Imlie Written Updates & Episode Discussions 15 Sept 2021

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Posted: 2 days ago

Imlie Finds The Accused 

Aditya tells Imli that he was the biggest culprit , he was ready to surrender to police , Malini protests this was a private matter between AdiNi . How could he let her  get defamed ? Why does no one ever think of Malini . She weeps on Aparna’s shoulders . NN vouches to teach her a lesson .

Aditya says he has a,ways supported the truth , once he finds the accused he will surrender to police 

 Imli says she was taking this step thinking of Malini n the entire family . She states it was best for every one that he support Malini and Imli leaves . The relationships have got entangled too much n it was best for everyone that they be ended now . Their journey together was till here . She was leaving them , Jai Seeta maiyya ki .

She starts walking out of the T hiuse with Meethi n NN 

Adi begins to follow them , Aparna warns if he stopped Imli he will see Aparna’s dead face .

Adi stops in his tracks .

Adi is in tears as imli I goes out of the door n the door shuts .

Outside the house Imli howls n breaks down, NN and Meethi console her . Seeta maiyya will take care of everything . They come across a procession praising Siya Ram . Imli gets inspired to fight for her rights , she wonders where to begin .

She notices. Burnt rag hanging out of Dev’s car . She uses her hair pin to open the boot of the car , she finds Imli’s half burnt saree. She realises this was Malini’s doing , she had seen them trying tk burn something . So she was trying tk burn her saree after using it to disguise her Imli n pretend tk be Imli before BS and trick him .

This was a crime and criminals had tk be punished vouches Imli 

Inside T house  aparna Aditya and Malini have emotional talks , Malini tries to assure they will be happy again, Aditya declares he will never be able to find happiness without Imli . 
They hear police siren . Aparna asks Adi why he called police despite her warning not to do so ? 
Aditya  denies , Anu and Taunji also deny calling police .

Police enter the house , Malini is ordered arrest . All are shocked . Anu protests . Imli says she filed complaint against Malini .. she had got Imli’s husband forcibly intoxicated and then taken advantage of his intoxicated state n forcibly spent the night with him, this was a crime. 

Malini had got the entire family intoxicated , she had take advantage of Aditya , touching anybody against his or her will was a crime . Same is accused at Road side romeos who try to molest girls . There was no difference between those and Malini . Anu, Aparna, Tau ji and Aditya fume with fury at this allegation. Aditya warns Imli not to accuses Malini without any evidences . Imli states she had evidence 

She shows the half burnt saree, this was exactly like a saree Imli possesses , Malini had used  this to trick Aditya and taken advantage . Later they tried tk burn the saree.

Anu lashes out at Imli . That she had tried to burn the saree not Malini . She had bought a new saree for Malini but discovered that the servant girl possessed a same to same saree l how could Anu’s daughter wear a sare similar to a servant’s . So she had burnt that saree. Imli accuses this to be a lie , orders police to arrest the accused Malini .

Amidst protests n hue n cry by the T family and Anu . Police arrest Malini n drag her  away . Aditya feels sad watching this .imli glares at Malini 

Anu threatens to destroy the entire T family . aAparna confronts Imli . 
imli replies this was the correct thing to do . 

Last few mins 

NN accuses all you well read people have done “gud Ka gobar “ we may be Ganwar villagers , but we know that making someone intoxicated n taking advantage of that person is a crime . And what’s wrong is wrong n has to be punished , be it a wife or husband . 


Aditya grabs Imli by her hand n drags her with him, she protests but he does not let her go . Finally outside the house he tells her that he will take her to police station for taking her case back , right now . Imli stares at Aditya with shock .


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Posted: 2 days ago

Thanks Suta! smiley31 And good morning! 

Posted: 2 days ago

Thanks smiley31

It was a good episode. Despite the promo yesterday which still has me boilingwith rage, i think didi will pull the pregnancy trick but may fail miserably. When she does all senior  ts and dev are gonna be ashamed of supporting her. 

I hope they execute the harassment track well.smiley19

Precap may adi drags imlu to take the case back but we know based on bts clips showing didi in court it wont happen.

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Posted: 2 days ago

Good morning dear suta! Thank you for sitting thru this crappy show.

Posted: 2 days ago

thanks Suta

Adi realized the extent of his maa's aversion to Imlie, how she said - Adi will see her mara hua muh if he goes after Imlie

Adi realizing some things when Imlie got the police. Hope it is not another red herring.. and we actually get to see his dimaag ka bulbabwa in action. He should know that M is wrong.

Nani ka dialogue - it is a crime to drug and take advantage of a person, be it a boy or a girl. 

The Ts dont get this point - truly shocking. 

Did they not realize they were drugged or intoxicated ? 

Anyway precap - would like to see the epi before speculating

Hope Adi is playing rambe race ki ghodi ka track. 

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