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In a  restaurant in Mumbai.A young man in early 20's sits waiting for his girlfriend dressed in a White Denim Jean with a Grey Tshirt .He checks the time in his watch for the nth time.He hears approaching footsteps and finds her coming there dressed in her pink tops and white skirt.he hugs her happily and greets her 

 "Madhu,what takes you so long time dear ......I was tensed from morning.....Did you talked to your parents about our relationship...I talked with my parents ....I believe everything will be ok....What madhu....Why are  you silent ?I have a important matter to discuss with you ".

Madhu moves away from his hug and replies 

"RK,did you got application from America to join university .....I heard from my college professor ...Are you going to America ?Why am I last the person to know about this ?"

RK takes out the gift ,

"Happy birthday madhu "

She insist his reply ,

I am asking you a question RK,are you planning to go to America this month end ?"

He answers her ,

"So what Madhu.....?

Madhu questions  at him 

"RK.....You are hiding it from me....You often tell about your priority....Why didn't you tell me about this ......Today is 18....In less than a week you are going to America"

RK notices her anger and questions her 

"Madhu, We are loving each other for around a year now.....You know right..That is my dream to study in America."

Madhu replies,

"I know all that.....Now the situation is different....My dad is transferring to Himachal Pradesh in few months....How about you come to my home and talk about our marriage ?"

RK watches her surprised ,she continues to speak 

"RK if a situation arises that you want to select either me or your dream whom would you select?,don't disappoint me dear ".

RK remains silent ,she replied 

"You will select America right ,If I want to choose between you or my family....I will select them so it's over right ..... "

RK hold her hand 

"Madhu,Just three more years....I will come back and we can get married.....Just three more years....Please understand...."

Madhu hold back her tears ,

"RK, This is not going to work....I can't wait for three more years...You come home and talk with them about all this.....Please decide ,my sister is getting alliance whom want me to marry their second son...."

RK gets shocked,she answers ,

"I somehow managed the matter.....It will be late if you didn't come to talk ".

RK leaves her hand and questions her 

"Madhu......You want me to select you ......Not my dreams.....But why ?What is the problem ?I can't  come home and meet your parents ....I don't have any identity ......Now...."

Madhu breaks down ,

"RK,why are you adamant......You are the one and only son of Mohan Kundra ,that idenitity is enough"

RK shouts ,

"You are being against me today......Wait you know about my family background ,I never revealed anything about this....How did you know 

Madhu replies,

"You think I loved you because of your face....It is only because of your wealth ,your dad don't want you to go to America right...."

RK shouts at her 

"You know many things madhubala.....Yes....You can't pressurize me.....I want to go to America....It is my dream for a decade ......You don't want to wait for me .....Good bye Madhubala Malik.....Bye,don't ever come in front of me in your life ,I am disappointed in you....I loved you wholeheartedly but you  loved me for my identity....If I ever saw you again in my life....Don't think about living.".

She watches him going and breaks into tears .She messages someone ,

"I have done as per your wish ".

Seven years later ,

In Kundra Mansion,

Radha wakes up at 5 am and comes out of the room ,she finds the preparation going in full swing......She questions her Mother -in-law about 

"Ma,I am worried about Rishab....Meera where is Sultan ?Why he is not yet back from the trip? Finally Rishab has agreed to marry "

Meera consoles her 

"Don't worry..... Before 20 days , He said there is a surprise for us and he will come ...What about your son Rishab?"

Radha sits in the swing and answers her 

"Rishab is busy in work and will join during the haldi ceremony....Did you talked with the Bride's family ?".

They begin to do the preparation for RK's wedding .

In the same time ,Second Class compartment in a train 

A young lady in her mid 20's wakes up hearing the sound of train stopping in a station.she opens her eyes and find only herself sitting in the compartment,she opens the window with great difficulty and sees the name of station....She clips her hair into a ponytail and begin to arrange her luggages when a little boy hugs her  and burst into tears.She caress his face 

"You are such a nice kid.....You should not make any problem for anyone there....Don't forget this Aryan ,they are your family.They will treat you good in future so don't worry.I will come to meet you in future ok....No more crying.... Whenever I come to Mumbai,I will come and meet you..Okay...

The boy hugs her tightly and questions her 

"But why Madhu,Why should I go there,where is mama and papa?"

She consoles him and hugs him.she get down from the train along with the boy and walks out of the station .She approaches the taxi stand .

