Arshi OS: One Step Closer

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Posted: 9 months ago

Arshi OS: One Step Closer

Her eyes followed his footsteps as Arnav scrambled around the room to get his Cervelt socks out of the drawer and dumped them in his carry-on. A sudden shiver ran down her spine as khushi gathered the shawl around her cosily. She couldn’t decipher whether it was the chilly evening or the sudden loss of warmth was caused by something else…or rather someone else. 

She shook her head and  mentally chided herself. She  refused to let her mind get diverted to that direction. 

“So, what do I get for my little wife back from London?” 

Arnav’s playful voice rang in her head more than once and she did a dramatic eye roll for being reminded of their age difference yet once again. 

Khushi Gupta had celebrated her 22nd birthday 4 months before her parents decided to marry her off to India’s one of the top business tycoons, the most eligible bachelors, the heartthrob of many females all over India, age be damned,  and the son of a dear friend of Khushi’s father, shashi Gupta - Arnav Singh Raizada. He was 29  years old ‘Greek God’, in payal’s, khushi’s younger sister’s exact words, who basically could make anyone go weak in the knees. And while Khushi did not disagree, it definitely didn’t mean that she had wanted to get married at such an early age. She wanted to complete her graduation in medicine and serve the patients at the hospital, as she had always dreamt of ever since she witnessed her maternal grandmother do just that,  at the age of 10. Unfortunately, due to the losses Gupta Industry had been enduring for the past one year had left Shashi Gupta with no choice than to sell the shares. And as a businessman, profit is always the first and foremost element Shashi Gupta considers in any decision. And what better way to do so  than making a business relation personal with his dear friend Arvind Raizada. Hence. he had gone ahead and proposed the idea of getting her daughter married to Arnav which would ensure the security of the shares as well as Gupta Industry as a whole. After plenty of convincing from both sides, of course with the ensurity that  Khushi will be allowed to complete her studies after marriage and do a desired job, both the subjects agreed to the marriage. Fast forward to 8 months, Arnav and Khushi are quite happily married and leading a pretty decent life except of course, the hefty adjustment that had to be made on khushi’s part with Arnav's overly conservative family. 

“A few of the vantage wines of berry and oak flavor would be great Mr. Raizada, preferably by Benchmark. They have the best collections”, replied khushi as she batted her eyelashes.

Arnav’s hands halted as he looked up from the now folded towels  in the suitcase to khushi. His lips slowly curved on the right side forming a smirk, his left eyebrow rose in the process as though taking up the challenge that his dear wife threw at him. 

It was a known fact to both of them that Alcohol is strictly prohibited in the Raizada household. And it was also well known to Arnav that khushi absolutely loved drinking. In fact, none of her parties would be complete if she didn’t do bottoms up and went all tipsy while she rocked the dance floor in her knee length designer dress and 4 inch high heels till 2 in the morning. After marriage however, it was made clear in no uncertain terms by Subhadra Raizada, Arnav’s paternal grandmother (Dadi), that none of that was allowed in the family that she had married into. Therefore, khushi had to leave quite a significant part of her life behind and it took a toll on her mentally with all the adjustments she had to make. In fact, the very first time she had been told about the restrictions, she went through a mental breakdown and a helpless arnav had panicked to the point that he had promised to take her to the club at least once a month. 

“But but...dadi ji would be mad if she finds out about this”, whispered khushi in a broken voice as she sniffed and wiped her red nose with the napkin her husband just passed.

“Who says we would have to let dadi know about this”, arnav had winked while wiping her cheek with his thumb. 

“But - “

“And tell you what, I drink too, albeit occasionally.”. Arnav had to purse his lips to keep himself from rolling over the bed as laughter threatened to rumble his chest. Khushi’ had stared at him as though he had grown horns - lips making the perfect “o”, eyes round as a saucer while she stood up with a dramatic jerk. 

