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Wow today was a difficult episode to sit through, which has very rarely happened. The entire episode was a cringe fest with very little redeeming scenes that I was wondering if there was even a point to open a new thread. But then I remembered that if nothing else, at least we can use this opportunty to rant to our heart's content, so her is what I thought about today's "kapils" (In the loosest terms possible):

1. Adi & Imlie - So we saw that Adi & Imle continue with their dance practice (same montage we got yesterday with the door closed, thoda to additional dance ya convo dikha detesmiley44) to prepare for their dance competition. Poore zoron se taiyyari chal rahi hai, that Adi forgot everything else, including checking his phone for an entire day (who does that. He is supposed to be a serious patrakar, koi office emergency hui toh?). Anyway, dono taiyyar hai to slay the competition, albeit with getting dahi & cheeni from Rupi di as well (how cute was that). I was surprised that of all things Adi noticed that Imlie was not wearing her ghungroo (Biwi ke saath rehte rehte aise cheezen notice karne lage hai BSsmiley20). He offers to go and get her ghungroo, which is Aparna's aashirwaad. Of course Imlie tries to be practical and reminds him that they are next, but he has full confidence that he will be back in minutes (well he can run like a dreamsmiley42, so there is that, but no we did not get to see that eithersmiley44) As usual humari abla naari gets locked in the room and as usual has forgotten his phone (Now this I am confused, where did he forget the phone. Venue mein toh nahi tha, as Imlie does not have it, neither did the other jr. T's & room mein locked tha, so it was not there either. Toh woh phone gaya kahaan?) Anyway, bechara, bin sahara Adi was left knocking the door with no one to help (Sundar kal aayega bachne humari abla naari kosmiley36 ). Poor Imlie faced the prospect of getting disqualified as Adi did not turn up, but looks like tomorrow she will do her jugaad & dance (again how the hell did she get ready like that in less than 5 mins, this girl is super girlsmiley36)

2. Adi & Malini - Aaj prove ho gaya that Adi ke liye exactly how important his "gehri dosti" with his best friend issmiley36. Ek toh he forgot the date of his last counselling session (chalo dance aur baaki ke tension ke chakkar mein bhool gaya, I can give him that) Second when Malini came all the way to remind him, he is like - just wait for 10 mins, main bas abhi dance karke tumhare saath aayasmiley36. Man the guy who felt this entire BBC is nonsense, is willing to postpone the counselling session for his divorce to dance with his first wife. And for all of you who will say that this is the ishara that he wants to delay the divorce (I am looking at you Flowerjismiley36) I will not agree. He just has his priorities fixed & he is a horse with tunnel vision just looking at his first wife - Imlie

3. Diabolic trio - BKK, CKK & AC - Okay, so today AC ne apna rang dikhaya, with manipulating Aparna to prove her loyalty to Malini. Ab Aparna theri Adi ki maa, how dare AC question her loyalty & bhakti to Malini. So when she saw the opportunity, followed her son to lock him in his room to keep him from dancing with Imlie. What I found endearing is that she had a split second realization whether what she is doing is right. Uske man mein woh ek doubt aaya that uska yeh tareeka galat hai. But then with Radhaji's uksaana and AC's words playing in her mind, she decided to embrace the dark side by saying that no matter what, she will do anything to save her family's izzat. Though how the Tripathi's being disqualified is saving her family's izzat is beyond me, but looks like Aparna, just like her son, is having tunnel vision of not seeing beta & bahu dancing kapil dance on stage togethersmiley36

4. Sundar & Pallavi - Okay, special shoutout to Sundar who did one lovely kaam of telling his Malini madam that Adi is going to be dancing on stage with his wife. Matlab Malini's face was stunned that jo insaan 7 saal mein mere saath ek baar dance kiya, woh bhi because it was our sangeet and there also I had to drag him to dance, is voluntarily going to dance on stage for a society function. Yeh kaise ho gayasmiley36. Aah apne humare BS ke jalwe abhi tak dekhe kahaan haismiley36. Anyway, also loved the bit where Sundar reminds Imlie that she should keep his laaj on stage and not dissapoint her teacher. How cute was that Imlie let him believe that his steps were going to be performed by them, I love these two, they are soo cute. Second shoutout to Pallavi who gave back to that society aunty who taunted that Imlie's husband ran away (you and Aparna both wish) to which she succintly reminded her that Imlie's family & husband are always there to support her. I love Pallo's character more and more, especially the way she passionately stand up and defends Imlie in every situation, unlike some other people ('cough' DD 'cough').

5. Malini & KC - Well all of us who assumed that DD will not be there this week, we were given a reality check from the first frame of the episode with a glum looking Malini moping around as KC did not call her. She reminded me of those teenagers who have had a fight with their crush and are sulking as they did not call backsmiley44. Anyway, we get KC on the other hand who is pheeling the pangs of being rude to Malinismiley44. Matlab in dono ko dekhkar I FF most of the scene, coz they were soo cringey. Anyway, KC calls Malini on her landline, confirming she is at home & taunts her that he expected her to be at Adi's (that one was goodsmiley36). She gets all blushing and shy talking to him and split second later when he reminds her that her last counselling session she flips into depression again. Matlab bechara even KC got confused that what does this crazy lady wantsmiley36. But again she steeled herself to say that no, she will attend the session and complete the divorce proceedings.

So today the makers have tried to make a khichdi of everything, phir bhi dish tasty nahi bani. Oh well, hopefully kal ST ka dance may salvage the episode, so that we have something good to watch.

