Happy Teachers Day: The Shaper of Young Minds

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Posted: 17 days ago


From helping students hold the pencil to holding the future of the nation, the role of a teacher just never ends at one point. 

Teachers are one of the biggest influences on young minds. A good teacher is someone who melts themselves in order to make students grow. One successful citizen is backed up by many teachers from various points of life. The word 'teacher' and 'mentor' is not only confined to the classroom but beyond four walls. Just like there's no limit to learning there is no limit to meeting someone who leaves a life-saving lesson in life. 


In India, Teachers Day is celebrated every 5th of September in order to honour the whole teaching fraternity that has been working without any break in shaping the future. While Teachers Day globally is celebrated on October 5th, in India it is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and is observed since 1962. 


Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan was the first Vice President of India (1952–1962) and also a highly-respected teacher himself. He continued being the second President of India during the term 1962-1967. He was not only a teacher but also a great philosopher and had received prestigious awards like Knighthood and Bharat Ratna(the highest civilian award). History records that his students wanted to celebrate his birthday as a special day. While listening to their request Dr. Radhakrishnan suggested that it shall be celebrated as 'Teachers Day' instead.


Teachers are one of the most versatile characters as they equip themselves way ahead of their students and tend to provide them the best knowledge available. A teacher not only provides educational understanding but also provides and aids in growing the thirst for learning more things. 


In recent years, teachers are undergoing another drastic change in their careers by bringing the classrooms at our convenience, at home. Just like there's no definite end to learning new things there will never be enough words to describe how magnanimous a teacher is.

Happy Teacher's Day! 

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After grabbing quickly a mug filled with her favourite black coffee, Mrs A rushed into opening her laptop and getting her stuff ready for the lesson of the day.

Since March 2020, her habits drastically changed and she had to manage lessons and her personal life at the same time. It had drained all of her energy, but she was not ready to give up. It was her first year of teaching and her class needed her to succeed. She just couldn’t let everything go because of a lockdown and a pandemic. She was determined she wouldn't let it.


While opening her laptop, she drank her coffee, took a deep breath and was ready to start the virtual session. Few minutes left before the clock strikes 8.30 am.

- Good Morning Madam’

- Good Morning students, hope you’re doing well…

At this very moment, the camera started to doze off…. Oh no ! not Again ?! Like everyday, the net is being a pain 


It was Mrs A and her students daily routine. Starting class 10 minutes late because of the net connection. They were used to it and honestly, they would laugh together because they were all sailing « in the same boat ».


After the connection came back, the online class began...

- So tell me, how was your weekend ?

- "Madam I did this..." "Madam I did that" ….. their cute replies could only make her chuckle.. Mrs A was teaching English to 10 year old children.

- We'll begin by going through last week's homework. But before we begin, has everyone done their homework or do some of you have some funny excuse for not completing their homework?... (silence from the students) oh good, it looks like you all have completed your homework so let's start with Jay!

- Jay thinks before answering... "Miss, vo kya hua na... mere homework mere bhai ke doggie ne kha liya! (Miss, my brother's dog ate my homework"...

-Mrs A sighed "Ah I see, most likely because there was nothing else for him to eat at home right?" Jay nodded positively.

All burst out laughing.

- "Come on class, let’s get serious" sighed Mrs A. "You only have another 30 minutes of this class before you go to your next class so open up your homework booklets and lets go through the questions together. Jay you pay attention and complete the homework as we work through it"... And so the lesson continued...


Every day was a battle getting their full attention online. Not an easy task at all but not impossible. 


Mrs A like all teachers would have preferred teaching her students in her classroom in her school but she knew that was not safe but either of them so she made use of technology to assist in connecting with her students. Teaching through a laptop via a camera is not easy, students especially children find it difficult to sit still for so long but stopping their education altogether was not an option and so educational institutions across the globe have invested in bringing the classroom home with teachers teaching from the comfort of their homes. 


Remote learning has never been simple but various institutions across the globe have adopted different methods to facilitate remote learning for their students i.e. In Sierra Leone, the radio is the main channel for remote learning and a toll-free phone line is available for students to contact teachers when in need. 

While we agree no child should be deprived from the basic education, we also need to agree that the education institutions and their staff particularly the teachers have done a remarkable job despite not being prepared for this pandemic. So let us put our hands together and appreciate the endless hours of hard work they have all done for our children! Thank you. 


Each student needs a teacher. A teacher is a ladder to each student’s life

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Teachers are a very integral part of ones life be it school, university, vocational learning etc. basically till teachers are there till one doesn't stop studying or learning something at a professional level therefore a large chunk of ones memories good or bad  are devoted to teachers. Keeping in sync with that some of our lovely CC's have gone ahead and shared one or two of their fond memories with their teachers....


