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Posted: 3 months ago

Hello everyone,

I have written my version of story on our favorite couple Abhiya. It start after Piya’s memory loss however it is a tangent from there on, which you will get to know as you read the story. 

I call it novella because i have finished the entire thing and I am gonna post all of it together chapter wise like a very small novel with about 12 chapters or so, in hopes you will enjoy the continuity of it. Mainly i am focusing on Abhiya and their relation with some small side plots. 

I hope you enjoy it. 

PS: I have taken a lot of freedom with different kind of creatures and fictional species.


Chapter names:

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Its a love story

Piya experienced an uneasy feeling as she danced to the rhythm of the music. Her sisters, Panchi and Misha, had insisted on throwing a party for her birthday and if it was not enough they had invited Jeh too. Madhu and her father, Mr Dobriyal, had made sure to make it a grand affair and invited all of Mount College. Their hearts were in the right place but their actions were not. She was rather preferred the intimate gatherings to such lavish huge parties. Such large crowd made her more to her lonesome especially when she didn’t remember most of them. Sure girls made sure that she felt involved and at ease with them, Kabeer and Angad were sweet with her but they didn’t understand how out of place she felt. Her mother would have understood that. 

“Hey princess where are you lost?”, asked Jeh clicking fingers in front of her eyes. “It must have been Misha’s idea to pair her with Jeh in paper dance competition”, thought Piya. She and Panchi have been adamant on her dating Jeh ever since she started asking questions - questions about Abhay. 

“Huh?! nothing. I uh … I just need to freshen up.” And she excused herself for a break.  She went to her room and stood near the window with glass of cola in her hands thinking and trying to make sense of things she didn't remember. 

Ever since she had come back to India, after her year abroad, she had been having memory relapses. Every now and then something would trigger a memory in her - a place or a face or something and she had started asking more and more questions. Questions about her past, her accident and about Abhay. Everyone always dodged her questions about nothing but Abhay. “Who is this Abhay that her family is hell bent on keeping a secret?”, wondered she. The day she mentioned his name to Misha, she had gone all sweaty and defensive. She didn't give her any straight answer and tried selling some story of Arman. But soon enough it was clear that she was lying. She had found his college records in library and he was Abhay. The same Abhay whose names she heard from both T and Ruhi and many others from college, whose face kept popping in her memory, whose blue eyes calmed her nerves. And then the most mysterious yet wondrous thing happened. One day when she was in the forest- she heard a voice, a voice of the man that  gave her soothing feeling instantly. She followed it to try and locate the source, only to find a man buried in an ice block and then fainted there. That was enough to make her father paranoid about her health. Her family took her to her doctor and persuaded him to do all kinds of tests and she said she is fine but that was it. If she tried to talk about what she saw they assured her that it must have been a mere trick of her mind or that she was tired or may be jet lagged. After that nobody left her alone or let her go to the forest. Everywhere she went, Misha or Panchi tagged along using some or other excuse. She understood perfectly well that it was their ruse to keep her away from repetition of such an event. She didn't mind their concern but she didn't like this overprotectiveness either. She had been used to living alone and independently but in this one year things seemed to have changed and she had no recollection of it how. 

“Hey piya? Kya hua? Yaha ese akele kyun khadi ho?”, asked Misha. 

“Nothing I was just thinking all the birthdays I celebrated alone. How did I patch up with papa again?” 

“God piya kitni baar puchogi? Its as if you don't trust me”, Misha said making a face. 

It was probably partly true but Piya couldn't bring herself to hurt her best friend and her sister so she lied, “Last time I promise. I like to hear it.”

“Nothing piya. U came to Dehradun. We soon became best friends teaming up against T. Papa met you through me and then he found about your history to find you are his long lost daughter but you know you did not accept him and we did not know, me and birdy. But then the truth came out on their anniversary and sorry again for injuring you and hurting you but then eventually we made up. Everyone forgave everyone eventually and happy ending.” 

Piya smiled looking at her. She could not find any fault in her story. Everything she said sounded like her. It was perfect. Almost too perfect to be true. 

“And then what happened? How did i lose memory? Where did u find me” 

“I told u Piya. In an accident. You had fight with Abhay and then you met an accident. And then we found u in forest near that Doiwala road. He was no where to be seen, probably ran away. You were alone under layers of snow and ice in the middle of the forest.” 

“In the middle of the forest? near Doiwala road? Under snow and ice?”

“Yeah. Somewhere near that.”

“You never mentioned before in what condition you found me or where.” 

Misha’s face suddenly went white but she quickly composed herself and said, “uh Piya its uh well I don't remember the details as nicely. You know me and my poor memory”, she tried to explain but was late. “Your poor memory?”, interjected Piya. She ran out of the door leaving her alone to her thoughts without waiting for her reply. Misha’s one mistake had done it. Her mind had started to churn and she was jumping on her thoughts. The block of ice in the middle of the summer, a weird pull that she felt in the forest, and her losing memory and being found again around the same place she found the block. Everything must be linked together. It has to be. She was finally gonna get some answer. 


Piya felt disoriented as someone pulled her out of water and wrapped a shawl around her. Warming light made her realise that she was sitting on the ground in front fire and then Misha’s voice boomed in her ears. 

“What the hell were you thinking, Piya?”

Piya was shivering to say anything and barely looked at her, her eyes confused. 

“If we hadn't come Piya you would be dead by hypothermia in that freezing water”, shouted Misha.

Panchi tried to calm her down and asked, “Seriously Piya what is this?”

Piya tried to recollect what had happened. She had left home in hurry leaving Misha. She had come to the forest and as she was bending near the ice she heard the wolves howling and then the ice broke and she fell inside. But did someone hold her hand as she fell? She felt someone did. She looked around but found only Kabeer, Misha and Panchi. 

“Was there someone here that you saw?”

Others shared a confused look with each other. 

“For god sakes Piya there is no one in the ice there. And lets for a second assume that there was. Do you really think that he would have survived?” 

“Mish calm down”, said Kabeer calmly. 

“No i wont Kabeer. She is out there chasing a wild goose.”

“Misha whose fault is it? How many times have you guys lied about my past? How can you expect me to trust you after that?”, asked Piya in irritated and defensive tone.

“No Piya we didn't. Not technically because the fact of the matter is we honestly don't know what happened to him in that accident. Sure you dated but you never told us officially that you were dating, we only guessed seeing you two together. And then we don't even know why you broke up. You never told us anything about your relationship with him except that he was always rude to you which btw everyone knew.”, said Misha hotly.

“And you want to talk about accident?”, said Misha in rising voice, “All we know is you texted us that you were going somewhere for Abhay and then when you didn't return we tracked your phone and came looking for you, only to find you buried in layers of snow Piya. You were unconscious. Alone. Abhay nowhere to be found. We don't know what happened. We don't know where he went or even where he is today.”

“Piya when you woke up you were fragile. You didn't remember us or anything that had happened in a year. You kept fainting here and there and doctors said we had to be very careful with you and ensure you are not stressed. Thats why papa sent you to Paris, for change of scenery. Thats why we never told anything about Abhay. Piya we didn't see any point of mentioning him when we did not even know where he was.”, said Panchi.

“we were trying to protect you. So Hang us if thats a crime.”, Misha was now fuming. 

“Misha stop it. You go and add some wood to fire. I will take care of Piya.”, said Kabeer and turned to her. 

“Piya, we didn't lie to you about anything else. We genuinely told you everything we knew even about Abhay later”, Kabeer said as he sat near her. 

Piya looked at them. 

“But I .. i keep dreaming his face Kabeer. I don't remember anything but I remember those eyes and that face. And I ..”


“Piya look, I know you loved him. And may be thats why you are having hard time getting over because you are too close to it. But Piya nobody knows where he is.”

“And that block of ice?! Where did that come from and it broke when i touched it and..”

“Piya of course it broke. That thing is ice and it must have started to melt from inside in this heat. You must have been leaning on thin ice judging by the surrounding of it. We found you in a pool of freezing cold water. But trust me there was no one here. We swear Piya.”

Piya looked at him. 

Misha was still looking away from her. She was definitely far too angry with her today. 

“I just thought that may be I will get some answers today”

“And did you? Did you get any answer by putting yourself in such danger?”, asked Misha. 

Piya shook her head in embarrassment. 

Misha came near her and finally spoke in calm voice, “look Piya we know its not easy to get over the fact that you don't remember your one year. But you do remember what has happened after that don't you? Piya has he called you ever in this one year? Has he ever messaged you? Piya you broke up with him before then you must have had some reason for it, wouldn’t you?”

What Misha said made sense to her but her heart just wont give up. 

“Piya we are your sisters. We care for you. Wouldn't you even try to move on and live your life as normal girl taking care of yourself? For us Piya? Don’t we matter anything to you?”

Kabeer and Panchi looked on to her with hope. 

She nodded, “yes yes of course. I am sorry. I will be careful now.” 


“She hasn't changed a bit mom. Just as careless, just as crazy and just as innocent”, said Abhay. 

“Of course she didn't. Did you really expect that she would change her ways because you took away her one year of memories? Here drink this. It should help you”, said Haseena. 

“I thought she went crazy only around me.”

“Well I suppose she is just as crazy without you.” Haseena sat near him holding his hand. The skin was all wrinkly for staying so long in ice. She hovered her hands and it started to normalise. “Your body needs warmth. It has been cold too long.” 

“My body has been cold ever since my death mom.”

“Abhay. I don't want you talking about death anymore. For me my son is alive even if his heart isn't beating.”

“Both your sons!”, it wasn't a question.

“Hmm hmm” 

“She was not Maithili. Whoever attacked us that night.”, said Abhay after a pause.

“No she wasn’t. But we will discuss that later. How are you feeling now?”, asked Chand as he walked near them.

“Do you know something? Something useful?”

“Of course we do. You didn't think we’d give up that easy.”

A smirk came on the handsome pale face, he went to ask something but Haseena interrupted. 

“Later Abhay. You rest up now.”, said Haseena glaring at Chand. 

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Look what you made me do

Just as promised Piya had been staying away from the troubles and trying to live a normal life. She even moved on from Abhay and started dating other people. Everyone thought that at last things will be normal, they will have a normal college life and a normal day. 

Little did they know that the abnormality had just entered the college premise and was parking his car. As he walked out of the car and walked towards the college, sun disappeared behind the clouds. A girl clutched his hands leaning onto it, talking animatedly but he did not seem to be paying attention. Misha spilled out the water as Ruhi pointed to him. Piya followed her gesture and looked with wide eyes as the man from her memories finally came into reality and not only that, he came straight to her and said, “Hi piya. How are you?” Piya, in surprise, only managed to stammer, “i uh I'm fine. Abhay? You are Abhay right?” “Oh yeah, I heard you lost your memory. I'm sorry for that but then again there wasn't much to remember anyway. Oh btw meet my girlfriend Surraiya.” 

Piya saw the girl clutching to him and it made her feel sick. She shifted her eyes from the girl to him and said, “I heard that we dated. That we were in love..”

“I wouldn't call it love. But sure we dated.”, lied Abhay neatly interrupting her.

Piya felt a sting but continued keeping her face straight, “what.. what happened?”

“We broke up.”

“Just like that?”

“ well you were not my type.”

“You are not my type?! Thats it. Thats all he has to offer as an answer?”, thought Piya in irritation. She tried to poke around more but before she could the girl hurried him off away from her. Piya stood there stumped, looking at his back as he went away. 

“Misha was right. He is not worth a minute of my life. Says I am not his type. Narcissistic jerk. I hate him”, said Piya with distorted face. 

Misha who had heard their conversation went and confronted Abhay.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?”

“I think i am going to class am i not?”

“Don't try to be witty Abhay. There was no need for you to go and talk to Piya after a whole year of disappearance. Where the hell were you anyway?”

Abhay looked at her with disbelief in his eyes and asked, “Misha Dobriyal, you are interested in knowing where I was?”

“Cut it out. I am not interested in you as much as I am interested in knowing your intention with my sister.”

“Same as before. I want to stay as much away from her as possible.”

“By talking to her and playing this little jealousy game of yours? You know what Abhay you can really be stupid at times”

“Am I Misha?”, said Abhay pointing to Piya who was seemingly seeking comfort in Jeh’s arms now. 