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Mr and Mrs. Tripathi ready to dance and dressed up too... 

Thanks Aps for writing this up and for posting. smiley31

Where do I begin -  nothing much to write about today.. the obvious... opener of Kunmun was expected.. chalo inki story me bhi P for progression ho rahi hai... they are missing eo. 

Adilie full focus on the dance practice only... kuch aur yaad nahi aawat hai.. only dance dance and more dance.. issi chakkar mein BS missed the phone from Mun... reminder for an imp session. 

CHOP hui Dd ki first by Sundar who informed her that Adi has gone to dance at the BBC smiley37 and promptly locked the house behind him and left.. 

Next up was BS who was willing to dance and forego the counselling session...trying to get M to see his pov... said he will brb and went to get the ghungroos... leaving M befuddled... what was that..look...smiley37

Anu manipulating Apu, setting her plan in motion... instigating Apu to prove her loyalty to M.. this woman has no remorse... and cares for no one... 

Worst was Apu saying sorry to Anu, how she was right from day one about Imlie, only they could not see it... to her eternal shame...pour on the guilt on the T's while you gloat over their misery..such a sad pathetic woman, that Anu is. 

The jodis perform.. I ff'ed them all... and then Adi runs to get the ghungroos... 

He went home and was he looking at the mirror... teek taak.. sab kuch.. before he headed for the door...smiley37 me think he was admiring himself.. in his getup.. 

He did not even hear the door close behind him or hear them whisper. ( the T elder ladies).. did I do the right thing by locking Adi in his room?? I cant differentiate between right n wrong... aww.. apu she looks so distressed here. 

All the junior T's in a dither, where is Adi..... Adi... Adi... smiley6 Pallavi smiley32 who is inspiring Rupi also to speak up in bhari sabha... smiley20

PT n HT are missing too.. looks they re happy to miss BBC... smiley37

Imlie dances and Adi says sorry to her... AC taunting Imlie yet again... all jadoo as Imlie dressed up quickly and had double costume, Adi ka photo.. smiley36

I am looking forward to her dance tomorrow. Also reading everyone's take on today's episode.. 

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tags part 5. Please forgive if I have missed anyone.

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Thank you aps ji...Lovely writeup.. Aaj hum galti katdees aapki thread se pehle episode dekh leessmiley44..pata chala dimaag ka dahi kuch zyada hi ban gayasmiley18

..As u said a difficult episode to sit through.. Filler mostly.. 

DD free episodes khatam as the episode started with her n she reading Prithvi Raj Chauhan as Kunal Chauhan.. Matlab haddd itni jaldi connection shuru bhi gaya chalo good if she moves on bas adilie se door rahe.. But DD hai that bechargi look was back when KC said about last divorce counseling session.. 

Next the literally chipkaoed ka adilie scene with just DD ghusaoing in with the phone call.. Chalo koi nai itna bhi thik..smiley6

So now comes DD again bin bulaye n thank god andar nahi gayi n sundar ne rok liya mast inform kiyak dance dekhne nahi karne gaye hai Adi sahab.. N Sundar sir nikal liye without even asking her to come n sit.. Mu pe darwaza band karke chala gaya🤣🤣... 

The dahi shakkar scene was cute with Rupi Di aski Adi to chill maar.. Banda bohot zyada nervous hai n biwi bilkul confident.. Khud pe kaanfidance hui k chaahi BS.. N both hoping SM sab sambhaal lengi smiley31... Okay Rupi Di ka "imlie bhabhi" was cute..

Phir aayi anu ji asking radha n apu to prove some nonsense loyalty to malini.. Okay sense logic nahi dhoodhna hai.. Sorry.. 

Phir imlieya ko chahi ghungroo as aashirwad while danving but BS ko nahi jaane k loye bhi bole coz next performance unka hai.. Sundar ko bhej deti madamsmiley44

Phir adi sahab gaye aur raste mei mile Malini ji se aur ki unki mast chop n bata diye k aaj nahi to kal divorce to pakka ho jaana hai.. But ryt now Imlie is his only priority.. Aur DD ko pata nahi is baat ka shock zyaada laga k imlie BS ki priority hai ya phir is baat ka ki bande ne "gehri dosti" k naate bhi invite nahi kiya na ghar mei wait karne ko bola na aake competition dekhne k liye kahasmiley37..

Phir Apu n Radha ne koya BS ko lock.. But apu did feel k kahi wo galat to nahi kar rahi.. Please inka redemption dhang se dikhaye.. Praying hard🙏... 

Sabse best part was sab aaltu faltu dances 1 min k andar khatam kardiye.. Thank god for small mercies.. 

Now imlie n Jr T's r worried k BS kaha reh gaye to Sundar informs DD aayi hai to shayad unse baat kar rahe ho.. This i hope doesn't create any nonsense shakk ya chotu si bhi misunderstanding n Adi clears k he got locked.. So couldn't reach.. 

Rest divorce jaldi karao... Kyuki BBC jo vishwas pe chal raha hai wo bhi dagmagane laga hai.. So brain in freezer rakh kar dekhna padh raha hai.. But enjoying it here with mast mast trolling smiley37

Chalo kal ye log dhang ka ST dance without altu faltu cuts n editing dikha de to badi meherbani.. 

Uffff this was long.. Do din se kuch na thread na catch up. Karne ki kasar poori karli.. smiley39 smiley36

.. Baaki will catch up with you guys soon

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