"I want to go to this address,how long it is from here ?"

The taxi driver tells her the details,

"Mam....This is in the outer of the city....A posh locality.....It is around 300 to go there ".

She agrees and get into the car .

The address reads 

Mr Manohar Kundra 

Managing director of 

Sitara Industries pvt limited 

67,kundra mansion 

Mumbai .

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Tell me what profession should they be this time ?

Posted: 5 months ago

Congrats for the new story

Interesting start

Rishbala broke up

Some one is there behind their breakup,

Rk is getting married curious to know who it is n who is that little kid his parents,

Continue soon

Thanks for the update

Posted: 5 months ago

Profession may be rk business man ,madhu modeling field or actress or fashion designer

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RK wakes up from sleep in a restaurant in Hyderabad.he walks out of the room and watches the scenery of the city with a deep smile lingering his face.

He gets phone call from his assistant Francis ,

"Good morning Sir,I have arranged a meeting with the top designer of MM brand of clothing.....She is a young lady in her mid 20's."

RK compliments him

"That's the best news.... Francis..... Send me her details.....I love to collaborate with such a person .....This is gonna increase our clothing brand.....Name ".

Francis replies,

"I have made arrangements sir....I will Mail you her details ,when will you arrive to mumbai ".

He walks into the room to see the mail.He receives another phone call from his business client ,

"Congrats Rishab Kundra."

RK replies to him absent mindedly

"For what ?"

The man laughs ,"Hey....It's your wedding today right....Did i misread the invitation...?"

RK checks his phone and replies....

"Oh...Yeah....Thank you so much......".

He checks the flight schedule for Mumbai and books a seat.he tries Francis number but finds his phone busy.

Francis stands in front of Radha in kundra mansion and get scolding from her 

"You didn't remind him....Why are you also behaving like him... Francis".

He silently hears all the complaints.

Madhu gets phone call from her office in Delhi,the ceo of the company Kulasekar Bhatia bombard her with questions ,

"Where are you madhubala,Have you reached Gupta mansion to deliver the dress to that Sheeba....Omg...She is repeatedly calling me ....Do it quickly dear,you know right Sheeba is one of our premium client.....She is the highest bidder in the last year monsoon collection bid.....She asked one request that you should get her ready for her wedding.....If  you can't go there,you should have informed me prior....You took leave and went to attend your friend's funeral.....I know it is painful but Now you are not still back....Our reputation is important to us...Right.....?"

Madhu convinces him not to worry ,she contacts Sheeba Gupta,

"Hello..... Mam...I am Madhubala Malik,"

Sheeba jumps from her bed hearing the name....

"Madhubala madam.....I was worried you won't come to my wedding......So only i repeatedly called the number of your office.....,Its my dream to get married in your lehenga.....Please come sooner "

Madhu pacifies her,

"There is nothing to worry......I have reached Mumbai in th morning first train....I am staying in JJ residency .....You please resend me the address and I will come there.... Don't worry...You will get married today...Ok..."

She sighs relief and turns to find Aryan trying to open his bag to change the dress.he helps him.She receives another phonecall from Bhatia,

"Sorry. ...Is everything over in Himachal,now what are you going to do ?You said that your mentor  Kanjan has a son....How is he?"

Madhu replies to him

"Uncle,no problem ......I came to Mumbai to decide about Aryan's custody...I am planning to legally adopt him if they didn't approve .But  Kanchan always wanted her son  to meet her husband's family....and love to in a joint family.....That was the last wish of her....I didn't know what to do ,I contacted one Mr Manohar Kundra,he must be the patriarchy of the family....He asked me to come to his house ...After helping Sheeba,I will go there ".

Bhatia asks her about Kanchan's husband ,

"Only Kanchan was found in the car .....The police didn't find him....The hope of him being alive is very very less......"

She disconnect the phone call ,she sees the message sent my Sheeba and gets ready to leave.

After two hours 

Radha sees the  stitched  sherwani and  shout at the designer.....Of their company 

"What colour is this....How will my son wear this ?This is how you are doing business....Mohan ?"

Meera and Mohan feels the same seeing the finished version.....They sits tensed....Radha receives phone call from Sheeba.she gets relieved to know that designer from MM brand agrees to come,Radha gets the phone number of madhu and calls her ,

Madhu gets phone from unknown number and attends the call ,

"Madhubala Malik,I am Francis ,the secretary of  Mr Kundra,how about meeting you for dinner today ?"