“I guess I know your sister better than you do. She accepted Kabeer’s proposal in retaliation to me and now - well whoever that is.”

“She broke up with Kabeer for you.”

“Na na, they broke up because he didn't trust her”, Abhay corrected her, “make sure this new guy doesn't repeat his mistakes”

“Then you make sure that you don't try your antics to make her jealous and at the same time be her saviour”

“Not this time. No.” 

“Oh yeah? And what’s with this bimbo?”, asked Misha pointing to the girl with him. 

He freed his arm and let go of her and replied, “my entertainment.” And he put on his goggles and left to yet another girl who called him. 

Ruhi came to her asking what she was doing standing there and Misha pointed to him who was now romancing with laila standing on the edge of the wall. “That arrogant a**. He has not changed a bit. Man karta he use vahi dhakka markar piche khai me gira du.”, said Misha.

“Rhene de na Misha. Kitne time baad Abhay Raichand ka chehra dekhne mila he.”, said Ruhi ogling at him. 

“Not again Ruhi! What is with this guy every time he walks in the college, girls go gaga over him”, She pulled her inside to class. “God Ruhi you have a boyfriend now. Don't forget that and besides raichandkumar tumhe ghas tak nahi dalne vala.”, she said as they entered. 

“What happened?”, asked Piya joining them. “Abhay Raichand happened. Girls usko dekhte hi lattu ho jati he uske piche.”, said Misha. Piya turned and looked at him and he was indeed now walking with baby and doll on either side of him. Misha looked at her looking at him, “I hope Abhay ko is tarah dekhkar tum khud smj jaogi k he is not the guy for you.”


Abhay changed his girlfriends literally everyday and was seen with somebody new. Piya at first tried to ignore him but can her heart ignore the man it loved dearly. Seeing him with other girls sure irritated and hurt her and the jealousy made her retaliate in ways and places she did not expect. Sitting on the bean bag in drama club she saw him talking animatedly with Chameli. She humphed as he leaned into her and then she giggled listening whatever he told her. As they all left for the class both of them bumped into each other. 

“Watch where you walk.”, said Piya with glaring eyes. 

“I am sorry miss Jaiswal. Am i in your way?”, said Abhay with clear sarcasm. 

“Yes you are. Why don't you go with one of your bimbo girlfriends. Surely they must be waiting for you?”

“Oh they can wait. I like when women wait for me.”

“Were you always this arrogant or is this a new hobby you have taken up?”

“Did you always ask such irritating questions? Oh wait yes you did.”

“Hey you. Don't you dare insult me.”

“Oh yeah else what?”

“Else i will..” but Piya couldn't complete her sentence as she was interrupted by mrs Dasgupta. “Come on in both of you. I am about to start the class.”

Giving each other looks, they both entered the class and sat in opposite corners. 

Piya was barely paying attention to the history that mrs Dasgupta was teaching. She kept glancing over at Abhay who was now chitchatting with Sheela. “Look at her talk to him. Ese ekdusre me ghuskar baat kar rahe he as if abhi yahi puri family planning kar lege.”, muttered Piya. Misha gave a snort as she tried to control her laughter. 

“Silence. Tum log kabhi class me dhyan nahi dete and fir exam ke time par complaints karte ho. Now somebody answer me how the rohillas suffered their downfall in the garwahl region after death of Najib-ul-Daula?”, asked mrs Dasgupta. Abhay was still engrossed in his conversations with Sheela and hence became target of mrs Dasgupta, making Piya feel triumphant. Although her win did not last long as Abhay effortlessly explained the role of local tribes for downfall of Rohillas and neatly connecting it with later arrival and capture by British sarkar. “Ok very good Abhay. But please pay attention in class”, said mrs Dasgupta. 

“Yeah he would pay attention if the class was on how to flirt with bimbos.”, spoke Piya at which both Misha and Ruhi laughed catching mrs Dasgupta’s attention. She instantly reprimanded Piya,   “Did you say something Piya?” 

“What? Uh no mam. Nothing.” 

“Well then why are you disturbing the class.”

“No mam nothing i was just discussing what he said with others.” 

“Well if it is important enough to discuss when I am answering your question then it must be important enough for everyone to know. Wouldn't it Mam?”, said Abhay sarcastically and with a particular emphasis on word mam. 

“Well then - Piya?”

“No mam i was just mentioning that he forgot to mention the role of kumkara tribe.” 

“Well for your information they were defeated by the shivranjan singh-I before they could take over and later his son joined into an alliance with the britisher which actually gave the gateway to them which resulted as them ruling over in the later part of 19th century after the whole kingdom was destroyed.” 

“There is no documented evidence of this story. It most likely is a made up version by local tribes”

“Oh i assure you it is not some made up version miss Piya Jaiswal.

“And how would you know that? Did your grandfather tell you the story?”, said Piya with scornful voice and look of derision. 

“Well that’s unimportant  because there are enough evidences to support it”, Abhay’s voice was rising.

“Like what the ruined palace of Pandher outside the city? Come on Abhay that cant be counted as evidence.”, interrupted Piya.

Piya was starting to strike a nerve, a personal nerve

“The woodwork and karigari of the palace is evidence of how the garwahl king, singh the second, ruled over the region till later part of 19th century. Enough portraits and mudras have been found which clearly indicate to his rulings. And of-course had the princess survived the .. ” 

“The last princess of Pandher? Oh come on everyone knows she was killed in fire. The leader of kumkara tribe had invaded the palace and lit her entire room on fire. His father said so himself in his journals.”, interrupted Piya

“The - father - was - lying”, said  Abhay with his teeth pissing and he blinked his eyes narrowed in anger.

“And why would he lie? Don't tell me you believe those local legends of love and that the father killed his own daughter. No father does that. If that supposedly guy who was in love with princess truly loved... ”

“Oh what would you know about love piya?”, it was now Abhay’s turn to interrupt Piya.

Mrs Dasgupta commented, “ok kids this seems to be getting off the topic now please stop” but neither of them listened. 

“I sure know more than you do. I am not the one flirting with bimbos everyday.” 

“Piya thats it stop now”, said mrs Dasgupta however it looked like her words were falling on deaf ears.

“And i am not the one who doesn't know how to trust the person who they claim to fall In love with.” 

“Piya, Abhay, i am warning you.”, said Dasgupta rising from her chair.

“You wanna talk about trust Abhay? How about you tell me the history of our relatio…”

“Enough. Stop it both of you.”, shouted mrs Dasgupta standing next to them. The two realised that they were standing next to each other staring face to - well shoulder.

“What is this? History class or drama club? Piya, We are not discussing the history of your relationship with mr Raichand, and you Abhay, just because you get good grades and good student does not give you a free reign in my class.” 

“Sorry mam”, apologised Piya. 

“No you have disturbed the whole class and as a punishment i want you both to write a paper on the history of Dehradun. 4000 words. Together”

“But mam please we are sorry”, argued both 

“No i don't want to hear a word. I have been asking you two to stop for ten minutes now. And if you argue more  i will make it 8000 words.”

“Mam but its not my fault he made me argue.”

“Oh i made you argue? Is it always my fault for everything that goes wrong in your life Piya?”

“Yes you are the biggest problem in my life. Ever since i met you i have been having nothing but troubles.”

“Enough. Out. Out of my class. Now. Both of you. I won’t hear a word of anything you say after this.”, said Dasgupta as the two started another round at their argument. 

Piya stood aghast as Dasgupta kicked her out of the class. Never before had she been expelled from the class and today all because of him she was kicked out. 

Abhay pushed the door open recklessly as he stormed out and Piya followed the suit fuming as she threw her bag on her shoulders. 

“And i do want the essay on my desk first thing on Monday morning. 8000 words of it”, shouted Dasgupta behind the two. 

Piya let out her anger on Abhay.

“Now look you have done it. Now i know why Misha didn't want to tell me anything about you. She is right you know.”, said Piya as both were walking down the corridor. 

Abhay kept mum as she kept on saying, “she told me you are no good for me and i should not care for you. But i was the one who argued with her. But you are everything she described. Jerk, arrogant and the biggest womaniser Dehradun has seen. And now look at you going without saying a word. ” 

It might not have been easy for Abhay to hear her berate him but he was in no mood to argue with her anymore after their classroom drama. He had lost his cool among people there and was losing control over his emotions and actions. He didn't like to think of what might have been happened if Dasgupta had not stopped them. But Piya didn't seem to share his view of things. She was still exasperatedly censuring him. 


“I am sure that’s why we broke up last time also. You would have been the same. I have seen your pictures with T on prom night. The flirt always and never loyal. You must have always hurt me just like everyone else said and caused me trouble. First you made me fall in love with you and then nikal liye hoge kisi aur k sath. And now I am confident that It was your fault for the accident where i lost my memory.”

Abhay contorted his face pulled Piya abruptly and slammed her back into the wall, her bag falling down. 

“Enough Piya stop it. I am tired of your insinuations. I did not make you do anything. I did not force you to argue in there just like I did not ask you to follow my past in the forest that night, you did that on your own and I was the one who paid the price.” He let go of her as he heard her palpating heart. Then turned and said, “and do not talk about trust and love, Piya because I am not the one who crossed every boundary in that relationship, loved someone, accepted them and then left the pieces to collect just because ...”, he couldnt complete the rest of the sentence and Piya noticed there was hint of pain in his eyes. “Oh And i for one never asked you to love me either. I for one knew it could never work out between us and i always tried to stop your advances. It was your choices and all your doings that led to our break up. Take responsibility for them for once.”

Abhay left her there with her thoughts and a guilt she didn’t know she had. 


After the class, the first thing Misha and Ruhi did was to look for Piya and found her easily at the end of the corridor. 

“Piya are you okay? And what was all that with Abhay in classroom”, asked Misha. Piya had been standing still since Abhay left her. “Misha how was my relationship with Abhay?” 

“Not again Piya. Why are you asking again. Did something happen?” 

“He was taunting me so much and going and on and on about. Just tell me please”, begged Piya. 

“You two had this weird on again off again relationship. IT never lasted with you to.”, said Misha. 

“Mujhe to pata bhi nahi ki kitni baar you two broke up with each other”, said Ruhi. 

“Anyway last I know is before your accident you were really angry with him and didn't even want to see his face or talk to him. You said something about ex girlfriend and brother or something i don't remember exactly.” 

“Did i say something about where I was going the night of my accident.” 

“Umm not really. ” 

“Then why did you tell me that i had accident with Abhay.” 

“Uhh Piya.. well.. he called everyone asking for you and so i figured he must have followed you wherever you went. He always did.” 

“What he did always?”

“He always saved you from every trouble, be it from danish or wolves or in the forest and pandher killa. Everything.” , said Ruhi. 

“Chalta firta alarm.”, muttered Misha. 

“He always saved me?”, asked Piya. 

“Well yeah sort of. most of the time.” 

“Then why would you say he was rude?” 

“Because he was. He saved you for sure but he also was rude with you Piya. And he always pushed you away. He kept telling you to stay away from me.” 


“How come we know why? Abhay k dimag me kya chalta he mujhe thodi na pata hoga. But Piya why are you suddenly asking so many questions. i thought you didn't want to do anything with him. Then what happened?” 

“No, just something he said. I will be back. I have got to go to library for the essay.”, said Piya making an annoyed face.


As Piya entered the library, she found him sitting there. You can always rely on finding Abhay in library if there was a break or lunch time, thought Piya and then wondered how she knew the fact. She looked around and saw that the library was empty. She closed the door behind her and walked to him. 

“God Piya now what?”, thought Abhay. 

“Abhay I want to know what happened on the night of our accident.”

“I am not obliged to tell you anything.”

“You made me feel guilty out there Abhay. You told me I left you but I have heard that you always caused me pain.”

“Always hearing what someone else says.”

“Fine then you tell me.”

“I don't want to.”

Piya felt exhausted. All this act she was putting on face to show that she didn't care for Abhay was draining her because her hearts reality was entirely different. 

“Abhay why are you doing this to me? Cant you see how much pain is it causing me. Abhay in this last one year all I remembered were your eyes. I kept dreaming of you and you were always with me no matter where I went. In my heart. and now you are here in front of my eyes and yet so far away. What happened Abhay? Why did we break up?”

“You have not changed a bit Piya. You had the habits of questioning back then and even now. You asked questions that should not have been asked.”

