot see beyond gehri dost to see some logic too, drink kisne di thi? chipakta kaun phirta tha? why will the imlie who was about to leave you make such a huge accusation without having a reason to be confident in it.. He is a patrakaar but is he behaving like one? This is a repeated occurrence and he can’t see any gadbad, 2 minute pehle tak was ready to do anything for imlie ab uski baat bhi nahi sun raha 

I am having same problem with the makers 

They are showing some serious matters just like that

Ex: suicide bigamy now abuse case

Posted: 2 days ago
Originally posted by Midnight_moon

I also thought she will talk to Adhithya first … and clear her doubt … if he remembers saree then again things will be complicated…

I don’t agree with not talking to him before calling the police at all, even if it was for his sake.. but then from a team like this show’s who can expect coherence or sensitivity with a topic like sexual assault.. avoiding aditya imlie communication was all done to keep aditya in the background again, blinders on opposite imlie so she has to fight the fight for her pati and family to save them alone, no one on her side because somehow these makers seem to be either brand new or suffering through a memory loss with how they have forgotten one big part of what made their show work was aditya ka character him in action and adilie ka saath even when they hated each other they were a unit - aditya imlie’s story .. 

Even after seeing for themselves how a blind aditya and focused didi ss brought the show down yahi dikhana hai toh .. lol what can we do didi ke darbaar mein sab qurbaan .. the story sickens me too with how a teenager has to go through hell for a sasural that mentally tortures her and hardly values her instead looks down upon her for class and parentage .. and she considers it lost love and zara sa ghussa smiley39

Posted: 2 days ago
Originally posted by Juvvi9

Phir court room drama jiske do din se BTS daalke dimaag kharab kar rakha hai.. Why that??? 

If they show in order 

First mahila morcha 

That day itself promo shoot dress of sumeer & Malini 

Malini in promo shoot dress with KC

Blue churidar still yesterday with st

Court room drama may AC actually initiated molestation case. 

Court room definitely not for Malini if she is accused she will be near by Dias . Not be in viewers side…  when ever she has to give evidence she can move to witness side

I think they are following section 375 movie style ( consent was there what ever has happened is not rape/ molestation) 

Edited by Midnight_moon - 2 days ago
Posted: 2 days ago

Originally posted by _Seera_

Yaar hum log na bohot jaldi react karate hai.. ruko.. dekho kya hua hai.. 

He is a good man… he can’t see didi getting destroyed like this.. he is not seeing himself as victim for him he is the perpetrator… how do u think he will deal with it? 

He is in his character.. 

I totally second Seera . No one is as unlucky as Aditya such a manipulative classist trashy family,  7 years of toxic relationship with that b## nd what not no one trusts him . He's traumatized beyond anything nd is in disbelief. It's not abt blind trust or anything he's doing nd his reaction is just like a normal person. Dd b## is his bff nd it's nearly impossible 4 him 2 believe she would stoop low especially after knowing her 4 7yrs so without concrete proof he won't be able to understand. AKT is a straight arrow nd can't understand the language of manipulation. We can't judge him based of promo nd precap there's definitely a lot more to it. Imagine a condition in real life where u r made 2 believe that u are the perpetrator when actually u r d victim how scarring it would be. In real life such incidents might lead to severe mental trauma and can lead to suicidal thoughts as well. One can say how broken he is nd in that time no normal person can b normal he's in a state of paranoid. I must say hats off to Gashmeer for portraying this to the t it's not everyone's cup of tea to accept a track like this that can receive lot of flak. The way this character has been scrutinized nd crucified for his 7yr crap is highly intolerable.  Despite seeing all these nd if still d stans glorify her nd her actions in d name of love such people should need medical help at the earliest. Aditya's family don't give a damn about him they r so selfish nd only cares about family's honor. Malini is she even a woman ? Did she ever loved Aditya this woman is an example narcissistic toxic personality an excellent manipulator nd gaslighter. My heart goes put for Aditya. Imlie is made of steel so she won't budge in she will protect her bs nd his dignity. D day that b## true face gets revealed he will be shattered but no one could save her from his wrath. Trioathi family doesn't deserve Adilie period.  A family who can't take stand for their son nd understand him nd is ok with that toxic cs creating ruckus nd filing case is definitely a blotch for other families as well.  Mothers like Aparna and Anu are a stain to motherhood. Education is never a measure for one's character and conduct is well understood by the upbringing given by Meeti nd AC. Malini is a weak darling nd gets easily manipulated. But now she can't be whitewashed coz she is now a full blown b##. I must say no one in the history Indian television is as unlucky as Aditya since day 1 he has been getting punished for things which he isn't responsible for. If makers ww this b### later on that will be it but plz don't misjudge Adi like that birdie ppl bashing the actors nd typing rip its an Indian TV fgs for it to sustain the CVS have to come up with such tracks so let's b patient nd be non judgemental for a while nd let's enjoy the performance of our leads. I can't imagine how Adi's life would have ended up if Imlie hasn't entered into his life. My dearest if ppl this too shall pass nd Adilie would come out strong especially out meticulous tongue lashing senior patrakar would come out strong let's b patient baki sab sm sambalegi. But I hope they don't drag this track further nf lose its essence. I'm saying this after repeatedly analyzing the promo nd is positive about upcoming track.  I hope during the culmination of this track all the black deeds of toxic cs should be out in d open so that these b## can't come again 2 ruin Adilie's peace. Adilie should walk away from t house nd spend some time in pd b4 that Adi should throw d divorce paper on that b## face. Malini is one of d worst parallel lead/vamp/ third angle ever nd her acting skills make it unbearable but past few days she's improving. The essence of the show is intact only coz of Sumeer nd they r proving it through their magnanimous performances. Gashmeer and Sumbul deserve to be casted opposite eo once again in a good movie or webseries these 2 are definitely meant for the big screen who utilizes their talent and chemistry well!

Posted: 2 days ago

Watch Ts trash imlie for Anu calling that mahila morcha on them too, everything avoided if zara sa logic hota and imlie had talked to aditya but nope makers just need to humiliate her lol .. why is she fighting when the people she fights for aren’t even ready or willing for a fight? 

Posted: 2 days ago
Originally posted by Midnight_moon

I also thought she will talk to Adhithya first … and clear her doubt … if he remembers saree then again things will be complicated…

Usse kuch nahi honewala hai.. voh bas humhe kuch bhi yaad nahi hai kahega... 

But it seemed like Adi started thinking. But again, we can't go with his expressions. 

To be positive, I'm assuming he knows this is weak evidence and also imlie is not his legal wife, that can question her character in public.. on top of that, ac just dhamkied him ki she'll barbaad imlie and everyone.. so he doesn't want her to get hurt/insulted in this. So he's ready to step back for now and think about it.


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