Madhu watches the time and replies,

"Sorry sir,How about meeting tomorrow.....I have promised a friend to help her for her wedding....And attend it with her...So sorry no".

She reaches the venue sent my Sheeba and finds the place crowded with many guests.she informs the hotel reception about her arrival and waits in the lobby along with Aryan.

Manohar Kundra tells the whole matter to his younger son Mohan and his wife Jayanthi ,both of them sit shocked, Mohan tries to think about the matter when Bharat Kundra,Sultan's dad hears the matter.he informs them ,

"I got same news.....This is fake ....I talked with Sultan and his gf Kanchan just before few hours..You don't worry ,you switch off the phone ...".

He hides his tears .

They sigh relief.Manohar switches his phone off.

At 1 pm in the airport ,

RK comes out of the airport dressed in White shirt and Black jean.He searches for the driver but finds his aunty Meera waiting for him.He hugs her and questions her about Sultan,

Badi ma,did you got any news about Sultan,Its been almost a year since I met him.

Meera replies to him

"I think he have found himself a girl .... he met in Himachal Pradesh.He said that he will come for your marriage with a special gift.......Thank God you agreed to marry....Your mom was always in tension....Now come it is getting late for the functions....Which groom will only come before few hours for his own wedding.your We need to go home sooner......Did you talked with Sheeba"

RK get into the car and they begin to travel towards his house.He messages his assistant about his arrival and calls Sheeba,

Sheeba Gupta comes out her room dressed in a yellow coloured kutti and smiles seeing the perfect makeup.she hugs her mother and expresses her happiness 

"Finally I am getting married.....That to  Mr  perfect  RK....In my dream wedding outfit designed by MM fashions......You know mama,this is the fresh outfit designed by Madhubala Malik....,Thank you Madhubala,you must surely join my wedding....This is the invitation...Please come...."

Madhu shows her thumbs up.she bid them farewell and walks out of the room.

Her dad replies 

"It is our luck to get involved Kundra mansion, get dress designed by this girl...,I can't relax until the marriage function ends.....Ok get ready to go to the venue "

In Kundra Mansion,Radha waits for her son's arrival when Mohan comes out finishing his phone conversation with  catering people.he jokes 

"Your son is over 28 years old ,he knows the way back home and moreover Bhabhi has went to bring him....Why are you standing here....Have you arranged the puja in temple....?"

Radha nod her head and replies 

"Yeah yeah.....We need to do puja only by  3 pm ".

Mohan sees the time and shouts ,

"It is around 2.30 now.....Go to the temple...If your son comes I will send him there ok... "

Radha get ready to go the temple.

Madhu watches the boy eating the food and smiles happily.she takes out her purse to pay the bill.she gets phone call and attends the phone call from Sitara Industries Pvt limited.she attends the call.

"Hello Ms Madhubala,We have contacted Manohar sir ,he said not to disturb him ".

She watches the boy staring at her and replies,

"You need not worry.......Everything will be ok.....They are your family members Aryan....See now we have completed having lunch....Mr Kundra has asked us to come to his home ....So now we must go there ".

The boy nod his head half heartily

The car reaches the area,Madhu get down along with Aryan.she searches for the house number when a car stops infront of her .Aryan gets afraid and hugs her tightly . Radha get down from the car and apologises to her 

"I am really sorry for scaring you.....My name is Radha Kundra,Are you one of my son's guest for his wedding ,You are Madhubala Malik right.....My dil talks very much great of you......She bought the wedding attire designed by you..."

Madhu opens her mouth  to reply but Aryan rushes inside the house following a butterfly.Madhu quickly apologises to her ,

"Yes mam..... But I came here to meet someone.....Mr Manohar kundra, Aryan don't run.....he is a  bit naughty....."

She runs following him inside the house calling his name ,

"Aryan....Don't run.....This is not the house ....We should not go inside ".

Radha follows them into the house ,she informed them ,

"My son is getting married....I came to bring the wedding sherwani, Haldi......could you help me dear ?... everyone has left for the venue....You also please come with me... papaji is also there only "

Madhu helps her to keep the haldi when a bit falls on her hand.Radha jokes,

"I don't have another son...I like you instantly....".Madhu smiles and get into the car along with Aryan.

