Shivi FF- meri duniya tu hi re part 13 updated on page 43

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" Dev ko to mai 12 baje pandya niwas aakar birthday wish kar ke hi rahungi " raavi said with a fierce determination in her eyes.

" Mai bhi dekhta hu ki mere hote huye tu kaise ghar mai ghusti hai, dev se dur reh tu.samjhi? " He said with equal fire in his eyes.

Kaka looked at them both and shook his head.they were bickering at each other in the store oblivious to their surroundings.the only time shiva got distracted from his work is when raavi came in, he was quite a focused guy otherwise.

"Agar mai aaj raat 12 baje aa gayi aur Dev ko wish kar diya, toh?" Raavi asked 

" Din mai sapne dekhna bandh kar.yeh shiva pandya aisa hone nahi dega " he replied 

"Thk hai.challenge accepted. Agar mai jeet gayi to tu pura ek din mera gulam bankar rahega.mai jo kahungi woh karega " raavi said putting her hands in her waist.

" Tu to haregi hi.mujhe kya milega? " Shiva asked.

" Agar mai haar gayi, jo ki hone se mai ek din teri gulam banungi." She said.

Shiva smirked.this is going to be fun.he is going to make this chipkali dance to his tunes all day.

" Manzoor hai " he said looking into his eyes.

Raavi gave him one last look before going out of the was a big day after all, it was her Dev's birthday.she had to buy him a gift, make his day special and what not.


Raavi was moving about in her room, tensed.

" Us bhootnath ke saamne itni badi badi baatein to kar di, par agar woh sach mai mujhe rokne mai kamyab ho gaya toh? " She was tensed and biting her nails.

Anita walked in.

" Kya hua raavi? Tu itni tensed kyu hai? " She asked.

" Pucho mat Anita di.kal Dev ka birthday hai.maine shiva ko challenge kiya hai ki Mai Pandya niwas jaakar use wish karungi." she cribbed and told anita all about the challenge.

" Tu bhi ajeeb hai raavi.birthday Dev ka hai.tujhe uske baare mai sochna chahiye.aur tu yeh shiva ke saath faltu mai ulajh rahi hai " anita said.

" Yeh to hamara roz ka hai anita di." Raavi pouted 

She got busy making a plan on how she will break into pandya niwas. 


It was 11.30. shiva made sure all the windows were closed.he locked the door from inside and held the keys in his hand and smirked.

" Ab mai dekhta hu ki yeh chipkali kaise ayegi ?" 

Raavi called dhara.her plan was simple.she will ask dhara di and gombi to open the door and let her in.she will run to dev and wish him before shiva can throw her out.

" Kya?" Raavi's face fell.

" Hann raavi, hum sab to maa ko lekar mausi ke yahaan aye hai.unki beti ki shaadi hai na.ghar par sirf dev aur shiva hai.shiva to store ko chodkar ayega nahi aur Dev ko apnr doston ke saath birthday manana tha " dhara said over the phone.

Now she got it.all her confidence was based on the fact that shiva can never say anything to her in front of dhara di but now what? 

Isliye woh bhootnath challenge ke liye itni asani se maan gaya. 

She can't lose .she has to think of a way.

She called dev.

" Bol " shiva said.

" Tu? Dev kahaan hai? " Raavi said irritated.

" Usne kaha hai ki woh tujhse direct 12 baje baat karega jab tu use surprise dene ayegi.tu aa rahi hai na? " Shiva asked innocently.

Raavi cut the call muttering galis to him mentally.


She stood below Pandya niwas eyeing the balcony.

" Itna zyada uncha bhi nahi hai.first floor par hi to can do it raavi " she said to herself.

She said a silent prayer and put her foot on the pipe taking the support of the wall.step by step she climbed up with her heart pounding.finally she reached her destination.she held the railing of the balcony and was about to climb up when she saw him.

She let out a shout and was about to fall when he held her hand and pulled her closer to himself holding her by the waist.

Her eyes were closed due to fear and she held onto his shirt tightly.

" Gadhedi hai tu? Chot lag jaati to? Mujhe pata tha tere Tedhe dimag mai aisa hi kuch idea ayega." Shiva said 

Raavi slowly opened her eyes and looked down.she was still standing on the other side.her feet on a narrow railing.

" Shivaa ..baad mai daant lena.pehle mujhe andar to kheench " she said.

Shiva shook his head.

" Pehle maan le ki tu challenge haar gayi " he said.