“What does it mean?”

“Like I am gonna tell you. Forget it. Why are you here? Only for this?”

Piya sighed as he constantly dodged her questions. 

“You said I crossed the boundaries. What did you mean by that? What kind of boundaries?”, asked Piya. Her face suggested the embarrassment. “Did we ..?” 

“No we did not. Nothing of thats sort”, retorted Abhay reading her thoughts. 

“Then what? What did you mean?”

“Why do you want to know all of this Piya? You have forgotten everything. Cant you just move on?”, said Abhay throwing his back at the chair and with a tired sigh.

“I want to know.”, answered Piya firmly. 

“Piya. I have a past. A dark past. And you did something to find out that history about me and my ex girlfriend. You breached my privacy very rudely. And then you heard something from someone - who btw was hell bent on destroying my life then- and instead of believing me or asking me you trusted his words and then everything spiralled into us breaking up, that accident, you losing your memory. ” 

“ why would i want to dig up on your Ex girlfriend so badly? Did you cheat on me with her?”

“No piya. I did not. Stop judging me. My ex girlfriend is dead. Was dead before i even met you.”

 Piya suddenly felt a sympathy for him. “I am sorry”

“Then I don't understand. Why would I care so much?”

“Because thats who you are Piya. Look at you right now. Its eating you alive that you don't know something about past year. You just cant let things go.”

“Then cant you just tell me and ease that pain?”

“No i cant. I just cant. Thats who I am Piya. I am not at liberty to answer you anything. I have certain duties and there will always be a part of my life that I will not let anyone enter it.”

“Not even me?”

“Especially not you.”

Piya’s face fell. She didn’t understand the direction conversation was going. It seemed like he was answering her questions but she still didn’t seem to get any dots that she can join. Everything seemed disconnected and it seemed as if there was a very important piece missing there. Her heart felt sad and heavy and she felt almost on the verge of crying which Abhay couldn't bear. He had swore an oath before coming back to college that this time he would not go near her at all. At all times he was to ignore her as if she didn't exist. Life had given her another chance and he didn't want to take that away from her. But he couldn’t bear to see that disappointed and defeated look on her face. He got up went closer to her and cupped her face in his strong arms. 

“You wanted to know what kind of relationship we had right? Well here it is Piya. Yes we dated piya. Yes we were in love too. But it was a secret. We never dated in public. I was rude to you always and you were snoopy in my life. To be honest neither of us trusted each other. We were always insecure. There were times when it just didn't matter whether we were in love or not but we did things for our sake.  I wouldn't let you do certain things and you would go out of your way to do what you wanted. I never shared anything with u and you never backed down. So many lies and so many secrets (with that Abhay let her mind remember glimpses of their fights and how much she hated him keeping his secrets the last time). It became toxic to the end that on the night you lost your memory you were actually out in the forest trying to dig up my past and i was trying to keep u away from it. We had had a huge fight. A messy one too. Thats when wolves attacked us. (She remembered the howling. ) we both were injured. I don't really know what happened to you i left the city of course. And so did u.” 

“Did you …”

“Now thats enough Piya. You wanted to know and here you have. I have not lied about anything here and this is the last conversation we have.” And with that Abhay started to leave the library. 

“We have to write the paper, together, mrs Dasgupta said. ”, spoke Piya very hurriedly. 


“Umm so umm how do you want to do it? Shall we get to it now or do you want to get together later? Its almost 30 pages long we might want to get started soon. ”

“My place. I will pick you up at 6”

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I knew you were trouble

Abhay entered the Raichand mansion with blood on his clothes. Haseena looked at him questioningly and he explained it was the blood of werewolf who he found near the borders of the forest they lived in. 

“They have been roaming since last year. Only if I could figure their alpha. They must be following his orders only.”

“We will find them. Don't be worried. Anything at college? What happened there?”

“Not much except this one family I have been hearing about. Girls were talking of this Khurana family who showed up last year. They threw grand party for everyone in town.”

“When did they come?”

“Shortly after that battle”

“They could be linked with the werewolf you killed that night?”

“I believe so. They all unanimously seemed to believe that the son has particular reason for picking this college. Even though he came to town a year ago he joined college only recently after certain someone arrived.”

Haseena raised her eyebrow, “who?”



“He has seen hanging around her and with her. I would have been almost thankful to him for keeping her away from me if I had not had this doubt that he might be linked with those werewolves.”

“She is -following you - again?”

“Well she has been having memory relapses. And has been asking questions.”

“Did something happen Abhay? Between the two of you?”

“Uhh we got into the huge argument in class and after that I may have told her about my dead ex girlfriend”, said Abhay quoting in the air.

“And do you think it wise to mention anything of that sort?”

“I lost my cool. She was just berating me continuously and was going on and on about how I hurt her and I am a flirt and I just got tired.”

“She will poke around now. And flirt?”

“Piya thinks that I am flirting with those girls. She is jealous. But thats not my concern right now mom. Mom, Jeh is with Piya for some reason I am sure. There has to be. One of the girls overheard him asking her about the accident.” 

“Piya’s involvement in this is my biggest concern. She is a human, she doesn't understand our ways and she could become the biggest liability of our side.”, said Chand.

“I know dad. I am trying best to not let her cross the barriers I created in her mind. But she is pushing harder everyday and its getting tougher”

“Or you are getting softer?!”, said Chand. It was not a question that Abhay got soft where Piya was involved. 

“Remember Abhay, Piya is exposed to our world and she must not remember what happened.”

“I never wanted to drag her in all of this. I warned her many a times.”

“There is nothing you can do now. It was her decision and we just have to work around it. Anyway I and Chand are going to Kasol tomorrow. We have got a lead on that empath and the attacker. And umm Siddharth is here to talk to you.”, said Haseena apprehensively. 

“I do not want to talk to him.”

“Abhay. He is your brother.”

“A brother who tried to kill me and would have if he had succeeded on anyone of those many occasions.”

“Abhay I told you he was under a spell himself. That day your attack on him freed him from that spell.”

Abhay didn't argue anymore and got up to go change his clothes. He saw Siddharth waiting for him as he got upstairs in his brother’s room. 

“You look paler and colder than before. Even for you”, said Siddharth as his eyes fell on Abhay.

“Yeah well living in a block of ice for a year can do that to you.”, answered Abhay coldly. He saw concern in Siddharth’s eyes and he didn’t like that, “Are you coming back to live here?”

“Not yet no. It will raise many questions and besides Mom doesn't want me here until you forgive me.”

“Well then forget it because I am not forgiving you.”

“Abhay I honestly was not under any control of whatever happened. I swear”, pleaded Siddharth. 

“Yeah So I have heard.”

Abhay didn't stop longer and started walking to his room.

“Can I make up for my actions and earn your forgiveness my little brother?”

“You lost the right to call me brother when you crossed all your boundaries and betrayed me.”

Abhay closed the doors of his room behind him. Siddharth sighed with disappointment and went to Haseena. 

“Do you think he will ever forgive me?”

“Of course he will. Don't you know your brother. He can be as distant and as moody as possible but when it matters he will do anything for his beloved ones.”, consoled Haseena.

“I am not sure that he cares for me anymore.”

“Of course he does Siddharth. He is Abhay. He likes to walk around edges of love and you know it.  Just give him some time and he will come around.”

“Yeah I hope so. Is he okay though? He doesn't look like he used to be.”

“The spell has its side effects. But his body is fast it will heal itself. My concern is the trauma it has left on his mind. For him, twice his brother tried to kill him and on top of that Piya never believed him and it was much too easy to make her doubt than he had hoped.”

“Mom I didn't ..”

“I know son. But he has been hurt. He has been alone in that block for a year. His body was confined but not his mind. All it has done this one year is overthink things. Just be patient.”

“I think you forgot to teach us that very word”, smirked Sid and then asked, “Do you think you and dad will find information in Kasol?”

“Well thats the only lead we have so far. We have to try.”

“Whoever that person was, they were smart. None of us picked up on any hints possible and impersonating as Maithili. Hah! That sure ensured we were off our game.”

“Abhay mentioned something about this new family and werewolves. You think you can dig up some information on him?”

“Sure he can get one of his pets to tag and follow Jeh as one our teachers”, said Abhay as he walked down the stairs. 

“Where are you going?”, asked Haseena.

“To pick up Piya. I don’t want her coming here on her own.”

“Piya is coming here?”

“Yeah well college assignment. You send me off to human college then it brings its own headaches. We have to write an essay together and submit by Monday.”

“Yeah but why does she need to come here for that?”

“Because I don't want to go over at hers. Mr Dobriyal is just as nosy if not more. And with Piya, I can at least use my charms to throw her off guard but he is well just .. i don't want to go there”, said Abhay shaking his face. 

“Is it just the assignment or shall we set up the candle light dinner as well?”, teased Siddharth. 

“Yeah I’ll make sure to say hello to Panchi.”, said Abhay showing him a finger as he walked out to his car.

“Mom is right here you uncouth, be civil.”, shouted Siddharth behind him.


Piya was pacing down her room. Abhay had told her that they would get started with their essay today itself at his place. Her heart was elated at the thought of working with him at his house. She kept checking her phone again and again. No message or call. She looked herself in the mirror again to ensure her hair was okay. She had picked out clothes very carefully, a pair of jeans and a top. Neither overdressed nor underdressed. She reminded herself that it was just an assignment and nothing more but somewhere deep down a ray of hope was stirring.

Misha came to her room. “So madam kkya baat he? Itna saj dhajkar kaha ja rahi ho?”

“What saj dhajkar? Do you think I am over dressed?”

“Well that depends on where you are going? Where are you going?”

“Just meeting Abhay for that assignment”

Misha raised her eyebrows at her and gave a smile. She understood perfectly well that why Piya was fussing over her looks. “You look fine.”, said Misha glancing over her phone, “and here he comes.”

Piya rushed to pick up her call, “yes okay I am coming.” She said bye to Misha and rushed outside. Misha looked at her entering his car from the window and mumbled, “pagal. Dono ke dono.”


Haseena greeted Piya as she walked in behind Abhay, “Piya! How are you?”

Abhay introduced his mom to Piya. “Oh yes I heard. I am sorry about your memory dear. How are you handling it?”

“I am fine thank you aunty but yeah its been difficult to not being able to remember any details”, she glanced at Abhay as she spoke who carefully avoided meeting her eyes. 

“I am sure it has. Although forgive me Piya but at my age I wouldn't worry about losing one year of college you see. You are young and you have got your whole life ahead of you so I would suggest to just move on and fill that year with new memories.”

“Yes of course aunty. Mumma papa also says the same.”

“Ahh Madhu and mr dobriyal. How are they doing? I hope everything is well between you and them.”

“Yes Mumma i mean Madhu aunty has been most kind and accepting. I am all good.”

Haseena smiled and looked at Abhay, “i have to prepare for tomorrow’s journey I will be back late with Chand.”

“Are you going somewhere aunty?”

“Oh yes. We are going away for a couple of days. Some urgent work. But you make yourself comfortable and just ask if you need anything. Sitaram will take care of it.”

“Sure thank you”, said Piya graciously. 

Haseena glared at Abhay and warned him telepathically to not flow in his emotions and have control over them as she smiled at Piya. 

Abhay gave her assurances and showed Piya to the library. 

Piya looked around the huge library of the raichand manner. She could spend days just combing through one section of it. It was bigger than his father’s library and almost as big as their college library minus the dust and cobwebs of course. She walked around a few shelves looking at the different books. 

“Shall we get to it?”, asked Abhay pulling out an armchair near the study. 

“Yeah. Your library is huge.”

“Hmm hmm thanks.”

As they sat down Piya felt a nervous energy knowing that she was going to be alone with him in entire house. She felt very conscious of this fact as both of them tried to gather material for their assignment. Her mind was divided between the two and as Abhay pulled out some old books for their research handing it over to her, she nearly dropped them. 

“I am not going to bite you Piya, you don't have to be so nervous all the time”

“What? I didn't say anything.” 

“You didn't have to. You are shaking with nervousness.”

“No i am not. I uh… I am just a little cold. I forgot the cardigan.”

