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Accha to when u lost it then u can insult anyone , question anyone's character, why this double rule  , she is d person who keep instigating virat's insecurities till date she dint tell virat that she had given up on her wifely rights on him , just use d info provide by him just to win debates , then why can't virat lose it ? 

Ye alag alag rules kyu hai ?


Let it be, the rules are different for male and femalesmiley37.

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Let it be, the rules are different for male and femalesmiley37.

 sai joshi ko 100 khoon maaf hai . Vo kuch bhi kare sab justify ho jaata hai

Virat ka pakhi ke saath affair tha ki nhi , sai has not right to questions virat"s character.

Virat is wrong in questioning Sai's character which he has no right to do then same rule apply on sai herself

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I wonder what will Sai do if she sees Virat and Paakhi in Paapi's room in similar close Virat close to Paapi and feeding her matter for what reason. 

How would have Sai reacted?

Something similar happened long before..

I forgot the exact situation...

Happened in virat and Sai's room....Pakhi was trying to feed virat...virat was sitting on the bed and pakhi standing close to him with a thali.

Sai saw that moment only and silently walked away to terrace or balcony to study...

Virat was shocked and he refused to eat though.. that portion sai missed..

Later I guess virat told sai that he refused to eat.

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Originally posted by asmi_joya

The situations are not comparable.. in the first case Sai's husband has said he loves someone else and  knows that someone else is also in love with him..also was told in anger that he lost that pyaari cheez because of Sai..mentioned during taking pheras again and again how the marriage is just a deal.

In the second case time and again Sai has said he is my friend acha dost...Neither called him pyaara dost...sabse pyaari cheez ...kareebi dost..Neither do they keep visiting each other at odd hours.. This all in the name of dosti.. I understand Virat accusing her would not be him disbelieving her but being hurt and insecure and hence I have always mentioned how his anger needs to be checked..That leads to repercussions..

But the two cannot be compared..Sai was even okay with them going on a trip.. for multiple days and nights all alone.. 

Also the two have different feelings for each other.. Virat is in love with her and expecting it back ... He is also at the most vulnerable stage of his love..where he believes that he might not have is love requited  and also probably does not have Sai with him permanently.. You know Virat is a person who would probably be okay if Sai doesn't not love him back but stays with him forever.. That was evident in so their ring ceremony...

Sai is a person who believes in a marriage that is based on love..She thinks she would not get it..and her layers of insecurity is visible when she has developed some hopes and witnesses KBA..

Virat rushes to the room just because he comes to know Ajinkya is in the room? 🤣🤣

I have always wondered, what would he have done if he was in Sai’s position? As you have said, the state that he is in and the love for Sai, the uncertainty and insecurity is making him behave irrationally. But, he did behave like this even during Amay’s case, just that he knew that she was pretending to be flirting with him. Even that he couldn’t tolerate. That was again due to his insecurity.

Imagine what would Sai be going through to see the love birds cum friends who were playing dosti dosti for a long time even when they had feelings for each other within them. Virat have issues with Ajinkya in his room but he won’t have issues entering Pakhi’s closed room on his own, wouldn’t have issues in barging into Pakhi’s room in the nights, wouldn’t even call out on Pakhi who barges into their room any time. The first time that he even asked that too in a very very soft tone was when she entered the room while he was about to kiss Sai. Sai has questioned him on what he feels for Pakhi or said that he has feelings for Pakhi but is not accepting it. In the recent past, after all that she and Virat shared, she had asked if he was not fulfilling his commitment because of her. She asked about their past and there were no answers to it even if that was true. She could have had a misunderstanding recently that he probably still have feelings for Pakhi and is living with her respecting their marriage and thinking/considering what Sai would think. That itself shows her opinion about Virat that she believes that even if he has any feelings for Pakhi, he respects the institution of marriage, would also not like to upset her. Did Virat think any of these? Will he think in future that Sai will respect the marriage? I have said this before too, Virat is a hypocrite and he wouldn’t have been able to tolerate what Sai had to if he was in Sai’s position. Never. He is way too possessive and cannot even take her friend’s name properly and this same guy had asked his ex to guide Sai and expected that Sai takes her guidance, so much that he had not cared how Sai would feel when she is suggested to take the help of Pakhi to even get ready. Sai said Ajinkya can dance well and he couldn’t hear it but he felt that Pakhi would be the best person to help Sai get ready. How much would Sai have got hurt. Any girl would be. Wasn’t he trying to say that Pakhi has a good dressing style? He kept calling her nasamajh and immatured and kept calling Pakhi matured at the same time. Is he some judge who would do that? And he has issues with Sai and her friendship smiley44🤣🤣.

As you have rightly pointed out, Sai didn’t even mind them to go on the trip together. Not sure how she would be able to do that if she doesn’t trust him. Only a person who has full faith on their partner can do that. That speaks a lot about what she thinks of him. 

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Clear communication has been the biggest deterrent in their relationship. As for trust, they do trust each other partially, depending on kind of situation or topic. The difference I see in the accusations levelled related to infidelity by them is that Virat has given enough reason to Sai to believe in it, though things have changed, Sai is refusing to acknowledge that and going by her past impressions. But in Sai’s case, Virat is jumping to conclusions impulsively and being vulnerable to instigation due to his insecurities 

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There's no point in discussing this POV here as it just will be taken either as supporting V or as defending S.

I can already see that dear 🤷‍♀️

But I'd say, it's more about expecting without discussing things with each other. Neither Virat shares most of the things with her nor Sai. The day when they sit and talk, like actually talk, I will party

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Originally posted by Magnifique

Hmm , don't think it can be compared because sai didn't ever give virat any reason for distrust. Sai and Aj equation isn't same as paakhi and virat. Virat shares a history with paakhi and placed her between sai and himself from day 1 of their marriage. Pyaari cheez, pyaar and what not. They did have a shady relationship with the importance and right he gave her to intervene in their marriage.

Pakhi does have feelings for virat and virat had feelings for her until the recent past. It cannot be compared to aj and sai.

I agree, there was a deeper connection between PP and Virat, so Sai had good reason to mistrust or doubt Virat's intentions. Plus, if he really loves Sai, why doesn't he just say it. Because he's afraid of rejection? One shouldn't be afraid of being in love. About time he came clean and speak the truth for once. But he won't. Yes he may not have any feelings for Pp anymore, but be never admitted either that he was in love with Sai. As far as I know, he's always said "I've started liking her". That sounds non-committal to me. Sai deserves someone better, as much as I liked to Sairat settle for good.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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