 During 10th grade, we were learning heavily about the World Wars. For WWI, it was the regular read it and memorize it, but for WWII, our teacher decided to try something different. He assigned each of us a different character from WWII. Some were important people like Hitler, Churchill, etc. but others were "civilians" like a drummer, a soldier, a nurse, etc. It was quite funny because he didn't let us choose, but assigned us roles based on what he thought we could do best or have the most fun with. For example, we had a class clown who was assigned the role of drummer. There was one tall guy who was growing a moustache and our teacher told him to "shave it Hilter style". I was assigned the role of an army nurse because apparently I had the motherly feels to me. smiley24 Anyways, we were all told to research for our roles and prepare as if we were going to do the full WWII in 3 hours. People dressed up, the kid actually shaved his moustache to make it like Hitler's, people found clothes and props, and we all showed up for class completely ready to go crazy with all our research and work. For the next 3 hours, we had absolute chaos in our classroom. There was yelling, frustrations, craziness, a few "deaths", a mad drummer, etc. because everyone got so involved in their roles. Hitler and Churchill actually had a face-to-face showdown (and the students were best friends). It was a great day and we learnt so much because not only did we do the research, but we got to enact the parts and become completely involved in our characters. To this day, that class and that day was my favourite because it was so funny and yet so memorable. So, today, on Teacher's Day, I want to thank that teacher of ours and here's hoping that he continues to teach current students in the same way.


I don't know if it I should share this as my memory 🙈 But here it is. 

I was in 9th class when I wrote my first love story novel. My friends used to read and enjoy It. It was just like a serial, I would write few pages at home and give the notebook to them in the first hour of school. They would return it to me after reading. I don't know what had taken over me, I chose the most famous couple of the class as the lead couple if my story😅 When they read the first part they asked me to stop writing or change the names but next day both of them came to me and asked if I continued it 😄😄

One day I was called by my class teacher and he had my that notebook in his hand. My heartbeat stopped for a moment, I was all blank. He was my English teacher, and he had read everything written in it.

I felt so ashamed to be called because of writing a never ending love story at the age of 14, I just stood silently beside two of my friends who were reading it openly in his class and were caught. 

He asked them to leave and I thought I was going to get a nice scold for taking real people as characters. But to my surprise, he told me that he would like to read the previous parts. That's when I realised, that was the 13th notebook of the story. There were 12 notebooks I had completed writing the same story. He asked me to just work on my tenses a little and I would be a very good author one day. He asked if those two know about this and when I said yes, he said then I can continue writing it 😆

When I published my first book, I visited him and gave him a copy asking for a review and suggestions. He seemed very happy about it.

There is another funny one when in class 6th, my maths teacher was correcting my notebook, we both were standing and I suddenly said, "Sirrrrr, main aapse lambi hoon!" 

The whole  class burst out laughing 😂😂

He just smiled awkwardly and continued his work 😅 

I used to call him 'The Tiny Teacher' behind his back 🙈


I don't have much pleasant memories of my school. Like many people even I too used to hate school mostly because of my Hitler type teachers smiley36but there was one teacher who used to be my favorite. She was my 8th std. class teacher and used to teach us History. I don't remember her name. I think it was Libya. The only thing I remember was her name started with the letter L was the name of a country. She was strict but never over strict like other teachers. She used to scold and discipline the students but never mocked or humiliated them. I used to love her unique teaching style. First of all, she used to ask us to open our history text books and give us a page number and ask us to read quietly. Meanwhile she would jot down important points from that page on the blackboard. Then she would start explaining each and every point and the way she used to explain to us it was as if she was narrating us a story on the ancient times. The history period used to be so much fun and interesting only because of the way she used to teach us and make us understand the concepts. She used to be very calm and patient teacher. She was truly the best teacher of the school and my 8th std was so memorable and fun to me only due to her. Today, wherever she is, may God always bless her! She was the best example of a good and ideal teacher. 


I was never close to teachers personally as I used to keep distance with them....some of them used to scare me. A huge part of my school days was defined by mental harrassment. 

Yet, amidst this chaos, I want to salute Mr Abiassi. He was my Mathematics teacher during my first year of the high school. A basketball trainer during his free time, a tall figure walking with confidence in the corridors of the F building, he had that look who made students fear of him. 

During class when we used to ask questions he used to reply:

- "I don't know anything about Mathematics" 

- Sir, what do we have to revise?

- " Everything since kindergarten".