Abhay looked at her and a smile spread in his mind as he read how much efforts Piya had put into the dress to ensure it looked as appropriate as possible. He had missed Piya’s nervous efforts that were meant solely for him. He got up and added more wood to the fireplace and said, “I will get you something warm to drink.” and left. 

Piya found her smiling at his care but a chime on his phone broke that happiness. It was a text from Munni asking if he enjoyed their date. And then another text from Mehbooba confirming their date later that night. 

“The jerk is still planning dates with these girls. And whats wrong with them? Why are they all crazy for him!”, cursed Piya. Her smile of joy has turned into upside down frown. 

“Are you snooping on my phone again?”, asked Abhay walking in with sitaram who put the tray with warm coffee and some snacks on the nearby table and was dismissed by Abhay with a wave. 

“No i am not. I just glanced at it as it was constantly buzzing with msgs. It was just instinctive”, said Piya defensively. 

Abhay sat down opposite to her smirking. He poured her some coffee in mug and handed it over to her, “lets divide and conquer shall we?”

Piya nodded taking the coffee mug in her hand. Their fingers met. Piya felt a current run down her neck as an old memory of Abhay kissing her neck made its way through. In shock she got up dropping the mug. Abhay pulled her aside before the hot coffee spilt on her legs. “Whats wrong?”, asked Abhay looking at her. Her forehead sweating. Piya shook her head, “nothing i just.” Abhay combed through her thoughts and saw that she was thinking about their moments. “You sure you don't want to ask something?”, prompted Abhay as he felt Piya’s discomfort and shyness. 

“You uh you said I crossed boundaries in our relationship? What”, piya took a deep breath as she continued her question, “what kind of boundary?”

“I told you nothing of the sort you are fearing”

“Did you ever .. did we.. i just had this memory flash that you were kissing my..”, piya trailed off as she touched the back of her neck. 

There was a coy smile on Abhay’s face as he made her sit down. “If you are wondering whether we slept together or not the answer is no and whether we shared some moments the answer would be yes. Of course we had the moments. The moments shared between two consenting adults.”

A relief and redness spread on her face. “That memory startled me. And that is why I wish to know the details. So I am in the know and am not getting surprises.”

“Piya you cant really expect me to give you detailed account of everything that happened between us. We broke up remember. If you had it rough that doesn’t mean I had it easy.”

“Sure doesn’t seem that way judging by the messages on your phone.”

“You were snooping on my phone. Listen Piya what I do with my life is on me. What you choose to do with yours is on you.”

“Fine lets just get this assignment completed and then we will be done.”

“Sure. We have divided the task and books we can do our part independently at the end we would just need few hours to combine. So monday we have to submit, so how about sunday we finish the final paper?”

“Works for me. I’ll take your leave now.”

“Take my leave? I picked you up. How will you go?”

“With two miraculous limbs called my legs”, said Piya sarcastically.

“No i don't want you walking home. The forest could be dangerous at times. I will drop you.”

“No thank you I can manage. I don't need your concern.”

“Piya we decided to not interfere with each other, not be enemies. We can still be civil.”, said Abhay opening the door for her and Piya obliged.


Abhay smiled and curled his finger in Mehbooba’s hair and said, “you know what, I like you. You are much easy going then others. They are all just so insecure with Piya that it spoils the whole mood.” 

“Well I think it was because of the way Jeh just went after her, you know and Well I do think that you are partly at fault as well. You never gave anyone else a chance last year.”

“Wait a minute now. How is it my fault if girls can’t resist me?”, asked he sounding innocent with touch of smugness.

“Yeah well but Piya had ensured to put her stamp all over you.”

“And now jeh is it?”

“Yess. Oh you should see Jeh going after Piya. You’d think he is some paltu kutta.”

“Tumhe to sab khabar rheti he. You are the true gossip queen of the mount college not T”

Mehbooba raised her collars in pride and Abhay knew he had chosen the perfect girl. She was so self involved and short sighted but in the know of things that it was a perfect combination for Abhay to get her to speak. He pestered further, “So tell me about it how is their relationship. You must know the details no one else does.”

“Lets see, What else?! Jeh keeps asking her about where she was this one year and how the accident occurred. You know her memory loss accident. She so blames it on you. The nerve of her. She just has this knack for attracting problems wherever she goes.”

“Don't I know it.”

“I know right. I mean why does she have to do such things. Now see that day she went on a date with Jeh to pandher palace.” 

“Why the hell would Jeh and Piya go their?”, wondered Abhay aloud, his eyes not pleased to hear this.

“I know right. She says it was Jeh’s idea. Who knows. Thats where they dug up the whole story of the last princess of pandher”

“The one she argued with me in class.”

“Thats the one. The two apparently roamed about the place and found an old security guard or someone; he seemed to recognise Piya or something she said. I don't know the details. But get this. Piya said she heard a voice in the forest and when she followed it she found this block of ice and inside was a man buried. Can you believe it?”

“A man buried in the ice. Hah what a story. She was always good at making stories.”

“I know right. And oh my god there was whole drama. She kept insisting on bringing him back and Jeh , oh god you’d think he had some sense but he seemed to encourage her. He was like Piya may be we should try breaking the ice and see what is there and oh god. What a tool.”

This was more than what Abhay had been expecting. He paid little attention to what she said afterwards and soon asked the waiter for a cheque, “let me drop you home. I think its getting late. And i have got to do something.” 

“So soon? It is only 8.”

“Its ten darling”

He used his hypnotism to maker her see the time as 10 and made her move. 

After dropping her, he rushed off to Pandher palace. As he stepped outside the car and towards the palace, the events from his life flashed in his mind. He pushed the memories aside with significant work, “now is not the time.” He went inside and looked for the portrait. It wasn't there. He breathed a relief that the portrait of Maithili had been removed. His steps took him to yet another chamber. Maithili’s chambers. He felt as if he could still smell her there. He walked near the dresser and pulled open one of the drawers. He opened the faux  bottom from underneath and found the pictures of them, drawn by Maithili. He took one of them in his hands and the memories overpowered. He dropped the paper to turn and leave but Something amber shone in the corner asking for his attention. A stone he had never seen before. It was dark and tinted. As he touched the stone, it glowed and he pocketed it before leaving. 


Jeh was pacing the Khurana house. Deepanita was angry. 

“She is useless that girl. I don't know why your father insisted on keeping her. She is shame in the name of a werewolf. She will bring our downfall.”

“I don't know what to tell you mom. We tried. But that Abhay Raichand walked in the palace and we had to leave as quickly as possible.”

“What was he doing there in that ruins?”

“I don't know. May be nostalgia.”

“Nostalgia. Hah. A nostalgic vampire”, said Deepanita scornfully.

A voice echoed in her ears, “you fool. He is much sharper then you are. He is playing games and he is much closer to you then you think.”

The voice scared both Jeh and Deepanita. She said in timid voice, “master what do you mean?”

“He knows what Jeh has been up to. They are on guard.”

“What? How?”

“Doesn't matter how now. Use your daughter. She will protect Jeh from him.”

“Master she cant do a thing. She is useless. What protection will that scrawny girl do?”

The voice laughed at their argument. “You understand not the ways of their kind. You do not understand the powers she has. Use her.” 

That was the last thing they heard. 


“Did you remove Maithili’s portrait from palace?”, asked Abhay as he sat down with Chand. 

Chand nodded, “Haseena would not be happy to know you were back at the palace. Why did you go there?”

“I wanted to see if the portrait was still present.”

“We moved it soon after that incident. We didn't think it was safe for anyone to know what or how similar Maithili looked to someone living. But what i don't understand is why sudden concern about that now?”

“Jeh took Piya to palace after she came back here.”

Chand slammed the book close and looked at him, “did he now?”

“He took Piya back to the place where I was buried. I don't trust him. Something is very shady about his character. I have checked with others. Everyone shares one common belief that he has been lingering in and around Piya and I don't like that. He has taken her to the rappelling point, the highway out the border of our territory, the forest across the river, pandher, …”

“All the places you saved Piya from some or other dangers. He has been causing the relapses in her mind.”, said Chand thinking deeply.

Abhay nodded and said, “he could have found out many things from other college students.”

“Even then it seems very unlikely that he is acting alone. Somebody must be helping him.”

“The attacker?”

Chand looked at him and said, “hmm possibly. We cant be certain at this stage though. Haseena has asked Siddharth to dig into their history ever since you mentioned it to her first. Soon we shall know what he is and what does he want. I suggest you wait till then before you make any move. ” 

“Why does Piya has to be involved in all this?”

“She became part of our world the day she accepted you.”

“But she walked away.”, said Abhay desperately.

“My dear son, you should know better that humans have the right to walk in to our world not out of it. They don't get to decide when they can go back”

“Then I should let her remember whatever happened. At least she will on her guard.”

“Don't be a fool. That will only attract more dangerous creatures, in search of that power, to her. The less she knows about the power she is harbouring the better it is.”

Abhay nodded and left to leave and remembering something he turned and pulled out the stone from his pocket and showed to Chand, “do you know what this is? ”

Chand looked at the stone and snatched it from abhay, “where did you get this?”

“Maithili’s chambers. What is it?”

“Its a necromancers stone. Used to call for the spirits of dead people. Why did you take it?”

“It was glowing when i found it.”

Chand raised his eyebrows in suspicion. He dismissed Abhay and sat there examining stone. He knew who could answer his questions. He went his room and showed the stone to Haseena. “Abhay found it. In the palace. In maithali’s chambers.”

Haseena looked at him with disbelief and touched the stone trembling. It glowed for a moment and someone’s garbling sound started to fill the room. “… Coming … my sons… save … princess… coming”. The power of the stone seemed to take control of Haseena and she was swung in the air. Chand closed the door quickly and called out Haseena’s name, “haseena, my darling you can control it. You do not have to use your powers. Just drop it. You are stronger than you think. Listen to my voice, follow it and come back to me. Let go of the stone. Let go of the stone Haseena.” And Haseena did. 

Chand came closer to her and held in his arms. “Its okay. You are okay.”

After a moment Haseena gathered herself and spoke, “it was Abhay and Siddharth’s birth mother. I could not understand everything, the connection was very unstable but i could sense her fears. It was a warning. I think they are in danger. Chand my sons are in danger. We have got to do something. Save them Chand. I don't want to lose any one of them again”, cried Haseena. She may not have given birth to them but she loved them as her own sons. For a mother’s heart knows no bound. 

“We will. We will save them. We are going tomorrow. We will find who it was that attacked them. We will get to the bottom of it. Okay? Relax now”

Haseena nodded trying to compose herself. 

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Scarlet Blood

Everyone was gathered in the campus as T and her minions were making an announcement. Jeh walked to the college with his sister by his side, a timid scrawny looking girl. He introduced her to others as he stood next to Piya. “My sister, Alina”

“Oh you never mentioned about your sister. Hi Alina.”, said Piya. 

“Hi”, replied Alina looking at Piya. “How are you?”, she asked curiously. “I am great thanks. Come join us.” She nodded and stood with her but her eyes wandered around at other students and then she found him standing in the corner away from everyone. “There you are”, thought Alina. She went and stood next to him. Piya’s gaze followed her. And she looked at her as she tried to talk to Abhay. Ruhi and Misha were just as surprised as Piya but Piya didn't pay much attention she turned her face away from her. 

On the other side Abhay looked up from his phone as he heard a girl’s hello. He glanced at Alina first and then stared at her. “Do I know you?” , asked he. “I am Alina. Just joined the college today.” She extended her hand for a shake. As Abhay responded to her gesture he felt a very familiar vibe. He tried to read her thoughts but something pushed him outside. He kept gazing at her with narrow suspicious eyes. Something about her was very familiar but he couldn’t put his finger on. His thought chain was broken by T’s announcement. 

“We always celebrate days like friendship day , rose day, valentines day, etc etc and etc. but we thought that we need to spice things up you know. Find something new than these cliches. So we have decided to celebrate today as a blind-date day.” There was murmur in the audience and she continued, “i know i know you are all excited. So let me explain how this event is gonna work. You see these two tables here. On this side the bags contain a tie for boys each with different colours. On the other table the bag contains the scarves for the girls with the same colors. The mystery of the game is that these bags are not named. Meaning my friends over here, eena and meena, will distribute these bags to each one of you randomly - do not open the bags now- and then we meet at the cafe randomDate where we have set up the tables for your dates. Boys will be wiating their with their ties and girls will enter later. Oh and also the theme is black so please do wear black to ensure there is mo confusion with the colors. So see you all in an hour. Lets get ready”

“Sounds like a complicated plan for bakra fasao”, commented Misha. 