“YOU WHAT!”, khushi had screamed

Arnav had to cover her mouth with his hand to stop her, “Shhh crazy woman! You will wake the whole house up!”, he had paused before continuing, “I drink when I go out on a business trip, parties or away from home. Not at Raizada Mansion of course” 

Khushi could only nod and stare at her husband. 

“Alright, so finish your assignments by 9 pm, we will be going to Trilogy tomorrow..”, Arnav had announced with a finality in his voice. “And wear that navy Blue off shoulder dress that you wore on our first date. Couldn’t take my eyes off you on our first date”, arnav had added with a lopsided smile 


 Arnav had sighed as the tears finally stopped rolling down and a crimson blush began to form on her cheeks. That day Arnav singh raizada had learned a lifelong fact, good or bad he couldn’t tell  but he can not and will not see a single tear in his wife’s eyes. Not because of her, but because of his well being. He had felt an unknown tightness around his chest when he saw those fat tears forming in those hazel orbs. He had also admitted to himself that day  that this woman had unknowingly started making a special place in his heart. He had begun to get overly possessive about her. And Arnav singh Raizada turns the world upside down to make sure his possession is treasured by all means, even if that means he would need to break a few rules.  

“Done!”, said Arnav in a heartbeat as Khushi looked up in surprise. 

“I was just messing with you, Arnavji. You don’t have to get me anything”, replied khushi with a small smile

Ever since, Arnav and khushi had come close as they both found a companion in the other, albeit not romantically. While their relationship was nothing like how a husband and wife’s relation should be, the new bond that they shared started becoming the new normal to both. While khushi would struggle to wake up every morning for her class, arnav would get up 2 hours early for his morning jog, come back and wake her up with her glass of orange juice in hand. Cooking being arnav’s favorite hobby, he would indulge in making a dish or two on the weekends while khushi would sit on the kitchen island and keep him company. It was also a known fact to the raizada family that khushi could not cook for the life of her. It was made quite clear to everyone on the first day when she had ended up making Instant Noodles in the oven during her Pehli Rasoi.  While khushi would vent about the annoying prof who would mess her schedule with numerous assignments or the bimbo in her class who keeps inquiring Khushi about her husband (arnav), arnav would patiently listen to her and laugh at her antics. At times, when she would fall asleep at her study table doing her assignments, he would carry her back to the bed and tuck her under the duvet. And in the morning when the realization hits her, she would grin like an idiot before going back to sleep and wait for her husband to wake her up. Whether she admitted or not, Slowly but surely Arnav had started becoming an integral part of her life. 

So today when he has a flight to catch midnight, regardless of the countless distractions she was trying to make for herself, she couldn’t help feel the void that began to seep into her heart at the mere thought of not having him by her side for an entire week. But she would never admit that to him. Ever! She hated showing her weakness to anyone. And Arnav knew it very well. 

Arnav looked at his wife for some time before taking small steps towards her. He stopped when his toes touched hers and her breathing fanned his chest. He held her chin and made her look into his eyes.

“What’s wrong?”, arnav inquired, his chest constricted painfully at the small face she made, well aware of the reason behind it. 

Khushi shook her head, not trusting her voice at this point. 

“Look at me, sweetheart.” 

And that did it, She quickly looked down as tears began to form in her eyes she blinked continuously to make them go away but in vain. She hated how easily this man brought this side of hers out. She absolutely loathed being so vulnerable in front of others. Yet she couldn’t help it today. It seemed like her eyes and heart had made up their mind to betray her altogether tonight. 

“Aap ro rahe hai? Khushi?!”, arnav asked shocked as he tried to get a better look at her face but she turned her face stubbornly and kept staring at the floor 

Arnav always shifted from “tum” to “Aap” when he would get concerned. It had become as normal to both of them as breathing the air. Arnav would always feel a fierce need to protect his precious possession from all the evil and he would start addressing her with a tender “aap” as his voice would be just above a soft and soothing whisper. 

