Posted: 13 days ago

And Tejo misunderstands him and runs away mwahahahahsmiley15

Sorry this show just brings my inner lover of drama smiley36

But what you said is totally possible! They have a habit of surprising us at the last moment!

Posted: 13 days ago

He didn’t look like a rational person when he looked at the locket. I’ll probably skip a few epi before they figure out what they are doing.

A love-sick tejo and confused Fateh just aren’t doing it. It’s almost ruined for me. I just don’t see ant story apart from a miserable jasfa and a happy successful Tejo now. 

Posted: 13 days ago

The precap/ promo is definitely multiple days, clothes change for Tejo and Fateh and Fateh is wearing a completely different set in the bts pics, so am taking that also in account.

The point is, even if Fateh doesn't love Tejo, he does love her as a best friend and value her, after knowing what she went through with people saying she slept with her ex husband before he ran away and all that, he won't ever do that to her. If he does, then there is just no fixing his character, even for Jasmine. Unless they show two horrible people in toxic love story, there is no story moving forward. It would just becomes about strong Tejo and her udaariyan, not 3 people and their udaariyan, since everyone wants good people to win in stories, too much negative in real gets offset.

Posted: 13 days ago

I really hoped that with this little trip, Fateh would understand Tejos value in his life. But 

Posted: 13 days ago

I have another reason for believing in Fateh. This is shown small town people and his family, a very righteous kind of family. So he won't take sleeping with someone as a normal thing to do. And if you notice in precap, he only mentioned Jasmine getting engaged as the reason, not Tejo.

Plus, honestly, consent keeps going in my head, something Indian and Foreign both TV make sure to highlight. Tejo consented to sleep with her husband who she has seen last few days showering love and gratitude on her, she didn't consent to her sister's lover using her for one night. So if they show that, then for me the show is dead for a whole different reason.

Posted: 13 days ago

Originally posted by cutepigs

What happened in precap? Saw a promo for 26th July I think, the ending of it where Fateh tells Jasmine that it is too late and Jasmine cuts her finger and Fateh comes running to pick her up, upsetting Tejo. They did consummate today, that much I caught. If even after that, somebody like Fateh who has been shown a good human, does that to someone he didn't say before the deed that this meant nothing to him, then am definitely done with even following written updates.

I am not anti the deed in general, I am anti absence of clarity on what that means to the other party.

What? Did they really consummate their marriage? Already? I can believe tejo to be willing as she is in love with him and also believes that he has moved on from jasmin but dude!!! Fateh man!! What are u doing?? M so mad at him. He's so screwed up! Blaming his stupidity and raging hormones! How insensitive! 

I saw the promo 🤯

What a blunder this sucker is making? If he is really going to be as he is being shown in the promo...then I really hope he marries jasmin. They both deserve each other. And both should get disowned by their families. Tejo should disown everyone and just leave. She will be far better off without the circus she is currently in. 

Posted: 13 days ago

I don't think Tejo consummated her marriage with Jas. He left her on the wedding night. I don't think he ever made it to the hotel room.

I understand why Tejo consented, she's been falling for Fateh for a while. But I'm yet to understand Fateh's mindset. You can clearly see from the episode that he made the first move. Throughout the episode he took every opportunity to touch and feel Tejo. He was even watching her while she got dressed not to mention the romantic novel.  

He did all this and you can clearly see regret on his face the next morning while Tejo has completely fallen. 

Posted: 13 days ago

Hi i'm new here. Just caught up on the show. honestly i feel like ppl seem to think- oh jas is the villain, maasi, mami, amrik...tbh to me it seems like fateh may be the actual villain. ppl do all sorts of things for love. maybe this story is about him doing horrible things with tejo for the sake of his "love"? maybe down the line he will deny that he ever slept with tejo. i wouldn't be shocked. this is actually a common story in villages. not usually in the same family but parents pakaad ke bekar baccho ki shaadi karwa dete hain, they have normal relations with their wives and then leave the wife for another woman- move abroad, move away from family, leave their kids- all sorts. maybe this story will be like that as well. just my two cents.


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