“Aye Misha chup karna. Tujhe to kabhi kuch romantic pasand hi nahi ata. Yar soch na kitna maja ayega. Mera date kon banega? Kya angad banega kya? I wish uska bhi same mere jesa color ho na. Piya tumne kuch socha kya?”

Piya looked at her bag, it was sealed with tap. Her heart wished for Abhay but her mind suppressed its voice and she said, “surprise. Lets go get ready. ”

Ruhi and Piya were dragged Misha with them who kept arguing, “God mujhe nahi jana in sab parties me. Why are you girls forcing me?” 

After about an hour everyone was waiting at the designated place. 

Abhay looked at his bag, it contained a purple tie which reminded him of Piya, he smiled shaking his head and then looked outside only to find Piya, along with Ruhi, dragging Misha. And she was donned in purple scarf. He cursed their fate under his breath, quickly put his tie in the bag and exchanged it with whichever bag he found on the side table. 

As the girls entered Piya’s eyes first fell on him. Despite their fight the night before, she looked at him expectantly and then saw that he was wearing the blue tie, same as her sister Misha. 

“You are my date?”, said Misha confused making face. 

Abhay noticed the colour of his tie for the first time and looked at Piya and said, “ looks like it. Shall we?”, and he gestured Misha to their table, pulling out a chair for her. 

Piya’s face was ashen and she looked at them dumbfounded as Jeh came in front her wearing Abhay’s purple tie. 

“I guess kismat bhi yahi chahti he ke hum sath ho! Will you do me the honour?”, asked Jeh extending his hand. Piya narrowed her eyes to Abhay and put her hand in his, “gladly.” 

Piya may have sat down with Jeh but her mind was not there. She could not bear to look at Misha and Abhay together. And if that was not enough it looked like the two were having good time with each other. 

“No they cant be enjoying. I mean come on its Misha. She never dates and he is Abhay who is trying to probably create a record of dating all the girls in Dehradun.”, thought Piya. But it didn't look like that judging by Misha and Abhay conversing. “Looks like those two are enjoying themselves”, said Kabeer standing next to Piya as he looked at the duo. Something clearly unsettled both of them. “Yeah weird. Who is your date?” “Oh uh some nee girl Alina.” “Oh yeah she is Jeh’s sister. She was away in exchange program just came back and started today”

On the other hand Misha and Abhay were enjoying themselves by pulling each other. 

“So Abhay answer me honestly. Where were you the whole year?”

“Tum Piya k sath kam raha karo. Bilkul usi ki tarah sawal karne lag gai ho”

“Kyun? Me tumhe Piya ki yaad dilati hu to tumhe taklif ho rahi he?”

Abhay gave a smirk to her. 

“Mujhe kyun taklif hone lagi?”

“Oh really? Are you telling me k tumhe Piya ko Jeh ke sath dekhkar kuch nahi feel ho raha? Not even tinsy little jealousy.” 

Abhay looked at Piya who was with Jeh in that moment. Abhay’s face distorted. He did not like this. He thought of using his powers on him to read his thoughts as well but got the same response as he had with Alina. That scared Abhay more than he had expected.

“What happened Abhay? Jalan ho rahi he use kisi aur k sath dekh?”

“Nice try Misha. It’s not gonna work with me.”

“You know i don't believe you.”

“Not my problem.”

“I know you saved Piya from that bike accident I and she had.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about.”

“And I know you saved her from those boys also.”

“Yeah sure and I saved her from that protest also?”

“You did? I didn't know. But i do notice how you don't want her to travel alone through forests”

“So what? Thats doesn't prove anything”

“I thought you said you weren’t going to save her this time. What happened to that resolve of yours?”

“Your sister sure has an unparalleled talent of getting into trouble .”

“And you have unparalleled talent of saving her.” 

“What’s your point Misha?”

“That you care for her.”

“Oh yeah then i could care less about her.”

“Does that mean you confess you care for her.”

Abhay chose to remain silent.

“Your silence say a lot Abhay.”

Jeh was holding Piya’s hands now and that unsettled Abhay. As much as he was committed to his motives, he was a still man in love. 

“Do you want to get out of here?”

Misha looked where his eyes were and nodded, “sure.”

As they went out Piya looked at them going out, her face pained, and Jeh enjoyed the view that was being served to him. 

“Piya forget him. He has moved on. Don't you see him with new girl every day, every lecture actually.”

“Thats exactly why I am looking. Not at him but my sister. I care about her.” 

“Oh. Did you find why you broke up with him by the way?”

Piya looked at him and then down on table. Her conversation with Abhay entered her mind but she pushed aside the thoughts and said, “I don't want to.” 

“But come on piya, you deserve to know.”

“It doesn't matter much Jeh. Drop it”

“But Piya you must at least know what happened to your memory. May be you found something important or some clue that you must..”

“I said drop it Jeh. I don't care what happened. Its in the past and I wish to leave it there. Stop pestering me about my past. Its none of your concern.”

“Okay okay sorry. What do you want to do next? Do you want to go over to that old ruined palace again? I found a hut nearby, ruined and have many claims. i think you might like it.”

“No i am not in the mood. I don't want to go to that place again!”, said Piya remembering Abhay’s words about forest.

 “Are you going home then? Do you want me to drop you home?”

“No i think i will go back to campus. I will work on that assignment. I don't want to go home now.”

At home if Misha had not been back she will be obsessing over what Misha might be doing with Abhay. And if she was back already then it would be even weirder to talk to her. She needed some peace and she needed to calm down. 

“I can drop you there”

“No i think i wanna walk Jeh. Besides you have got your sister too today.”, said Piya and left.


“You are not as bad as I thought you would be”, said Misha. 

“Yeah? Why is that?”, he asked casually and driving.

“Well I saw you talking to Alina. At first I would not have thought  you would. Then I remembered the whole Maya incident and how you supported her. And yeah others also, I have seen you help tracker, panchi. I think you can be nice person if you weren't such a jerk.”

“What a compliment Misha. Thank you so much. I don't why I was expecting anything different from you”

“See that? Thats why people call you jerk. Thats arrogance man. Seriously as if you don't know how humans work.”

“Hmm sure.”, said Abhay with signature smirk.

“Are you human?”

“What kind of a question is that?”

“No i just remembered something.”

“What?”, his attention started to divide between what Misha was saying and Piya. He felt as though Piya was in danger. 

“Well when Piya had first come to here I took her to rappelling point and she fell from the cliff there. She said it was you who saved her that day. She didn’t know you then of course but yeah. So I made a joke about you know only a superman can save a girl falling from cliff and thats why”, Misha laughed at her own joke. 

Her laughter was broken by a sudden break and a scream from Abhay. She asked him, “dude what happened? Why did you take Piya's name. For a minute I thought we hit Piya.”

But she didn't get answer from him. He just kept on driving but now in different direction - towards their college. 

He stopped the car on the cross roads outside their college and got out and ran. He disappeared so quickly that Misha didn't realise what happened and just followed him dumbly. 

She finally caught up with him but only to find him kneeling beside her sister Piya who was lying on the floor wounded. She went near her quickly and is shocked how Abhay knew Piya was in danger. She remembered all the old incidences where Abhay just happened to be wherever and whenever Piya was in problem. And here he was once again near Piya when Piya was wounded

“what happened. Ye kya mark he. Looks like animal? Leopard or panther? Oh god what was she doing in forest.”, said Misha with distressing voice. 

“it's wolf attack.”

“we need to take her to emergency. Abhay!”

Abhay examines her injury marks when they heard a sound from behind. Alert they both turn to find a man standing there. 

“I knew you'd come to save her Abhay Raichand. Is ladki ko bachane k liye tum kuch bhi kar sakte ho.”, said the man.

Misha hears this and looks at Abhay trying to understand the puzzle.

Abhay understood that this was no ordinary man. He could smell his werewolf blood and if that wasn't enough there were two more with him. He could smell them close by. He quickly assessed his options. He needed to come in his true form to fight them. Piya was unconscious so she wasn't the problem. The problem was Misha. She was there. There was nothing he could say to her that would make her leave Piya there and she wouldn't be able to lift Piya and leave either. Besides those hidden  werewolves would probably attack them if they tried to leave. He couldn't let any of them get hurt, especially not Piya. 

Abhay whispered, “Misha you are going to see something which might me shock you to the core. But right now I need  you to trust me and do as I say.” “Wha..”, Misha tried to argue but Abhay interrupted her, “There's no time. Stay where you are do not move and do not run no matter what. It's gonna get ugly soon.”

Misha looks at him confused trying to understand what he is talking about when she notices that the man who had threatened Abhay had now turned into wolf. She gasped. She was about to hold Abhay’s hand when he moved forward shielding both her and Piya. As she looked on to Abhay, his eyes turn blue and fangs came out. Abhay asked her to stand down but she was too shocked to do anything. He pushed her to the ground beside Piya and attacked the werewolf. He came behind the werewolf so fast and sunk his fangs into his neck that the werewolf didn’t even what came over him. He would have drained him entirely had the hidden ones not come out towards Misha. He ran to save Misha pushing them away from her and engaged with them. The one who was losing came to attack Abhay from behind using this opportune moment carrying a silver dagger. Misha noticed it and somehow managed to gather enough courage to warn him, "Abhay watch out". Abhay turned to look at him and gave him a threatening smirk. Three werewolves and Abhay engaged in fierce fight with three against one. Abhay managed to kill those three werewolves, in the process however he was hurt, his shoulder wounded and a few deep scratches on his handsome pale cheek near jaw.

After the fight, his fangs disappeared in his mouth and eyes became Normal. He turned back to face both the sisters, one of which was unconscious, his love, and the other one was in shock. Misha looked at the werewolves and then Abhay and then at werewolves. She was shaking with fear and couldn't believe her eyes. Abhay rushed to Piya. He observed her injury and understood it was werewolf attack. He hovered his hand over her wounds and they disappeared. But Piya was still not conscious. She had lost blood and was weak. She needed to rest. Abhay looked at Misha. She was shivering. He asked politely, “can you walk? we need to leave quickly. More will come here soon. This place is not safe.”

Misha heard him but still couldn't move. Abhay held her by hand n got her to stand gently supporting her. As she stood Abhay noticed there were some scratches on her elbows. He hovered his hand over them to heal them. Misha’s eyes followed his gesture unable to utter a single word. He lifts Piya in his arms and walked towards car. Misha walked with him. She knew he was vampire. She was scared but she also knew that right now it was only him who could save her and Piya if those werewolves attacked again. She clutched Abhay's hand. It was freezing. Abhay looked at her. The fear on Misha's face was so unlike Misha. The blood had drained from her face and she looked sickly pale. Misha who is generally the bravest girl was clutching to Abhay as a five year old girl hugging her father after waking up from a nightmare. But then again she had never seen a werewolf or a vampire fight like this before. He put Piya in car and turns to face Misha. He put his jacket over Misha and helped her sit in car and drove to Dobriyal house. He turned his car heater on to keep her warm. 

He took Piya in arms again and signalled Misha to follow. He put Piya into bed and gave Misha some water 

“Are you okay?”

“Those .. those were werewolves. And you.. you are a vampire”, replied Misha stammering, making an eye contact with Abhay for the first time after the incident.

Abhay looked at her. He knew Misha had seen a lot today. 

“Piya is gonna be alright. She will wake up in some time.”, he said.

“Those wolves tried to attack me”

Abhay softly hold her by shoulders and spoke, “Misha look around. you are fine and safe at your home.”

Misha looked around. She did feel better knowing she is at her home and took a deep breath.

“You need to come into senses before Piya wakes up. I'm leaving.” , he said and turned to leave then stopped and said, “she will ask questions after waking up. Just say that you and Kabeer brought her home. Do not mention wolves and be in the unknown.”

Misha nodded and he left. 