He knew she was sad about his sudden trip but not to this point.  He has always found her a strong, independent woman, who always kept her emotions in check. As a matter of fact, he always considered himself to be the emotional one between the two, considering the growing feelings and attachment he had been harbouring for this woman ever since they got married. On the other hand, khushi never showed her feelings openly. He knew she sees a good friend in him but the fact that she has gotten so attached to him and his presence was a pleasant surprise to him altogether. 

“Khushi, please look at me. You’re worrying me, love”, he made yet another attempt to lift her face. And this time she relented. 

He inhaled sharply as he finally saw her face. Eyes bloodshot, cheeks as pale as ghost, nose red, and lips trembling - she looked like a mess. 

“Khushi!”, whispered arnav before crashing her to his chest. And thats all it took for her to break down, he arms wrapped around his waist as she bunched his shirt and sobbed. 

“God dammit khushi, please stop crying! I will cancel my flight right now.”, he snuck his hand into his trouser pocket to take out his phone while tightly holding her with his other arm. 

Khushi shook her head against his chest. Closing his eyes, she took one deep breath before retrieving herself, “I’m fine! Sorry. I think I’m getting mood swings due to my period”

Arnav inspected her face a little longer than he intended to, before shaking his head. Mood swings? My ass! 

“Aap mujhe miss nahi karenge?”, asked arnav holding her chin

Khushi looked into his eyes for a little longer than she intended to before looking away. Masking her emotions with a fake laugh, she replied, “ you are only going away for a week, not a month! Plus i’m just happy i get to hog our bed for 7 freaking days!! Damn what an achievement!” said khushi clapping.

Arnav stared at her for a moment before shaking his head. This girl will never admit

“You are a pathetic liar, do you know that?” 

Khushi looked up in surprise before looking away, “I will be okay. Stop worrying like a grandpa already and focus on cracking the deal”, she smiled.

As much as he appreciated the support he was getting from his wife and the overly mature side for her age when he expected her to whine about leaving her alone going by her age, he absolutely loathed at how helpless he felt, especially because he knew what she was going through. 

He sat on the bed and pulled her to his lap, surprising khushi. Another first! He tucked the lose tendrils behind her ears before cupping her cheek, “you know I would take you with me if you didn’t have your exams, right?”

She nodded as she tried to smile. 

“I promise we will talk everyday. I will wake you up in the morning like always, and will be on call when you come back from university. In fact, we can work together just like we do over here. You won’t even realize that I'm thousands of miles away from you.” 

Her heart swelled up at the length this man goes to make sure she is content. Whether it is her drinking habits, short dresses and parties that never ends until the dawn breaks, the fact that she can’t cook, or now, when she is struggling to hold herself together, this man has always been there like a shield to protect and provide. She looked down and nodded as her eyes blurred yet once again.

Finally, not being able to hold back anymore, she brought her face close to his cheeks as she felt arnav inhaling sharply. Without further delay, she pressed her lips against his stubbles before whispering in his ears, “Please come back soon Arnavji!” 


Hi guys, how're y'all! it's been YEARS since i wrote something on Arshi. Today though, I couldn't stop myself from penning this down because I was truly missing this one hell of a jodi from the bottom of my heart. I wish the ipkknd forum was as active as before *sigh*. Anyway, I hope there will be a few readers to read this OS, otherwise my 4 hours would go to complete waste. And if you do end up reading, please let me know in the comment section how you found it.

Love & Hugs,


Part 2 of this OS:

Arshi OS: Solace In Your Arms

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Posted: 9 months ago

He has been accommodating her style and supports her in every way. That is nice to see.

Posted: 9 months ago

Dadi has to be slowly brought out of her rigidness, but that may never happen.

Posted: 9 months ago

Superb!! Read some nice Arshi OS after sooo longgg... 

Keep writing!

Kashaarv07 Groupbie
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Posted: 8 months ago

Wonderful.. U plan to write more?? 

Posted: 8 months ago
Originally posted by virka_luv

Superb!! Read some nice Arshi OS after sooo longgg... 

Keep writing!

Awwhhh! So sweet, thank you so much! I have posted part 2 of this OS on the IPKKND Forum. Here's the link:


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