He knew I was bad at maths but never put me down. One day, during parents meeting, he smiled at my mother and said: "your daughter is trying her best, I can see how hardworking she is... just don't take her maths results into account, everyone has a field where they succeed, mine is maths by default but your daughter is something else"


I don't remember him as my teacher today but as a colleague with whom I had the privilege to work with as a send assistant. 

He tragically passed away 4 years back in a car accident. He is deeply missed by many of his colleagues and former students. I do miss him when I go daily at work. He always had this ear to hear.

Unforgettable Mr Abiassi.  


High school years are believed to be the best years in one's life and I do look back at my years in school as being extremely valuable and probably the best few years of my life. And I think that is down to the friends I made and the lessons I learnt both in the classroom and in the playground.

This thread is dedicated to teachers and I am sure every teacher will support me in saying that they have all encountered that one student during their teaching career, that was/is a pain and a popular topic of discussion during lunch breaks. And while that is true, I take great pleasure in bursting the bubble and saying the feeling is mutual. Every student will also have encountered that one teacher during their time in education that they just simply could not stand and hated to the core. And I was no exception...

She was a Biology teacher in my high school and I can't think of one student that actually liked her. She had this horrible attitude towards people and I say people because it wasn't just students she looked down upon but also co-teachers. I once overheard her call another teacher "daft" because the teacher in question misread her note and gave a completely different answer to her question. Anyway going back to her attitude towards students, she took an instant dislike in me due to my group of friends... we were the "naughty/bad" group of girls who didn't play by the rule book and that got on her nerves, she loved the "yes miss yes miss" type of teacher's pets which we most certainly weren't, so she literally picked on me at any and every given opportunity. i.e. she placed me on litter duty as a means of punishment for writing notes to a friend during her B-O-R-I-N-G lesson. So I naturally complained to my dad (yes I'm daddy's girlsmiley36) who called up the school and sternly said "I don't pay that large amount of tuition fees for my daughter to come to your school to pick up your litter... if I wanted her to do that believe me she'd be doing that at no cost to me at her own home." Next day... I was advised I don't have to do litter duty if I didn't want to. LOL. 

Deep down we all knew she knew she treated us badly because she admitted the only reason she didn't want her own daughter coming to the school was because she feared the students would take her revenge from her daughter. smiley3 The minute she said that we all were tempted to say the girls you pick on are also someone's daughter and that mother like you would also be feeling upset seeing her child being subjected to unfair treatment. Alas, we didn't... but her story eventually came to an end when she left the school but sadly our year group was long gone by then.


I was always the quietest kid in the class, one who would rarely approach any teacher. However, I haven't forgotten all that my teachers have silently done for me in the meantime.

One of such kind souls was one of my old tuition teachers. She was strict, and I was terrified of her (I still am, a little bit smiley36) and yet she taught with such indulging dedication towards each of her students. At that time, I was going through a really rough patch in my life. She, through her inimitable passion for her work, gave me something to look forward to when I didn't have much else going for me.

It is because of her that I grew up to love her subject, and today I can proudly say that I am on my way to making it mine too. smiley42

I owe my entire career to that woman. So, with my life, thank you, Mrs. S! smiley27


So what has been your most favourite or distinct memory with any of your teachers? may be a silent crush or may be a well known one or may be them just inspiring you to become who you are. Share below because we would love hear fun stories about your teachers...



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happy teachers day! 

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Happy teacher' day to everyone who help me learn and grow everyday in this forum smiley31

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Happy Teacher's Day smiley31

Posted: 11 days ago

Happy Teachers' Day 2020: Wishes, images, quotes, status, messages, photos,  cards, and greetings | Lifestyle News,The Indian Express

Excellent thread with full of childhood recollections. smiley27 

The influence of teachers extends beyond the classroom, well into the future. 

In our young and impressionable years, our teachers played a very important role-- they have been our role models, our inspiration, and parent-figures outside our home who taught us many lessons about life. At times, they might be tough on us but, in hindsight, it was only to mold and shape our talents, to make us fight our fears and to work on our weaknesses. In fact, a good teacher not only imparts knowledge to their students, but they inspire, encourage and instill curiosity to find solutions to problems. 

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." - William Butler Yeats

I really loved reading that concept, the World War 2 enacted by students, the most admirable one is the English teacher asking  his student for the previous chapters  to read further!! 

Each and every tale telling a memory's monologue, an evocative recollection. 

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Happy Teachers Day to everyone! We all are teachers in one way or the other. We have been learning a lot from our parents, friends, colleagues, neighbors etc throughout our lives so here's wishing all of us and everyone in our lives a very happy teachers day.

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