Misha sat down beside Piya and was leaning against the bed. She recalled everything that happened in the forest. The werewolves attacked Abhay, who by the way is a vampire. They attacked her and he fought them off. She didn't realise when but she dozed off. In The dream she saw she is running. Somebody is chasing her. Some man. Misha stumbles upon a rock and looks behind but the man turns into a giant dog. Abhay comes there and pushes the dog away. As he turns Around Misha sees his bright blue eyes and fangs. She wakes up startled all sweaty. She saw beside where Piya was sleeping. Her mind was confused. She had many questions. Questions only Abhay could answer. She calls him and said, “I need to talk to you. You have a lot to answer.”

Abhay understood what she was talking about.  “I'll come near your house. A little outside but close enough so you can feel safe.”, he said. 

Misha thought about it and agreed. She quickly got up and went outside. She noticed Abhay was already there. 

“Are you and Piya okay?”

“You are a vampire Abhay”

Misha had seen a lot today. There was no way Abhay could lie his way through it from Misha. He also understood that Misha was shocked and scared, and decided to put her mind at ease. 

he simply nodded

“How long have you been one?”

“200 years”

“Did Piya know about this. Before? Before that accident and her memory loss”

Abhay nodded.

“She loved you in spite of that?”

Abhay nodded again

“How did you know Piya was in danger”

“My vampire senses connects me to her.”

“Does this happen all the time when she is in trouble?”

Abhay nodded

“So all those time Piya claimed you came and saved her it was true. That rappelling point. Stopping that truck. And those boys and jeep in the camping trip. That night after her  accident when we all thought you weren't there. Everything?”

He nodded.

Misha thinks hard n remembers. 

“That day in the locker room after earthquake. It was you who saved me weren't you?”

He nods

A sense of grateful seemed to dawn on her.

“That day after Piya’s accident when doctors claimed it was a miracle, was it you who saved her?”

Abhay nods

“Then what’s happening? What happened that night in forest?”

“That is something I cannot answer Misha. Partly because you are not supposed to know and partly because even I don't understand fully.”

“Oh come on dude.”

“No Misha. I cant. That night Piya had gone into forest to discover about my past after getting swayed into Siddharth’s words who by the way is my brother. She stumbled upon a secret she wasn’t meant to know. As a result she was given the choice between either death penalty or a memory loss by the supernatural council. Piya chose the latter. 

“Is that how she lost her memory?”

Abhay nodded. 

“Wait then that ice block in the forest. Do you know something about it?”

“That was me.”


“There was an attack after everything happened and Maithili or the person who was impersonating as Maithili bound me in a spell under ice.”

“Maithili who? what?”

Abhay briefly explained her about his relationship with Maithili and how they died.

“Sid is a vampire and your brother?”

Abhay nodded.

“That’s two of my sisters in love with a vampire”, said Misha swallowing the truth.

“Those werewolves attacked Piya because they knew you'd come to save her?”, she asked after a moment of silence.

Abhay nods.

Misha remembered how wounded Abhay was after fighting those werewolves.

“and you'd actually go to save her every time she needed to.”

“Every single time.”

“even if you'd die in the process?”

“I died two hundred years ago Misha.”

“you know what I mean! Die in this vampire form ?”


“You love her!”

This time Misha didn't have to ask. She knew. She had in fact known this always. It was written all over his face that he loved Piya and would die to save her. But she had just chosen not to see it. They all had.

“But then all those girls?”

“Just a ruse. Who are all the girls that i have supposedly dated?”

“College bimbos. Brainless animals. Crazy for you. And gossip queens.”

“There’s your answer. I need to find information and they are the brainless bimbos who know all the gossip and are crazy for my looks.”

Misha suddenly realised what he had been trying to do.

“What information are you trying to gather?”

“I can’t give you details but on the attack that took place on us that night. I have suspicions over Jeh that he wants something from Piya. So if you can do me a favour ask you sister to not trust him.”

“Why can't you ask?”

“She won’t listen to me. She never does.”

There was a hurt on his face that made Misha feel sympathy for him.

“Abhay, she loves you. I know whatever she is doing is only a facade.”

“Does it matter Misha? she made her choice once. I am gonna respect that. Besides I am a dead vampire Misha. Its not like this relationship can work out even in the absence of that whole dilemma.”

Misha looked at him. What he said made sense. 

“And do you think your father will accept me as his son in law? A vampire who died 200 years ago? What if Piya had to choose between me and her father Misha? Do you think it will be an easy choice? A father  who she kept alive in her memories and met after so many years. How can I be so selfish to steal that happiness from her again? No Misha ek bar pehle bhi mene apne pyaar ko khoya he. Maithili had to choose between me and her father and I lost her. I can’t let history repeat. I can’t lose piya to death. I won’t let that happen.”

Misha understood it. Her father will never approve of Abhay and this would crush Piya. She remembered one day when shopping Piya had told her - before her memory loss - "ye asambhav prem kahani he Misha. Kuch nai ho sakta"

Misha looked at his back as he disappeared into darkness. She finally knew what Piya meant when she said, “nafrat k nakab k piche jo chehra chupa he vo bhot alag he.”

“So many faces but only one heart”, muttered Misha thinking about Abhay who these days was a womaniser and arrogant jerk. 

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Teardrops of my heart

Misha saw Abhay next day and said hello to him, “I forgot to thank you for saving my life yesterday”

Abhay gave her a glance and then ignored her. 

“Dude tumhe kisine thank you accept karna nahi  sikhaya?”

Abhay ignored her once more. 

“You don't get to ignore me. Now I know all your secrets. “

Abhay noticed Misha was back to being Misha. “I'm glad you recovered from yesterday's incident. Frankly vo shocked n scared look tum par suit nai karta”

“Oh hello I was not scared.”

Abhay eyed her and she admitted the truth, “ ok may be just a little bit. But I was more shocked than scared. “

Abhay gave her a side glance and then ignored her.

“Dude jitna bhav khana he kha lo. itni asani se picha nai chutega mujhse”

“oh really? Because I thought me kabhi bhi tumhara muh band kar sakta hu.”, said Abhay as he turns his eyes bright blue for split second pranking Mosha. 

Misha faked a laugh, “Ha. Ha. very funny. and while you are at it make sure you get yourself some medicine  because mera khoon tumhe hazam nai hone wala he. “

Abhay smiled at this and left. Misha went to class. She didn't realise that she was still wearing Abhay's jacket  which he had given her yesterday not until Piya asked her

“Why are you wearing Abhay's jacket?”

“What? Oh ye haan ye, I was bit chilly so usne diya tha, I forgot to return”

“Abhay raichand ka jacket. Usne khud tujhe diya? Vo tujhe itna bhav kese dal raha he?”, said Ruhi in panicky tone. 

“Are you two gonna be dating dating now onwards?”, asked chammak challo.

“What?”, asked Misha comfused and it took her a few seconds to realise that all the girls were staring at her. 

Abhay walked in the class and took his seat. Misha went to him and mumbled very slowly, “Dude everyone thinks we are dating. Why?”

“Did you forget the blind date day yesterday”

“No but ..”, realisation of that dawned on her now, “What the hell? Do these girls think we are actually dating? I don't know what to do? What do i do?”, she said last sentence a little too loudly.

“Me batati hu misha ji. Sit down.” Said mrs Kapoor, “class shuru ho ri he.”

Misha fell down the seat as mrs Kapoor shouted on her and she sat there itself beside Abhay. 

“Dude. Ye blind date to bhot mehenga pad gaya.”

“Oh really? I don't see how thats my problem.”

“Oh it is your problem. Piya idhar hi dekh ri he”, said Misha who had just stolen a look at Piya. 

“Great. Let her see. Let her think exactly what she is thinking vese bhi aur kuch sochna ata hi kaha he use!”, said Abhay reading Piya’s thoughts.


“Your sister has trust issues. And there is nothing I can do to help her so no thank you I am not interested”.

“Piya mera khoon pi jayegi Abhay.”

“Good. Mera kam piyegi.”

“And here I thought you are the blood drinker”, muttered Misha .

Misha humphed looking at Piya and then Abhay. Abhay was least interested in whatever was going on and Piya was clearly over interested. 

“Fine but at least tumhare fangs udhar de do na. Me uska pee lungi badle me”, she laughed at her joke and then looking at Abhay’s glaring eyes corrected herself, “ok thats the boundary. Got it. No dark humour.”

Misha turned around and looked at Piya who was now busy paying attention to class. 


After class Misha went to canteen to join others for lunch and the moment she stepped in the canteen she felt like she was a martian and she turned from there trying to run away but Kabeer stopped her. 

“Are you and that jerk Abhay Raichand dating?”, he asked hotly.

“What? No kabeer. It was just that stupid idea of T. Your bimbo highness.”

“What are you wearing his jacket for then?”

“God I forgot to return it again.”

“Misha what’s going on?”

“Dude nothing. Sach. Baki baad me call karti hu filhal let me return this.”, said Misha and ran away. Kabeer stood there pursing his teeth. 

“Yo dude what happened?”, asked Angad

“Misha man, why the hell is she so casual about Abhay. Doesn't she know what he did with Piya?”

“Vo Misha he. Abhay uska kya bigadega?”

“Vo Misha he isliye fikar he. Vo jitni gundi lagti he na utni he nai. Bachpan se janta hu me use. Agar Abhay ne usko hurt kiya na to me use choduga nai”

“Chill dude, why are you overreacting of Misha and Abhay?”

Kabeer looked at him confused and then looked at Misha running here and there searching for Abhay.


Piya went straight to library to Abhay, “What the hell are your intentions with my sister?”

“What intentions? What are you talking about?”

“Please itna innocent banane ki koshish mat karo Abhay. Tumhare aur Misha k bich me kya scene he?”

“Oh so because we had a date yesterday we have a scene going on?”

“Oh please Abhay. I have seen you with new girl every day. And I heard others, they are all talking about how you two were before class and even after that she was with you.”

“So kisine kaha aur tumne maan liya Piya? Fine you don't trust me. But did you go and ask your sister the same question you are asking me?”

“I will talk to her but first I want to know what are your intentions. Are you planning to date her as all those other girls.”

“What’s wrong with you Piya? Dimag ghar par chodkar aayi ho kya? Don't you know your sister? Do you really think she will date me? Especially with our history and all? You don't trust me but now you don't trust her either?”

“I trust her alright. But i don't trust you”

“You don't have to trust me to know there is nothing going on. Do you really think that Misha falls into category of other girls who would do something like this? Do you really take her as one of the other girls who would betray their best friend and their sister?”

Piya didn't say anything but she didn't look him in the eyes either. Abhay could clearly read jealousy and insecurity in her mind. 

“Piya that was a random event for me and Misha to get set up on the date yesterday. The jacket I gave her because she was cold. Thats the end of the story. I have no intention with your sister. Period”

Abhay left her there feeling irritated and outside bumped into Misha again as he was going to the parking. 

“Dude, sabne to mera bharta bana diya. And sab tumhari galti he. You are so good looking k sari ladkiya jalan k mare mere piche hi pad gai he. Har jagah kabse aag bhujhane ka kaam kar rahi hu me.”

Abhay was already irritated from his arguments with Piya and this irritate him further, “You know what Misha, Lets do one thing. Today evening I will come to Dobriyal house. Piya, you, panchi and Mr and Mrs Dobriyal ko bhi bula lena and tum sab ek sath apane sare blames ki list pakda do mujhe. At least bar bar mujhe ye sab sunana nai padega.”

 He started walking to his car.

“Wait wait wait hold on. Dude I was just joking. You and I are in the joke so I thought why not have our inside joke and fun. Why are you so angry? What happened?”

Abhay looked at her and saw Piya coming so he turned his face and said, “Ask your sister.” He sat in the car and slammed the door and drove away. 

Misha stood there baffled and heard Piya calling her, “Misha shall we go home ya koi aur plan he tumhara?”

“Yeah of course. Lets go. Mera kya plan hoga?!”

On the whole way home Misha was trying to talk to Piya but clearly she was not speaking to her. As she reached home Piya got off the bike and went inside straight to her room without talking to her. 

Misha, perplexed, ran after her, “Piya kya hua? Are you not talking to me?”

“You tell me kya hua Misha? Kya chal raha he tumhare and Abhay k bich?”

“What mere aur abhay ke bich?”

“And don't lie. Sab suna and dekha mene. How could you do this to me Misha?”

Misha now understood the retaliation Abhay had given her. 

“Piya do you really think I and Abhay are dating?”

Piya didn't give her any answer and looked away from her.