RK reaches the venue along with Meera ,he goes to get ready for Haldi....

After half an  hour ,

RK comes out after taking bath and gets ready in a yellow Sherwani in  the room for rituals and finds Francis waiting for him.he informs him the matter.

Madhu tries to correct the wedding sherwani of RK and others watches it surprised.

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Awesome update

Loved it

So Aryan is sultan son,

Madhu n Aryan came to kundra mansion

Eagerly waiting to know how Madhu will end up as rk's bride n rishbala meet

Continue soon

Thanks for the update

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Francis greets him ,

"Good evening sir,I tried to contact the designer from MM brand....She seems to be busy and said she can only meet us by tomorrow only,this is the file I prepared about the company and her "

RK takes a bite of the apple ,he begin to read the document.Meera enters the room with the haldi and scold him,

"You are getting married...Today.....Concentrate on that.....Your mom went home to bring the Haldi for bride but still not back..... Francis....Don't ask you boss to work now.....let him first get married...".

RK keeps the file aside and hugs her ,

"Oh.... badima.....See yourself ...i didn't do any  office work.....You won't believe.....I contacted one of the biggest fashion designer to design Sheeba's costumes for the post wedding photo shoot....I am planning a destination wedding in cruise for her....."

Meera replies to him

"I don't believe you.....Now give me that file and get  ready to the rituals....Come-on......You must come out in 10 minutes...."

He agrees with her and stands silently till she walks out.he orders  Francis,

"Contact her once again....And make an agreement with her about joining our firm.....And discuss the terms about  designing the outfit for that Sheela....What is her name ?"

Francis corrects him

"Sir,mam name is Sheeba....And asking her to shift company is impossible.....Because she is the actual owner of the company.....MM stands for her name ,but no one knows it....She is called in the industry by the name  Love Goddess Venus.....The first recognised collection.....Of MM... ,only very few elite customers have met her....and all the administrative works are taken care by Mr Kulshekar Bhatia.if we want to get a dress designed....We must contact him first".

RK thinks for a while,

"I don't know why but this company and the word MM makes me curious.....I want to collaborate with them at any cost.....Find about the weakest link of MM...."

Francis nod his head.

Mr Bhatia comes back to his home and finds his son still not back.he shouts at  the servant ,

"Where the hell is he?"

Shikky alias Shikander Bhatia enters the house dressed in a Black tracksuit and white hood.he hugs his dad.Mr Bhatia shouts at him

"You drank again....Last week you promised madhu that you won't drink anymore.....Both of you studied together but see you are fit for nothing and she is solely managing the whole orders....."

"Oh daddy....Chill.....Madhu will manage everything......She is my bro.....You need not worry about me.......Last time when I did mistake,she didn't scold me "he replies..

Bhatia replies to him 

"Stupid....You know how much she is wanted in the international fashion world..but inorder to help us,she is doing all ....This....That company is built in her blood and sweat but she has made me take all the decisions......For the sake of you...But what have you done for her ?You create problems and she rectify it.... Nowadays you are getting addict to this lifestyle.....When will you live in present.... ".

Mr Bhatia sits tired.Shikky hold his hand,tears flowing from his eyes,he begin to talk ,

"Papa, she made me believe her completely ,so only I accepted her in our company....After her cheating....I can't concentrate on designs....I feel like I lost all the talents.....I hate that Sonali.....I loved her but she used me to get the designs fur that Andrew......When I drink or go to party...I feel free daddy. ...I feel free......No one wants me.....I am not at all jealous of my mule...Madhu.....but everyone forget me.....No one knows that there was a designer called Shikky...."

They stops their conversation on receiving the phone call from Mumbai.Bhatia attends the phone call ,

"Good evening sir,This is Francis Anderson,I am the secretary of Mr Rishab Kundra of the Kundra Fabrics and Fashion brand  "Dil ",I like to have a meeting with Mr Shikandar Bhatia,We found one of his designs in internet....My boss especially want him to design our next winter wears.....".

Bhatia watches the phone amazed... Shikky pulls the phone from him and agrees,

"I will do it.....I can do it....When should I sign the contract .".

RK smiles hearing the determination in his voice.he walks out of the room for the rituals.

Madhu reaches the wedding venue and gets surprised on seeing the beautiful decorations.......Of the venue.She walks into the venue with the invitation given by Sheeba but finds more than 300 guests .Aryan exclaims 

"Madhu.....There are around 1000 peoples here....Who will get them ready for the function ?".

