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Posted: 10 months ago


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Posted: 10 months ago

Episode 1 : 30th August 2021

It starts with a blast... Three armed terrorists get into the border, Karan Shergill is introduced beating them up. 

Others join in. One of the terrorist says you're the brother of Param Shergill who died. Karan says wo mara nahi tha Shaheed hua tha...

The news showcase the rising terrorist activities in the country.

A high command meeting is called. (Colonel?) Vikram Batra introduces his idea to train civilians in Parakram and make a Special Action Force. The three people chosen for the task are Karan, Faizi and Sanjana.

Faizi is flirting with his girlfriend when Karan calls him and asks to report to the headquarters.

Sanjana is dancing in her engagement function when Karan calls her and tells her the same. 

Sanjana informs her family and gets ready to leave.

All three meet Vikram Batra who tells him about the mission. They call it punishment posting and refuse to train civilians. 

Karan says that civilians lack "Self confidence". 

Monami is introduced trying to get into a lift but everyone around her pushes her and gets in, she's left behind.

Faizi says "Trust" is the second most important quality.

Koel is shown hiding her engagement/wedding ring and ticking unmarried on her form.

Sanjana says "Discipline" is the third quality necessary for a soldier.

Sid is shown drunk, trying to get his car running, he's kicking it.

They agree reluctantly for the mission.

Monami tries to tell her father about her resignation and joining SAF, Sid is recording the video. They're shown as besties and share an adorable bond. 

Monami is a daughter of an army doctor, she wishes to join Parakram like her mother. Sid is her bestie and she asks him to join, he declines almost immediately.

Monami tries to tell her father but can't. She sees a person coming in, injured, without money for treatment. She says she will pay and gets him treated.

Monami meets her mother's friend, an Army Doctor, Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Gunjan Bhushan and she tells her, she's just like her mother, strong and beautiful.

Monami talks to her father about joining SAF, he tells don't come back if you can't do it.

The Special Agents trio go around the academy and are ready to welcome the civilians for training.

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Episode 2 : 31st August 2021

Episode starts with Monami leaving for Deolali in a bus. Sid stops the bus and gives her a succulent and best wishes. They bid each other goodbye. 

In the Academy, Sanjana is screening the applicants. Karan is unimpressed with everyone. Some minor characters are introduced. Koel stands out of the crowd. She ends up fighting with another woman and some boys comment this how they will save the country. Sanjana gets angry and slaps him.

Karan & Faizi go to the market, Faizi is eating Samosa and asks Karan to pay. Karan chides him that he always pays and never eats. A thief steals Karan's wallet and he runs behind him.

An interesting chase scene, rather too long.

Monami's bus breaks down and she decides to walk to the camp. She gets life on the way but it's too slow so she walks again and reaches the same marketplace where Karan is running behind the thief. She sees Karan pointing knife at the thief and tries to walk off, remembering Sid's words' to not mess in others problems but comes back as she couldn't stop. The thief gets and opportunity to run away once again.

Karan runs behind him and Monami too. They end up in a old abandoned building and Monami tries to fight Karan. A good fight scene. The policemen come in and Monami tells that Karan was threatening a guy with knife. Karan tries to tell he's an officer. Monami wants to leave, the policemen escort her. Faizi comes in and they are asked for IDs. They both convince the policemen that they're army officers and policeman apologizes. 

All the applicants are assembled in the marketplace to be sent for screening. They're given food. Monami joins them. The thief also gets a chance and joins under fake name.

They're transported to the bridge where Karan and Faizi are waiting for them. 

Monami and the thief hide from him, she falls down and Karan gives his hand.

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Episode 3 : 1st Sept 2021 

Karan briefs the recruits about the small 3 hour trek through jungle which they all have to undertake to reach the academy. He tells them three important things to remember, to judge the waters before jumping into it, keep their smartness at home and obey all the rules at all times.