“How could you think that Piya? I could never do that to you. I know you still love him”

Piya’s expression softened a bit into mild shock at this and she looked at her.

“You do?”

“Of course I do Piya. Do you think I cant see you fussing over your looks when you are supposed to meet him or the way you steal glances to his direction in class or the way you keep day dreaming when at home?”

Piya’s eyes dropped down.

Misha sat down on the bed beside her and said, “Piya we are best friends, even before your memory loss and even now. How could I even think of dating him when I know what you feel for him? Or the fact that you two have this history? Do you seriously think so low of me?”

Piya said in low voice, “No of course not but then you two were talking and then you are wearing his jacket and those girls they kept …”

“Piya those are bimbos. Abhay is good looking guy and naturally all those bimbos were jealous. Its so obvious vo rai ka pahad banana chahti he. How can you believe them but not me - your sister?”

Piya felt ashamed now and said, “I am sorry Mishu. I got jealous and they got in my head and I am sorry.”

“And ye sara gussa tumne Abhay par bhi nikala Piya?”

“Well I was worried. I didn't want him dating you anyway Misha. I mean come on he is such a Casanova.”

“Piya he is nothing like that. I know its not.”

“Misha how do I believe it? Usne aaj tak mujhe koi vajah di he us par trust karne ki. All I see is he is dating every girl, he is keeping secrets, he wont tell me anything about us and he just behaves so rude and arrogant with me all the time.”

“Piya ab us baat ka to me kya kar sakti hu. Vo esa hi he yar. Pehle bhi esa tha and aaj bhi bilkul vesa hi he. But he is a good guy Piya I know it. Bas uski apni problems he and vo kisike sath share nai karta.”

“He shared his problems with you?”

“No, I just happened to be present when a certain problem occurred”

“What problem? What happened”, concern was very clearly evident in Piya’s eyes.

“I don't know the details he would not tell me. But yeah it does concern your safety a little bit. He sort of has some enemies and they can attack you because of your history so thats that.”

“What enemies? What attack?”

“Piya ye tum use hi puchna behetar he”

“But he doesn't tell me anything Mish. Me use kabhi bhi kuch bhi puchti hu he always dodges my questions.”, said Piya getting up from the bed and walking to window. 

“You are right Mish. I do love him. And I don't know why but it just seems that there is huge gap between us. And I am ready to walk the steps but it feels like he is not. I don't know what to do?”, said Piya looking at the moon. There was sadness in her voice. 

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Begin Again

Misha found Abhay sitting by himself in canteen and went to speak to him, “I know why you were angry yesterday. But don't worry I sorted things out in Piya’s mind.”

“How could she even think that I would stoop so low and date her own sister? Is this how low we have gone?”

“Abhay come on she is just hurt and confused and you are not helping her by keeping all these secrets.”

“Thats the usual problem. She needs to know everything but I can't tell her. I just can’t”

“Fine. Forget it. Answer me one thing. Do other sort of supernatural creatures also exist?”


“Dude! Thats freaky. And and you have lived for 200 years on this planet?”

Abhay nodded.

“Wow thats awesome.”, Misha launched into talking and asking incessantly about what it was like to live through centuries. 

“You know what Misha apne doso saal ki jindagi me, me esi ladki se nai mila jisne mera itna sar khaya ho k mujhe marne ka man kare.”

“OMG you must have seen everything na? You saw British rule also and independence movement and world war and what not. Wow tell me a funny incident.

“A funny incident? Really? Have you completely lost your mind?”

Kabeer saw Abhay and Misha together again seeing Misha laugh he didn't like it, he went ahead to warn Abhay but seeing his arrogant face he just decided to punch him but Abhay stopped it with ease in mid air. 

“Thakur? What the hell? Kya hua tumhe? Abhay are you okay?”

“Misha are you really worried about him? What's going on between you and him?”, asked Kabeer hurt. 

“You shouldn’t have tried this.”, said Abhay lazily getting up from his chair.

“Okay now Abhay calm down. Please. Thakur what's wrong with you?”, she punched Kabeer on shoulders and said, “There's nothing between me and Abhay. We are just friends.”

“Friends? You and him?”, asked Kabeer.

“Yeah duh uh. But tumhe kya hua  jo ese behave kar rahe ho. ?”

“Vo me .. actually vo…”, fumbled Kabeer trying to think why he was angry. 

Abhay who had read Kabeer’s mind said, “vo tumse pyar karta he Misha.”

“What”, shouted both Misha and Kabeer together.

“No. I don't love you. I have class. I'm going. Bye bye.”, said Kabeer hurriedly and in defensive tone.

“Are you serious?”, asked Misha to Abhay.

“You are thinking about using Kabeer as a punching bag until he says he doesn't love you.”

Misha realised Abhay could read minds.  “sala Thakur. Ye kya naya drama he?”, thought Misha.

As the two left for class Piya saw Abhay and came to apologise to him for her outburst but Abhay was in no mood to forgive her so soon.

“Sure ya sahi he. Pehle sunao fir sorry keh do.”

“Look Abhay I admit I was wrong and I rushed too soon but its not like you helped the matter.”

“You Know what your problem is Piya, tum chahti ho sab vese behave kare jese tum chahti ho. News flash Piya Jaiswal - People do what they want.”

“Oh please. I did no such things. I was just looking out for my sister

“Looking after your sister? Pehle apani life suljha lo baad me dusro se uljho”

“I am fine with my life. Kuch suljhane ki jarur nahi he.”

“Agar nahi he to bar bar mere piche kyun ati ho? Koi na koi bahane se? Are these your new excuses just to talk to me?”

“Oh please khud ko itna importance mat do. I have no interest in talking to you.”

“Fine then go on leave me alone”

“I wish I could but we have got the assignment to finish”

“Don't tell me you two have started at it again”, asked Misha standing beside them.

“Tomorrow we will finish.”, said Abhay 

“Good Now move to the class. come on”, urged Misha.


Sunday evening Piya was in her room when Misha asked her if she wanted to join her and Ruhi to the club. 

“I can’t come. You and tracker go. I have got to go to that jerk’s place and finish the assignment”, said Piya picking out a dress from her closet. 

“Oh yeah you have to give that essay tomorrow na”, replied Misha. 

“Yeah”, said Piya going behind the dressing screen. 

“Yeah well then  it’s just me and her. Lets see”

“Why Kabeer and Angad are not coming?”

“Don't ask me about that leechad?”

“What leechad? Why? What happened?”

“I think he likes me”

“What? Kabeer likes you”, said Piya coming out in the light from behind changing screen, “When did this happen?”

“Since I and Abhay became friends he has been so jealous. Won’t even talk to me thik se”, said Misha gloomily. 

“Are you missing him Misha?”, said Piya sitting beside her teasing her.

“Duh uh Piya. He is my bff. Of course I miss him. But not the way you think.”

“Really? I to think somebody has got a crush on someone.”

Misha looked at her with sulky face and asked, “Shut up. Kuch bhi mat bolo and is Abhay coming to pick you up?”

“No I think i will walk. I don't want him picking me up every time.”

Her phone buzzed as soon as she finished getting ready and she said, “No need I will come by myself. You don't have to come. What how? I’ll walk of course.”

“He doesn't even say bye before dropping off the call”, said Piya looking at Misha showing her the phone. 

“Are you sure you wanna walk Piya? It looks like it can rain today. We can take the cab. You take the last car. Panchi has taken the other one.”

“Are nai its okay. I like walking. You and tracker take the car.”

She said throwing the books and assignment in the bag. She took one last look in the mirror, checked her earring and readjusted her hair-clip before leaving. 

“Okay now i can go”, said Piya

“Chalo I will walk you till the gate at least.”, said Misha. 

As both the girls came out of the gate Piya saw Abhay waiting for her with his car. 

Misha raised her eyebrows with her hands in her jean pocket and said, “hey Abhay. Whats up?”

“Great thanks.”

“I told you there is no need to come. I will manage on my own.”, said Piya.

“I told you I don't want you walking alone to my place.”

“Usme kya problem he Abhay? I am not a doll that needs a driver 24*7”

“Piya kaha na mene its not safe. You won’t walk through that forest alone ever.”

“Abhay you can’t tell me what to do and not do.”

“I am not telling you to do anything except not walk through that forest.”

“Are but Problem kya he?”

“Its a forest Piya. Its dangerous”

“Oh so its not dangerous for you. Only me?”

“I know that forest. I am safe in car. “

“Sounds like a bunch of crap. Why don't you admit you want to control my life”

“Thats not what i said Piya”

“You never tell me anything. You can tell Misha about your problem but me. Everyone is good enough for Abhay Raichand but me”

“Why are you exaggerating? Its simple matter of not walking through the forest alone.”

Both Piya and Abhay shouted at each other arguing and Misha tired of hearing them screamed, “Sttoopp. Stop it stop it stop it both of you.”, said Misha jumping on the road between them. 

“You know whats the problem with you two? Its you two. Kabse sun rahi hu yar dono ko. Pak chuki hu me. Piya you want this relation to work then find a way to trust him more often. And Abhay you, sure you have your reasons but you need to find a way to share more often and if not that then find a way to give piya a reason to trust you. And if you both can’t do any of that then may be just don't talk to each other. But stop this madness yar. You both love each other and you know it. Both of you. Then instead of fighting work on your issues. Otherwise just forget it okay. Just forget it.”

“Since when did you become so expert at relations”, said Piya twisting her mouth.

“I am not. Me nahi hu smjdar. Mujhe nahi ata relations smj. But fir bhi mujhe tum dono ka problem saaf dikhta he. Fir tumhe kese nai dikhta. Now I don't care. tumhe jo karna he karo. Me ja rahi hu but agar mere samne agli baar lade to ..” Misha punches the air and said bye very hotheadedly and then went inside. 

Abhay and Piya looked at each other for a while and then Abhay sat in his car. Piya fidgeted a little with her bag and then sat on next seat. 


Piya and Abhay finished the assignment in utter silence and with a civility and politeness that neither had ever shown to any other living. 

“Finally it is complete. We can submit this tomorrow.”, said Piya. 


They looked at each other neither knowing what to do next so Piya got up and said, “I think I shall leave. Mumma Papa will be very worried for me.” “Of course I shall drop you”

As the both opened the door of manner they realised it had been raining much too heavily. “I don't think it is safe to travel in this weather.”

Piya looked him, “Do you think it will increase?”

The lightening was seem the moment she asked this question and few seconds later a loud thundering sound was heard. 

“Yes you are not going in this weather. Come on in. I’ll get the guest room prepared.”, said Abhay possessively and  closed the door. 

“I will call home and inform them.”

She took out her phone and said, “no signal”

He checked his cell phone as well and noticed the same. He handed her the landline and asked Sitaram to prepare the dinner and guest bedroom. He telepathically connected with Chand and Haseena and was glad to know they were all right wherever they were it was calm. He then debated and finally decided to connect with Siddharth as well to check on him. “Papa says not to leave the house. There is warning of blizzard.”, said Piya putting the phone back.

Abhay nodded. 

Piya sat on the sofa watching out the window and said, “It does not look like it will stop.”

“Yeah. Come have dinner”, said Abhay putting plates for her.

As they were having dinner the power went out. Abhay lit some candles as Piya ate. 

“Mood lighting”, thought Piya. 

“You won’ eat anything?”, she asked.

“I un I don't eat”

“Don't eat? What are you? A vampire?”

“What if I said I was.”

“I’d say nice joke.”

Abhay faked a chuckle. 


And asked, “Do you want something more comfortable and warm?” 

Piya struggled to find the answer and Abhay said, “Come. I’ll get you mom’s night robes. It will keep you warm.”

He showed her to the guest room and gave her the warm velvet robes. 

“I’ll be outside if you need me.”, said Abhay and turned. 

“Wait uh..” piya looked everywhere but him nervously.

“Are you scared Piya?”

Piya nodded slightly.

“Its new place and thunderous atmosphere.”, said Piya scared.

“You want to sleep in my room? There’s a couch there, i’ll take that.”

Again Piya fumbled for words. The idea of sleeping in the same room as him gave her tingling feeling all over her body. Abhay understanding her dilemma said, “Come on up” and lead her to his room. 

“You can change in there”, said Abhay showing her the dressing room.

