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Posted: 1 months ago


Hello IFians, Fanfiction readers and writers!!


Groucho Marx, in his typically tongue-in-cheek wackily humorous manner, once said: 

"Outside of a dog, books are a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read!"

However, we're sure die-hard readers would find a way to read even inside of a dog! smiley36 

And when it comes to online fiction, things are even more easy for these avid bibliophiles since all devices have 'inbuilt' light! smiley36


Okay, okay, jokes aside, you won't have any trouble at all reading our two chosen featured FFs for this month! 

For one thing, they're available right here on our FF section, and we're highlighting them in the featured zone all through the month of August so they'll be even more accessible to readers.

Secondly, both of these well-written fictions are interesting reads because of the choice of vocabulary, the flow of narration, characterization, plot, good grammar and syntax, and above all, the creativity of the author.


So let's head right over and meet these two fabulous authors and their stories!


Let me heal you 




Let me heal you is inspired by You loved me at your weakest by Evie Harper. It’s the story of a girl who is convinced she can never be loved because of the abuse she experienced. It's also the story of a boy who made the girl realize that no matter what she has gone through, she is still lovable.

Meet Koeli

Koeli is a national-level athlete in 10-meter air rifle shooting and holds multiple individual medals in state-level competitions. She also owns and is a coach at TenXShooting Institute in Kolkata. On IF, of course, she is a much sought after and popular moderator on several forums and also head of the FF development team, the woman behind the creation and development of the FF section, and a inspiring leader to us!

Koeli wasn't a very avid writer or reader when young and had no plans of ever becoming a writer. The show, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? was the catalyst for her writing. She was intrigued by the acting skills and the chemistry between the lead actors, Barun and Sanaya who played Arnav and Khushi. They have been her sole inspiration and to date, she writes stories mainly on them.  

She loves writing Romance and RomCom, but her wish is to write a thriller someday. 

When reading, Koeli usually picks books rather than authors, so she does not have a favorite author, although she prefers international ones. She loves playing games and cards in her leisure time.

 Congratulations, Koeli and here's your winning siggy!



OS Collection: Love: An Enigma 



Love can be confusing, mysterious, soothing and sometimes dark. Like a potent enigma, it can destroy a soul, heal a heart, make one lose their way or rediscover oneself in the light of their love. This OS collection, Love: An Enigma, deals with love and loss by exploring various facets of love between Maya Jaisingh and Rudra Roy in four different situations in the Beyhadh 2 universe, as estranged lovers or two strangers with love blossoming between them. This OS collection does not follow a linear timeline.

Meet Tiara

Tiara comes from West Bengal, has a Masters degree in Math and is an analyst by occupation. Tiara is a curious person, loves travelling, and meeting new people. But contrastingly, she calls herself an introvert who loves to introspect.

Her first inspiration to write came from her father, who writes poetry. For a while, academics overshadowed Tiara's passion for writing but did not diminish it completely. She found an outlet for writing by maintaining a diary. She began writing character analyses which helped her think deeply about each character in her favorite shows, and eventually, stories began to take form in her imagination.

Tiara first began writing fan-fiction with Maya-Rudra of Beyhadh 2. She also loves Aditya-Zoya of Bepannah but has only written character analysis on them.

She loves reading comedy, romance, thrillers and science fiction. She prefers stories that have an element of surprise, irrespective of the genre. She also enjoys post-modernist literature with themes of war and humanity. While writing, she loves the challenge of thinking up of new ways to create surprises within the story. She likes writing thrillers, horror and romance.

Her favorite authors include Mark Twain, Ruskin Bond, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Guy de Maupassant, O' Henry, Oscar Wilde, Agatha Christie and Virginia Woolf.  

In her leisure time, Tiara likes listening to music and podcasts, playing music on her instruments, or playing chess. She enjoys watching movies, and binge-watching thriller shows, or even revisiting old episodes of her favorite shows.


 Congratulations, Tiara and here's your winning siggy!


Thank you to all the FFEs and Beta Readers who voted. Congratulations once again, Koeli and Tiara. 

That is all from our end, see you all next month, with two more beautiful stories.



Write-up: LizzieBennet

Graphics: Sevenstreaks

Edited by LizzieBennet - 1 months ago
Posted: 1 months ago

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Hey there, Fanfiction writers and readers!


If you want your work to be considered for Featured FF of the month, or if you come across a story that you think is worth being featured, please visit: 

Submit your FF for featuring


Please note:

:: The featured FF selection can be from the pool of works already submitted, or the team could pick one from the posted stories in the new FF section.

:: The work can be a completed/ ongoing fic. For ongoing work, all we ask is at least 10 chapters of the work be posted for it to be considered.

:: There is no bar on the length/ type/ genre of the story - FF/drabbles/SS/OS/original fiction are all evaluated with the same criteria.


: The Featured FF of the month was conceived with a dual purpose: 

:: First, to highlight outstanding stories and offer talented authors the visibility and validation that they deserve. 

:: Second, to encourage more writers to write and present their stories and allow a few hidden gems to stand out amongst the plethora of works we have in our new FF section. 



If you need an unbiased critique of your work before you submit it, do consider dropping it here for our Beta Readers to give you their valued opinion and suggest edits/ changes, if any. 


House of Beta Readers #2


If you need covers for your fanfictions, look no further. We have some of the most talented people, our FFGs, to help you design your beautiful book covers.


Fan Fiction Book Cover Shop

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Posted: 1 months ago

Congratulations Koeli, smiley32 very beautiful and heart-warming story smiley27

Thank you so much BRs for selecting my story smiley31 

Loved the beautiful siggy smiley42

Posted: 1 months ago

Congratulations!!! smiley40smiley40

You both write so beautifully and are amazing hooman that definitely deserve a a lot of appreciation and love!! Stay awesome!! smiley31smiley40

Such beautiful tags and siggy Sandhya!! smiley31 I loved them!!!

Posted: 1 months ago

Humble Request, can someone create a magnificent aftermath fanfiction regarding the show of Karmphal Data Shani? miss that show...

Posted: 1 months ago
Originally posted by DelusionsOfNeha

Congratulations!!! smiley40smiley40

You both write so beautifully and are amazing hooman that definitely deserve a a lot of appreciation and love!! Stay awesome!! smiley31smiley40

Such beautiful tags and siggy Sandhya!! smiley31 I loved them!!!

Thank you so much Neha ❤

Posted: 1 months ago

Congratulations to Tiara and Koeli.


Beautiful write up and tags.  Wonderful job.  Well done Riya and Sevenstreaks


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