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I strted watching bbott coz of d promo of shamita and raqesh. Dey seemed an interestin mix nd all d oder contestants ver unknown 2 me. In d beggining i felt shamita raqesh mimicked d armaan tanisha dynamics in reverse. She is controlling, dominating nd 2 demanding. Nd raq seemed genuinely scared of her nd a nice guy. 

But gradually i strted noticing changes in bapat when i strted following d livefeed regularly, especially aftr d nia epi. He subtly triggers her with divya coz he knows dats her trigger point , blows hot nd cold wid her, demeans her at times. Wenever shamita asks 4 clarity on der relation he tries to escape d convo, invalidates her feeling telling its over reaction. Den goes nd bitches bout her to nishant. He has resentments towards her which bcoz of his non confrontational nature he is not able to convey, so he acts passive aggressive vid her. Leaving her confused many atime. She dsnt know ver she stands vid him vich makes her even more insecure. He makes her looks like a crazy possesive b*tch nd plays into her trust issues. During d 4 week he acted lyk a puppy in love, the day d connection theme ended he made it clear to her dat he dint wanna give ny label to der relationship. He ended things wid her coz she cudnt b frnds wid divya. In reality like neha told shamita in the live feed he got cold feet, nd escaped as she was damn serious bout dem nd he was not.

But d biggest hypocrisy is him telling nishant dat he dsnt like his frnds talking to d person he dsnt like nd his hatred for pratik. When shamita had raised same issue wid divya he kept invalidating her nd making her luk lyk a possessive psycho.

In short, raqesh bapat is not wat he shows. He is fake, nd egotistical, his personality changes according to outside feedback. He is playing a game. Till 4th week he relied on shamita wid d love angle, d coming week he wants to rely on divya to take him forward.

Posted: 11 days ago

But Shamita IS what she shows --- and that's more toxic than anything, in a relationship.  It would be just conflict and her way all the time --- who would want to be in such a situation. 

Posted: 11 days ago

Tho she had clearly tym nd again asked him wat he wants game connection, frnds or more but raqesh kept ghumaoin d answer nd told lets explore... phattu aadmi shud hav taken a stand den itself...kissing hugggin usko voh sab bhi karna tha....shamita hadnt tied him to a tree nd forced him with her.

Posted: 11 days ago

Okay..let me say both are toxicsmiley24but Raq is proving it bad. He gave me a Baazigar effect while entering and giving me Crimemaster Gogo effect now.

Posted: 11 days ago

Ya dey r not compatible but only she gets flake for it coz he does his things subtly....nd emotionally manipulates her....y lead her on ven he had no intention for nythin especially ven she had clarified again nd again ki she is not interested in flings.

Posted: 11 days ago
Originally posted by rhondasa

Ya dey r not compatible but only she gets flake for it coz he does his things subtly....nd emotionally manipulates her....y lead her on ven he had no intention for nythin especially ven she had clarified again nd again ki she is not interested in flings.

But how can you commit to such a controlling personality, that also at the ekdum start of the relationship.  It will only get worse.  You have to take the time to evaluate whether you can be okay being in this high stress situation all the time.  I think he is being pretty honest and straight up in saying he needs time, and will prefer to see how it goes outside the house.  Things change outside as inside is an unnatural situation.  I dont see how he is emotionally manipulating her.  

Posted: 11 days ago

Mayb coz u dont c d livefeed....he plays hot nd cold wid her...nd shes been dominating since day 1....hw cum den he was feeling love is in d air, kissing, crush, i dont lyk divya too etc....she never changed he changed as per convenience.

Posted: 11 days ago

The way he is behaving with Shamita,  koi bhi pagal ho jayega. In BB14, ali was praising her and in BB13 Vikas gupta was praising her when she wasn't a contestant. She liked him and he got cold feet. Thats it. The way he was bitching about Neha and pratik in LF ,not makes him so sidha saadha. Shamita has cried whole day,  and he was like mujhe fark nhi padta. Usse 1000 times acha pratik hai as he made sure neha feeds her before she going to sleep when she was sleeping in bathroom area. He deserves nishant and Divya friendship. I want to see Shamita , how beautiful she is without Raqesh and with good friend like Neha. If Shamita is okay now it is because of Neha. Shamita cried and moose, nishant & divya were laughing . But it's because of neha, she has become normal again. Everyone needs a friend like neha. I feel it is good that we can see Raqesh true nature so fast.

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