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vakratunda mahakaya, surya koti samaprabaha

nirvighnam kurumedeva sarva karyeshu sarvada


To celebrate the birth of Lord Ganesha the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated. Also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi, this festival is celebrated to worship Ganesha, the son of God Shiva and Goddess Parvati, the God of wisdom, success, and good luck, the God of new beginnings and the remover of obstacles, the one who is the marker of everything auspicious and prosperous.

This is a 10-days long festival that begins with the consecration of Lord Ganesha's idol in the temple or at home. The said ritual is known as Pran Prathishtha. The idol is bathed in panchamrit snan that comprises of milk, ghee, honey, curd, and sugar, followed by scented oil and ganga jal. The devotees then offer Lord Ganesha new clothes along with flowers, unbroken rice (akshata), garland, sindoor, and chandan.

Devotees chant vedic hymns and prayers to worship the God of wisdom. They also observe fast and offer the God his favorite sweets, especially modak, on all ten days. It is on the tenth day of the festival that Lord Ganesha's idol is carried in a procession with great joy, devotion, and music. People of all age groups participate in the procession and dance around the idol. The idol is taken to a nearby water body like a river or a sea for immersion. With chants of mantras and hymns, Ganesha is bid farewell while the devotees wish for him to return the next year.


O the Elephant-headed, the one served by likes of spirits and [Shiva's] tribes,

O the one who derives pleasure from devouring sweet fruits like wood apples and blackberries,

The beloved little boy of devi Uma [Parvati], the destroyer of grief,

I bow to your lotus feet, to you, who is the destroyer of all obstacles.

-Manache Shloka attributed to Swami Samartha Ramdas

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O the one who unceasingly blossoms like spring-time within the hearts of learned saints,

The very same one who so easily broke off his own tusk and became one-toothed,

I remember you continuously, O Ganesa!

-5th stanza, Sri Ganesa Pancharatnam attributed to Sri Adi-Shankara

There are many interesting yet inspirational tales on Lord Ganesha. Let's reminisce few of them.

When the elephant head was procured and little Ganesha was brought back to life, Shiva made it a rule that before beginning any new endeavor, it was necessary to worship Lord Ganesha and get his blessings. However, Shiva forgot that the rule applied to him as well.

One day when Lord Shiva was heading out to war with the demons, he faced many problems even before reaching the battlefield. On the way, the war-carriage wheel was damaged and the progress came to a halt and he suddenly remembered that he had totally forgotten to worship Ganesha before heading for the battle.

Stopping all his troops, Shiva set up the puja then and there and completed the rituals worshipping Ganesha which led him and his army become successful in defeating the demons completely.

This story shows that no matter who you are, once you have created a rule, it applies to everyone equally.

One fine day, Ganesha and his brother Karthikeya ended up finding a unique fruit in the forest and grabbed it together. They refused to share it with each other and started claiming the fruit for themselves.

When they reached Kailash and presented this predicament to their parents, Lord Shiva proposed a challenge. He asked Ganesha and Karthikeya to circumvent their world 3 times. Whoever would do so first and return to Kailash, would be the rightful owner of the fruit.

Karthikeya immediately hopped onto his pet peacock and flew to complete three revolutions across Earth. Ganesha realized that his pet was a rat who couldn’t fly. Having listened to Shiva’s proposal properly, Ganesha started walking around his parents and completed three circles around them. When asked by Shiva, Ganesha replied that he had asked them to circumvent their world. And for him, his parents were more than the world. They were the entire universe.

Shiva was touched and impressed by Ganesha’s wisdom and saw him as the rightful owner of the fruit.

This story teaches that your wisdom can help resolve a situation smartly and your parents should be given the respect and love they deserve.

Kubera was a renowned God who was the wealthiest in the entire universe. He had a treasure trove of wealth and would hoard everything to himself with pride.

One day, he invited several guests over for dinner, including Shiva and Parvati. But they both could not attend the dinner, so they sent over Ganesha as their representative. Ganesha noticed how Kubera’s behaviour was, he was showing off on the different kinds of food he was providing. Thus, Ganesha decided to teach him a lesson. He began devouring the dinner in a speedy pace and ended up finishing all the food. Yet his hunger was not satiated. So he started eating Kubera’s wealth collection. Still unsatisfied, Ganesha then proceeded to eat Kubera himself, who ran to Mount Kailash for protection.

Shiva, seeing the reason behind Ganesha’s antics, asked Kubera to offer a simple bowl of cereals to Ganesha. He ate them and immediately was satisfied. Kubera learned not to amass wealth greedily and agreed to distribute it amongst everyone.

This tale story shows how greed and pride can be harmful to a person and it is necessary to be considerate towards everyone.

That's all from our side folks. Do share your favorite story on Ganesha and celebrate this day in a safe and grand way!

A   H a p p y   G a n e s h   C h a t u r t h i   to everyone once again!


-RD- | metacrisis | Life_Is_Dutiful

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Happy Ganesh Chaturthi IFians.

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Happy Ganesh Chaturthi guys! smiley27

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Happy Ganesh Chaturthi Everyone!!!smiley40

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Happy Ganesh Chathurthi friends. 

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Happy Ganesh Chaturthi People!!smiley31

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Vakratunda mahakaya

Suryakoti samaprabha

Nirvighnam kurume deva

Sarva karyeshu sarvada!


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