Radha overhears the words and burst into laughter.she caress the boy's face...She tells her feeling 

"I don't know why but feels a connection with him.....You are going to do makeup and dressing of Sheeba before that how about helping me with Sherwani...... I take care of this little boyvuntil night ....Please..."

Madhu thinks about something and agrees to her idea.she comes along with Radha to help her .

Meera sees the haldi brought and shouts seeing the sherwani ,

"It is torn...."

Madhu comes there and replies ,

"There is nothing in the world that can't be mend other than broken relations.....So don't worry.....I will take care of this."

Jayanthi kundra and Manohar Kundra comes there and sees Madhu working very professionally ,Mohan praises her 

"We decided to purchase another one......You helped us ma 

"Meera finds the boy having a great striking resemblance with her son Sultan.they wait for Madhu .

RK sits in the room and sees the chain in hus hand .He keeps it safely in the box.he hears approaching footsteps and finds his mom standing with the sherwani.she praises Madhu's talent.

"She said everything can be mend only broken hearts can't...."

RK gets curious to know the person.He asks his mother about her.

In Sheeba's room ,

Madhu helps her to change into the wedding lehenga,she notices the girl being very tensed and talks with her ,

"Sheeba,how old are you....You look really really young....You must be in your 20's right......?"

Sheeba replies to her 

"I am 20,....Do you think I am looking very childish with Rishab ,Actually he is a devil in man clothing ".

Madhu gets herself hurt by the pin on suddenly hearing the name Rishab. Sheeba panics on seeing blood...

"Oh...I am so sorry......I don't mean to frighten you...I myself is afraid of him,wait i will show you this photo....,"

She searches for her phone when her mother walks in with jewels....

"Don't move here and there,let she dress you up..... Madhubala thank you so much for being here ... ".

She simply remain silent ,continues to work.

Sheeba asks Madhu ,

"Do you think I am unfit to him "

Madhu smiles to herself ,she counter questions her 

"Why should I think like that.....I don't judge peoples Sheeba......"

Sheeba turns to her shocked ,Madhu laughs seeing her expression ,she talks 

"You are just like him..... How can you guys think different ?Normally people tend to have their opinion and judgement about others...Ok...."

Madhu replies to her 

"Sheeba ,You are young ....Life gives us many lessons ......I am 25 years old.....My lifestyle gave me opportunity to meet many peoples...Some decisions cost us money,some cost us happiness......So when you come across experience like me,you will become a monk..."

Sheeba begin to cry making Madhu shocked ,she locks the door and consoles her

"Why .....Did i hurt your sentiments....?Sorry ....See  that's why I don't talk much...."

 Offers her water to drink ,Sheeba hugs Madhu ,she begin to talk 

"I don't want to marry him.....How can someone marry him....if you sit with him to talk...He don't even lean .....I don't even know what I want ?I don't even know which colour looks good on me...I am afraid about life.....What if he marries me just due to pressure,I have many questions in my mind but who will answer me ?I am afraid of him...".

Madhu wipes the tears from her face

"If you are afraid that you won't match him....Talk with him...Maybe he have a different opinion...Ok..".

Sheeba decided something and takes out her phone to call RK.

RK gets surprised on hearing Sheeba's voice.he expresses his surprise ,

"You called me,i thought you are afraid of me ".

Madhu stops hearing the familiar voice.

He continues to speak,

"I was actually planning to talk to you before the wedding ..... Sheeba,You must be confused,why I agreed to marry you right ?"

She stops him from talking further,she begin to speak

"I will complete first ok....".

Bharat Kundra reaches a remote corner and calls out Madhu's phone number which he got from his contacts in Himachal Pradesh but finds her phone switched off.he walks back into the venue and finds Meera playing with a little boy.He approaches the boy and sits next to him.the boy recognises him and hugs him shouting "grandpa" leaving others shocked.

He begin to cry hugging Bharat,

"Mumma,papa missing....Madhu .....Madhu is upset ".

He pacifies the boy and finds others staring at him.Manohar asks him the matter ,He hesitate and replies,

"Sultan won't come back anymore.....It's over..."

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Awesome update

Loved it

Rk is curious to know who is mm,

On the other side Sheeba is tensed n worried whether marrying rk is right or not

Continue soon

Thanks for the update

Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 

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