" Haar kaise gayi? Mai aa gayi na ghar pe.aur abhi 12 baja nahi hai "she argued.

" Tu ghar ke bahaar hai.aur meri madad ke bina tu andar aa nahi sakti.tu haar gayi " he said again.

Raavi let out a deep breath.she had no Choice now.she had to give in.

" Achaa.thik hai.ab mujhe andar le chal na.please shiva " she pleaded.

" Pehle apni haar maan le " he said.

" Tu jeeta...maii haari. Ab Khush? " She said swallowing her pride.

Shiva smiled and pulled her up swiftly into the balcony. 

He went in and raavi quietly followed him.

The hall was decorated, some of Devs college friends were there.there lay a cake in the middle.

Raavi's eyes lit up seeing all this.she went to dev and wished him giving him a side hug.shiva glared at her but she ignored him.

Dev cut the cake with his friends singing happy birthday.

He gave the first piece of cake to shiva.raavi was waiting by his side hoping he would give the second piece to her, but he went to a girl and fed her the cake.raavi seemed upset seeing that.she waited patiently for dev to come back and feed her the cake but he was too engrossed talking with that girl.

She went to the kitchen and drank a glass of water lost in her thoughts.

Woh ladki kaun hai? Use pehle to kabhi nahi dekha. 

"Khaa le " shiva said putting a piece of cake on front of her.

" Mujhe nahi khana.tu kha le " she said and turned around.

"Mai to kha lunga.par jis tarah tu cake ko ghur rahi thi na, mai risk nahi le sakta. pata chala mera pet kharab ho gaya " shiva said.

Raavi glared at him and took the cake and stuffed it in her mouth.she finished the large piece in seconds.she ate more when stressed.

Shiva shook her head and looked at the bhukkad in front of him.

They both came introduced the girl to raavi.

" Hii.i am Rishita." She said extending her hand.

" Hii.raavi " she said taking her hand.

" Of course.bahut suna hai tumhare baare mai." She said and laughed looking at dev who told her to shut up with his eyes.

Raavi didn't like the tone with which she said that.what had Dev told her? Did they make fun of her behind her back? 

" Raavi, tum ahaan, Rahul aur rishi se to pehle mil chuki ho " dev said Changing the topic.

Raavi nodded.

" Waise mera gift kahaan hai? " Dev asked 

Raavi had forgotten all about the gift in her challenge with shiva.that gadheda! 

She glared at shiva who was smirking at her from across the room drinking a glass of cold drinks.

Meanwhile the music started playing and rishita pulled dev away to dance with her.devs other friends joined.

Rahul came and asked raavi for a dance.

She politely refused.

" Come on raavi, it's just a dance " he asked again.

" Nahi .." raavi said uncomfortably.she had always got a negative vibe from this guy and she definitely won't dance with him.

Shiva came and grabbed raavi's hand and pulled her along with him while Rahul looked on confused.

He held her waist and brought her closer to him while a slow song played in the background.

He twirled her around such that her back was against his chest and whispered near her ears.

" Darr gayi? " He asked 

" Huhh...mai? Mai kyu daru? " Raavi replied in a State of daze due to his sudden act.

" Kal meri gulami jo karni hai tujhe " he said as he twirled her again making her face him.

" Cheating kar ke jeeta hai tu " she answered back 

" Thk hai.ab tu darr gayi to jaane de.par agar challenge karne ki himmat hai to use pura karne ki bhi himmat rakhni chahiye " he said 

" Dar aur mai? Bilkul bhi nahi.kal ke din tu jo kahega mai karungi " she said 

" Kal subah subah dukaan Mai aa jaana " he smirked.he is going to have some fun with her tomorrow.


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I'm here smiley41

& I love me for it smiley42smiley27

I'm very very very excited bub smiley31

I wanna see what that ✨fun✨ entails smiley43

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And I was in your FF 😂😂😂

Posted: 1 years ago
Originally posted by Pixiepadhi


And I was in your FF 😂😂😂

see, we're ✨FF-soulmates✨ smiley42smiley27

Posted: 1 years ago

Continue soon Pix ..looking forward to thissmiley27

Posted: 1 years ago

Hehehe..what an interesting storyline smiley36


Can't wait to know what will Shiva do next 😂😂

Update soon!❤️❤️

Posted: 1 years ago

Me love it Riyaaaa

Updatee soooon!

Bahut maza aa raha hai😝

Rubbing my hands in glee

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