As Piya was changing into robes she took deep breaths and reminded herself to be calm and composed. She looked at herself in mirror in black velvet. She looked rather pretty as she tightened the loose robes with belt and let one of the shoulder hang out. She walked out to find Abhay had changed into jammies and was making a bed for himself on couch. Piya’s face reddened at the weird situation that the storm had landed them into. With her heart palpating, she got under the covers. 

Long moments of silence passed between them as the two looked outside. Snow had started to fall. Finally Piya gathered enough strength to say, “You were right you know. I do find excuses to talk to you.” She looked at him and as their eyes met she looked down fidgeting her fingers. 

Abhay looked at her crimson face under the fiery light of wood place. 

“I uhh I..”, struggled Piya

“I know. I do too. I always have and I always will.” 

Piya looked at him

“Then why are we not together?”

Abhay closed his eyes. 

“What if I told you it was not a joke downstair about what I said?”

Piya gulped down as she digested this revelations. 

“I don't understand.”

“My ex girlfriend who is dead was the last princess of pandher.”

Piya sat straight and looked at him with disbelief.

“Did I know that? Before?”


“Was that the boundary I crossed?”

“You impersonated as her.”

Piya’s breathing became heavy. 

“That night you were looking to find if I could choose Maithili over you if I was given a chance and stumbled upon a secret that you weren’t supposed to. You were given two choices. To die or to forget. You chose the latter. And I wiped your memory”

“What kind of secret?”

“I can’t tell you that”

“And would you? Would you choose her over me?”

“It didn't matter what I said. I don't think it matters now. What matters is what do you think Piya? Now you know the reason why we are not together. I am a vampire. I have drunk your blood. I attacked you on prom night. Now its upto you to choose to do whatever you want with this.”

Piya looked at his face. The pain on his face was evident. “If you love her Piya then find a way to trust him”, that’s what Misha had said. He had found a way to share. Share something she had not expected. He had let himself be the most vulnerable and at her mercy. It was now her turn. Whatever she decided would be their fate. 

Piya got up from the bed and went to him. She took his hand in hers and put it over her chest letting him feel her pounding heart. 

As Abhay felt the thumps of her heart, the vampire in him stirred, wanting to free the thumping heart from her cages. He withdrew his hand and got up from there facing away.

“You ran away from me last time after you found out the truth.”

“That sounds like me. But today I choose to trust you”, said Piya turning him to face her.

He looked into her eyes. Moments of silence passed and the tension rose between the two. The two faces came closer, their eyes closed and their lips met. Piya wrapped her hands around his neck and in his hair. His hands roamed over her curves as he lifted her and carried over to the bed, hovering over her, he kissed her passionately. His lips lowered to her neck and the sound of beating vain tempted him to take a bite. He resisted the temptation and pulled her over his body as she kissed him behind the ears, nibbling as her loose robe fell down her shoulders. He let go off her robes and came above her, caressing her bosoms over her black lacy bra, after removing his own t-shirt. The moans of their passion filled the room as they wrapped themselves in each other’s embrace. Piya felt goosebumps all over her as she kissed her neck but then suddenly, with a jerk, he went away from the bed, away from her. He looked at his fingers which were red and horror filled his eyes. His lips red with blood.  Her blood. Piya looked at his bright oceanic eyes and checked her neck only to find it wounded, her own blood in her fingers. 

“Why did I not feel anything?”

“This is why we can't be together. This is why I have to stay away from you. I could have killed you there.”

Piya opened her lips to say something but knew not what to say. She pulled on the robe and got up from the bed but her body could not support her. She got light headed the moment she stepped off the bed and Abhay rushed to support her. 

“Sit. Don't get up.”

He then hovered his hand over her neck filling the wounds. 

He got up from her but she held his hand and stopped him. She looked at him expectantly and Abhay shook his head looking at her sickly pale and colourless face, “No this was a mistake. It was a mistake to flow in my emotions. It was a mistake to trust me. It was a mistake to put your life in danger.”

“Abhay.. its okay. I will be okay.”

“Stop it Piya. Stop defending me. You could have died. You would have died. Look at your state. I almost drained you.”

“You.. didn't mean to”, her breathing was heavy

“I did mean to. I will never want to do that but it will happen. Piya I would have killed you tonight itself”, a chill ran past his cold body. 

“Just lay with me please”, pleaded Piya.

Abhay couldn't say no to her and got under the covers with he contemplating the events. He cursed himself for slipping up. How could he have been so fool to let this have happened? He should have known better. He looked at Piya’s face which was glowing. At first Abhay thought it was the light from fire but soon he realised that Piya’s whole body was glowing. He checked to see if she was breathing and she was. He didn't understand what to do and tapped on her cheek to wake her up. Piya opened her eyes slowly and the glow faded away leaving the red on her cheeks. The colour of the blood was back to her face. She did not look pale or sickly anymore. 

“Are you okay?”, asked Abhay. 

“I am fine Abhay. Stop blaming yourself”. 

Her voice was stronger and usual. Abhay argued, “How can you say that Piya? I could have ..”

“But you didn’t”, interrupted Piya. 

She opened her eyes properly and was sitting normally and looked at him and asked, “Do you intend to withdraw from me after this? Are you going to stop being with me? Will you not kiss me or hold me ever again? If the answer is yes then I would say yes blame yourself for breaking this relation just moments after we were rebuilding it. And if you say no then all I ask is just be patient. You slipped up today but we will be carefu. You stopped yourself and that counts. Give yourself some credit for that.”

Abhay looked at her and hold her face in his and kissed her forehead. She was warm. Her pulse was back to normal. He didn't know why and how but for some reason she had healed herself far more quickly. The glow that he had seen on her body must have had something to do. He made a mental note to find out what it was and then lied down with her holding her in his arms as she slept on through the night. 

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Behind the enemy lines

“Your army is weak Deepanita. It couldn't even get the girl to me”, said the man to Deepanita.

“Its that Abhay Raichand.he reached there before my men could bring the girl to you”

“Liesss.. your men waited for him as per your instructions. What were you planning to do Deepanita?”

“Revenge. I want to kill him. He is the one who killed my son. He killed my son. I want revenge”

“Patience. You will get your revenge and your son as well”

Deepanita’s eyes glowed with pleasure and she asked, “How?”

“Later that. But first I need them. I need Piya and Abhay’s souls. Only then will I have the power to bring back the dead”

“Master i don't understand why their soul?”, asked Jeh.

“Their love is undying, they gave their life for love and yet somehow survived. That is a powerful magic found in the very fabric of nature. By consuming their souls I can harness that power.”

“But why Piya? She didn't give her life. Only her memories”, asked Jeh

“Is that what you think?”, the sound of condescending laughter filled the air.

“There are things that you do no understand because you fail to recognise the talent your daughter has.”

Deepanita cursed hearing her name. 

“No matter. I want you to do something.”


Haseena examined the stone in her hands. It has been long since she used her powers. She removed the glove from her hand and touched the stone once again trying to establish the connection with the other world. She could not find Abhay and Siddharth’s mother this time but she did find Sugandh. 


“Haseena. Save my daughter. She in danger.”

“What do you see Sugandh?”

“She said that my child would be still born. She said it can help me. She is born for love Haseena and now he tries to consume her soul. They are all in danger. Your son and my daughter. Their love is resonating with the very fabric of nature itself. Every sacrifice they make for the other, their love multiplies. And He desires to capture their souls and consume it to harness that power.”

“And who is that?”


“Where can he be found? What is he?”

“I can’t see him clearly. He is very powerful. Done many unnatural things to gain powers. Thats all I can say.”

The connection was closed. Haseena took heavy breaths and looked at Chand. 

“She said some woman helped her. Her child was still born”

Haseena looked at him and said, “May be she had a child before Piya?”

“Could be. But then she had no reason to mention it to us.”

Haseena considered about what he said for a moment and then spoke, “i don't care about that now. We have to find who this Aghreev is? There is only them now who can help us”

“Haseena. I left the them after I made you. They might not take it very well to meet us now”

“I don't care. I am not gonna let this Aghreev do any harm to my son.”

“Very well then. Lets go”

The journey was not easy. They has to cross the bhinlagga ridges and then the treacherous paths of Auden’s col. Beyond the rudugaira valley lied the forests of bhaironghati where the ancient  ones had made their lair. Even for vampires crossing the auden’s col, infested with crevasses was not a easy. Haseena grew weary as they reached the khatling glaciers. “We need to stop. You are exhausted. We need to regain the strength”, suggested Chand looking at Haseena’s state. “No. Keep going. We can’t stop.” “Rest for a night. We will go tomorrow. Rest Haseena.” But haseena insisted on not stoping. “Fine then at least let me find you something to feed on”, said Chand and left. 

Where was he gonna find an animal on such a moonless night in these glaciers, he did not know but he wasn’t the one who accepted defeat easily. He roamed around the cliff looking for anything but found nothing. He was about to give up the hope when he heard the sound coming from inside one of the cracks in glacier. He reached there to find one of the human boy. “How did you manage to reach here?”, asked Chand wondrously. “Help! Please help!”, Chand pulled the man up and said, “you are a druid.” The boy looked at Chand’s eyes which were glowing blue. He only had the time to realise that the man who had just saved him was a blood thirsty vampire before Chand sunk his teeth in his neck and killed him. He tore off the limbs and peeled the skin off his body before bringing him to Haseena

“What was this?”, asked Haseena drinking from his carcass, “i have never tasted blood like this before.” “A roaming animal I found.”, lied Chand. He knew Haseena would not be able to digest the fact that he had killed a druid boy. But he knew she needed the strength and the blood of the druid will be most nourishing for her. And how right he was as Haseena regained her strengths and her dark eyes, lifeless appearance became pale with energy. They rested for a while and then started again on their journey. It took then an entire week to complete the journey and reach the forests of bhaironghati. 

The lair was right in the middle of the forest. Even from the distance Chand could sense the energy pulsating around the villa. 

“Long time no see Chandrakant”, said the ancient one, “aah you bring the woman who changed your heart.” Haseena and Chand bowed to the ancient one. Soumlya and Shashidhar appeared into the view hearing his name. “It is indeed you. You have changed much. Nishikara would be pleased to see you.” Haseena looked at Chand. “Ancient one! We need your help.”, said Chand.

“I know why you are here! But I do not wish to assist you.”

“No you must. You must help us. I need to save my son! Please help us!”, begged Haseena as the ancient one.

He looked at Haseena’s pleasing eyes. “What will I get in return?” 

“A soul”, said Chand. 

“A soul? Whose?”, a smile creeped on the face of ancient one. “My”, said Chand and “no”, screamed Haseena. “You must really love this son of yours. Very well then. We have a bargain.”, said Chand and a mark appeared on the back of his hand. His soul was claimed.

“The one you look for is a warlock. A very powerful and evil warlock. You don't need to find him for he is coming to your way. To claim your son and his love. The little girl.”

“What does Piya got to do with any of this?”

“She is much more than you realise.” The ancient one shared the secret of Piya that left them bewildered and yet not very surprised. “your biggest worry nevertheless is the warlock. He wields the wooden bowie knife.”, said the ancient one.

“The one that was used to kill count Dracul.”, exclaimed Haseena. 

“Indeed. Know this he has imbued it with a crimson stone that has the power to capture one’s soul and use it to harness its powers. He does not intend to kill your son but capture his soul”

Haseena shared a terrified look with Chand. 

“If he captures Abhay’s soul, you know who he will come after.”

“I know well Chandrakant. Worry not as I have gave you word my to help you with this war in exchange for that souls of yours”, said the ancient one pointing at his mark on back of Chand’s hand.

“What I am surprised is how do you know not what that little girl consumed. Dracul made a potion from his own blood for his beloved wife. A potion that protected her from his venom and all kind disease and ailments giving her a life as good as immortality. It did not protect her from the harm caused by other humans though. Burned at the stake for witch craft. We all know the story don't we? But yes she does have this potion in her veins and for some reason that potion makes her stronger.”

Realisation seemed to dawn on Chand soon enough. Piya had been bitten by Abhay the night she consumed the potion as a result amplifying its abilities.

Chand and Haseena looked at each other. They took the leave of the ancient one and left. But as Chand was leaving the ancient one called out to him, “The ministry knows. Remember. Be warn.”

Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani 

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