Koel asks to bring her bag, she is told that it will reach the academy before them but she insists. She goes to the truck and there's a small child hiding in her bag who refuses to stay there, she brings him along in her bag. (It is her child, she says main tumhari maa hu, listen to me)

All the recruits are on their way through the jungle. 

Karan and Faizi drive back to the academy. Faizi says that do you think Monami will make it through and they bet 2000rs, Karan says she won't. 

Back in the academy, Karan is looking at his brother Major Param's picture and remembers that terrorist's words.

Vikram Batra calls him and says that this is very strict, they are to be trained. Karan says trust him, he would not want to waste country's resources and only choose those who are fit. 

Karan and Faizi are in the CCTV room, checking what the applicants are doing. We see the applicants helping each other.

Sanjana says that (aapki wali) Monami is doing good. Karan tells her ki wapas Bundelkhand jana hai kya. 

The thief (Bala) is injured and Monami, Koel and others help him. 

Sid send a bath tub to Monami at the academy. Karan sees it and comments on rich people who waste resources and are not considerate about others. 

Karan send a picture to Sanjana, she shows it to Monami and asks isme garam pani bharwaye ki thandasmiley36

Monami feels embarrassed and calls Sid to scold him.

Sid is in his house, there's a small fire in the kitchen, he continues to eat icecream and asks his servants to manage it. His father scolds him and takes him to task. He decides to send Sid to their farm house so that he will take care of the cattle there. He also asks about his marriage (?) And Sid lies that he proposed Monami. His father asks to bring Monami for dinner the next evening so that he can bless them.

We see the applicants making their way to the academy, where two people are hund upside down as they walk into the trap and Monami is the third one. She cries for help.

Karan is ready to send her back and Sid is waiting for her to return while Monami has decided to stay.

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Episode 4 : 2 Sept. 2021 

Sid is waiting in the hospital to meet walnut, aka Monami's father to convince him to bring Monami back. He refuses. 

Karan tells to close the gate sharp at 5pm. 

Sid enters the OT with her father and tries to manoyfy him but he doesn't budge. Sid manages to convince him to get his driver do as per his wishes and drop him home. 

Monami is hanging upside down on the tree when she remembers her father's words. She takes out the knife from her bag and cuts the rope.

All the jhingurs are back, except Monami. She pushes Koel inside and the gate closes before she could get in. Karan says she can't come inside as the time is up.

All the other recruits are given smaller bags and asked to fit as much stuff into their bags, rest will be kept in the storeroom.

The thief tries to run away and bumps into Karan. He says everyone should get a chance and sends him inhouse prison.

Monami is sitting in Col. Batra's room. Karan is called there. He gives the reason that she was alte hence isn't allowed the entry. Monami tries to reason, and ends up convincing Batra that she deserves place in the academy.

Sid sends the driver to the academy to bring Monami back.

Monami asks few questions to Karan and convinces that she will do anything once she's trained.

Koel brings her kid inside her room and tells him to hide when Suman comes as her room mate.

As Monami comes out of Batra's office, Sanjana tells her ki Karan sir se panga liya matlab hum sab se panga.

All the recruits are called to assemble by Karan. Faizi says kuch jyada nahi ho raha.

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Episode 5: 3rd Sept. 2021

Karan asks all the recruits to assemble. He instructs them to bring their favourite thing from their rooms. It is collected in a box by ustaadji.

They take shapath. 

He then asks to burn those things. Monami protests saying how can he do this.

Karan says jo apni favourite cheez ka tyag nahi kar sakte wo desh k liye balidaan kya denge?

They gather for dinner in the mess.

Suman is crying, everyone comforts her. 

The Actor (master Raju) compares Karan to Jallad. And others are also complaining.

Sanjana gives them a look and all shut up.

Faizi says ye kuch jyada nahi hua.

