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Posted: 2 months ago
Originally posted by kar08

Honestly I wanted to slap this horrible Sanjana very hard today and kick her out of the office and their lives. The audacity of her, slyly letting Sona know that she had lunch with Dev and that she ate his food while he ate hers. Felt like throttling her. She was trying to imply a closeness between them grrrr. And how dare she ask Sona to send more tofu next time!! Like the CEO’s wife has no other work but to send food for some third rate employee of her husband that she hasn’t even met ! Ugh.

And is she Dev’s personal secretary to be questioning sona where she is going and whether she has an appointment ?! She is his wife, she can come and go as she pleases. So glad Sona gave it to her. 

While Sanjana is an obsessive amoral loser, I blame Dev too for giving her all these wrong signals - rushing to help her when any other employee could have gone and saying ok when she asked to eat lunch with him. First of all which new employee, that too a junior one, will go up to the CEO and ask if she can eat with him !!?

Hating this track, I hate it when women have to fight for what/ who is rightfully theirssmiley7

More creepy will b sona going to say sorry in future after all these..smiley11

Posted: 2 months ago

So Dev the eternal liar is back - lying that the tofu was good and that he ate it. What a loser. Poor Sona doesn’t deserve this man who can’t be honest with her after all these years. I don’t know why she didn’t tell him about the creepy phone call from Sanjana. She should have told him how uncomfortable the call made her and how inappropriate it is for a junior employee to be calling her boss at all odd hours. What happened to all their promises of communication?

Looks like Elena’s stalker track has been wrapped up to make way for Dev’s stalker smiley36

Posted: 2 months ago
Originally posted by Hari73

More creepy will b sona going to say sorry in future after all these..smiley11

Or Dev saying SOrry to SOna after one Quickysmiley7 and than Sona will say Sorry tooo smiley19

Posted: 2 months ago

How was the episode? Couldn't watch today...will catch it on Sony LIV.

Posted: 2 months ago

Why was he sharing about seeing therapist and spilling all the beans while Maate wants to blame all problems on Sona.  He poured his heart out to his controlling mother but she did not even think she needed to be honest about telling him that she had ran to the counsellor wanting to know about her son's unhappiness & blame sona for all the troubles.

Sanjana is typical Psycho-Stalker who is projecting her thoughts & feelings and making assumptions-judgements about SOna or Devakshi's marriage.  WTF is she to Question her if SOna had any appts to see Dev?  smiley7

I am so glad Sona told her on the phone that Sanjana could have txt Dev instead of calling as it was late @ night.  Psycho intentionally shared swapping lunch with Dev & eating it together just to put doubt in Sona's mind-heart about Dev.  Asking Sona to send extra tofu next time as if Sona was her servant.  Sona should have said "Excuse me WTH do u think you are" smiley36

Sona's reaction was so honest and legit.  She wanted to trust him but not blindly.  She is using both her brain and heart.  Hope she makes the right decision..It was shameless of Dev not being honest about Sona's cooked healthy lunch.  Liar liar pants on fire smiley7  Promises were made only yesterday and Dev babu forgot all about being honest.  smiley21

Edited by Dabulls23 - 2 months ago
Posted: 2 months ago

Tbh I kinda get why he lied about the Tofu thing, it was a small white lie to just keep his wife happy- true to his character. 

What else would he have said? "No Sona, it was actually super gross, I didn't like the food you lovingly stayed home to make and pack for me." I understand that he could've said he shared lunch with some rando in office, but I feel Dev wouldn't have thought about it as important enough to elaborate on, and just said oh it was yummy goodnight. 

My best friend made this disgusting cheesecake the other day- it was so bad! So excitedly she was like "how's it?", I said it's not bad at all because I knew she spent 4 hours making it, and searched for the exact  ingredients for days. We lie to the people we love most sometimes. 

Posted: 2 months ago
Originally posted by Dabulls23

Or Dev saying SOrry to SOna after one Quickysmiley7 and than Sona will say Sorry tooo smiley19

I doubt dev even saying sorry..smiley36

Sona saying sorry is guaranteed either way..

Posted: 2 months ago

What a character growth in Vicky's character!! Amazing!! If anyone has really matured with age in all aspects it's Vicky. 

He truly loves his wife, completely trusts her and knows when to stand up for her, is aware of his Mom's faults and is not afraid to call her out, and knows his own weaknesses that he cannot do anything to lose Dev's trust in him - he is proving to have actually grown in life! 

Season 3 ka Asli Hero is Vicky!

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3 

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