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my heart was pounding today. mandy vs Raghu..mandy thew some good fight but end of the day, even blinded raghav will WIN. CAUSE. HE IS RAGHAV RAO. smiley32

raghu being raghu. Def arms legnth about mandy. Not buying his sop story of mem loss. THE DOCTOR came prepared and mandys story makes NO SENSE so def something fishy. Doc saying pallu sit with mandy in the back, pallu will be there.. putting pressure on pallu seems obvious that mandy or whoever he is, paid off the doc or something like that to lie. 

Pallu hasnt bought the story totally either but she is in a dilemma cause who wouldnt be? Dopplegangers are not exactly real life smiley37 so of course shes gonna be like.. well he does look like mandy smiley24

Im happy she was with raghav and didnt go hug mandy or preoccupy herself with him. 

But ufff raghav def feeling a little annoyed already 

And the PRECAP THOUGH smiley32smiley32smiley32smiley43smiley43 LET THE ANGSTY JEALOUSY BEGIN. 


raghavs confession smiley42 im really happy we arent wasting time with him discovering his feelings because its RAGHAV RAO. He knows himself and what he wants, who he wants. And him being strsightforward no games.. im HERE FOR it. 

Copy pasting my response in DT related to raghavs confession:

People complaining about raghavs realization want a watered down typical romantic male hero. Raghav is NOT THAT. he is not a lovey dovey guy. He knows what love is. He himself stated that the first episode itself. He knows hus feelings just doesnt express them. And his behavior with pallavi is his biggest show of that. So stop expecting the typical with raghav. Im happy he is self aware and we dnt have to go through the "realization" process for him. Pallu it makes more sense for. 

Its just how is pallu gonna react. I PRAY that pallu says she loves him too. OR assures him at least. Idk. I feel like whatll happen is pallu may not get any opportunity to tell him she loves him adding fuel to raghavs jealousy fire smiley43smiley37

Am i the only one loving this? smiley37smiley37 im sadistic. smiley16smiley15

Your every word is true 

Today episode  once again showed that who is the boss of Our show. It's none other than RR aka Sai. Although Ashok is senior and more experienced than Sai , Sai totally overshadowed him in every department. Every emotion was onto the point.He owned the screen today. Honestly this was the Raghav that people were craving. The one who has his intelligence intact when he didn't buy the doctor amma theory but pallavi got easily manipulated and the one who knows his rights over his wife as seen in the precap

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Originally posted by Jiarao

What a beautiful write up Jeansmiley32. Please write more often. It's always a pleasure to read your take on episode. 

Today Sai  proved no matter who comes and goes he will make sure the episode belongs to RR. It reminded me  of "Kisi aandhi mein itna takat nahi Raghav Rao ke neev bhi hila sake".

Kudos to the mansmiley32.

I would also like to thank CVs for not interrupting the fight with FL to rescue trope .  The whole sequence was just 'whistle podu' moment.  


Thanks, dear. Yeah I don't write as much as I used to for PB. I miss doing those detailed analyses. 

Yeah, Sai knows how to own the scene and make it so believable no matter what is being depicted. It's the fact that he really lives the character that shines through. His recent post on RR always being there was probably in reference to this, that no matter what new entrants we get on the show, his place won't change. I also thought back to his caption on the photo he poste recently with a shot from today's episode about RR being back. He didn't disappoint. I think he loved doing the action sequences as much as we loved watching him. 

+1 to being relieved not to see FL to the rescue. Phew!

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Originally posted by Jiarao


I do think they gave in to audience pressure.  Large section of audience has a typical imagination of how love should be spoken aloud in a particular way courtesy Bollywood movies smiley36. They  won't be satisfied until ML said ILU to FL smiley36and brought her gifts and treat her like queen. Else his love would be questioned.smiley36

  In this case though people were already doubtful about RR's feelings. So makers thought let us make it clear so we wouldn't have to justify the ugly things he would be doing in coming episodes. smiley36

I guess we should be grateful to the CVs for not making him go on his knees in middle of pool of balloons.  smiley36

Which person in their right mind would be doubtful about his feelings? Are they watching the same show we are? smiley5

@bold just the thought made me shudder. smiley36

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I can't digest our raghav baby doing phool phool balloon wala proposal. Glad he proposed his wife like normal hubby will do instead shouting like I love u Damit on the face, these Gul and Ekta have spoiled the people. Thanks to cvs for keeping raw and real, loved it 😍😍

@bold who said this? smiley3

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@bold who said this? smiley3

Arnav Singh raizada 😎😎 on ipkknd which got fans crazy 🤭🤭

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you have written it beautifully

and I am loving the way track is going too and true that lady literally pressurised Pallavi into doing everything

and precap--I cant get over it

and Raghav says only one line--I am Raghav Rao--i dont think he said anything else other than that and I really like how he actually wants to verify it's actual Mandaaar before jumping to conclusions

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Use Amir bhai ki aish aram k zindagi aur apna khajur ashiq ka pyar do no hi chahiye!! smiley37

use na aur bhai nahi chahiye....she doesn't care and sicko is using all the luxuries smiley7 sunny can't afford all that.....

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LOVED the episode after a longgg time!! They had me on edge like the characters themselves.....Raghav's antics smiley37smiley37 and Pallavi's shock & dilemma...smiley32

Also they didn't give away anything with Mandar straight up... He can turn any way... But boy he seems to be a tedha aadmi too..His antics had me..smiley37

People are saying Pallavi should be selfish, by her own standards, she has been behaving selfish-ish IMO... And Raghav by his own standards, is willing to take a look at least even though he so doesn't want to... Bada mazaa aayaa.. smiley41smiley42

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 

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