Monami comes to confront Karan but seeing his glares, she 

Monami is hugging the tree and remembering Karan and her dad's words. Faizi comes there and asks what's going on. She tells hug the tree, they're best buddies, a de-stresser. They chat for a while.

Faizi comes in the washroom and hears Koel's son's voices. She manages to distract him.

Sanjana is drunk and sees Monami's phone ringing, drunk Sid is calling and she answers him and he talks thinking it is Monami.

Karan and Bala meet and he gets scolded again.

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Episode 6 : 6 Sept. 2021

Karan is polishing his shoes when Ustaadji comes in and says ki Param sir ki tarah aap bhi apne joote khud saaf karte hai. Ustaadji says jyada sakhti ho rahi hai, he says ek din achhe commando banenge tab sab thik ho jayega. Ustaadji picks up the box that has all their things to be placed in warehouse. Says jis din aapko jaan jayenge uss din dil se salute karenge.

Koel is sleeping, holding her son's hand when the alarm sounds. They're woken up. Koel tells chotu to take care.

Karan asks Faizi jo bolna hai bol de. He says bolunga nahi tere joote kharab karunga and steps on it. Karan cleans it immediately and they both laugh.

All recruits gather in field and are sent for 10 km jogging. Karan Faizi n Sanju are leading them.

They're rope climbing. It's Moni's turn, she tries and falls down, asks for water. Karan says pani q rani sahiba, nimbu pani chahiye.

Monu is whispering that this is unfair. 

Koel says it out loud that this is torture. Sumanji and Prem also speak out. 

Karan asks Monami tsunami kuch kehna nahi chahti aaj? Gussa aa raha hai, maaro. Bala tries, he ducks and Bala falls. Other two recruits do the same. He says gussa aa raha ho to ja kar thande pani se naha lo. Training mere hisab se hi chalegi.

All recruits are resting. Sumanji shares that her parents went to a mall and we're killed in a terrorist act, since then she had decided to stand up and do something. Koel calls Monami selfish for not standing up with them.

They all decide to do a bagavat. Ustaadji comes and scolds them.

They're in the gallery, discussing what to do next - read baghavat-.

Monu hears Sid's drone and talks to him. Karan shoots his drone. Sanju also joins in. 

After long search, Sanju manges to shoot the drone. Faizi looks at it and says ki it's a toy, quite expensive one.

Sid is upset and starts playing songs loudly. All the recruits go out and start dancing. Monu is joining hands ki stop this.

Karan, Faizi and Sanju come there.

Precap: Party.

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Episode 7 : 7 Sept. 2021

Sid introduces himself as Monami's fiance, she disowns him saying she doesn't even know him. Colonel comes there and asks everyone to go in. Sid also tries to go in. Sanjana stops him and hits him. Monami hears him cry and runs to him. Colonel's wife asks him to go to dispensary. 

He tells Monu that he needs her help. He asks for a rare heart disease name (Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy)

and when everyone comes in, he emotionally blackmails Mrs. Batra saying he's going to die and needs to spend one night with his fiance, his love. Mrs. Batra agrees.

Karan comes to Colonel Batra and says this exception is not done, soon everyone will ask for one. 

Mrs. Batra asks Karan to host a welcome party and they can't refuse.

Sid talks to Monu about talking to her father, that he proposed her. She doesn't agree but he blackmails her by trying to throw the plant in toilet. She talks to his father and tells she will meet him when her training is over, he blesses her. 

Sanju comes there and tells him to leave. He calls her tod-phod wali.

Party time

Ustaadji tells Karan everything is ready. Karan says party nahi hai.

Sid clicks pictures with different girls, trying to find his tattoo wali.

Koel is getting ready when we are shown a flashback of someone slapping her and she is covering the mark with makeup. She talks to her son and tells him she will bring food and cake. He agrees. 

Back in party, Faizi teases Karan about Monami. He says he doesn't have time for this. 

Precap : Karan tells Monami who they are fooling, he can clearly see Sid is not dying.

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